12 Best Web Hosting In India (2024) – 365 Days Of Testing Results

Do you want to build a successful online business? Then the first step towards your dream is to get a reliable web hosting service. There are dozens of hosting solutions available in the market. This makes it difficult to choose the right one for your needs. But don’t you worry!

Today, I’m going to reveal the Best Hosting Providers for 2024 and discuss which is the best web hosting in India for 2024.

I’ve been working in the digital industry for a decade. In all these years, I’ve used and tested all the popular hosting providers, including Hostinger, Cloudways, FastComet, ChemiCloud, and many more.

After extensively researching and testing dozens of web hosting services for the past year, I’m finally here with the results. In this Best Web Hosting article, we will discuss the Pros and Cons of a variety of hosting services and find out the best possible use cases for each of them!

Are you excited to discover the best web hosting service for you? Let’s get straight into it!

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Hostinger gave me great value for money with good speed, security, uptime, easy UI and performance.



Cloudways is a top notch managed hosting which gave me quality with constant updates at a good price point.



Chemicloud shared hosting servers performed one of the best this year. Their customer support was also excellent.

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13 Best Web Hosting Provider In India (2024)

I have extensively tested over 30 web hosting providers in the past 3 years and have narrowed down my top 13 based on performance and my personal experience with long-term usage. I currently have active plans with most of these recommended hosts.

HostingSpeeds in IndiaUptimeReviewPricingVisit
1) Hostinger1.4 sec99.95%Hostinger Review₹7,620/- (for 2 Years)Get Hostinger
2) Cloudways792 ms99.99%Cloudways Review$11/monthGet Cloudways
3) ChemiCloud1.12 sec99.98%ChemiCloud Review$142 (for 3 years)Get ChemiCloud
4) HostArmada942 ms99.98%HostArmada Review$55 (for 1 year)Get HostArmada
5) FastComet861 ms99.99%FastComet Review$32 (for 1 year)Get FastComet
6) A2 Hosting1.74 sec99.95%A2 Hosting Review$83 (for 1 year)Get A2 Hosting
7) 10Web1.05 sec100%10Web Review$162 (for 1 year)Get 10Web
8) MilesWeb1.61 sec99.97%MilesWeb Review₹5046 (for 1 year)Get MilesWeb
9) SiteCountry1.94 sec99.94%SiteCountry Review₹5,100 (for 1 year)Get SiteCountry
10) YouStable4.31 sec99.89%YouStable Review₹2814 (for 1 year)Get YouStable
11) Namecheap6.16 sec99.96%Namecheap Review₹3,800 (for 1 year)Get Namecheap
12) EasyWP3.54 sec99.99%EasyWP Review₹4895 (for 1 year)Get EasyWP

1) Hostinger – Best Overall Web Hosting

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.5/5

Hostinger offers excellent speeds and uptime, a friendly hPanel, advanced backups, and security, along with Indian payment options. Their recent release of object cache, AI website builder, and WordPress AI tools makes it one of the best value-for-money web hosts out there. I love the way they are growing each year.

Pros of Hostinger

Fast Speeds

Because of Litespeed servers, you’ll experience fast speeds in all locations. With Singapore servers, I experienced speeds of 1.4 sec in India and 4.1 sec in the US.

Object Cache

Hostinger has also introduced an object cache on its plans, which ensures faster speeds and performance.

Friendly UI

Hostinger offers a modern and attractive hPanel to its users. It is a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use interface for managing your websites.

Excellent Load Management

Hostinger offers a stable response time with zero request failures on all servers, including the US, India, and Singapore. Thus, you can use it for medium to high-traffic websites.

Good Uptime

Hostinger offers reliable uptime on all servers. In the last 365 days, I noticed an uptime of 99.94% on Singapore servers, 99.95% on US servers, and 99.92% on Indian servers.

Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger has now integrated the popular Zyro website builder with its shared hosting plan. So, you can build websites with WordPress & website builder on the same plan. It’s one of the best AI website builders in the market.

UPI Payments

Hostinger supports Indian payment options like UPI Payments, which is useful for Indian customers.

GST Invoices

If you have a GST number for your business, you can also get GST invoices when you purchase your hosting package.

Staging Support

Hostinger also supports staging websites. So you can easily create a copy of your website and test changes over it before making them live.

Good Backup Management

With Hostinger, you can create manual backups and also selectively restore specific files, which is highly convenient.

Advanced Security Features

You get all-around security for your hosting with features like SSL, 2FA, Patchstack Security, Cloudflare DNS, Malware Scanner, and BitNinja Security. They also detect plugin vulnerabilities.

Cons Of Hostinger

Bad CDN Performance

Hostinger introduced their CDN last year. However, I have not seen it performing well. You can use BunnyCDN if you want a functional CDN service.

Average Indian Servers

The performance of Hostinger’s Indian servers has not been satisfactory in the last year. I hope they make improvements to it.

Support can be Improved

Though their live chat support has shown a lot of improvement in the past few years, I think they can still improve in terms of speed. The support quality and knowledge base are really good, though.


Hostinger features 3 interesting shared hosting plans. However, make sure to not go with the Single Web Hosting plan. It only supports 1 website and offers limited disk space and RAM. My personal recommendation would be Hostinger’s Business Web Hosting plan for 2 years or 4 years.

The benefit of opting for the Business plan is that it features an object cache, which would ensure swift speeds. It will also feature advanced backups, staging functionality, and WordPress AI tools, and will be able to handle load fairly well!

This plan would cost you around ₹8460 in total for 2 years. If you use my coupon code, you can get an extra 10% off on your purchase. So, the final price would be around ₹7620 for 2 years.

Additionally, if you buy through my link, you can also get my Lightning Blogs Blogging Course and a special Hostinger Training Program free with your purchased plan!

Discount: Extra 10% off Hosting
Promo Code: KRIPESH


Hostinger is an excellent web hosting on a budget. Its excellent speeds, uptime, intuitive hPanel, advanced backups, and security, along with Indian payment options, make it a pretty favorable host. I have placed it in the top position because of the massive changes it has made in the last year.

They have introduced agency tools, object cache, AI website builder, CDN, and also worked on improving their security and ease of use. All of this makes Hostinger one of the best value-for-money web hosts out there in 2024. They can surely work on improving their support speeds, CDN, and Indian data centers, but I love the pace at which they are improving every year.

If you’re a beginner who’s not well-versed with the technical aspects of hosting, or if you need an AI website builder or eCommerce store, Hostinger would be the best option to get all the advanced features at affordable rates!

Hostinger hosting infographic
Hostinger Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

2) Cloudways – Best Managed Web Hosting 2024

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.3/5

With exceptional speeds and uptime, superior load management, advanced backups, and frequent updates, Cloudways proves to be one of the best-managed hosts for 2024. If you need top-notch services at a good price point, go with Cloudways!

Pros of Cloudways

Exceptional Speeds

With Cloudways, you get to experience extremely swift website speeds. With my Singapore servers, I observed speeds of 1.2 sec in India and 3.4 sec in the US regions.

Efficient Load Management

Cloudways is one of the best for load management. Even with thousands of requests, it maintains a stable response time of 8.77 ms with zero HTTP failures.

Terrific Uptime

In the last year, the uptime of Cloudways has been a solid 99.99%. Even the cheapest server of Digital Ocean provides 99.99% uptime, which is really impressive.

Global Data Centers

Because it partners with unmanaged hosting companies like AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud, you get access to over 37 data centers spread across the globe.

Good Customer Support Quality

Their live chat support is quick and responsive. Along with that, their support team is technically well-versed and offers precise solutions for my queries. The knowledge base is well designed too.

Constant Renewal Price

Cloudways charges you a fixed amount for renewing a hosting plan or purchasing a new one. It does not hike up the fee on renewals.

Cloudways Autonomous

Recently, Cloudways has launched the new Cloudways Autonomous feature which automatically upscales or downscales your servers as per your incoming traffic. It starts from an expensive $35/mo.

Excellent Backup Management

It lets you create customizable backups on demand or set your backup preferences for creating automated backups. 

Advanced Security 

Cloudways offers lots of security features to safeguard your website from malicious software, unauthorized users, malware, and more.

Easy Scaling

It is an extremely flexible service, so you can increase or decrease your server’s capacity as per spikes in your website traffic.

Cons Of Cloudways

No Email Hosting

Sadly, you don’t get free email hosting on Cloudways. This feature can be enabled with their paid add-on called RackSpace. 

No Linode and Vultr Servers

After the acquisition of Cloudways by Digital Ocean, they discontinued the servers of Linode and Digital Ocean.

Support Quality Degraded

After the Digital Ocean acquisition, the quality of live chat and email support has gone down a little bit. I hope they work on improving it in the future.

No Free Domain

You don’t get a free domain along with your hosting purchase on Cloudways.

Slight Learning Curve

Beginners might experience a slight learning curve with the diverse options available in the Cloudways console. My Cloudways Training Program might help!


Cloudways lets you select between 3 servers for your hosting from Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud. If you want to start with Cloudways, the Digital Ocean $11/month plan can be a good option. If you have an established eCommerce website with a significant amount of traffic, you can opt for the Digital Ocean $24/month plan. This plan also offers object cache.

My coupon code will also give you an extra 20% off for the first 3 months of your hosting.

Discount: 20% discount on all plans for 3 months
Promo Code: KRIPESH


Cloudways is one of the best managed hosting services for 2024. Recently acquired by Digital Ocean, it offers lightning-fast speeds and superior load management, along with unmatched uptime and good backups, an intuitive interface, and helpful support.

They are also constantly improving and upgrading their services. So, you’ll get to see a major feature update every 3 months on Cloudways. If you’re new to Cloudways, my Cloudways Training Program can help you get equipped with all the basic and advanced features of the Cloudways console.

Cloudways was my number 1 pick but due to the recent price increase and removal of Linode & Vultr, I had to move it down to number 2. Regardless, the value they are providing for the price point is way better than other managed hosts like Kinsta or WP Engine. So, for managed hosting you can go with Cloudways.

Cloudways hosting infographic
Cloudways Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

3) ChemiCloud – Best Shared Hosting

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.3/5

ChemiCloud features Litespeed servers that ensure fast speeds, uptime, and reliable load management. You’ll also find terrific support, and good backup management, with 200 free cPanel migrations. Though it’s slightly expensive, it could be great if your preference is Indian data centers and eCommerce stores!

Pros of ChemiCloud

Remarkable Uptime

ChemiCloud’s uptime has seen major improvements since last year. In the last year, the uptime has been 99.98% and in the last 30 days, it has been an exceptional 99.99%!

Exceptional Load Handing

With no request failures and a shockingly low response time of 24 ms without tuning the cache plugin, ChemiCloud efficiently handled the load.

Excellent Speeds

Because ChemiCloud makes use of the powerful LiteSpeed servers, you get to experience lightning-fast load speeds, especially in India. I observed speeds of 1 sec in India and 2.8 sec in the US.

Terrific Customer Service

Their live chat support and knowledge base are the best I have experienced. Along with fast replies, their support team is very experienced and offers intelligent responses to queries. They also execute your tasks if you request them.

Indian Data Centers

ChemiCloud has its data centers set up globally in 18 locations, including one in Mumbai, which is beneficial for Indian audiences. I liked the performance of the Indian server.

Free Domain

With ChemiCloud hosting, you get a domain free for 1 year. Previously, they used to offer a free domain for a lifetime, though.

45-Day Refund Policy

You get a generous 45-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you want to test ChemiCloud hosting and analyze if it suits your needs.

Lots of Free Migrations

You get to migrate 200 cPanel websites or 10 non-cPanel websites with ChemiCloud for free. No other web host is providing as many free migrations right now.

Cons Of ChemiCloud

Max Discount on 3-Year

The best discounts can only be availed by purchasing the ChemiCloud hosting for a duration of 3 years.

Limited Payment Methods

ChemiCloud only supports international credit and debit cards along with PayPal. I hope they integrate more convenient payment methods like UPI.


ChemiCloud offers three Shared Hosting plans – Starter, Pro, and Turbo. In my experience, the Pro Shared Hosting plan for 3 years is the most value-for-money option. It is priced at $3.95/month and its 3-year pricing will be around $142.


ChemiCloud is one of the most underrated web hosts that I’ve come across in the last few years. It offers Litespeed servers that ensure swift speeds, reliable uptime, and load management. You’ll also find advanced backups, exceptional support, good performance on the Indian servers, and easy WordPress management with new WordPress tools.

ChemiCloud could be a great option for eCommerce websites. Though it’s slightly on the expensive side, the value that it would provide you makes it completely worth the investment.

Chemicloud hosting infographic
ChemiCloud Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

4) HostArmada – Best New Host

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.1/5

HostArmada is a growing hosting company that offers Indian data centers and swift speeds, along with good uptime and load-handling capacities. Although it’s slightly expensive, it becomes a value-for-money web host by using my coupon code for additional discounts.

Pros of HostArmada

Fast Speeds

You can experience fast page load speeds, even in Indian locations. I observed speeds of 942 ms in India and 3.35 sec in the US. This is because they have multiple data centers spread around the globe along with Litespeed servers.

Reliable Uptime

Their Indian data centers have undergone major improvements. I observed a remarkable uptime of 99.98% in the last 365 days and 100% in the last month!

Efficient Load Management

HostArmada handles load well, causing no request failures or spikes in the response time. The average response time was extremely low at 4.61 ms. I’ve never seen such a quick response time in any other web host!

Good Support

You get 24×7 live chat support with HostArmada. Their support team is quite knowledgeable and offers fast and straightforward replies.

cPanel Support

HostArmada provides the traditional cPanel for effortless management of your hosting. It supports lots of additional software, tools, and settings to control your website.

Cons Of HostArmada

Increased Pricing

The pricing of HostArmada has increased significantly since the last year. The best discounts can be seen on 3-year plans.

Litespeed Servers only on Higher Plans

You only get Litespeed servers on the higher-tier plans of HostArmada. On the Starter and middle tier plans, they offer Nginx servers.


HostArmada offers 3 shared hosting plans. I’d recommend you to go with their Web Warp plan for 1 year. You can get a 75% discount on this plan by using the coupon code KRIPESH75. This would bring down the pricing of the Web Warp plan from $167 to merely $55 for 1 year.

Discount: 75% Off on Hosting
Promo Code: KRIPESH75


HostArmada is a web host that has shown consistent growth and improvement in the last few years. Now, it’s one of the established players in the hosting market. It offers Indian data centers and swift speeds, along with good uptime and load-handling capacities.

Overall, HostArmada could be a great value-for-money hosting option. The only drawback is you don’t get Litespeed servers on the Starter and mid-tier plans. But even their Nginx servers are fine-tuned and offer excellent performance. Anyone who prioritizes website performance will find HostArmada to be a valuable hosting.

HostArmada hosting infographic
HostArmada Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

5) FastComet – Best 1-Year Plan

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.2/5

FastComet comes with swift speeds and support, along with remarkable uptime and load management. But what makes it different from other web hosts is its constant discount percentage. So, if you need hosting for 1 year with a reliable performance, FastComet is the best choice!

Pros of FastComet

Fast Speeds

FastComet implements SSD-only storage along with Cloudflare CDN and has data centers around the globe. These factors result in super fast speeds! I received speeds of 861 ms in India and 4 sec in the US.

Top-Notch Uptime

The uptime offered by FastComet is unmatched. My website has been live for 99.99% of the time in the last 365 days.

Efficient Load Handling

FastComet performed really well in the load test with a stable response time of merely 11 ms. Even with a large number of requests, there were no major spikes in the response time.

Constant Discount Percentage

It offers the same discount percent irrespective of the purchase duration. Whether you buy a plan for 1 year or 3 years, you get the same discount! Their 1-year plan is quite affordable!

Excellent Customer Service

The 24×7 live chat support of FastComet is fast as well as quite knowledgeable. Their support representatives are polite, technical, and offer to-the-point responses. Overall, beginners will find it friendly and convenient.

cPanel Support

FastComet supports the standard cPanel with its hosting plans. It features lots of intuitive tools and applications to manage your hosting.

Indian Data Centers

It also has data centers in India, which guarantee better speeds and performance for Indian users.

Cons Of FastComet

No Free Domain

Unlike other web hosts, FastComet does not offer a free 1-year domain if you purchase its hosting plans.

Limited Backups

The backups offered by FastComet are only stored for 7 days. This is quite low compared to other web hosts.

Limited Disk Space

For Shared Hosting plans, you get a limited 15-25 GB storage space, which might not be enough for hosting eCommerce websites.


FastComet offers 3 shared hosting plans. In my recommendation, you should go with their FastCloud Plus plan which comes for $2.99/month. It offers the same discount percentage irrespective of the duration of purchase.

Thus, the FastCloud Plus plan for 1 year or for 3 years would be a great option. It could cost you around $32 for 1 year.


FastComet is one of the most consistent web hosting solutions in the market. Along with swift speeds and excellent uptime, it also offers remarkable support and good load management. The introduction of Litespeed servers makes it a more powerful option.

But what makes it different from other web hosts is the constant discount percentage, irrespective of the duration of purchase. Overall, if you specifically need a hosting solution for 1 year with reliable performance, FastComet is the best value-for-money option.

FastComet hosting infographic
FastComet Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

6) A2 Hosting – Established Player

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.1/5

A2 Hosting looks like a really efficient web host with swift speeds, good uptime, and load management. However, it’s slightly on the expensive side. So, purchasing it at 70% or more discount would be the perfect option!

Pros of A2 Hosting

Fast Speeds

Because A2 Hosting uses the Litespeed servers, you will get to experience exceptionally fast page load speeds. I noticed speeds of 1.74 sec in India, and 4.42 sec in the US.

Outstanding Uptime

A2 Hosting promises excellent uptime. The uptime of my website hosted on A2 Hosting has been 99.95% in the last 365 days and the last month.

Efficient Load Handling

It has powerful servers that handle the load well. Even with numerous requests, the response time was super low at 6.88 ms, with zero request failures and minimal spikes.

Knowledgeable Support

Their technical support was quite knowledgeable and solved my queries effectively. However, the waiting time was around 20 mins.

Developer Friendly

If you’re a developer who needs to work with NodeJS, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc, on a shared hosting plan, A2 Hosting will be a good choice for you.

Cons Of A2 Hosting

Slightly Expensive

The hosting plans of A2 Hosting are slightly on the expensive side. Thus, it may not appeal to beginners.

No Free Domain

Unfortunately, you don’t get a free domain on any of the A2 hosting plans.

1 Single Migration

You can only migrate a single website for free on their shared hosting plans. This is quite limited compared to other web hosts.

Turbo Servers on Limited Plans

The Turbo servers of A2 Hosting (that are LiteSpeed servers) are not available by default on all the shared plans. They are only available on limited shared plans.


A2 Hosting features 4 Shared Hosting plans. However, their Turbo Boost plan for $6.99/month is my recommended plan. It uses the Litespeed Cache plugin that guarantees fast speeds and performance. In my opinion, the Turbo Boost plan for 12 months or 36 months would be a fantastic purchase. It would cost you around $83 for 1 year.


A2 Hosting is one of the oldest and most established players in the web hosting industry. It offers swift speeds, good uptime, and load management. If you need an established web host, you can definitely check out A2 Hosting.

However, it’s slightly on the expensive side. So, if you wish to purchase this hosting, I would suggest you wait till their sale season when they offer around 70% off on their plans. Then, this hosting would be a value-for-money deal for you.

A2 Hosting infographic
A2 Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

7) 10Web

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.1/5

10Web is an efficient and feature-rich managed hosting powered by Google Cloud. With 10Web, you can experience blazing speeds, excellent performance, advanced backups, and a powerful AI website builder. However, it’s a little expensive. If you need an all-in-one solution for hosting, designing, and managing your websites, you can consider 10Web hosting.

Pros of 10Web

AI Website Builder

10Web features a powerful website builder that’s compatible with WordPress. It can generate professional Elementor-based websites with simple prompts. The generated website can be edited with ease.

Unmatched Uptime

In the last 6 months of my testing, 10Web has demonstrated a solid 100% uptime. There have been no incidents of downtime so far.

Good Load Management

10Web can handle large amounts of load with very little spikes in the response time. It has an average response time was under 30 ms, which is impressive.

Good Indian Speeds

I noted fast speeds with 10Web, especially in the Indian region. Upon testing, my 10Web website loaded in under 1 sec in India. Whereas, in the US, it took 2.3 sec, which is quite good.

Cons Of 10Web

Slight Learning Curve

10Web is not the easiest hosting. Its interface looks cluttered with lots of features. To use its AI website builder, you’ll need to learn how to operate WordPress as well.

Expensive Pricing

The pricing plans of 10Web are slightly expensive, starting from $10/month. It may not be the best choice for beginners.

Can Only Host a Single Site

You can only host a single website on the initial plans of 10Web. If you want to manage multiple websites, you’ll need to opt for the AI Ultimate plan that’s priced at $23/month.

Average Support

10Web’s live chat support was decent for general queries. However, the speed and quality of technical assistance can be improved.


10Web features 3 pricing plans in its Business package. I would recommend you opt for the AI Premium plan for $15/month. With this plan, you’ll get 50k monthly traffic, which is much better compared to just 10k monthly traffic on the AI Starter plan. 

If you want additional discounts, you can use the coupon code KRIPESH and get 10% off on your purchase. So, you can get the AI Premium plan (priced at $180/year) for $162 for 1 year. 

Discount: 10% off on all plans
Promo Code: KRIPESH


10Web is famous for its AI tools and website-building functionalities. But its web hosting services are also quite powerful. It’s an efficient and feature-rich web hosting powered by the Google Cloud platform. You can enjoy swift speeds, excellent performance, advanced backups, and a powerful AI website builder on 10Web.

However, it’s not for everyone because of its expensive pricing. Overall, if you need high-quality performance and the best speeds, you can go with 10Web. Or if you need an AI website builder that’s compatible with WordPress, 10Web is a great option!

10Web hosting infographic
10Web Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani
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8) MilesWeb

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.9/5

MilesWeb offers a remarkable performance with fast speeds, good uptime, and stable load handling. It also offers Indian data centers, UPI Payments, and Hindi call support for Indian audiences. Overall, if you need a feature-rich host at decent pricing, you can check out MilesWeb. 

Pros of MilesWeb

Swift Speeds in India

MilesWeb offers fast website speeds in the Indian regions. Upon testing, the speeds were 1.61 sec in India and 3.94 sec in the USA.

Remarkable Uptime

In the last 6 months of my testing, I’ve observed a solid uptime of 99.97%, which is really appreciable. This is a good choice for medium to high-traffic sites.

Good Load Management

MilesWeb handled a large number of requests with a stable response time and no request failures. The average response time was extremely low at 12 ms. Overall, MilesWeb handles load really well.

UPI Payments

It supports payment methods like  Credit and debit cards, PayPal, and UPI Payments. The inclusion of UPI Payments is convenient for Indian audiences. 

Hindi Call Support

You can also connect with their support team via call for a more comfortable query resolution. They offer Hindi call support, which will be helpful for Indian users.

Cons Of MilesWeb

No Automated Backup System

With MilesWeb, you get weekly backups with just 1 day retention period. You cannot access or restore your backups by yourself. They also don’t have a proper automated backup system in place.

Can’t Activate CDN from Dashboard

You get the Quick.cloud CDN on MilesWeb. But to activate it, you need to raise an email ticket. CDN cannot be activated by the users.

Limited Data Centers

If you are using the shared hosting plans of MilesWeb, you can only opt for the Indian data centers. To use their US or EU-based servers, you need to upgrade to the Cloud or VPS plans.

No Technical Support

MilesWeb offers 24×7 live chat support that is fairly quick. However, it didn’t perform exceptionally well for technical queries.

Average User Interface

The interface of MilesWeb is infested with pop-ups upselling their hosting services. It spoils the overall experience of the user.


MilesWeb offers 4 shared hosting plans, namely Ignite plan, Elite plan, Stellar plan, and Alpha Cloud plan. I would personally recommend you to go with their Stellar plan for 1 year. It is priced at ₹198/month

If you want additional discounts, you can use my coupon code KRIPESH to get 10% off. Thus, the annual subscription to Stellar plan would cost you around ₹5046 for 1 year.

Discount: 10% off on all plans
Promo Code: KRIPESH


MilesWeb is one of the most popular web hosts in India. With this hosting, you can enjoy fast speeds, reliable uptime and load management, Indian data centers, and Hindi call support. 

However, I would recommend you keep separate backups of your website files, considering their poor backup management system. Overall, it’s a feature-rich web host at a reasonable price point, especially for Indian users. 

MilesWeb hosting infographic
MilesWeb Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani
MilesWeb logo
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9) SiteCountry

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.2/5

SiteCountry offers swift speeds and uptime, Indian payment options, global data centers, and good backups. However, the load handling and support are unreliable. If your priority is good speeds and uptime, SiteCountry could be a valuable option!

Pros of SiteCountry

Quick Speeds

I observed swift speeds of 1.94 sec in the Indian region and 3.3 sec in the US region with SiteCountry.

Global Data Centers

SiteCountry has data centers spread globally in India, US, and Europe. This guarantees good performance across the Indian subcontinent.

UPI Payments

SiteCountry offers Indian payment options, including UPI Payments. This makes it quite convenient for Indian users to purchase this hosting.

GST Invoices

If you have a registered business in India, you can enter your GST number to get a reduction in the taxes imposed on your hosting plan.

Decent Uptime

I observed a 99.94% uptime on the SiteCountry Turbo plan, which is pretty good. But the uptime on the other plans was not as impressive.

30-Day Backups

SiteCountry retains website backups for 30 days. This means you can restore your website to any point from the previous 30 days.

Cons Of SiteCountry

Not Very Stable

This year, the performance of SiteCountry was not as stable. I noticed frequent SSL drops, the disappearance of my WordPress installation, and more.

Poor Load Handling

While testing the load handling capacities of SiteCountry, I noticed lots of request failures, despite a lower response time.

Unreliable Support

The customer support was quite unreliable. Sometimes the replies were quick and informative. At other times, there were delays in their responses.


SiteCountry features three Premium Cloud hosting plans. I would recommend you check out their Premium Cloud (Turbo Plan) for 1 year. The price that you’ll have to pay for this plan would be around ₹5,100 for 1 year.


Overall, SiteCountry is a good hosting solution that offers good speeds and multiple data centers, along with Indian payment options. However, it doesn’t perform well with load handling and the support isn’t reliable either. This year, I’m pretty unsure about recommending SiteCountry. So, I’ll leave the choice to you.

SiteCountry hosting infographic
SiteCountry Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

10) YouStable

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.8/5

YouStable is a budget-friendly Indian web host that comes with good speeds, efficient load management, and an improved UI. Overall, it looks like a good hosting solution for US-based audiences.

Pros of YouStable

Swift Speeds

With its data centers in the US, you get to see swift website speeds in the US region. I noticed speeds of 1.57 sec in the US and 4.31 sec in India. If your target audience is in the US, you’ll love this hosting.

Good Load Management

YouStable can handle large amounts of load with no request failures. However, the peak response time was 194 ms, which is quite high. It should ideally be under 100 ms.

Hindi Call Support

You get Hindi call support, which means you can get your queries resolved in your language. However, their support team doesn’t seem to be very technical.

UPI Payments

It offers Indian payment options like UPI Payments. This is super convenient for Indian users who wish to purchase this hosting.

GST Invoices

If you have a GST number for your business, you can also request GST invoices from YouStable. It is an advantage for Indian users.

Affordable Pricing

The pricing plans of YouStable start from a pocket-friendly rate of ₹49/month!

Cons Of YouStable

Average Uptime

The uptime of YouStable hosting has been pretty average. I observed an uptime of 99.89% in the last 365 days, which is slightly disappointing.

7 Day Backups

The backups created on YouStable hosting are only stored for 7 days. This is quite limited compared to the other web hosts.

Only US Data Centres

YouStable only has data centers in the US region. So, you may experience slower speeds in the other regions.

Limited Free Migrations

You only get 3 free migrations on YouStable. Additionally, if your website exceeds 5 GB in size, you’ll be charged an additional amount for migration.


YouStable offers 3 plans for their shared hosting. My personal recommendation would be their DaProfessional plan. The annual subscription to this plan would cost you around ₹2814 and would be of great value for money for shorter durations.

However, if you need the maximum discounts, you can use my coupon code KRIPESH! This will avail the best discounts available on YouStable for you.

Discount: 10% off on Hosting
Promo Code: KRIPESH


YouStable is a feature-packed web host that comes with good speeds, efficient load management, UPI Payments, GST Invoices, and affordable pricing. I was impressed with their rate of improvement since the last year. However, they can work on improving their uptime, backups, and migrations, and setting up more data centers.

Overall, because its shared hosting servers only support US data centers, YouStable looks like a good hosting solution for US-based audiences. If you need hosting with good speed and load management and can compromise a bit on the uptime, YouStable could be an affordable solution for you.

YouStable hosting infographic
YouStable Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

11) EasyWP

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.9/5

EasyWP is a managed hosting platform for WordPress websites. It offers remarkable uptime, CDN support, and decent customer service. Though it’s slightly expensive, beginners who need easy-to-use managed hosting can check it out!

Pros of EasyWP

Remarkable Uptime

EasyWP offers remarkable uptime for your hosted websites. I observed an impressive uptime of 99.99% in the last 365 days.

Easy to Use

EasyWP is one of the most beginner-friendly and easy-to-use hosting solutions in the market right now.

CDN Support

This hosting supports the Supersonic CDN which promises improved speeds and performance. However, it can only be availed when you buy a domain name from Namecheap.

Cons Of EasyWP

Poor Load Handling

Namecheap has a limiter that blocks all requests on receiving multiple requests from a specific IP. Thus, I was unable to perform a proper load test on it.

Average Speeds

EasyWP offered poor speeds in both the US and Indian regions. My EasyWP website tool 4.63 sec to load in the US and 3.54 sec in India, both of which were disappointing.

No Automated Backups

You can create manual backups and restore them with a single click. However, it does not create automatic backups for you, which is a huge flaw in terms of data security.

Single Website Hosting

Even on the higher plans of EasyWP, you only get to host a single website. Irrespective of the plan you choose, you can only host 1 website on EasyWP.

Restrictions on Plugins

EasyWP blocks 50+ WordPress plugins by default, claiming that they interfere with its functionality. This includes many popular cache plugins.


EasyWP offers three hosting plans. In my recommendation, you can go with the EasyWP Turbo plan for 1 year. It comes with 50 GB storage space and can handle 200k traffic per month. Apart from that, it also offers free CDN and SSL. This plan is priced at around ₹4895 for 1 year.


EasyWP hosting is a managed WordPress hosting service offered by Namecheap. It has made significant improvements in its uptime performance since last year. Apart from that, you can also enjoy an easy-to-use interface, CDN support, and helpful customer service on this hosting.

However, it doesn’t offer automated backups, which is a big disadvantage. The website speeds have declined since last year and I also couldn’t test the performance of EasyWP much because they had used a blocker. In my opinion, it has slightly expensive plans. For all of these reasons, I’m a little skeptical about recommending EasyWP in 2024.

For the price point it’s placed at, you can find more reliable hosting options in the market.

easywp hosting infographic
EasyWP Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

12) Namecheap

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.5/5

With Namecheap hosting, you get swift speeds in the US, excellent uptime, cPanel support, a free domain for the 1st year, and good development tools. However, you only get a 7-day backup, average support, and limited data centers. Overall, it’s an affordable hosting for beginners.

Pros of Namecheap

Excellent Speeds in the US

Namecheap offered swift speeds of 2 sec in the US region. Whereas, in the Indian region, I observed terrible speeds of 6.16 sec.

Good Uptime

I observed an uptime of 99.96% on my Namecheap website in the last 365 days. This is quite appreciable for shared hosting.

Decent Load Management

It was able to handle the load quite well with only a few spikes in the response time. The response time was a little high at 175 ms. It should’ve been under 100 ms.

Free Domain Name

With all the hosting plans of Namecheap, you get a free domain name for an entire year!

Good Development Tools

Namecheap supports lots of development tools like Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc. Thus, it’s quite beneficial for developers.

cPanel Hosting

You get the standard cPanel support with Namecheap hosting. It is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use control panels used by most hosting providers.

Cons Of Namecheap

7-Day Backups

The backups you create on your Namecheap account are only stored for 7 days. This is quite low compared to other web hosts offering 15-30 days of backups.

Average Support

The customer service offered by Namecheap for hosting-related queries is pretty average. They can work on improving it.

Limited Data Centers

The data centers of Namecheap are only available in the US and European regions. I hope they set up data centers in Asia as well.


Namecheap offers 3 shared hosting plans. The pricing of Namecheap depends on the data center you select. The pricing of the EU and US data centers is around ₹3,000/year. Whereas, the UK data centers cost around ₹3,900/year. In my experience, their Europe data centers perform really well.

Overall, Namecheap is a decent hosting at the price point. You can use it for testing purposes. My best recommendation would be their Stellar Plus annual plan. It would cost you around ₹3,800 for 1 year. But there definitely are better options available for the same price. You can consider purchasing it when it’s available on a discount. Without the discounted pricing, it’s not a very lucrative option.


Namecheap is one of the most popular names for domain name registration. But they’ve also been in the hosting industry for a long time. With this hosting, you get good US speeds, uptime, and load management capacities. It also offers cPanel support, a free domain for the first year, and good development tools.

However, you get limited backups and data centers along with average support. Overall, Namecheap is an affordable hosting provider that can be used by beginners for testing purposes.

Namecheap hosting infographic
Namecheap Hosting Test Results By Kripesh Adwani

My Hosting Recommendations

Now, let’s quickly sum up this entire article with my best hosting recommendations according to different use cases.

Best Hosting in India 2024Hostinger
Best Managed HostingCloudways
Best Indian Data CentersChemiCloud
Best Hosting for Customer SupportChemiCloud
Best Hosting for eCommerce WebsitesCloudways, ChemiCloud, Hostinger
Best Hosting for BloggingHostinger
Best Hosting for Call SupportMilesWeb
Best Hosting for UPI PaymentsHostinger, MilesWeb
Best Hosting for Small BusinessesHostinger
Best Hosting with Free CoursesCloudways, ChemiCloud, Hostinger
Best Hosting with Website Builder10Web (WordPress), Hostinger (Non-WordPress)
Easiest Web Hosting for BeginnersHostinger
Best Web Hosting for News WebsiteChemiCloud, Hostinger
Best Hosting with EmailHostinger, ChemiCloud
Best Hosting with Free DomainsHostinger, ChemiCloud, HostArmada, MilesWeb

My Training Programs

In the past few years, I have designed a few courses and training programs to help beginners set up their hosting and get started with blogging. Let’s look at the courses below.

Cloudways Training Program

The Cloudways Training Program is a perfect guide for beginners who are new to Cloudways hosting. This program will help them understand how to set up a website on Cloudways hosting and get it going!

Cloudways Training Program

It comprises various video lessons to teach you the basics and the advanced settings in Cloudways. Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or just a beginner, this training program would be helpful for you!

You can get it for free by purchasing a Cloudways hosting using my link. To know more about the topics covered and the process of enrolling in this program, you can check out my Cloudways Training Program article.

Hostinger Training Program

The Hostinger Training Program is for those users who are new to Hostinger hosting. This course will help you get started with your hosting with ease. I have created in-depth tutorials on how to use Hostinger for beginners and professionals.

Hostinger Training Program

You can get this training program for free by purchasing a Hostinger plan through my link.

Lightning Blogs Course

The Lightning Blogs Course is basically designed for beginners just getting started with their blogging journey. This course will help you design a modern and attractive blog using free themes and plugins.

Lightning Blogs Blogging Course

Along with that, I’ve also discussed how to achieve a 90+ page speed score on your blog, and maintain advanced security on your website. You can get this course for free by purchasing Cloudways hosting through my link. For more information on the course content and the process of enrolment, you can check out my Lightning Blogs Course Article.

If you want to get these courses for free, all you have to do is use my link and purchase Hostinger, Cloudways, or ChemiCloud hosting for at least 1 year with a new account.

On purchase of any of these hosting, you will get access to the Lightning Blogs Blogging Course. But if you purchase Hostinger or Cloudways, you will also get access to the Hostinger Training Program and Cloudways Training Program which will help you get started with the basics.


So, these were my best web hosting recommendations for 2024! I hope this article helped you decide on the right web hosting providers for your requirements. If you have any doubts, leave them in the comment box below. I’ll try my best to answer them quickly.

And if you wish to stay updated with the latest content, you can turn on notifications for my blog posts! Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more informative and insightful content soon. Till then, keep learning and stay safe. Cheers! 🙂

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