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If your work revolves around content, you might’ve heard of AI writers by now! Some of you might’ve even used them. AI writers not only simplify your content creation process but also minimize hundreds of hours spent on creating content.

But if you need to use them, they must be renewed frequently. What if you could purchase an AI content writer and keep using it for a lifetime? Don’t you love lifetime deals? Presenting Best AI Writer Lifetime Deals for 2023.

In this article, we are going to start by understanding what lifetime deals are, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Then, we will move on to discover the 9 Best AI Writers on Lifetime Deals as of now.

If you’re a blogger, copywriter, or content creator looking for some help with writing, don’t miss out on these exciting deals. So, with no more delay, let’s get started with our article!

About Lifetime Deals

A Lifetime Deal is a special offer for customers that allows them to use a service or product for as long as it remains active and functional. Lifetime deals are usually available on SaaS products and can be availed as subscriptions for a one-time fee.

The biggest advantage to purchasing a lifetime deal is that you get access to a product or service for the entirety of its lifetime by paying a one-time fee. From the business point, lifetime deals help businesses gain initial customers and get useful feedback on their products.

However, lifetime deals also have various disadvantages. The user needs to pay a larger amount upfront to get access to a product. Apart from that, lifetime deal subscribers may be subjected to slow-paced support and feature updates in the long run.

One of the most popular marketplaces to find Lifetime deals is AppSumo. On AppSumo, you’ll find SaaS products being offered at 50 to 95% discounted prices. 

They release 3 new AppSumo Lifetime Deals every week for their customers. The best part is that you get a 60-day money-back guarantee to test out the products! Now, let’s look at the Best AI Writers on Lifetime Deals. Let’s begin!

9 Best AI Writer Lifetime Deals (2023)

Tool NameWordsPricingDeal Link
Writecream200 credits$59Visit
Texta AIUnlimited$69Visit

1) WordHero Lifetime Deal @$89

WordHero is an AI-powered content writing platform that works on GPT3. It supports 65+ use cases and over 100+ languages for creating a range of content from blogs, sales copies, ad copies, social media posts, product descriptions, etc.

WordHero homepage

WordHero AI marks itself differently with its high-quality content and powerful long-form editor. It is a must-have tool for content creators, marketers, copywriters, and business owners.


  • Sufficient Word Limit

The AppSumo Lifetime Deal lets you generate up to 20k words per month, which is sufficient for beginners and professionals.

WordHero Languages
  • Lots of Use Cases and Languages

With the Lifetime deal, you get access to 65+ use cases and 100+ languages to create your content as you want. The use cases cover a wide range of categories, from blogging to social media, marketing, and business.

  • High-Quality Outputs

WordHero works on the latest language prediction model called GPT-3. Therefore, it generates highly refined, accurate, and engaging content.

  • Powerful Long Form Content

If you stack up 1 or more codes of AppSumo, you can get access to the Long Form Editor of WordHero. With this AI tool, you can generate full-fledged blog posts on any topic within minutes!

WordHero Long Form Editor
  • Interesting Roadmap

WordHero has a range of interesting features planned up for the future.

They’re currently working on developing an in-built plagiarism checker, additional tones and social media tools, dark mode, sub-accounts, etc.


  • Unrefined Tones

As of now, WordHero AI doesn’t offer pre-defined tones. You need to manually enter the tones of your choice. This results in inconsistent outputs.

  • Limited Social Media Tools

WordHero’s social media tools are limited to YouTube at the moment. They offer AI tools like Video Ideas, Video Titles, and Video Descriptions.

I hope they include other social media tools as well.

  • Limited Output Settings

You can’t specify the number or quality of outputs you wish to generate. This means you can’t control how your word limit is being used. I hope they introduce a way to limit the number of outputs soon.


Following are the pricing plans available on WordHero’s AppSumo deal. Let’s look at them below.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$17850k/monthLong Form Editor
$267UnlimitedLong Form Editor

The $89 plan gives you 20k words/month along with all the AI use cases and features. 

However, if you need to create articles and blog posts, you’ll have to stack an additional code to avail of the Long Form Editor. It’ll also extend your monthly word limit to 50k words/month.


WordHero AI is a powerful tool with excellent AI tools, high-quality outputs, and an efficient long-form editor. 

However, the long-form editor is not available on the Starter AppSumo plan. You need to stack an additional code to avail of this feature. 

Overall, it’s a great choice if you need an AI writer on a lifetime subscription.

2) Peppertype Lifetime Deal @$99

Peppertype is an AI Copywriting tool founded in the year 2020. It offers 38+ AI tools that will help you create content around blogging, marketing, SEO, copywriting, business, etc.

Peppertype homepage

Though the use cases are limited, it could be a good choice for beginner content creators and marketers.


  • Good Quality Outputs

Because Peppertype works on GPT3, the quality of outputs produced by it are of appreciable quality.

  • Sufficient Word Limit

The Lifetime Deal of Peppertype lets you generate 50k words/month for a one-time price of $99. This is a value-for-money deal for bloggers, copywriters, and small businesses!

Peppertype personal bios
  • Great for Short Content

Peppertype works really well for short-form content like social media captions, ad copies, personal bios, email subject lines, etc. This is a great tool if you need to generate shorter content.


  • Lacks Output Settings

With Peppertype, you can’t specify the number and quality of outputs you wish to generate. Along with that, it also doesn’t offer tones to mold your content per different situations.

  • Only Supports English

Peppertype only lets you create content in the English language. So if your websites are based on regional languages, this tool won’t help you much.

Peppertype Long Form Editor
  • Average Long Form Editor

At the moment, the Long Form Editor of Peppertype isn’t refined. It generates average-quality of content. I hope they work on improving it.


Peppertype offers three different Lifetime plans on AppSumo. The Starter plan for $99 gives you access to 50k words/month along with a long-form editor. 

On the higher plans, you get more words, more users, and additional features.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$9950k/monthLong Form Editor, 1 user
$249100k/monthLong Form Editor, SEO, Sharing, Command the AI, Write More, 5 users
$399250k/monthLong Form Editor, SEO, Sharing, Command the AI, Write More, 20 users


Overall, Peppertype is a good AI writing assistant. You get 35+ AI use cases to generate good-quality content. Though you don’t get any output settings and language support, Peppertype is still a good option for generating short-form content.

If you are a content creator who needs social media content, ads, or business, the Lifetime Deal of Peppertype would be a great choice.

3) Writecream Lifetime Deal @$59

Writecream is a GPT-3 powered AI writing platform founded in 2021. This tool offers 40+ AI tools along with the ability to generate content in 75+ languages.

Writecream homepage

You can quickly create content around blogs, emails, ads, social media, and more. Thus, if you want to generate quick content for multiple platforms, Writecream can save you a tonne of time!


  • Well-Planned Roadmap

They have a clean and organized roadmap of features that they wish to implement on their platform. Some advanced tools, including Boss Mode, Public API, Image Generator, etc are currently being worked on.

  • Good Pricing

The Lifetime Deal of Writecream is priced at $59 where you get access to 200 credits per month and 40+ AI tools. Along with that, you can also generate long-form content. This seems like a great value-for-money deal!

Writecream Instant Article Writer
  • Powerful Long-Form Content

If your work majorly revolves around creating blog posts and articles, Writecream would be a valuable addition to your space. It generates high-quality long-form content with minimal inputs.

  • Impressive Additional Tools

Writecream comes with a range of unique tools including Chat Genie, Image Generator, Voiceover Creator, a handy Chrome extension, etc. All these tools work really well.


  • No Output Settings

Writecream lacks important output settings, like the ability to specify the quantity and quality of outputs required.

Apart from that, it also lacks tones in all AI use cases except for the long-form generator.

  • No Writing Tools

You won’t find major writing tools like Content Shortener, Content Expander, etc. These are essential tools for creating long-form content.

  • Average Quality

The outputs produced for AI use cases in general are quite average in quality. The long-form content is, however, pretty good in quality.


The $59 plan gives you access to all tools, along with a long-form editor and 200 credits. If you stack an additional code, you can get an extra 200 credits.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$59200 creditsLong Form Editor
$118400 creditsLong Form Editor


Overall, Writecream is a good tool for generating marketing content like ads and product descriptions. It also works well for drafting blog posts and articles.

However, if you need to generate short content for blogging and social media, you’ll get average quality with Writecream. Their lifetime deal at $59 is a steal deal if you want long-form content.

4) ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal @$297

ClosersCopy is a popular AI writing software that works on proprietary software built by the company in 2020. It offers 60+ use cases to generate a variety of content.

ClosersCopy Homepage

Along with that, you get 100+ languages and three types of AI models to create focused content on every niche. Bloggers, content creators, social media managers, and marketers will find this tool quite interesting.


  • Unlimited Content Generation

The lifetime deal of ClosersCopy lets you generate unlimited content every month. This essentially means unlimited AI use cases and unlimited blog posts!

  • Good Social Media and Long-form Tools

The social media tools of ClosersCopy generate pretty unique and catchy results.

Similarly, you get 3 different tools for generating blog posts. You can generate directed or freestyle as per your preference.

  • Supports SEO Auditing

With all the lifetime plans of ClosersCopy, you get access to SEO auditing functionality. This will help you create SEO-optimized content right from the ClosersCopy editor.

ClosersCopy Types of AI
  • Various Types of AI Algorithms

ClosersCopy offers focused algorithms for different content generation. These include Blog AI, Sales AI, and Story AI. You can use them with your preferred use case to generate more relevant outputs.


  • Expensive Pricing

The Lifetime deal of ClosersCopy is priced at $297. Even though you get unlimited content generation with it, the pricing is on the expensive side.

  • Average Outputs

The outputs produced by ClosersCopy are quite average in quality. GPT3 is a much better technology for generating high-quality outputs.

ClosersCopy Bugs and Glitches
  • Bugs and Glitches

The user interface of ClosersCopy is quite slow and sluggish. You will also observe lots of bugs and glitches in its AI content generation. I hope they improve it soon.


ClosersCopy offers three different lifetime plans for its users. All plans give you access to unlimited content and a long-form editor.

The only difference is the number of users you can add to your account. The pricing keeps on increasing with the number of users.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$297Unlimited Long Form Editor, AI Drawing, SEO Audits, 1 User
$497UnlimitedLong Form Editor, AI Drawing, SEO Audits, 3 Users
$697UnlimitedLong Form Editor, AI Drawing, SEO Audits, 5 Users


ClosersCopy is a decent AI writing tool that offers unlimited content generation along with 65+ use cases, 100+ languages, and SEO Audits. You get good tools for social media and blogging. You can also perform SEO Audits with it.

However, the AI algorithm of ClosersCopy comprises many bugs and glitches. Their Lifetime deal looks quite pricey as well. But if your priority is unlimited content generation and unlimited SEO audits, then you can try this tool!

5) Katteb Lifetime Deal @$39

Katteb is a powerful AI copywriting platform that works on the combination of state-of-the-art technologies like GPT3 and J1 Jumbo. It has over 80k+ users around the globe.

Katteb homepage

Katteb offers 20+ AI templates along with lots of additional tools and 60+ languages to generate a wide range of content.


  • Integration with WordPress

Katteb integrates with WordPress CMS, meaning you can directly schedule and publish your generate your content on your WordPress website.

  • Inbuilt Plagiarism Checker

It offers an in-built plagiarism checking tool for all 60+ supported languages. Thus, you don’t have to waste your time on different plagiarism detector tools.

  • Lots of Additional Tools

Katteb features a variety of interesting tools, like the Long Form Article Writer, Proofreading Engine for English content, Related Image Suggestions, Instant Article Rewriter, etc.

  • Great Blogging Tools

The blogging tools offered by Katteb are excellent, especially for creating blog titles, outlines, intros, and generating summaries.


  • Low Word Limit

You only get to generate 15k words/month on the Lifetime deal of Katteb. This is quite low as compared to other AI tools on lifetime deals.

  • Grammatical Errors and Plagiarism

You may notice that the rewritten content has grammatical errors at times. Many users have also noticed plagiarised content on Katteb.


The Lifetime access to Katteb is available for $39, where you can generate 15k words/month. It also lets you generate long-form content with the Article Writer tool. Stacking each additional code adds 15k monthly words to your account.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$3915kArticle Writer
$7830k Article Writer


Overall, Katteb looks like a pretty good AI tool for bloggers, content creators, and copywriters. It also features a range of additional tools, which make it a suitable alternative to CopyAI, Jasper, and WriterZen.

Though it comes with a limited word count, its super cheap lifetime deal is total value for money at $39!

6) Nichesss Lifetime Deal @$59

Nichesss homepage

Nichesss is an AI content writing tool that works on the latest GPT3 technology. It offers 160+ AI use cases to help you generate a variety of content, including marketing email copies, niches, business content ideas, social media copies, etc.


  • Unlimited Content Generation

With Nichesss, you don’t have any restrictions on AI content. You can use their 160+ AI tools to generate an unlimited number of words every month!

Nichesss AI Image Generator
  • Can Generate AI images

Their AI Image Generator is powered by DALLE-2. The lifetime plan lets you generate up to 15 AI images every month. This is good for graphic designers, artists, and social media managers.

  • Powerful Reddit Search

With this tool, you can conduct a powerful Reddit Search and get innovative business ideas and related content around it.

  • Good for Marketing

Nichesss is basically designed for marketing-related content. So, you can find a range of tools that generate niche ideas, business ideas, marketing copies, social media copies, business quizzes, etc.


  • Average Output Quality

The results generated by Nichesss lack creativity and flair. They seem pretty dull and don’t incite any emotion or spark within the reader.

Nichesss UI
  • Outdated UI

The user interface of Nichesss is pretty old and outdated in design. They need to work on improving it in terms of modern design and colors.

  • Inaccurate Multi-language Translation

As per the users of this tool, Nichesss doesn’t produce accurate results for language translations, for instance, Chinese.

  • Plagiarism Observed

At times, you may notice the generated content to be plagiarised. Thus, it’s best to make sufficient edits to the outputs before publishing them online.


Nichesss can be purchased at a one-time price of $59 for a lifetime. With this plan, you get access to unlimited tokens per month, along with all the interesting AI use cases.


Overall, Nichesss is a decent AI writer with an average interface and output quality. It is primarily focused on marketing and business-related content.

Thus, it could be a suitable option for digital agencies, social media managers, or small businesses.

7) Wordplay Lifetime Deal @$99 

Wordplay is an AI writing software that can help you generate content in over 20+ languages. 

Wordplay homepage

It is basically designed to generate long-form content that can boost your SEO rankings. If you need quick blog posts and articles, this is the tool for you!


  • Excellent Long Form Editor

The Long-form Editor of Wordplay generates superb content. It can generate over 2k+ words with a single click!

  • Powerful WordPress Plugin

Wordplay offers a WordPress plugin that can directly input your generated content into your WordPress website. You can also schedule and publish your blog content with it.

  • Swift and Easy to Use

This AI writer is super easy to use and is beginner friendly. Along with that, it also offers swift speeds, so content generation feels like a breeze!

  • Good Roadmap

Wordplay’s Roadmap looks quite promising. They’ve successfully added multi-language support and FAQ on articles. Whereas, their advanced WordPress plugin is still under development.


  • Low Word Limit and Expensive Pricing

Their Lifetime deal is priced at $99, which lets you generate merely 7.5k words/month. This is even lesser than some free AI content generators like Writecream!

  • Average Quality Content

The outputs generated by Wordplay seem to be quite repetitive and average in quality. I think they can work on improving their AI tools.


The lifetime deal of Wordplay is priced at $99, where you get 7.5k words/month along with a long-form writer and a WordPress plugin.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$997.5k/moLong form AI writer, WordPress Plugin
$19815k/moLong form AI writer, WordPress Plugin
$29722.5k/moLong form AI writer, WordPress Plugin


Overall, Wordplay looks like an efficient long-form AI writer for small businesses, bloggers, and marketing professionals. It can be a suitable alternative to tools like Copy.ai or Frase.

However, it feels a little overpriced for the low word limit of just 7.5k words/month!

8) Mark Copy AI Lifetime Deal @$49

MarkCopy is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you create SEO-friendly content, including blog posts, product descriptions, and LinkedIn posts.

Mark Copy homepage

You can create content briefs, integrate SEO keywords in your content, schedule posts, and check for plagiarism.


  • Sufficient Credits

The lifetime deal of MarkCopy lets you generate up to 20k AI words per month. This is more than sufficient for a beginner or a mid-level user to generate all kinds of AI content.

  • 20 Writing Templates

It offers 20 different content templates that are optimized for Google. This can help you easily generate the content of your choice.

  • SEO Optimization

You can generate SEO-friendly blog posts and product description content to boost your search rankings.

  • Supports 6 Languages

MarkCopy supports translation into 6 languages, including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portugal.

  • Checks Plagiarism

MarkCopy also offers an integration with Copyscape, so you can quickly check if the generated content is free of plagiarism.


  • Grammatical Errors

You may notice a few grammatical errors and typos in the content generated by MarkCopy. I hope they improve on this soon.


The Lifetime deal of MarkCopy is priced at $49. It gives you access to 20k monthly words and 500 keywords lookups every month. If you upgrade to their higher tier plans, you get an extended word limit, users, and access to additional features.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$4920k/month1 user, 500 keyword lookups/mo
$9950k/month3 users, 1000 keyword lookups, 200 plagiarism checks, 50 SEO analysis/mo
$149100k/month5 users, 1500 keyword lookups, 500 plagiarism checks, 100 SEO analysis/mo


Overall, MarkCopy looks like an interesting tool for bloggers and content creators. It offers a range of AI features at an affordable pricing of $49. If you’re looking for an alternative to Jasper, Copy AI, or Writesonic on a lifetime deal, you can check out MarkCopy.

9) Shopia Lifetime Deal @$49

Shopia is a powerful AI content generator and SEO assistant that offers 80+ writing templates and supports 30+ languages. 

Shopia Homepage

It also comes with a long-form editor that lets you generate 2.5k+ words with a single click!


  • Good Long Form Editor

The Long Form Editor of Shopia is elaborate and accurate. It can easily generate bulk articles of 2.5k words with one click.

  • Powerful SEO Assistant

Shopia’s SEO Assistant lets you plan and create SEO-optimized content for your blogs and websites. Thus, you can stay on top of your SEO game with this AI tool!

  • Good Integrations

Shopia integrates with popular platforms like WordPress, Google Docs, and Zapier to simplify your workflow.

You can directly send out the content generated by Shopia over to these integrated services and save time.

  • Accurate Outputs

It generates high-quality outputs with greater accuracy than other AI writers. You won’t find any repetition or logical incorrectness in the produced content.


Shopia offers its Lifetime deal for $49. With this plan, you get 25k words/month along with additional tools like Long form Writer, AI Images, Topic Clusters, and SEO Reports.

As you keep on stacking more codes, the word count and limits for extra tools keep increasing. However, every plan lets you add only 5 users to your team. Following are the pricing plans of Shopia.

PricingWordsAdditional Features
$4925k/moLong-Form Writer20 AI Images/mo 10 topic clusters/mo20 SEO reports/mo
$9850k/moLong-Form Writer40 AI Images/mo 20 topic clusters/mo40 SEO reports/mo
$147100k/moLong-Form Writer80 AI Images/mo 40 topic clusters/mo80 SEO reports/mo
$196150k/moLong-Form Writer160 AI Images/mo 80 topic clusters/mo160 SEO reports/mo
$245200k/moLong-Form Writer320 AI Images/mo 160 topic clusters/mo320 SEO reports/mo


Shopia looks like a very efficient SEO content writer. It comes with a sufficient word limit along with a variety of AI tools, SEO reports, Long-form generators, and even AI images. Overall, it would be a great addition to the workflow of a blogger or a content creator.


AI writers are booming and they’re definitely going to become more mainstream with time. We hope these AI writing tools will help you create high-quality content and skyrocket your blogs, businesses, and ad campaigns.

Which is your favorite AI writer from the ones listed above? Have you bought any tools on Lifetime deals before? Let me know in the comments section below. And don’t hesitate to leave your doubts and queries. I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.

Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more useful and informative articles soon. Till then, take care and keep learning. Cheers! 🙂

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