44 Best Black Friday AppSumo Deals (2022) – Best AppSumo LifeTime Deals For 2022

The wait is over, guys! The Black Friday Sale 2022 is live on AppSumo. This year, you’ll get to see over 2000+ tools being offered in this sale. But which one should you choose?

Well, don’t you worry! I have done all the hard work for you and carefully selected the best lifetime deals on AppSumo right now. These include page builders, design and image tools, online course creators, productivity tools, and a lot more!

So, with no further ado, let us quickly check them out.

44 Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals For 2022

NamePromo CodeDetailsPricingDeal Link
NeuronWriterAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69 Visit
WordHeroAuto AppliedLifetime Deal $89Visit
Peppertype.aiAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
BrameworkAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$79Visit
Creaitor.aiAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$89Visit
WriteCreamAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$59Visit
SwitchyAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$39Visit
BiQAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
Squirrly SEOAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
RankTrackerAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$149Visit
BiteplayAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
BlurwebAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$19Visit
EWWW Image OptimiserAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
Happy ScribeAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
AcumbamailAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$79Visit
Domain MonitorAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$49.95Visit
MonsparkAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
Amz ImageAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$79Visit
WP Reset Team Plan Auto AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
Getscreen.meAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
Deposit PhotosAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$39Visit
Yay ImagesAuto AppliedLifetime Deal $59Visit
yay images PGAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$179Visit
KillerPlayer Auto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
UTeachAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
tabExtendAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$59Visit
Robomotion RPAAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
Brilliant Directories Auto AppliedLifetime Deal$89Visit
AgiledAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
WiserNotifyAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$89Visit
TruConversionAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
Pagescreen Auto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
FlexClipAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
VmakerAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
Steve.AIAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$59Visit
SocialBlu Auto AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
NuelinkAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$59Visit
RuttlAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
AppMySiteAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$59Visit
SiteGuruAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
AffiliatebleAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
OpenMyLinkAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
Smart vCardAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$37Visit
Chrome Tab Reminder Auto AppliedLifetime Deal$2.29Visit
TrackabiAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
WordPlayAuto AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
Texta.ai Auto AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit

44 Best AppSumo LifeTime Deals 2022

Hey guys! The AppSumo Black Friday Deals for 2022 are now live! Without any delay, let me walk you through all the exciting tools available at massive discounts on this sale. 

Table Of Contents

Disclaimer : I strongly believe in transparency. If you buy using the links on our site, we may earn a small commission without any extra cost to you. This helps me to keep producing honest reviews. Read More >>


1) NeuronWriter Black Friday Deal 2022

NeuronWriter is an NLP content editing tool that not only helps you find content ideas but also aids in creating SEO-optimized content for your blogs and websites. 

It is a powerful tool for content writers, SEO experts, copywriters, digital agencies, small businesses, email marketers, etc. It would serve as a great alternative to popular SEO tools like Frase, Marketmuse, and SurferSEO.

Discount: $69 (15k AI credits/months)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

wordhero logo

2) WordHero Black Friday Deal 2022

WordHero is an AI-powered copywriting tool that uses the latest language prediction model called GPT3. It comes with over 65+ AI tools for creating blogs, sales copy, product descriptions, social media, corporate businesses, etc. 

Along with that, it can also generate content in 100+ languages and a variety of tones. WordHero would be a suitable alternative to Jasper, Copy.ai, etc, and is recommended for copywriters, marketers, and small business owners.  

Discount: $89 (20k+ words/ month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

peppertype copy

3) Peppertype Black Friday Deal 2022

PepperType is an AI writing tool powered by GPT-3. It offers 35+ use cases that help you generate content around social media, products, eCommerce, SEO, blogging, etc. Overall, Peppertype is a swift platform with a friendly interface and good-quality of outputs. 

It would serve as a perfect alternative to AI writers like Jasper and WordTune. Content writers, copywriters, and SaaS writers should definitely check it out! 

Discount: $99 (50k words/month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

bramework logo

4) Bramework Black Friday Deal 2022

If you wish to draft SEO-friendly blog posts for your personal blog or website, then Bramework would be a pretty good tool for you. It is a writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence. 

Bramework is specifically focused on creating long-form content that is optimized for search engines. Content writers and bloggers can use it as an alternative to popular tools like WordStream, WordTune, or Jasper. 

Discount: $79 (40k words/month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

creaitor logo

5) Creaitor.ai Black Friday Deal 2022

Copywriters, bloggers, and marketers listen up! Here’s an interesting AI content writing tool that can help you brainstorm and generate quality content within seconds! It comes with 70+ pre-designed templates for popular content categories. 

Along with that, it also features a competitor analysis tool that helps you optimize your content for better reach on search engines. You can get Creaitor.ai as an alternative for Jasper or Copy.ai. 

Discount: $89 (Unlimited characters/month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

writecream logo

6) Writecream Black Friday Deal 2022

Writecream is another AI writing platform that offers 40+ AI tools that will help you generate blog posts, cold emails, voiceovers, podcasts, ads, custom recipes, and much more. 

It also offers an inbuilt plagiarism checker along with an AI article writer for generating long-form content. Finally, it has a mobile app and a handy Chrome extension to simplify generating content across multiple devices. 

Writecream would be a suitable alternative for Grammarly or Jasper. If you are a content or copywriter, do check it out!

Discount: $59 (400k characters/month)

Promo Code: Auto-applied


7) Switchy Black Friday Deal 2022

Switchy is an all-in-one link management and engagement tool that helps you shorten, customize, and re-target your links within minutes. 

What makes it stand out is its Smart Pages feature that lets you design highly optimized landing pages for mobile devices. 

It can prove to be the perfect alternative to tools like Linktree or Bitly. I personally use it for managing my links as well. So, if your work revolves around links, Switchy is the tool you should go with!

Discount: $39
Promo Code: Auto Applied

biq logo

8) BiQ Black Friday Deal 2022

Do you want to rank your content higher on search engines? Well, BiQ is a fast and efficient tool for researching keywords and improving your search rankings. It is an AI-powered SEO suite that comes with rank-tracking functionality as well! 

If you’re looking for a keyword research tool at affordable pricing on a lifetime deal, BiQ is the one you should opt for! It’s a pocket-friendly alternative to premium SEO tools like Ahrefs. 

Discount: $49

Promo Code: Auto-applied

squirrly logo

9) Squirrly SEO Black Friday Deal 2022

Squirrly is your AI-powered SEO consultant that would help in improving the ranking of your WordPress website. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that lets you perform keyword research, optimize your content, conduct site audits, perform technical SEO, track ranks, and more. 

If you’re a blogger, SEO writer, or marketer, you may find Squirrly SEO valuable for your work. It can work as a great alternative to SurferSEO, Yoast SEO, and Ahrefs. 

Discount: $69

Promo Code: Auto-applied

ranktracker logo

10) RankTracker Black Friday Deal 2022 

As its name suggests, RankTracker is a tool for tracking the ranks of your SEO campaigns. It can not only help you track your website on the SERP but also find relevant keywords, conduct SERP analysis, track backlinks, audit your site, and a lot more! 

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives to SEMRush, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs, try out RankTracker! Even though it’s on the slightly expensive side, the RankTracker tool is worth it for bloggers, content creators, and SEO writers.

Discount: $149
Promo Code: Auto-applied

biteplay logo

11) Biteplay Black Friday Deal 2022

Looking for an SEO tool for growing your YouTube channel? Try Biteplay! It’s a pretty good YouTube SEO and ads marketing tool that can help you with growing your YouTube audience and viewers.

It’s a fairly easy-to-use tool that comes with powerful filters for researching content, along with rank checking, tag creation, and conversion tracking functionality for your ads. If you’re a YouTuber, content creator, or marketing professional, Biteplay could be a decent alternative to TubeBuddy and VidIQ at a lifetime deal. 

Discount: $99 (500 video searches/month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied


12) BlurWeb Black Friday Deal 2022

BlurWeb helps you hide sensitive details from your screen with a single click. So, if you create video recordings or frequently share your screen, you can do so without worrying about your information getting leaked! 

It works perfectly with Zoom, Loom, Google Meet, and can be a great alternative to BlurPages. At $19, this is a steal deal! 

Discount: $19
Promo Code: Auto Applied


13) Ewww Image Optimizer Black Friday Deal 2022

It’s time to bid farewell to slow and sluggish websites! The Ewww Image Optimizer is an impressive WordPress plugin that automatically compresses your website images. It automatically converts your images into the WebP format that uses a more efficient compression algorithm. 

The result is optimized images, improved speeds, and enhanced SEO performance. This is a must-have tool for every WordPress developer and website owner. It serves as a desirable lifetime alternative to Smush. 

Discount: $99
Promo Code: Auto-applied


14) HappyScribe Black Friday Deal 2022

Typing subtitles for your videos can be quite taxing. Here’s a tool to simplify this boring task. HappyScribe is a tool built with the most promising speed-to-text technologies to generate automated subtitles and transcripts for your video and audio files. 

This tool can help you save a lot of time and reach a wider audience through accurate subtitles. It’s a must-have tool for YouTubers, content creators, course creators, influencers, etc. 

Discount: $69 (2 hours transcription & subtitling/month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

acumbamail logo

15) Acumbamail Black Friday Deal 2022

Acumbamail is a multipurpose tool that helps you create email marketing campaigns, automate your workflows, and also design responsive landing pages all from within the same platform! It also features insightful options for analyzing your email campaign results with comprehensive reports. 

If you’re looking for a budget alternative to MailChimp or ActiveCampaign for sending out newsletters to your subscribers, you can definitely check it out. It’s a remarkable tool for entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, freelancers, and small businesses. 

Discount: $79 (20k email sends/month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

domain monitor logo

16) Domain Monitor Black Friday Deal 2022

Constantly worried about your website suffering downtime? Well, here’s an easy way to keep a check on it. Domain Monitor is an all-in-one tool that offers 24/7 monitoring for your domain name and website. It lets you specify a monitoring frequency and get detailed insights about your website’s performance.

Domain Monitor basically notifies you when your website is down or if your domain is expiring. You can specify notification channels like email, SMS, Slack, web, etc. It’s a great and inexpensive alternative to UptimeRobot. Developers and security agencies would surely find it valuable. 

Discount: $49.95 (100 monthly monitors and domains)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

monspark logo

17) Monspark Black Friday Deal 2022

MonSpark is another tool for monitoring the performance and uptime of your website. It’s quite an advanced tool that monitors your website uptime, TCP, DNS records, text, SSL, domain expiration, and so much more! 

Along with that, it also offers real-time notifications when it spots any errors. MonSpark would be a good replacement for tools like Pingdom and UptimeRobot. SaaS businesses, eCommerce owners, project managers, etc should definitely take a look at it. 

Discount: $69 (75 monitors)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

amzimage logo

18) Amz-Image Black Friday Deal 2022

Are you an affiliate blogger or reviewer whose work revolves around Amazon product images? Well, you should definitely try the AMZ Image tool. It is the quickest way to insert Amazon images seamlessly into your blog. It also automatically adds affiliate links to your blogs. 

This easy-to-use tool can help you save a tonne of time and improve your affiliate conversions. It would be a suitable alternative to tools like Ahrefs and WordPress and would be perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and solopreneurs. 

Discount: $79

Promo Code: Auto-applied

wpreset logo

19) WP Reset Black Friday Deal 2022

Ever crashed your website while testing new features? Well, here’s a plugin to help you undo all the damage done to your website. WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that helps you easily reset, recover, and repair your WordPress website. 

It’s one of the most popular backup plugins for WordPress. So, if you’re a developer, website owner, or blog manager who needs to test and manage a lot of websites, this is a desirable tool for you. 

Discount: $49
Promo Code: Auto-applied


20) Getscreen.me Black Friday Deal 2022

Do you need remote access and control software for your work? Getscreen is a tool that can help you get access to other laptops remotely. If you are working in the Custom support team, or need to troubleshoot errors for your remote clients or team members, you will find it very useful. 

This could be an affordable alternative to popular software like AnyDesk, TeamViewer, and ZohoAssist. 

Discount: $99

Promo Code: Auto-applied

depositphotos logo

21) Depositphotos Black Friday Deal 2022

Are you looking for unique and fresh images for your website? Then, you’ll surely love Depositphotos! It’s an online library comprising 195 million+ royalty-free images and vectors in high quality. You can easily use them on your personal and commercial projects. 

These include blogs, websites, social media, YouTube, emails, ebooks, etc. Depositphotos is an ideal substitute for platforms like Getty Images and Shutterstock. Videographers, bloggers, freelancers, and content creators should check it out!

Discount: $39 (100 photo/vector downloads)
Promo Code: Auto-applied

yayimages logo

22) YayImages Black Friday Deal 2022

YayImages is a really interesting tool for finding high-resolution stock photos. It features an immense library of over 12 million+ stock images, vectors, and illustrations that can be used on your personal and commercial projects. 

This means you can use them on your blogs, Youtube channels, magazines, etc. I think it’s a great resource for freelancers, graphic designers, social media managers, and marketers. 

Discount: $59 (1000 download credits)
Promo Code: Auto-applied


23) Killerplayer Black Friday Deal 2022

Bored with the same boring YouTube video player on your website? Killerplayer will spice things up a bit! It is basically a custom YouTube video player that strips away the logo, titles, video recommendations, etc from the YouTube player and replaces it with attractive themes! 

It is also mobile responsive and optimized for swift speeds on both desktop and mobile devices. So, if you want to attract more viewers and traffic to your website, this attractive media player will do the job! It is best for bloggers and course creators and looks like a perfect alternative to Wistia and Vimeo.  

Discount: $99
Promo Code: Auto-applied

uteach logo

24) UTeach Black Friday Deal 2022

Are you an online instructor but lack technical experience? Don’t you worry! With UTeach, you can easily design an attractive website for your online course entirely using templates. It comes equipped with a range of integrations to help you quickly sell your courses, collect payments, conduct live classes, etc. 

Interestingly, it charges zero transaction fee and offers good payment integrations, So, you can finally focus on creating content and the rest is taken care of by UTeach. This can be a good alternative for popular course creators like Thinkific and Teachable. 

Discount: $99
Promo Code: Auto-applied

tabextend logo

25) TabExtend Black Friday Deal 2022

Are you someone who’s obsessed with productivity while working online? Then here’s a tool to improve your efficiency! With TabExtend, you can organize your browser tabs, save websites with one click, take quick notes, create Kanban-style boards, import bookmarks, and even collaborate with other users. 

It’s also mobile-friendly, so you can access your saved sites on mobile and on the web! It could be an interesting substitute for tools like Monday.com and Notion. If you are a blogger, web designer, marketer, or anyone who works with content, do check it out. 

Discount: $59
Promo Code: Auto-applied

robomotion logo

26) RoboMotion Black Friday Deal 2022

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had a robot? Well, with RoboMotion RPA, you can make that possible! It’s a tool for automating your desktop applications. RoboMotion lets you automate repetitive manual tasks with the help of bots, thus saving up a chunk of time.

You can even set up automatic triggers and schedule automation in advance. What sets it apart from other tools is its ability to connect offline apps to online apps and vice versa. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. It could be a quite time-saving and handy tool for tech geeks and developers. 

Discount: $99
Promo Code: Auto-applied


27) Brilliant Directories Black Friday Deal 2022

Building a membership site requires multiple resources and a lot of investment. But not anymore! Brilliant Directories can help you create and manage your own membership website along with the ability to monetize it. 

It comes with advanced features like email marketing, content publishing, and searchable directories along with options for selling digital products, subscriptions, tickets to events, etc. This tool would be good for marketers and entrepreneurs in attracting more traffic and boosting their revenue. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to BuddyBoss or MemberPress, you should definitely give Brilliant Directories a try!

Discount: $89
Promo Code: Auto-applied


28) Agiled Black Friday Deal 2022

Looking for a CRM platform at affordable rates? Introducing Agiled. It’s a CRM platform that helps in streamlining your business processes and operations. 

With Agiled, you can create invoices, track expenses, accept online payments, and manage contracts, proposals, finances, and your teams all under a single platform! It’s a good substitute for tools like Honeybook and Hello Bonsai and is ideal for small businesses. 

Discount: $69

Promo Code: Auto-applied


29) WiserNotify Black Friday Deal 2022

If you’re looking for a quick way to build credibility within your audience, you can check out WiserNotify. This tool features 10+ social proof notifications, YouTube views, conversions, reviews, etc that can be customized as per your brand.

 Along with that, it also offers dozens of notification templates and widgets to enhance your credibility. It’s a handy alternative to UseProof and is best suited for marketing agencies, eCommerce websites, and online institutes. 

Discount: $89 (100k monthly visits)

Promo Code: Auto-applied

truconversion logo

30) TruConversion Black Friday Deal 2022

If your work revolves around creating and analyzing marketing funnels, this is the perfect digital tool for you. TruConversion helps you optimize your marketing funnels and landing pages for maximum conversions. It comes with features for easy funnel creation and tracking, form analytics, heatmaps, session recordings, etc. 

 This tool will help you in tracking which parts of your funnels are working and which ones need to be improved. Digital marketers, sales agencies, and project managers should definitely try it out. This would be a cheaper alternative to tools like Hotjar. 

Discount: $69Promo Code: Auto-applied

pagescreen logo

31) Pagescreen Black Friday Deal 2022

Interested in tracking the latest features and updates on your competitors’ websites? Here’s a very unique and interesting tool. Pagescreen helps you monitor your competitors’ websites and stay updated with new elements, text, widgets, etc added to them. 

It notifies you whenever new changes are observed through various notification channels and also offers a detailed historical analysis and comparison with the previous versions of the site. It would be a good resource for marketing agencies and developers. 

Discount: $69

Promo Code: Auto-applied

flexclip logo

32) Flexclip Black Friday Deal 2022

Flexclip is an online video creation platform that lets you create attractive and engaging videos, movies, and slideshows within a few minutes! All you have to do is upload your videos or photos, make some quick edits, and export! 

It also offers sufficient features for editing your videos, including text overlays, animations, hundreds of elements, etc. I feel, it’s a good alternative to Canva and can be used by social media managers, graphic designers, small businesses, and YouTubers. 

Discount: $49

Promo Code: Auto-applied

vmaker logo

33) Vmaker Black Friday Deal 2022

If you want a screen recorder for your work, we have Vmaker. This is a  screen, video, and webcam recording tool designed by Animaker. With this tool, you can easily record your videos and share them with your team in a few clicks. 

It also lets you quickly analyze the performance of your shared videos. Vmaker looks like a handy substitute for popular tools like Loom or Camtasia. It’s great for content creators, freelancers, online educators, etc who want to create explainer videos, tutorials, feedback videos, or SOPs for their teams. 

Discount: $49

Promo Code: Auto-applied

steveai logo

34) Steve.AI Black Friday Deal 2022

Creating interesting and catchy videos can be a tough job when you are out of ideas! Presenting Steve.AI. It’s an AI-powered video creation tool launched by Animaker. With this tool, you can create interesting and engaging videos within minutes using their AI. 

It also lets you implement catchy effects to your videos along with background music and voiceovers. Steve.AI could be a quick way to drive traffic to your videos with minimal effort. I think it would be a suitable option for YouTubers and course creators. 

Discount: $59

Promo Code: Auto-applied

socialbu logo

35) SocialBu Black Friday Deal 2022

If you wish to schedule and automate your social media posts, SocialBu can be an interesting choice. It not only helps you improve your views and grow your subscribers but also eliminates the hassle of manually posting content on every social platform.

With SocialBu, you can plan and maintain a social calendar, schedule content in bulk, and use its AI to generate quick posts for Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Overall, if you are an influencer or a social media manager who wants to save time on publishing social content, you can check it out!

Discount: $49

Promo Code: Auto-applied

nuelink logo

Nuelink is another social media scheduling tool that will help you maintain a strong presence across all social media platforms. With this tool, you can effectively plan, manage, schedule, and publish your posts on multiple platforms with a single click

Overall, if you are a content creator, influencer, or social media manager who wants to save time on publishing social media posts, you can go with Nuelink. It’s a suitable and affordable alternative to Hootsuite and Publer. 

Discount: $59

Promo Code: Auto-applied

ruttl logo

37) Ruttl Black Friday Deal 2022

If you’re looking for a tool that lets you offer design feedback to your developers, Ruttl would be a pretty good option. With this tool, you can easily add comments and offer detailed feedback on live websites. 

Along with that, it also allows you to make real-time edits to a design. It would be a really valuable tool for solopreneurs, developers, freelancers, and web designers who need to collect clear and concise feedback from their clients. 

Discount: $49
Promo Code: Auto-applied

appmysite logo

38) AppMySite Black Friday Deal 2022

One reason for low traffic on your website might be the fact that most users surf the web through their mobiles. What if there was a way to convert your website into a mobile app?

Check out AppMySite! 

This tool helps you seamlessly convert your website into a user-friendly mobile app for your audiences. The best part is that you don’t need to know a single line of code to do this! It’s an innovative tool best for web design agencies, eCommerce stores, developers, and small businesses.

Discount: $59

Promo Code: Auto-applied

siteguru logo

39) SiteGuru Black Friday Deal 2022

Want to improve your website’s rankings but don’t know how? SiteGuru is here to make it easier for you. This tool conducts an audit of your website and generates an actionable to-do list to improve your website’s SEO. It also monitors your SEO performance, making it easier to track results.  

SiteGuru looks like a suitable alternative to Ahrefs and SEMRush. It would be a powerful resource for bloggers, content creators, marketing agencies, and small businesses.

Discount: $69

Promo Code: Auto-applied

affiliatable logo

40) Affiliatable Black Friday Deal 2022

If your work revolves around creating affiliate content, this tool will impress you a lot! With Affiliatable, you get beautiful and professional-looking comparison tables and boxes that are focused on conversions. 

These tables and boxes feature an intuitive design and clear representation of data for your viewers to make informed purchasing decisions. Not only will Affiliatable enhance the appearance of your website, but it’ll also boost your traffic and conversions. It works on all popular page builders and looks like a powerful tool for affiliate bloggers, content creators, and digital marketers. 

Discount: $69

Promo Code: Auto-applied

openmylink logo

Are you looking for marketing tools to improve your business reach? What if you get them all under a single software? Presenting OpenMyLink. This tool offers a collection of marketing tools, including Bio Pages, QR codes, URL Shortener, Link Rotator, and much more. 

OpenMyLink would be an ideal and cheaper alternative to tools like Bit.ly and Linktree. Social media marketers and marketing agencies should certainly give it a try!

Discount: $49

Promo Code: Auto-applied


42) Smart vCard Black Friday Deal 2022

If you wish to design a business card, Smart vCard can help! This tool will help you generate HTML-based digital business cards. Along with that, it also makes it effortless to share your contact details with your prospects and clients via links or QR codes. 

I think Smart vCard is a really good tool for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and graphic designers, and would work as an apt alternative to Linkin.bio.

Discount: $37

Promo Code: Auto-applied

chrome tab reminder logo

43) Chrome Tab Reminder Black Friday Deal 2022

Have you ever wanted to set reminders to revisit a website? The Chrome Tab Reminder tool does that for you! It lets you create reminders for visiting websites that you previously browsed. It also features both light and dark themes, which is great. Chrome Tab Reminder is a simple yet super inexpensive tool for anyone who works online.

Discount: $2.99
Promo Code: Auto-applied


43) Trackabi Black Friday Deal 2022

If you’re remotely managing a team of employees, Trackabi would be a good addition to your workflow. It’s a software for tracking the time and managing the leaves of your employees or team-mates. It employs gamification to add fun to the boring process of employee management.

Its key features include a timer app, customizable timesheets, employee leave management, invoicing and payments, informative dashboards, etc. This tool is available for desktop and mobile devices. It would be a helpful tool for organizations that wish to boost the productivity of their employees.

Discount: $99
Promo Code: Auto-applied


44) Wordplay Black Friday Deal 2022

Want to save your precious hours spent on creating content? Well, you can check out Wordplay. It’s a long-form AI content generator that can generate up to 2000 words within 15 seconds! Along with that, it also lets you add subheadings and FAQ questions to rank better on featured snippets and SERP. 

It also offers a WordPress plugin for directly importing your content into WordPress. Wordplay could be a good alternative to Frase, Jasper, and Copy.ai. If you’re a blogger, content writer, or small business owner, this AI writer will surely benefit you. 

Discount: $99 (7500 words/month)
Promo Code: Auto-applied


45) Texta.ai Black Friday Deal 2022

Drafting lengthy articles is not everyone’s cup of tea! If you’re struggling with creating articles for your blog, check out Texta.ai. It’s an Long-form AI content generator that can help you draft content for your blog, social media, online shop, etc.  

With this tool, you can reduce your time spent on content creation and deliver good quality content to generate more traffic. Content writers, marketers, copywriters, and agencies can use it as an alternative to AI writers like Jasper and Copy.ai. 

Discount: $69 (Unlimited credits)
Promo Code: Auto-applied


Hope you found these AppSumo deals useful. Are you going to get any of these in the Black Friday Sale? What other tools do you have on your bucket list? I would love to know about them.

Anyway, you can stay updated with the latest deals by joining my weekly newsletter. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Cheers! 🙂

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