AI Tools Black Friday Deals (2023) || 9 Best AI Deals

The Black Friday Season is just around the corner! Are you excited about the deep discounts and insane deals? Well, this time, the spotlight shines on AI tools

Since the last year, thousands of AI tools have been launched in the market. You might’ve used a dozen of them as well! From AI writers and AI image generators to AI website builders and AI domain name generators, there are so many tools out there! 

In this article, I will reveal the Best Black Friday Deals on AI Tools for 2023. It will comprise multiple categories of AI tools that are offering tremendous discounts on their plans. By the end of this article, I’ll also state the benefits of using AI tools and answer some FAQs about them. 

So, are you curious to find out if your favorite tools are offering any Black Friday discounts? Let’s jump right in and find out!


Surfer SEO

Get upto 10% off monthly plans for 6 months (starting at $125.10/mo)
30% off annual plans for 1st year (starting at $96.39/mo)

scalenut logo


Get upto 60% off on annual plans (Starts at $16/mo) + 3x limits and addons

Jasper logo


Deal Coming Soon

What are AI Tools?

AI tools are software that implements artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to perform different tasks and assist us in several ways. AI tools find their applications in a variety of operations, like creative writing, automation, predictions, problem-solving, and more. 

Some popular examples of AI tools are AI chatbots (ChatGPT), AI writers (Jasper), AI art generators (Midjourney), AI logo generators (Logo Diffusion), AI coding assistants (AskCodi), AI website builders (Hostinger website builder), etc. 

Best Black Friday Deals on AI Tools (2023)

AI Tool NameCategoryPromo CodeValid TillBlack Friday DealReviewDeal Link
Surfer SEOSEOAuto appliedDec 1, 202310% off monthly plans for 6 months (starting at $125.10/mo)
30% off annual plans for 1st year (starting at $96.39/mo)
ScalenutAI WritingAuto appliedLimited time60% off on annual plans (Starts at $16/mo) + 3x limits and addonsScalenut ReviewVisit
JasperAI WritingComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonJasper ReviewVisit
Copy AIAI Writing60BFPROMOLimited time60% off on CopyAI Pro plan ($172.80/year)Copy AI ReviewVisit
WritesonicAI WritingBFCM2024th Nov 202320% off Annual plans (Starting from $13/mo)Writesonic ReviewVisit
VoilaProductivityN.A.Limited time$29 for lifetime (2k AI requests/mo)Voila ReviewVisit
KoalaAI Writing & ImagesAuto appliedLimited timeUp to 45% off on credit packs for 1 year (Gold Credit for $489 with 2.5 M AI words)Visit
QuillBotParaphrasingBFCM5027 Nov 202350% off on annual plans for new users (Premium plan at $4.17/mo)– Visit
VidboardText to VideoAuto appliedLimited timeDiscounts on Lifetime deals – $52/lifetime, $147/lifetime, and $799/lifetime.Visit
RytrAI WritingBLACKFRIDAY3027th Nov 202330% off our annual Unlimited plan for life. (for $29/mo) + 2 months freeRytr ReviewVisit

1) Surfer SEOBlack Friday Deal 2023

Surfer SEO is a popular tool for SEO-optimizing your blog posts and articles. Along with an in-built keyword research tool, it also offers tools like an AI outline generator, audit tool, and more to help you research, write, and optimize your content within minutes.

It even offers integrations with popular platforms like WordPress, Google Docs, Jasper, etc to streamline your workflow. Their Starter plan, called Essential AI is usually priced at $139/month. But this Black Friday Season, Surfer SEO is offering some cool discounts! 

They’re offering 10% off on their monthly plans for 6 months. So the Starter plan can be availed at $125.10/mo. And if you’re more interested in annual subscriptions, Surfer SEO is offering an exciting 30% off their annual subscriptions. So you can get the same Starter plan for as low as $96.39/mo.

So, if you want to improve your page rank and boost your website traffic, Surfer SEO would be a game changer!

Discount: 10% off monthly plans for 6 months (starting at $125.10/mo). 30% off annual plans for 1st year (starting at $96.39/mo)
Valid Till: Dec 1, 2023
Promo Code: Auto applied

scalenut logo

2) ScalenutBlack Friday Deal 2023

Scalenut is an AI writing platform that features a range of AI templates for blogging, copywriting, business, videos, emails, etc. It also comes with powerful SEO optimization tools to perform keyword research, create topic clusters, run SERP analysis, and optimize your existing articles. 

I personally like its output quality, intuitive user interface, and handy Chrome extension. Overall, Overall, if you need an all-in-one tool for creating high-quality content and optimizing it for SERP, then Scalenut could be an excellent investment.  

Bloggers, content creators, copywriters, and SEO enthusiasts would find its Black Friday Deal to be super tempting! This Black Friday Season, Scalenut is offering its annual plans at 60% discount rates. You’ll also get 3x limits and add-ons on these plans. It’s Essential Plan can be availed for just $16/month right now.

So, if your work revolves around AI writing or SEO, make sure you grab this deal right away!

Discount: 60% off on annual plans (Starts at $16/mo) + 3x limits and addons
Valid Till: Not Announced
Promo Code: Auto Applied
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Jasper logo

3) Jasper-Black Friday Deal 2023

Jasper is a power-packed AI writing tool that has been on top of the content industry since the launch of AI tools. It features 65+ AI templates covering major categories like ads, marketing, blogging, emails, social media, and more. It also features a functional Chrome extension and a modern UI. 

The output quality produced by Jasper is top-notch, and it performs remarkably well with long-form content creation. It features workflows to produce guided long-form content. Overall, Jasper is one of the most polished AI writers in the market. But the only con is its pricing.

Jasper is usually available at an expensive price range. But if you want to get access to its premium features at affordable rates, you can take advantage of its Black Friday Deal right now!

Valid Till:
Promo Code: 

Jasper Black Friday Deal 2023 – Coming Soon …

copy ai logo

4) Copy AI-Black Friday Deal 2023

Copy AI is a powerful AI writing assistant that comprises 90+ AI templates for blogging, emails, social media, sales, product descriptions, and more. It supports 95+ languages and unlimited brand voices to generate highly personalized content. 

I personally feel Copy AI is one of the best AI writers for 2023! Not only does it generate high-quality content for long-form blogs and ads, but it distinguishes itself by generating unique and original content that isn’t detected with AI detection tools. 

Bloggers and copywriters should definitely check out its Black Friday Deal! This year, they are offering a 60% discount on the CopyAI Pro plan. So, you can get the Pro plan (usually priced at $36/mo or $432/year) for $172.80/year, which is merely $14.40/month. If your work heavily revolves around writing long-form content, then this would be a valuable tool for you!

Discount: 60% off on CopyAI Pro plan ($172.80/year)
Valid Till: Limited time
Promo Code: 60BFPROMO

writesonic logo

5) WritesonicBlack Friday Deal 2023

Writesonic is an AI writing platform that features 90+ AI templates spanning categories like blogging, ads, creative writing, emails, SEO, etc. Its refined output quality, efficient long-form editor, and powerful ChatSonic extension (ChatGPT-like AI assistant) make it stand out! 

I personally observed that Writesonic performed really well with short-form content like blog paragraphs, ads, emails, social media posts, etc. So, if you need an AI writer on a budget that can produce diverse short and long-form content, Writesonic is the one for you! 

Its Black Friday Deal is pretty exciting for this year. They’re offering their annual plans at a 20% discounted rate. So, the Freelancer plan ($20/mo) can now be availed for $16/mo and the Small Team plan that was priced at $19/mo can now be availed for $13/mo on an annual subscription.

Content writers, copywriters, bloggers, marketing teams, and writing enthusiasts should check it out!

Discount: 20% off Annual plans (Starting from $13/mo)
Valid Till: 24th November 2023
Promo Code: BFCM20
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voila logo

6) Voila AI Black Friday Deal 2023

Voila is a GPT 4-powered productivity assistant that can generate high-quality content and help you automate repetitive tasks. It helps you create engaging content for multiple categories and improves your existing content within seconds! 

Along with that, Voila also integrates with your Gmail to generate intelligent email replies. I use its Chrome extension regularly for my personal work. I think Voila could be a great alternative to tools like Jasper AI or Grammarly. 

Content creators, marketers, copywriters, corporate professionals, and productivity enthusiasts should certainly check out its Black Friday Deal!

This Black Friday, they are offering their lifetime deal for merely $29. Here, you can make 2000 AI requests/month with an Auto AI model that selects between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. If you need unlimited requests and the ability to select a language model, go with the Tier 2 plan for $119.

Discount: $29 for lifetime
Valid Till: Limited time
Promo Code: Auto-applied


7) Koala-Black Friday Deal 2023

Koala is an SEO AI writing platform that helps you create SEO-friendly articles. Powered by GPT-4 technology, it also has access to real-time data for creating relevant content that ranks on search engines. Apart from generating AI content, it also integrates with WordPress and generates AI images. I personally liked its long-form content production, which is suitable for blogs and newsletters.

On this Black Friday Sale, Koala is offering exciting discounts for you. They’re offering their credit packs for up to 45% discounts for 1 year. The Starter plan costs $95 for 250k words. However, their most recommended plan is the Gold Credit plan where you get 2.5 million AI words for $489. The credits are valid for a period of 1 year. So, if you need high-quality content generation, do check Koala!

Discount: 45% off Gold Credit pack for 1 year ($489 with 2.5M AI words)
Valid Till: Limited time
Promo Code: Auto-applied


8) QuillBotBlack Friday Deal 2023

QuillBot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that helps you re-word your content more professionally. It supports paraphrasing in 20+ languages and offers a variety of modes like Standard, Fluency, Academic, Creative, etc. 

The rephrased sentences and phrases are highlighted in a different color to help you learn and improve your writing style. Besides that, QuillBot also features tools like Grammar Checker,  Summarizer, Citation Generator, and CoWriter, which is a writing assistant.

QuillBot is available at some really impressive discounts on this Black Friday Sale! You are getting 50% off on its annual plans. So, the Premium plan can be availed at merely $4.17/month! This deal only applies to new customers. So, if you struggle with written communication and need help presenting your ideas clearly, QuillBot is the best AI tool for you.

Discount: 50% off on annual plans for new users (Premium plan at $4.17/mo)
Valid Till: 27 Nov 2023
Promo Code: BFCM50


9) Vidboard-Black Friday Deal 2023

Vidboard is an AI-powered tool that converts text content to interactive videos with talking avatars. It supports 125+ languages and dozens of AI avatars. It offers a range of tools for making your videos more presentable and attractive. Small business owners and entrepreneurs would find it helpful for creating intro videos, short social posts, product descriptions, explainer videos, etc.

On this Black Friday Sale, you can find deep discounts on their lifetime plans. As of now, you can get their three lifetime plans at the following prices: Plan 1 – $52/lifetime (instead of ($420/year), Plan 2 – $147/lifetime (instead of $2388/year), and Plan 3 – $799/lifetime (instead of $5508/year).

Discount: Lifetime deals on heavy discounts – $52/lifetime, $147/lifetime, and $799/lifetime.
Valid Till: N.A.
Promo Code: Auto applied

rytr logo

10) Rytr-Black Friday Deal 2023

Rytr is a GPT3-powered AI writer that comes with 40+ use cases for creating blog ideas, business ideas, social captions, emails, profile bios, video descriptions, and much more. It is best used for generating short-form content. I like its decent library of use cases along with good-quality outputs.

If you want an AI writer to generate short-form content on a budget, Rytr is a fantastic choice! This Black Friday, Rytr is offering exciting discounts on its Annual Unlimited plan for life. You can get its Annual Unlimited plan right now for $29/month along with 2 months of free access to Rytr.

Discount: 30% off our annual Unlimited plan for life (for $29/mo) + 2 months free
Valid Till: 27th Nov 2023

Benefits of Using AI Tools

AI tools have made their way into all the major industries and revolutionized the way we operate. There are dozens of advantages to using AI tools. The major ones are listed below. 

1) Improve Accuracy

Whether it is data analysis or complex problem-solving, a human may be vulnerable to errors. However, using AI tools can help minimize the chances of errors and improve the overall accuracy of your work. 

2) Increase Productivity

Repetitive tasks may be time-consuming and uninspiring for human workers. Using AI tools can help them automate these tasks, saving up precious time that can be used in more productive work. 

3) Offer Personalized Experiences

With AI tools, you can provide personalized experiences to every user according to their individual needs and preferences. For example, you can offer personalized product recommendations as per the purchase history and past behavior of your customers. 

4) Better Decision Making

AI tools possess the ability to analyze large amounts of data and predict trends and patterns based on it. These are sometimes impossible for a human to spot. Thus, these tools help in making better and more strategic decisions for businesses and other domains. 

5) Cost Effective

Typically, employing human labor may cost a lot more. However, using automated AI tools may help in reducing labor costs and improving efficiency at the same time! 

6) Round-the-clock Availability 

Unlike humans who only work for a specific number of hours, AI tools can offer their services and support round the clock. This helps in saving a lot of precious time!


AI tools have seen a sudden and unexpected boom since the last year! Whether it’s enhancing your productivity, improving your efficiency, or saving time, AI tools can be of immense help to you. 

In this article, we covered a range of AI tools available on the Black Friday Sale. I hope these AI tools will prove to be a valuable addition to your workflow. They are being offered at some exciting discounts in this Black Friday Sale season. So, grab your favorite ones before they’re all sold out!

We have worked hard to gather the Best Black Friday Deals for 2023 running on various other digital tools. If you’re interested, you can check them out on our blog. We’ve included VPNs, cloud storage, hosting, AI tools, WordPress deals, AppSumo deals, and much more for you! I’ll keep updating the latest deals here, so make sure you subscribe to my blog. 

Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. Cheers, and happy shopping! 🙂


1) Which AI tool is best for rephrasing content?

If you want to reword your written content in a more refined and presentable language, QuillBot is the best tool. It also highlights the changed phrases and features Grammar Checker, CoWriter, Summarize, Citation Generator, and more. 

2) Which AI tool should I use for creating short-form content?

Writesonic could be a suitable option for generating short-form content like social posts, blog paragraphs, emails, etc. 

3) Which AI tool is best for creating long-form content?

CopyAI and Jasper are excellent AI writers if you wish to create long-form content like blog posts and articles. They offer refined and relevant outputs for your supplied prompts. 

4) Which AI tool is best for creating SEO-optimized AI content?

Scalenut is best for creating AI content that’s optimized for SERP. It offers a range of SEO tools like keyword research, topic clusters, SERP analysis, and existing article optimization. 

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