15+ Best Free Stock Videos Websites (No Watermarks) [2024]

Be it social media, personal blogs, or your business website, videos are dominating the market! However, not all content creators have the resources to personally shoot every video they upload, right?

This is where copyright free stock videos come into play! Copyright free video sites offer an extensive collection of free clips and footage with no watermarks that you can use on your creative projects, social media channels, and more!

15 Best Copyright Free Video Websites

In this article, we are going to look at 15 Best Copyright Free Stock Video Websites for 2024. We will begin by understanding what a copyright free license is, and where it is used.

Next, we will discuss its advantages and finally I will reveal the 15 Best Websites for finding Copyright Free Videos online! So, with no more delay, let’s begin.

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Licensing is a way of regulating the rights and usage of a digital asset. There are a variety of licenses available in the market. But we are only going to focus on ‘Copyright Free License’ in this article.

If an artist releases his/her videos under a ‘Copyright Free License’, it means they are offering their video completely free of cost to the audience with no usage restrictions. 

You can use them on all kinds of projects, personal or commercial. In most cases, attribution isn’t required either. Let’s understand what attribution is. 

What is Attribution?

Attribution simply refers to acknowledging someone as the original creator of a digital asset. Different types of assets, like images, videos, audios, graphics, etc, are attributed in different ways.

For attributing videos, you can simply mention the original creator along with a link to the website/resource where you downloaded the video from. 

Advantages of Copyright Free Videos

1. Time-Saving

Copyright free videos offer high quality footage for every situation, mood, and category. This saves you the time and effort spent in shooting such videos by yourself!

2. Enhances Expression

Stock footage is shot by professional videographers, which means it offers great quality. With high quality stock footage, you can represent your brand, products, or services more efficiently and in an elegant manner.

3. Cost Effective

Shooting high quality videos requires cameras, lighting, setup, and models. Sometimes you even need to travel to certain destinations to get that perfect shot. 

This might be quite expensive and risky. Copyright free footage can help you save up your precious money without compromising on the quality.

Using someone else’s videos on your own projects might lead to legal troubles. Copyright free videos save you from the hassle because they can be used for free on personal and commercial projects. 

Before researching and testing out various copyright free video websites, I considered 7 significant factors to evaluate their performance.

The best stock video sites mentioned later in this article are all ranked according to these factors. Let’s quickly check out what they are.

Collection Size

A good stock video website should have an extensive collection of videos belonging to various categories. If it only offers 50 videos, is it even a stock video platform?

Video Quality

Stock videos are available in various resolutions, including HD, Full HD, 4K, etc. If you want videos for professional projects, always ensure if the website offers an option to set download quality. 

Categories or Tags

Most websites sort their free videos into different collections for the convenience of their users. Categories and Tags help in quickly finding the right kind of videos as per our projects. 

Filters and Sorting Options

Filters and sorting options help you arrange the search results according to a specific type, like quality, category, duration, most popular or newest videos, etc. 

Types of Assets

Does the website only offer free videos? Or do you also get additional assets like free images, graphics, templates, etc? It’s always good to go with a versatile website offering a variety of resources. 

User Interface

Always consider websites with a clean and easy-to-use interface. Cluttered and outdated interfaces might be difficult for newbies to understand. 

Also, check if there are ads on the platform. They tend to hamper the user experience. 

License and Attribution

Always check the type of license offered by the website and what you may do with the assets. Also confirm if the platform requires you to attribute the video owner.

15 Best Free Stock Videos Websites (2024)

Get free stock videos with no watermarks for commercial usage from these 15 websites. Find copyright free videos for YouTube and Instagram video reels.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay homepage

Pixabay is a copyright free stock media platform owned by Canva. You can find thousands of free stock images, videos, music tracks, illustrations, sound effects, etc for your projects. 

Attribution: Not Required


Large Video Collection

Their library comprises an impressive collection of 24k+ free videos that can be used on a wide range of creative projects. 

Range of Categories

It features 20+ video categories, including Animals, Beauty, Music, Science, Travel, Education, etc, to simplify your search process. 

Filters on Pixabay
Impressive Filter Options

The search results can be filtered by Effects (like Animation, Slow Motion, or Time Lapse), Resolution (HD or 4K), or by Category. 

Good Sorting Options

The search results can be sorted by Latest videos, Upcoming videos, Popular videos, or Editor’s choice videos for user’s convenience.

Beautiful Interface

The interface of Pixabay is clean, modern, and beautiful. To preview any video, you can simply hover your mouse pointer over it. 

You will find iStock video promotions on their interface. However, they do not intrude on the overall experience. 

Pixabay download options
Can Set Download Quality

With Pixabay, you can choose from 4 download resolutions and also specify quality (HD or 4K) before downloading your video.  

SafeSearch Feature

If you use Pixabay in your school or workspace, the SafeSearch option can be enabled to block all irrelevant and offensive content from showing up on your feed!

Simple License Terms

All the videos available on Pixabay are free to use for personal and commercial purposes. 

However, you cannot resell or redistribute their content, or sell unaltered copies of their videos. You also cannot portray the people depicted in those videos in a bad light!

2. Pexels

Pexels homepage

Pexels is a free stock photos and videos platform founded in 2014 in Germany. It has now been acquired by Canva. Pexels comprises an extensive library of over 3.2 million digital assets!

Attribution: Not Required
Video Collection: 31k+ videos


Modern Interface

Pexels offers a clean and attractive interface. You can hover your mouse pointer above any video to preview it. 

The best part is that they don’t feature any ads on their interface, but you can find iStock promotions on their download screen. 

Pexels filter options
Decent Filters and Tags

You can easily filter your search results by Size (i.e. Original, HD, Full HD, and 4K), and Orientation (i.e. Vertical, Horizontal, and Square). 

Though you won’t find categories on Pexels, tags are visible on the header once you search for a keyword.

Good Collection

Their collection comprises 31k+ unique and high-quality video content to be used on a range of projects. 

Pexels download options
Multiple Download Qualities

While downloading a video, you can choose the quality of your video. This comprises Original quality, Full HD, and 4K quality. 

Easy Licensing Terms

The Pexels License lets you use its videos for free on all personal and commercial projects requiring no attribution. 

However, you may not redistribute their assets on other stock platforms. You also cannot sell unedited versions of their resources or imply endorsements with people depicted in the videos. 

3. Freepik Videos

freepik homepage

Freepik is one of the best places to download stock images, vectors, fonts, and other design assets, and it now offers thousands of high-quality free stock videos.


Impressive collection

No matter what you are looking for, Freepik has it all. Freepik comprises over 462k videos (+ 24k free videos) plus a large collection of premium assets.


There are four different categories and many subcategories that cover many topics: nature, people and emotions, business, background videos.

Incredible filter options

You can filter by category, license (free and premium), resolution (720p, 1080p, 4k), video type (footage, motion graphics), and duration.

Great interface

The UI of Freepik is modern, well-organized, and very attractive. It is fairly easy to use. Moreover, you can hover to preview the videos before downloading them.

Two types of licenses

On Freepik, there are two different types of licenses:

  • Free: although you can use the videos for personal and commercial use, it requires attribution.
  • Premium: apart from having access to premium content, attribution is not required.
Multiple download qualities

One of the most interesting features is that you can download a preview with a lower quality to test the videos in your projects first. In addition, you will find 4K, HD, and other download qualities.

4. VistaCreate

VistaCreate homepgae

VistaCreate is an online graphic designing platform founded in 2016. Recently acquired by VistaPrint, this tool has 7 million active users at the moment and features over 50k+ design templates! 

On VistaCreate, you’ll not only find an amazing collection of videos but also photos and vectors as well. 

Attribution: Required
Video Collection: 13k+ videos


Attractive Interface

The interface of VistaCreate is beautiful, modern, and quite clean. You won’t find any intrusive ads on their interface either. To preview any video, you can simply hover your mouse pointer over it. 

VistaCreate categories
Good Categories

It offers 7 video categories including Music, People, Food, Family, Birthday, Business, and Phone. Under each of them, there are a variety of sub-categories for finding relevant content. 

Extensive Collection

They offer a massive library of over 13k videos. However, premium and free videos are all put together under the same collection, with no sorting options. 

VistaCreate Filter options
Powerful Filters

You can filter your search results by Background, People, and Video Resolution. It lets you choose between three resolutions – 720p, 1080p, and 4K. You can also sort your videos by Trending, Popular, or Newest videos. 

Commercial License

You can use all the videos available on VistaCreate for personal and commercial purposes. However, you need to attribute the creator of the videos. 

Also, reselling or sub licensing the assets available on VistaCreate is not allowed under their license. 


Download Requires Sign Up

In order to download a video from VistaCreate, you need to sign up on their platform, which might be inconvenient for some users. However, signing up would allow you to create and edit graphics, videos, animations, etc. So, it might be worth it!  

For more details on this online designing software, do check out my VistaCreate Review!

5. Videvo

Videvo homepage

Videvo is a platform for finding high quality free stock music, videos, motion graphics, sound effects, and templates for After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Their main aim is to make stock footage affordable to all users. 

Attribution: Required on most videos
Video Collection: 20k+ videos
Watermark: Yes


Attractive UI

The interface of Videvo is quite modern and easy to use. You can simply hover over a video to preview it!

Videvo collections
Extensive Library

Their library comprises over 20k copyright free videos that can be downloaded and used on your projects! 

Excellent Collections and Categories

It has over a 100 diverse collections including Festival, Birthday, Breakfast, Winter Vibes, Road Trip collections with sufficient free video clips in each.

It also features 25 modern categories so you can simply search for your favorite genre of videos in no time!

Videvo filter options

Lots of Filters

Search results can be filtered by License, Clip Type, Duration, Category, or Resolution. On Videvo, you can search your videos in three qualities (720p, 1080p, and 4k) and sort them by Popular, Random, Newest videos, or by Relevance! 

Offers 3 Licenses

On Videvo, you will find three major types of licensing for their assets – Royalty Free License, Videvo Attribution License, and Creative Commons 3.0 License. 

All of them allow you to use their videos personally and commercially. However, there are some differences. 

  • The Royalty Free license does not allow redistribution without editing and does not require attribution. 
  • The Videvo License does not allow redistribution without editing but requires attribution. 
  • The Creative Commons 3.0 License allows redistribution without editing and requires attribution as well. 


Ads on Interface


You will find iStock promotional videos on their interface, which is why the users might end up clicking on the wrong videos. 

Just a heads up, most of the videos on Videvo come with a watermark.

6. Life Of Vids

Life of vids homepage

Life Of Vids offers a range of free high-resolution videos and images for personal and commercial use. All these videos are hosted on Vimeo. 

Attribution: Not Required


Impressive UI

The interface of Life Of Vids looks modern and simple to use. They also do not place ads on their interface which lets the users have a disruption free browsing experience. 

Life of Vids collections
Good Collections

With Life Of Vids, you get access to 8 collections, including City, Cloud, Nature, Food, Water, and more! However, the videos under these collections are quite limited. 

Life of Vids download options
Impressive Download Settings

Before downloading any video of your choice, you can select from 6 different download qualities, including SD 360p, SD 540p, HD 720p, HD 1080p, HD 1440p, and HD 2160p. 

Easy Licensing Terms

All the videos on their platform are free to be used for personal and commercial purposes. However, the redistribution for their videos is limited to 10 videos on a website.


No Filter Options

There are no filters or sorting options to organize your results as per your convenience. 

7. Videezy

Videezy homepage

Videezy is a stock assets platform launched in 2012. It offers a great collection of videos to make film making easy and affordable for its users! You can also find vectors, photos, and brushes on Videezy. 

Attribution: Required


12 Categories

On the home page, you can either search for the newest videos or search through categories like Art, Nature, Travel, Background, etc. These are further divided into sub-categories for users’ convenience.  

Videezy categories
Simple License and Attribution

All the videos available on Videezy are free to use for personal and commercial purposes. However, you need to attribute the creator while using it on any projects.

Variety of Filter Options

Video results can be filtered by File type, License type, Format, and Resolution. You get 5 options for video resolution including SD, HD-720, HD-1080, Ultra HD, and 4K. 

Videezy filter options
Helpful Tutorials

If you have just started out with designing, you can find a lot of helpful tips on their YouTube channel. 


Loads of Ads

Their interface looks quite old and is loaded with intrusive ads that destroy the overall experience. 

No Preview

You cannot preview the videos by hovering your mouse pointer over them. You need to click on the video and then click on the Play button to preview it. 

8. Mixkit

Mixkit homepage

Mixkit offers a curated collection of free stock music, videos sound effects, and templates for softwares like Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Da Vinci Resolve, and Premiere Pro.

Attribution: Not Required


Modern Interface

The UI of Mixkit is quite trendy and organized. It also offers the hover to preview feature to view videos before downloading them. Overall, the interface looks easy to use for beginners. 

Mixkit Categories
Various Categories

Mixkit features 8 video categories, including Animals, Christmas, Vertical, Transport, Lifestyle, etc.

Good Filter Options

You can filter your search results by tags, orientation, resolution, and duration. They can also be sorted by Popular or Newest videos. 

Filter options in Mixkit
Multiple Download Qualities

In the Mixkit collection, you will find videos of all qualities, including 720p, 1080p. HD, and 4K. By default, you get the 1080p HD downloads on most videos. 


Ads Present

You can find promotions of Envato Elements on their website. This is somewhat distracting for the users.

License Restrictions

The Mixkit Stock Video Restricted License lets you use their videos for personal projects, social media, and for educational purposes. They cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

9. Coverr

Coverr homepage

Coverr is a popular stock media platform founded in 2015. It offers thousands of high quality videos and music tracks for free. Since its inception, its assets have been downloaded over 5 million times!

Attribution: Not Required


Attractive UI

The interface of Coverr looks quite modern and captivating. It is easy to use and also supports hover to preview while browsing their collection. 

However, you will find a lot of Shutterstock promotions on their platform. This might be a little confusing for newbies. 

Categories on Coverr
Lots of Categories and Collections

With Coverr, you get 25 categories to find the videos of your choice. It also has 7 impressive collections of videos that you can use on your creative projects.

Decent Sorting Options

Your search results can be easily sorted by Popular or Newest videos. 

Sorting options on Coverr
Easy Licensing Terms

The video footage found on Coverr is free to use for personal and commercial purposes. 

However, you cannot resell or redistribute the content downloaded from their platform. You also cannot use brands, trademarks, or images of people in the videos. 

No Attribution Required

They do not make it mandatory to attribute the video creator. However, giving credit is always appreciated. 


No Filters

Sadly, they do not let you filter through the search results according to a specific criterion. 

Collection is not Relevant

Though their video library is vast, when you type in keywords for searching videos, it does not offer relevant results. For instance, I found extremely limited and sometimes no results for terms like business meetings, marketing, etc. 

10. Vidsplay

Vidsplay homepage

Vidsplay is a stock video platform created by Sammy Fontanez in 2010. Their video collection is frequently updated with new footage every few weeks!  

Attribution: Required


Decent Interface

The user interface of Vidsplay is quite vibrant and organized. However, it does not support the hover to preview option. 

Vidsplay UI and collections
Good Collection

I like their collection of video background and texture videos. You can use them on your YouTube videos. However, they are quite limited. 

Easy Licensing

All the videos available on Vidsplay are free to use on personal and commercial projects.

However, you need to credit the video creator. You also cannot sub-license, resell, or redistribute these videos making no edits. 


Ads on Interface

You will find Shutterstock promotions running on their stock video site. They are not that intrusive, though. 

No Filters

Their video library is quite limited, which is why they don’t offer any filters or sorting options on their platform. 

11. Dareful

Dareful homepage

Dareful is a stock video platform that offers 4K stock footage for free. It is a part of VideoBlocks, whose founder Joel Holland has shot all the videos on Dareful.

Attribution: Not Required


Pleasing UI

The interface of Dareful is clean and colorful. It also supports the hover to preview option. However, you will find Shutterstock promotions on their website, which might confuse the users. 

Dareful categories
Lots of Categories

Dareful splits its video collection into 20+ categories, including Aerial, Ocean, Nature, Sunrise, Bokeh, Christmas, etc. These are great for finding a specific type of video. 

Ultra High Quality Videos

Their collection solely comprises 4K videos. So, if you prefer a rich quality of assets for your brand or creative projects, you can give Dareful a try! 

Commercial License

Dareful offers all its free videos under the CC 4.0 License. Under this license, you can use their assets for personal and commercial purposes requiring no attributions.


Limited Collection

Their video library is extremely limited and you won’t find relevant results with their search tab either. 

No Filters

Because of a limited collection, there is also a lack of filters and sorting options on Dareful. 

12. PikWizard

Pikwizard homepage

PikWizard is a stock image and video platform with a huge collection of over 1 million high-quality digital assets. 

Attribution: Not Required


Clean UI

The interface of PikWizard is quite modern. It allows previewing videos by simply hovering over them. However, because of ads on the website, it might appear to be cluttered.

PikWizard categories
Lots of Categories

When you go over to the Video tab, you will find 20+ categories ranging from Slow Motion videos, Tech videos, Educational videos, Background and Texture videos, Business Videos, and so on!

PikWizard download options
Select Download Qualities

While downloading any video from PikWizard, you can choose from SD and HD qualities according to your project requirements.

Simple Licensing Terms

All the videos available on PikWizard are free to be used for personal and commercial purposes. Attribution is not mandatory either. 


Ads Present

They feature premium videos from Adobe on top of the screen. This is distracting and hampers the overall experience. 

Repetitive Footage

While searching for videos through keywords, I found a lot of repetitive videos in their search results. 

No Filters

With PikWizard, you cannot filter or sort your results by any parameter. Thus, it might be quite time consuming to find relevant videos on this platform. 

13. Motion Places

Motionplaces homepage

Motion Places offers you the best HD footage from around the world. They believe in simplicity and quality. On their website, you will find footage from various popular cities across the globe. 

Attribution: Required


Good Interface

Their interface looks quite colorful and attractive. But you won’t find a hover to preview option with Motion Places. The best part is that there are no ads on their interface. 

Motionplaces categories
Interesting Categories

Because their website is focused around the travel niche, you will find slightly different categories as well. These include:

  • Natural elements like Cloud, Waterfall, Fire, Desert, Timelapse, etc. 
  • Cities like Tokyo, Italy, San Francisco, Paris, etc. 
  • Seasons like Fall, Summer, Winter, and Spring. 
Commercial License 

Their collection is free to use for personal, commercial, and editorial purposes. However, you need to provide attribution to the video owner when using it on other platforms.


Download Quality Limitations

All of their videos are hosted on YouTube. You may download them in HD quality for free. But for 4K video quality, you need to purchase their license.

No Filters or Search Bar

You don’t get any filters, sorting options, or a search bar with Motion Places. You can simply browse their collection using categories. 

14. Mazwai

Mazwai homepage

Mazwai offers a collection of hand-picked stock video footage and is constantly expanding their library of assets. They also accept entries from their users. 

Attribution: Required for CC 3.0 License. Not Required for Mazwai License.


Beautiful Interface

The user interface of Mazwai is clean and attractive. To preview videos, you can simply hover your mouse pointer over them.

However, you will find iStock promotions running on their website, which might hamper the overall experience. 

Variety of Categories

When you click on the Browse tab, you get to access 20+ categories of stock videos, including Beach, Slow Motion, Cloud, Sunset, Skyline, etc. These are great for searching videos of specific types. 

Two types of Licenses

They impose two types of licenses on their free stock footage – Creative Commons 3.0 and the Mazwai License. Both licenses allow using stock videos for personal and commercial purposes. 

However, the only difference is that with the CC 3.0 license, you need to attribute the author. Whereas, the Mazwai license lets you use all videos without attributing anyone. 


Cannot Set Video Quality

You don’t get to set a quality while downloading stock videos from their collection. The downloaded videos are not that great in quality either.

No Filters

Mazwai doesn’t offer any filtering or sorting options. It looks like a pretty basic website with not enough functionality. 

Limited Collection

The stock video collection of Mazwai is quite limited and you probably won’t find results for most of the keywords you search. 

15. Distill

Distill homepage

Distill is a stock asset platform that offers CC0 licensed HD videos. Every 10 days, they release 10 free HD videos that you can access by joining their mailing list. 

Attribution: Not Required


Clean UI

The user interface of Distill is quite clean and well organized. You can hover your mouse pointer over a video to preview it. It does not feature any intrusive ads either. 

Distill categories
Decent Video Categories

You get 7 basic video categories including Animal, Architecture, People, Food, Abstract, and more, with limited videos under each of them.

Commercial License

All the videos present on Distill can be used for personal and commercial purposes without attributing the artist.

Free Stock Videos

If you subscribe to their email list, you will get access to 10 free HD stock videos delivered to your inbox every 10 days. 


Cannot Set Download Quality

With Distill, you cannot set a quality before downloading your videos. But by default, all the videos are of HD quality. 

No FIlters

Distill does not provide any filters or sorting options for arranging the videos as per our convenience. 

Limited Collection

They have a limited library of stock videos, which is why you might not find relevant results while surfing their collection.

16. XStockVideo

XStockVido home page

XStockVideo is a platform that offers a library of free HD footage and stock videos owned by Shatterdesign. They have over 10k+ downloads every month

Attribution: Not Required


Variety of Categories

With XStockVideo, you get 9 categories including Landscapes, Transportation, Education, Holidays, etc to get the most attractive stock video footage. 

Sorting options and categories on XStockVideo
Good Sorting Options

The results can be sorted by Date, Top Rated Videos, Most Popular, Most Downloaded, and Random videos. You can also choose the number of results to be displayed per page. 

Download options on XStockVideo
Multiple Download Resolutions

While downloading a stock video of your choice, you can decide between three different resolutions according to your video project requirements. 

Simple Licensing Terms

XStockVideo lets you use its videos on personal and commercial projects. However, if you want to resell, sub-license, or redistribute their assets, you need to purchase their extended license. 


No Filters

XStockVideo does not offer any filter options for the convenience of their users. 

Unimpressive Interface

Their user interface looks old and outdated. Also, their dark themed website makes the text unreadable. This is definitely not expected from a design related platform!

No Preview or Search Bar

It does not support hovering your mouse pointer over videos to preview them

Also, because their collection is quite limited, you don’t get a search bar to find relevant results. Videos can be searched using categories. 


In this article, we discussed 15 Best Websites for finding copyright free videos. I hope you found this article informative. Do check out these websites for some attractive and high quality stock videos! 

If you want to find some unique and high quality digital assets for your brands, you can also check out Envato Elements and Placeit. With Placeit, you can even design mockups, animated videos, logos, graphics, etc.

Anyway, do you use any other resources for finding copyright free content? Do share them in the comments box below. You can also join my weekly newsletter to stay updated with my latest videos and blog posts. 

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more insightful stuff soon. Till then, keep learning and stay safe. Cheers.

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