Affiliate World Conference Dubai (2022) Review – Should You Go?

If you are related to the affiliate or marketing industry, you must’ve heard about the Affiliate World Conference.

Well, guess what? I recently attended this conference in Dubai, and I’m back with some golden lessons and lots of memorable experiences.

So, today, we are doing the Affiliate World Conference (Dubai) Review. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything about this conference.

We will begin with understanding what the Affiliate World Conference is, who it’s for, and how you can take part in it.

Then, I will share my personal learnings from this experience. We will also discuss the pros and cons of this event, and if it is worth attending! 

So, with no more ado, let’s dive right into it. 

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What is the Affiliate World Conference?

The Affiliate World Conference is a one-of-a-kind international event that connects affiliates and marketers from around the globe! It is a 2-days’ event held in Asia and Europe twice a year.

Affiliate World Conference homepage

This is one of the largest offline conferences which features the top affiliate marketers, advertisers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs as their speakers. The event primarily focuses on promoting ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

Recently, the Affiliate World Conference was held in the glamorous city of Dubai, where 6648 attendees joined in from 110 countries! 

AWC Dubai image

The event started with expert speakers sharing their insights and some helpful strategies to generate better results.

And by the end of the day, we had a delightful evening connecting with the attendees and enjoying a fun-filled nightlife in corporate style! 

loz green affiliate world conference founder

Loz Green is the founder of Affiliate World Conference and the first AWA conference was held in 2014.

Who Should Attend the Affiliate World Conference?

The Affiliate World Conference would be a fruitful experience for affiliate marketers, bloggers, digital marketing agencies, advertising firms, and ecommerce entrepreneurs, from all around the world. 

This event would help them network with the leading figures in their field and gain better exposure. 

How Can You Participate in an AW Conference?

The tickets to the Affiliate World Conference can be purchased from their official website. There are two types of tickets available – for affiliates and for companies. 

But here’s the fun part! The ticket prices keep on increasing regularly. So the sooner you buy, the better discounts you’ll get! 

A single ticket to the 2-days’ AW conference might be anywhere between $500 to $1500, which is, of course, a little expensive. The latest conference was held in Dubai and the next one is going to be in Europe.

AWC Europe Pricing

At present, the pricing for the AW Conference (Europe) is €529, which approximates to ₹44320. So, should you spend that huge amount on this conference? Keep reading to find out. 

Affiliate World Dubai Coupon Code

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What Will You Get from the AW Conference?

There’s no limit to what you can gain from this valuable Affiliate Conference. But the following are the most important takeaways. 


You will get to:

  • Network with lots of people and professionals in your domain. 
  • Gain international exposure by meeting up with large brands. 
  • Expand your knowledge by attending the presentations by some of the best affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs. 

My Learnings from the AW Conference (Dubai)

1. Networking with People

Through this event, I got to learn how to effectively connect with people and create a win-win situation. I also learnt how to share value with people and narrate my experiences

2. Boom in Crypto Market

I learned the crypto market is skyrocketing and the commissions in this area are insane! You won’t find such unbelievably high commissions in any other field right now. 

Talking about myself, I am learning about this field and will enter once I’m fully equipped with all the knowledge. If you are well-equipped with the crypto market, this is the right time to go for it!

360 Affiliates is one such network which is in personal finance & crypto space.

3. Native Ad Networks are Effective

I’ve observed that the native ad networks like MGID and Push Notifications are working quite well! You can get a significant amount of reach by spending very little, which is great. 

If you are someone who does not want a specific targeted audience, then you can go with native ad networks. They would surely prove to be beneficial to you. 

4. Dating industry is Still Alive

This comes as a surprise, but the dating industry is still alive and kicking! I observed a lot of companies willing to invest large sums of money into this industry. 

So, if you have an idea related to the dating field, you can definitely implement it and convert it into a profitable business. 

5. Beauty Products are on the Rise

I also observed that beauty products are working really well, specifically in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region

There were a lot of affiliates for the same in the conference. One of them was CPX Affiliate.

CPX Affiliates

So, if you have a business revolving around beauty products, the MENA region would be a perfect target!

Pros of AW Conference (Dubai)

1. Network with Professionals

Experts from all around the world are invited to this event as speakers. This makes it a conducive environment to connect and network with the best minds! 

However, there is so much to learn from your fellow attendees as well. A great example is Zappian Media, which specializes in generating quality leads. 

Zappian Media

I met their team at the Bhopal airport even before boarding the plane to Dubai and got to learn so much about ads from those amazing people!

Talking about myself, I did not attend a single stage presentation! The entire time, I was just wandering around, connecting with people. 

I met Craig Campbell, the SEO Monster, and had a nice chat with him. 

Craig Campbell

I met up with Jitendra Vaswani, the founder of BloggersIdeas and exchanged lots of interesting ideas. 

Jitendra Vaswani

I also interacted with Mr. Om Thoke, the founder of Bloggers World, and had a great conversation. 

Om Thoke

Along with that, I also connected with the teams of Google Ads, Facebook ads, ClickBank Ads, SaaS product developers, digital agencies, and many more people! 

OneLittleWeb Agency

2. Sign Up Exclusive Deals

This event will help you meet up with various companies belonging to your domain and sign exclusive deals with them backed by your past results! 

For instance, being a tech entrepreneur and digital tools reviewer, I got to meet a range of companies from my field. 

cloudways team

I met up with the Cloudways team. I am also their affiliate partner and have been working with them for a significant amount of time. 


Next, I also got to meet the teams of SEMRush, VCommission, MGID, Empire Flippers, CPX Affiliates, and more. 


3. International Exposure

Yes, the AW Conference also exposes you to international businesses. It inspires you to jump out of your shell and look at the real potential of the world.

International exposure affiliate conference
International exposure affiliate conference
ads management
affiliate conference networking party

I personally met and interacted with a lot of like-minded people from across the globe and it was an eye-opening experience!

4. Valuable Learning Experience

Another advantage of attending this event is the learning that it offers. Because industry leaders and professionals from all over the world visit this event, you’ll get to learn a lot. 

Presentation AWC Dubai

Narrating your own experiences and learning from theirs would really open your mind to possibilities and innovative ways of doing things! 

5. Excellent Management 

The arrangement of this event was truly exceptional! They left nothing at all to complain about. Everything from the entry to the exit was well organized and the distribution of the passes was done in an orderly fashion. 

Arrangements at AWC Dubai

Their volunteers were very helpful and generous while guiding the attendees around. They adhered to all the Covid guidelines by providing masks and sanitizers and maintaining cleanliness. 

They even had free massage centers to help you relax! I wish I had gotten one as well! Haha, jokes apart, I personally loved the overall arrangement of the event.

free massage at affiliate world conference

Cons of AW Conference (Dubai)

Every coin has a flip side, you know! The same holds true for the AW Conference. I specifically wish to share two downsides that I noticed during this event. Hope they will take note of them in the future conferences. 

1. Delayed Release of The AW App  

The official app for this event was released just 1 day prior to the event on the App Store. This app allowed us to interact with all the attendees and even start live chat sessions. 

AW App

In my opinion, it made little sense to release the app just one day prior. If it had been launched at least a month back, we would’ve connected with the attendees in a much better way. The app releasing right before the event left no time to form any significant connections.

I feel that releasing the app a little earlier would’ve helped them garner more engagements. But with their current setup, they only had active users for over 2 days. I hope they release their app sooner for the next conference.  

2. No Free Snacks 

Personally, in all the conferences I have attended, for instance, the Google Webmasters Conference in 2019, they usually provide you with some free snacks. 

However, in the Affiliate World Conference, they only offered water and coffee for free. I mean, after spending over a thousand dollars to visit this event, I was expecting something better than that! 

Sure, they had restaurants and outlets where you could buy snacks. You could even bring in your own food. But I just felt like they could’ve provided some free snacks to the attendees as a welcoming gesture. 

Should You Attend the Affiliate World Conference?

Now that you’ve read through my experience about this event, you must surely wonder if it is worth it. Should you book your tickets for the next one? 

Affiliate World Conference

Well, if you ask me, I’d say it is totally worth visiting the Affiliate World Conference at least once. The amount of exposure and networks you can form is insane!

However, if you are a beginner in your field right now, I would not recommend you to attend it just yet. The reason being that a beginner would not have sufficient experiences or results to share with others. 

Ultimately, they would only acquire the knowledge from other attendees and experts, and have nothing substantial to share with them in return. Thus, the networking wouldn’t be strong and they wouldn’t find it that exciting either. 

So, my suggestion for beginners would be that they should first focus on generating some notable results and then attend this conference to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Bonus Tip for the Future Attendees

Well, if you have planned to attend the Affiliate World Conference, here’s a little bonus tip from my side! 

Make sure you travel with a specific purpose in mind. This is very important.

affiliate world conference dubai

If I talk about myself, I didn’t really have a purpose in mind because my decision to attend the conference was made in a hurry and just a few days before the event! So, I just spent my entire time networking with companies and fellow attendees. 

Thus, if you are visiting the AW Conference for the first time, make sure you have a list of things you wish to accomplish while at the event. Some examples might be:

  • The people you wish to meet and connect with. 
  • The services you wish to pitch to your potential clients.
  • The interviews and meetings you wish to conduct. 

Taking a clear note of what you wish to achieve would help you extract the maximum value out of this event.


To conclude, I am glad that I attended the Affiliate World Conference, Dubai. 

First international solo trip

This was my first International solo trip, and it turned out to be an extremely enjoyable and enlightening experience for me!

I got to connect with a variety of successful entrepreneurs who were killing it in their respective domains! All of them truly inspired me to do and be more than what I currently am. All in all, it was a fantastic experience.  

Anyway, did you attend the AWC Dubai? If not, have you been to an Affiliate World Conference before? How has your experience been? Let me know all about it in the comments section below. 

Also, if you would like to attend the next Affiliate World Conference Dubai, you can use my link to get an extra 15% off on your purchase.

This is Kripesh signing off. Take care and keep learning. Cheers to new experiences! 🙂

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  10. Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yields great results for years to come! I am sure kripesh you will make a good network in a very short time. Loved your Affiliate World Conference Dubai experience thank you for sharing it!


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