Best Black Friday AppSumo Deals (2021) – Best AppSumo LifeTime Deals For 2021

The wait is over, guys! The Black Friday Sale 2021 is live on AppSumo. This year, you’ll get to see over 2000+ tools being offered in this sale. But which one should you choose?

Well, don’t you worry! I have done all the hard work for you and carefully selected the best lifetime deals on AppSumo right now. These include page builders, design and image tools, online course creators, productivity tools, and a lot more!

So, with no further ado, let us quickly check them out.

Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals For 2021

NamePromo CodeDetailsPricingDeal Link
Better UptimeAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
DepositphotosAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$39Visit
SerpWatchAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
WP CompressAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$49Visit
Wave.videoAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$59Visit
SendsparkAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$39Visit
DeskeraAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$149Visit
GurucanAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$79Visit
SpokeAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$79Visit
BerryCastAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$129Visit
ReMasterMediaAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
RytrAuto-AppliedRead Review$39Visit
Beam.ggAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$79Visit
Flutin LiveAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
DesignPopo Canva Templates
Premium Membership
Auto-AppliedLifetime Deal$79Visit
TruConversionAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
Zion BuilderAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$99Visit
SOUNDRAWAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$69Visit
SpreadSimpleAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$59Visit
SwitchyAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$39 Visit
BlurWebAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$19Visit
Paced Email Auto-AppliedLifetime Deal$19Visit
Hexomatic Auto-AppliedLifetime Deal$98Visit
GifingAuto-AppliedLifetime Deal$149Visit
Lightfunnels Auto-AppliedLifetime Deal$245Visit
Taskade Auto-AppliedLifetime Deal$145Visit

Best AppSumo LifeTime Deals 2021

Hey guys! The AppSumo Black Friday Deals for 2021 are now live! Without any delay, let me walk you through all the exciting tools available at massive discounts on this sale. 


Better Uptime Black Friday Deal 2021

Better Uptime is one of the most popular uptime monitoring tools. You can use it to track your website’s uptime every 30 seconds. 

As soon as your website goes down, you can choose to get notified through SMS, email, Slack channel, etc along with detailed screenshots and error logs about the incident. 

Better Uptime is an excellent alternative to services like Pingdom and Statuspage. It is ideal for software developers and large agencies whose priority is an exceptional uptime of their services.

Discount – $69 (100 monitors)
Promo Code – Auto Applied

depositphotos logo

Deposit Photos Black Friday Deal 2021

Depositphotos is a royalty-free marketplace that features an enormous library of over 195 million stock photos and vector images. You can use these images for personal and commercial purposes. 

This tool is best for content creators, authors, graphic designers, social media managers, advertisers, video editors, etc.

If your work revolves around images and graphics, go ahead and grab this limited time deal right away! 

Discount –$39 (Download 100 photos/vectors)
Promo Code – Auto Applied


SerpWatch Black Friday Deal 2021

If you are a marketer or an SEO-writer, look out for SerpWatch! It is a reliable tool that monitors your keywords and tracks your competitors’ SEO rankings. 

With its advanced tracking tools, you can keep a tab on your competitors’ performance and hence improve your own rankings! It lets you analyze and compare metrics like organic traffic, search ranks, etc. 

With its Zapier integration, you can connect with an insane 1500+ applications! SerpWatch can prove to be a pleasant alternative to tools like AccuRanker, SERP Robot, etc.

Discount – $69 (4.5k keyword checks/month)
Promo Code – Auto Applied


WPCompress Black Friday Deal 2021

No need to worry about slow website speeds anymore! WP Compress helps you optimize your WordPress website and dramatically improves its speed and overall performance. 

You can optimize your images and scripts according to the incoming traffic on your site to ensure your viewers have the best experience! This is a potent alternative to tools like Smush and Optimole. Website owners can surely look at it!

Discount – $49 (250k optimization credits/month)
Promo Code – Auto Applied

Wave.Video Black Friday Deal 2021 is an AI-powered video editing tool that comes loaded with over 200 millions stock assets, 1000+ beautifully designed video templates, and a powerful hosting for your videos. 

It also offers tools like GIF Generator and Thumbnail Maker, and the ability to personalize your video with your brand logo, fonts, colors, graphics, etc.  

This tool is the perfect substitute for tools like Vimeo, Animoto, InVideo, etc and is great for marketing agencies and businesses who need quick tools to generate professional-looking videos. 

Discount – $59
Promo Code – Auto Applied

sendspark logo

SendSpark Black Friday Deal 2021

With IdeaNote, you can effortlessly collaborate, manage, track and share collections of ideas with your team. 

It also lets you invite people to ask questions, give feedback or share new ideas. 

This plugin would be extremely useful for small businesses, teams, agencies and departments that need to brainstorm ideas together.

Discount – $39 (150 videos)
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Deskera Black Friday Deal 2021

Deskera is a feature-packed online platform for managing your email campaigns, CRM, invoices, payroll, HR, accounts, etc. 

You can create and send invoices, customize your sales pipeline, connect your apps through Zapier integration, build your own apps via their developer kit, launch email campaigns, and a lot more.

It can be used as an alternative to popular platforms like Zoho and Zendesk. If you are a marketing professional or manage a sales team, you can use Deskera for simplifying different processes in your business.

Discount – $149
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Gurucan Black Friday Deal 2021

Gurucan is an online course creation platform specifically designed for mobile devices. It gives you access to a wide range of course features, along with powerful marketing tools, to expand your student base. 

With its responsive mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, your students can attend your courses from the comfort of their mobiles. 

It looks like a great alternative to platforms like Kajabi and Thinkific. If you are a content creator or an online tutor/coach, check out Gurucan!

Discount – $79
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Spoke Black Friday Deal 2021

Be it students or working professionals- everyone attends and records dozens of meetings every single day!

However, being attentive and taking notes might be a struggle with the work-from-home culture at its peak!

Spoke is a tool that helps you record your meetings and share them across various platforms with ease. You can edit your video calls and also integrate with Zoom. It even transcribes your conversations with a 90% precision! 

This extremely efficient and time-saving tool might be helpful for students, employees, marketing teams, or anyone operating remotely. 

Discount – $79 (Store 200 videos)
Promo Code – Auto Applied


BerryCast Black Friday Deal 2021

Text-based emails are a thing of the past. It’s all about multimedia today! With BerryCast, you can add life to your communications by sending video-based mails to your audiences. 

It lets you record your video, audio, and screen all at the same time. This not only gives an edge to your mails but also helps you develop a connection with your customers.  

If you are a teacher, content creator, member of the sales or support team, etc, you can use BerryCast to offer more impactful explanations to your viewers via videos.

Discount – $129
Promo Code – Auto Applied


ReMasterMedia Black Friday Deal 2021

With ReMasterMedia, you can quickly optimize all your videos and audio files and give them a professional feel.

Along with being mobile friendly, it offers a range of audio enhancement options like noise reduction, audio leveling, etc.

If you are a podcaster, musician, content creator, vloggers, audio editor, or anyone who works with audio, you can check out ReMasterMedia!

Discount – $69 ( 3 hours/month)
Promo Code – Auto Applied

rytr logo

Rytr Black Friday Deal 2021

Rytr is an AI-based Writing Assistant that helps content writers create high quality content for their blogs, websites, emails, social media and more!

It offers over 20 creative use cases in 25+ languages. The generated content is of excellent quality!

It might be a powerful alternative to Nichesss or WriteSonic. Content creators, copywriters, marketers, or anyone who works with written content can check it out.

For a mere $39 for a lifetime, this deal looks like a steal deal to me! 

Discount – $39 (50k characters/month)
Promo Code – Auto Applied Black Friday Deal 2021

With, you can build interactive online communities powered with gamification features in order to boost engagements and retain more customers.

Your users can complete different tasks, earn rewards and badges, and move ahead on the leaderboards! 

Integrating gamification tools helps build a more active and agile online community that ultimately results in boosting your business and gathering more customers.

It’s an interesting alternative to Facebook Groups! 

Discount – $79
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Flutin Live Black Friday Deal 2021

If you’ve ever tried live streaming across multiple platforms, you know the struggle! Flutin Live is an easy-to-use tool that lets you live stream on various platforms without switching between different tabs and options. 

You can easily interact with your audience across multiple platforms through multi-chat and even monetize your streams with this tool! It is ideal for YouTubers, streamers, content creators, etc!

Discount – $69
Promo Code – Auto Applied


DesignPopo Canva Templates Premium Membership

Hiring a graphic designer for minor tasks like designing posts for social media might be quite expensive! This is where DesignPopo takes the stage. 

DesignPopo has an immense library of high quality customizable templates for your social media business.

With these eye-catching templates, you can create the right impact on your clients and also keep your content stand out! 

It is a highly resourceful tool for graphic designers, social media managers, design teams, and business agencies. 

Discount – $79
Promo Code – Auto Applied

truconversion logo

TruConversion Black Friday Deal 2021

Sales professionals listen up! If you are looking for a tool that can help you track your sales funnel, look no further than TruConversion. 

TruConversion is a tool that helps you track and optimize your sales funnels and offers access to tools like heat maps, session recordings, and form analytics, etc to get a much better idea of your users’ behaviour.

This is a very rewarding tool for email marketers, marketing professionals, sales teams, etc.

Discount – $69 (110k page views/month)
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Zion Builder Black Friday Deal 2021

Creating a beautiful and interactive website is a cakewalk with Zion Builder. This easy-to-use website builder for WordPress helps you create professional websites with its advanced tools, pre-built templates, and 50+ elements and widgets. 

The best part is that it is friendly for both non-tech users and developers. Content creators, developers, and agencies would find it as a perfect alternative to Beaver Builder and Oxygen Builder. 

Discount – $99
Promo Code – Auto Applied


SOUNDRAW Black Friday Deal 2021

Does your work revolve around sound production and editing? Then you’ll surely love SOUNDRAW. It is an AI-based sound generator that lets you customize royal free music tracks and generate a unique music of your own! 

All you need to do is specify the mood, theme, and length of your track. Further, you can customize the structure, instruments, BPM, and keys according to your choice. 

The produced sound tracks can be used for commercial purposes as well! So, if you are a YouTuber, video editor, game designer, podcaster, etc, SOUNDRAW might prove to be an efficient tool for your work!

Discount – $69
Promo Code – Auto Applied


SpreadSimple Black Friday Deal 2021

SpreadSimple is an easy-to-use tool that lets you create and manage your websites using data from Google Sheets.

You can choose from a variety of templates, customizable elements, integrations, etc and create a professional-looking website with ease. 

It can be used as an alternative to AppSheet and Glide. This tool is good for ecommerce store owners, companies, or anyone who wants to build a website through their data having no coding knowledge!

Discount – $59
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Switchy Black Friday Deal 2021

Switchy is an all-in-one link management and engagement tool that helps you shorten, customize, and re-target your links within minutes. 

What makes it stand out is its Smart Pages feature that lets you design highly optimized landing pages for mobile devices. 

It can prove to be the perfect alternative to tools like Linktree or Bitly. I personally use it for managing my links as well. So, if your work revolves around links, Switchy is the tool you should go with!

Discount – $39
Promo Code – Auto Applied


BlurWeb Black Friday Deal 2021

BlurWeb helps you hide sensitive details from your screen with a single click. So, if you create video recordings or frequently share your screen, you can do so without worrying about your information getting leaked! 

It works perfectly with Zoom, Loom, Google Meet, and can be a great alternative to BlurPages. At $19, this is a steal deal! 

Discount – $19
Promo Code – Auto Applied

paced email

Paced Email Black Friday Deal 2021

Paced Email is an impressive and easy-to-use tool that generates temporary emails that can be used and deleted later.

It also helps you stay away from distracting notifications, and also connects your favorite apps with it through Zapier or Webhooks. 

If you are into testing and reviewing stuff (like me!), where you need to sign up on multiple services through different emails, Paced Email might be just the tool you need!  

Discount – $19
Promo Code – Auto Applied

Hexomatic Black Friday Deal 2021

Researching relevant content from the Internet might look like a difficult task. But it becomes simple if you have Hexomatic.

Hexomatic helps in scraping the Internet and collecting useful information, saving countless precious hours from your day! 

You can also convert your researched data into a spreadsheet or JSON format. It is ideal for sales and marketing professionals or even content creators researching data regularly. 

Discount – $98
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Gifing Black Friday Deal 2021

GIFs are a fun way to convey your message to the audience. Gifing offers you a large collection of royalty free GIFs and videos so you can boost your engagements and ad campaigns!

You can even crop and edit the video or GIF before downloading it. This tool is good for content creators, marketers, and freelancers!

Discount – $149 (300 video downloads/month, 600 GIF downloads/month)
Promo Code – Auto Applied

lightfunnels logo

Lightfunnels Black Friday Deal 2021

If you want to sell anything, you need to have a sales funnel set in place! This is where Lightfunnels takes the stage.

Lightfunnels is a sales funnel-building and lead generation tool. It offers a drag-and-drop editor to help you create beautiful sales funnels and increase your conversions! 

It integrates with a lot of apps and offers worldwide CDN and caching to improve your page speeds.

You can use it as an alternative to Clickfunnels and Leadpages, and it is best suited for ecommerce professionals, marketers, sales teams, agencies, small businesses, startups, etc.

Discount – $245
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Taskade Black Friday Deal 2021

If you want to sell anything, you need to have a sales funnel set in place! This is where Lightfunnels takes the stage.

Lightfunnels is a sales funnel-building and lead generation tool. It offers a drag-and-drop editor to help you create beautiful sales funnels and increase your conversions! 

It integrates with a lot of apps and offers worldwide CDN and caching to improve your page speeds.

You can use it as an alternative to Clickfunnels and Leadpages, and it is best suited for ecommerce professionals, marketers, sales teams, agencies, small businesses, startups, etc.

Discount – $145
Promo Code – Auto Applied

Conclusion: Hope you found these AppSumo deals useful. Are you going to get any of these in the Black Friday Sale? What other tools do you have on your bucket list? I would love to know about them.

Anyway, you can stay updated with the latest deals by joining my weekly newsletter. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Cheers! 🙂