6 Best Free WordPress Themes (2024) [Lightweight, Fast & Feature Rich]

Choosing a relevant domain name and a reliable web hosting service are important for a successful online business. However, selecting the right theme is equally essential. 

A good theme not only makes your content look appealing, but also improves page load speeds and provides an enhanced user experience. 

In the past few years, I have used a variety of free and paid WordPress themes. If you have been struggling with finding a feature-rich theme for your WordPress website, this article is for you! 

In this article, we are going to discover the 6 Best Free WordPress themes. Along with that, I will also recommend the best themes for different types of websites. So, with no more ado, let’s begin!

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Factors Considered for Testing the Themes

After spending weeks testing over 10+ free WordPress themes, I have shortlisted the following 6 themes for you. I have tested these themes on a range of factors and ranked them accordingly. Let’s look at the major factors considered for testing them. 

  • Customization: The themes offer sufficient customization options for colors, buttons, typography, sidebars, blogging, eCommerce, etc.   
  • Weight of Theme:  I have also considered the weight of the themes while testing them. An ideal theme is lightweight and improves the speed of the website. 
  • SEO Optimization: All the themes mentioned below are optimized for SEO and have sufficient customization options for the same. 
  • Cost: All the themes included in this article are free of cost. All the basic features, like templates, customizations, etc are available on the free plan. 

Now, let us dive into our Top Picks for the Best Free Themes on WordPress.

6 Best Free Themes for WordPress (2024)

1. Kadence

Kadence is the most popular, lightweight, and elegant theme for WordPress. Ben Ritner launched it recently in April 2020. It has over 100k+ active installations right now. 

With Astra, you can choose from hundreds of starter templates and create beautiful and ultra-fast loading websites. 

Along with supporting all popular page builders and third party WordPress plugins, what makes Kadence stand out is its Block Templates for adding customized blocks to your website.

In April 2021, iThemes acquired the Kadence theme. However, the theme is still developing at the same pace, which is appreciable!

Active Users100k+
AuthorBen Ritner
Launch DateApril 2020
Theme Size2.4 MB 
Official WebsiteVisit the website


4 Page Builders Supported 

Kadence supports the following page builders: Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Brizy Builder. This is good if you are someone who works with multiple page builders.  

Kadence starter templates
Well Designed Templates

Kadence theme features 12 free templates for Elementor and 51 free templates for the Gutenberg editor. In order to download these templates, you need the Kadence Starter Templates plugin. 

All the templates are designed really well and you get the option to import a single page or entire website with or without demo content.

Kadence global palette

Theme Customization and Global Colors

You can edit local colors, background colors, typography, and page layouts from the live customizer. Along with that, Kadence offers the Global Color Palette as well. 

It comprises a palette of the primary colors used throughout your website. With a single click, you can switch any of those colors with a different one.  

You get a well designed header and footer builder with Kadence. It features a 3 x 3 matrix of blank spaces where you can drag-and-drop elements and adjust them with ease. 

It also supports the transparent and sticky header options for posts and pages. 

For the footer builder, it offers 20+ widgets including social buttons, search bar, HTML, Logo, etc. More elements can be added by clicking on the + icon and settings for every row can be customized from the Settings Wheel.

Kadence header and footer builder

Additional Features

It features a ‘Scroll to Top’ button on the bottom of the page that becomes transparent when a mouse pointer hovers over it. This button makes it convenient for the viewers to return to the top of the page with a single click. 

It also offers an Off-Canvas Menu for mobile devices. It opens up from the sandwich icon on the top right and lets you add mobile navigation menu, buttons, search widget, HTML text, and social media icons to it. 

Blog customization on Kadence

Blog Customization

Kadence lets you customize blog settings to a great extent. It lets you edit the title layout, hide or adjust the position of elements on the page, enable or disable the sidebar, add a featured image, tags, related posts, and a lot more!

Kadence blocks for Gutenberg

Kadence Blocks for Gutenberg

The Kadence Blocks plugin offers customizable and reusable blocks for the Gutenberg editor. It comes with 16 free blocks, including Testimonial, Table of Contents, Icon, Forms, Countdown, Gallery, Tabs, Accordion, etc. 

You can also access a library of pre-made templates from the Gutenberg editor. These are powerful sections that you can easily import into your website or use to build a brand new website from scratch. 


  • Pricing bundles are confusing.
  • No inbuilt eCommerce features.
  • No templates for Beaver and Brizy Builders.

Customer Support

Kadence theme offers support via email and support forums. The replies from their email support arrive within 1-2 days. However, what makes them stand out is their support forum!

Kadence support

They have an active community that helps solve queries of other users. This community is frequently updated with new queries and their answers. The forum support is extremely helpful for beginners to get a quick and efficient fix to their issues!

Demo Websites

Following are some attractive websites that use the Kadence theme. 

Tansley Photography
Tansley photography website

This is a wedding photography website that makes use of the sticky header, image slider, and an elegant color palette from the Kadence theme customizer. 

Fluent CRM 
Fluent CRM website

This is a CRM website where you will find an eye-catching Icon features pack, testimonial slider, and pricing table from Kadence blocks. 

HelloYouDesigns website

This website offers a vast collection of feminine WordPress themes. 

It uses the sticky header, a gorgeous website background, globally linked colors, hero image, image feature block, etc from the Kadence Block templates. 

Kadence Pro Version

Kadence features three different plans including Kadence Pro, Essential Bundle, and Full Bundle. 

Kadence Pro plans

With the Pro version of Kadence priced at $59/year, you get header addons, WooCommerce addons, Custom Hooks for developers, the ability to upload Custom Fonts, edit Header/Footer scripts, etc on unlimited websites. 

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and comes with 1 year of support and updates. So, you can give it a try if you want. 


Kadence is a lightweight and multipurpose WordPress theme that offers lots of customization options without compromising on speeds. 

Its key features include a range of free templates, interesting blog layout options, and support for all popular page builders. 

It is ideal for affiliate blogs, eCommerce sites, LMS sites, and personal websites. Even my detailed training course on Blogging is based on the Kadence theme itself.  

2. Blocksy

Blocksy is a fast and lightweight theme launched by CreativeThemesHQ in 2020. In such a brief span of time, it has garnered over 60k+ active users. 

This theme is primarily designed for the Gutenberg editor and its standout feature is the ability to create a custom header and footer for every page. 

Active Users60k+
Launch DateOctober 2020
Theme Size2.5 MB 
Official WebsiteVisit the website


Blocksy theme offers seamless support for all the popular page builders, including Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Visual Composer.

Thus, no matter what page builder you use, Blocksy theme will integrate perfectly with it. 

Blocksy starter templates
Decent Number of Free Templates

With Blocksy, you get 21 free starter templates for Elementor and Gutenberg editors. For accessing these templates along with more features, you need to download the Blocksy Companion plugin. 

Theme Customization and Global Colors 

There are a range of customization options in Blocksy. It supports 900+ Google fonts along with custom fonts.

You can also edit the button design, page layout, website background, sidebar structure, and the global and local color palettes from the WordPress dashboard.

Blocksy header and footer builders

Header and Footer builders are displayed in the form of a 3 x 3 matrix. You get 9 widget elements that can be dragged and dropped onto the header or footer columns. 

The most impressive feature of Blocksy is that you can design a custom header and footer for every page, and make the header section transparent or sticky as per your choice. 

Blocksy header and footer builders

Good Blog Customization

Blocksy offers 5 unique blog layout structures, along with a sticky sidebar and the ability to rearrange elements on the page. If you want a theme for your blogging website, Blocksy would be a good fit.

Easy integration with WooCommerce

It offers a powerful integration with WooCommerce, so building your eCommerce store seems like a cakewalk.

You cna choose from 4 different styles for your product pages. It also offers interesting elements for product images, image gallery styles, sticky product summaries, and more. 

Blocksy eCommerce features

Additional Features

Along with being a lightweight and fast theme, Blocksy also offers advanced features like the Scroll to Top button, website frame, sticky sidebar, and a social sharing box without requiring any external plugins. 


  • Limited number of free Starter templates. 
  • Bugs observed while editing in the tablet mode. 
  • Off Canvas Menu for mobiles not available on the free version. 
  • Requires a slight learning curve to understand how to operate it. 
  • Loads of customization options might be overwhelming for beginners.

Customer Support

Blocksy support

The customer support offered by Blocksy is decent. You get the general documentation along with a few support articles. The email replies arrive within 1-2 days. 

It also offers video tutorials to guide beginners on how to effectively use the Blocksy theme. Overall, I liked their customer support. 

Demo Websites

Following are some popular websites built using the Blocksy theme. 

LayerWP website

This is a simplistic blog that publishes content about WordPress. It features a simple yet elegant header and footer, sticky table of content on the right and social media icons on the left sidebar. 

L’Air d’Aspe
L’Air d’Aspe website

It’s a French guest house website that features beautiful images, a transparent sticky header, and background text with reduced transparency, which gives it a sleek design. 

Bettersound website

This is an eCommerce website that sells audio products like headphones and speakers. The most appealing element on this website is its transparent and sticky header. 

Blocksy Pro Version

With the Blocksy Pro version, you can add custom fonts, use local Google fonts, add custom code snippets, access advanced menu, desktop off-canvas menu, and use additional header and footer items, etc. 

There are three different types of pricing plans available on Blocksy. 

Annual PricingWebsites Supported
Personal Plan$491
Professional Plan$695
Agency Plan$99Unlimited

The Professional plan would be the most value for money option. Also, if you just wish to try out the features of Blocksy, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all its plans. 


Overall, Blocksy is an extremely feature-rich theme with tons of exciting features in its free version.

Not just that, it also offers excellent customization options, supports WooCommerce, and is optimized for SEO. 

If you wish to build portfolio websites, news portal websites, business websites, eCommerce sites, or personal blogs, Blocksy would be a great option. 

3. Astra

Astra is the most installed theme in the WordPress repository with more than 1.6 million active installations.

Brainstorm Force, a company headquartered in Pune, India launched it in 2017. The highlight of this theme is its hundreds of free templates along with good eCommerce customization options. 

Active Users1.6M+
AuthorBrainstorm Force
Launch Date2017
Theme Size6.19 MB 
Official WebsiteVisit the website


You can use all of your favorite page builders with Astra theme, including Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi builder. 

Astra free templates

Large Number of Free Templates

If you need a variety of templates to choose from, Astra won’t disappoint you. It comes with 100+ templates on the free version and 250+ templates on the Pro version. 

You can search the templates by categories. They are available for the Block Editor, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. However, for importing the templates, you need to install the Starter Templates plugin from the WP Repository. 

Theme Customization and Global Colors 

With Astra, you can choose background colors, button shapes, global fonts, off canvas menu, body and heading size, type, and weight. 

Additionally, you also get to edit the global and local color palettes as per your requirements. 

Astra Global color palette

Fast Development Rate

The development rate of Astra is quite fast. They are introducing new features at a swift pace and their team also belongs to Pune in India, which is great! 

Ecommerce Features

As far as eCommerce is concerned, Astra offers some really impressive eCommerce features. It lets you edit the product display structure, set product thumbnail size, enable cross selling, and edit details required on the checkout page. 

An interesting feature is that you can also enable a store notice on top of your page to inform your customers about new products or convey important messages. 

Astra header and footer builders

Astra offers a powerful and responsive header and footer builder where you get 8 distinct elements. You can arrange these elements in a matrix and drag and drop them with a single click! 

Additionally, it also offers transparent and sticky header, where you get lots of customization options. You can enable or disable it for mobile or desktop, complete website, blog pages, product pages, etc. You also get to use different logos on the transparent header. 

Limited Blog Customization

For customizing your blog posts, it offers basic options like rearranging or hiding elements, enabling related posts and post excerpts, etc. However, the option to choose a blog layout is not available.  


  • Limited free version with less customization options. 
  • No in-built eCommerce options on the free plan. 
  • Bugs observed in the Sticky header option. 
  • Importing pre-made templates can be slightly confusing for beginners.
  • Customization options in the Off Canvas menu are not accessible.

Customer Support

On their website, you will find free support, premium support, and pre-sales queries. Generally, it takes upto 24 hours to get a reply on the free support. 

Astra support

They also have an extensive knowledge base of helpful articles, an FAQ section for quick answers, and insightful video tutorials. Overall, their customer support is quite helpful and technically versed. 

Demo Websites

KBS Constructors
KBS constructors website

This is a construction-based website that uses a sticky transparent header, video background in the image banner, text overlay effect, and a pleasing color scheme.

Torgeson Electric
Torgeson Electric website

This is a business website for an electric company. What makes it stand out is its attractive typing animation, image changing color on hovering, and image backgrounds in the footer section. 

Denis Bourgeois Design
Denis Bourgeois Design website

This is a website related to designing. It has a number of eye-catching elements.

This includes a sticky header, an elegant dark background, movable slider on the image banner, back to top button, number counters, zoom in animations on image grid, and more. 

Astra Pro Version

Astra offers the following annual and lifetime pricing bundles. 

Astra ProEssential BundleGrowth Bundle
Annual Pricing$49$169$249
Lifetime Pricing$239$499$699

The Pro version of Astra comes for $49/year where you get premium customer support, white labeling, Pro updates, sidebar designing styles, site layouts, dynamic content builder, header, footer, blog customization, and a scroll to top button.

It also offers WooCommerce and LMS support. If you wish to try out the Astra Premium WordPress theme, they also provide a 14-day money-back guarantee on their paid plans.  


Overall, Astra is a powerful and feature rich theme. Its free template collection and eCommerce compatibility are really impressive.

Astra is also a theme compatible with most page builders and plugins like WooCommerce, LMS plugins, etc. However, in the free version, customizations are limited. 

Astra is ideal for creating blogs, eCommerce sites, LMS sites, portfolio sites, membership sites, forums, etc. If you are a beginner who wants to start out with basic features, or are planning to upgrade your theme in the next few months, Astra would be a great option for you! 

4. OceanWP

OceanWP is a reputed and highly reliable theme designed by the OceanWP team in 2016. It is the second most installed theme in the WP Repository with over 700k active installations. The unique feature of this theme is its compatibility with all popular website builders. 

Fun fact: I always use the Gym template from OceanWP theme for testing different hosting services for my Web Hosting Reviews. 

Active Users700k+
Launch Date2016
Theme Size5.7 MB 
Official WebsiteVisit the website


OceanWP supports all the popular page builders, including Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Brizy, Visual Composer, and SiteOrigin. This offers great flexibility when working with multiple builders.

OCeanWP free templates

Limited Templates

Wven though well designed, you only get 15 free templates on the OceanWP theme. 

This is quite limited and they should provide more templates so users can have diverse options for designing their websites. In order to access these templates, you need to install the Ocean Extra plugin. 

Theme Customization

You will find a lot of theme customization options with OceanWP. It lets you choose page layouts, page title settings, website background, Scroll to Top button, Off-Canvas menu, button sizes, color option, and typography. 

OceanWP header options

OceanWP does not offer a dedicated header and footer builder option. You can create different styles of headers like Transparent, Vertical, minimal, custom, full screen, though.

An interesting feature is that you can also add an image or video to the header. The transparent and sticky header options are available as well. However, you need to install the ‘Sticky Header’ extension to implement it. 

Blog Customization

It offers a variety of options for customizing your blog posts. For instance, you can specify the blog post layout, adjust the sidebar percentage, change the image style, and re-arrange elements for single blog posts. 

Blog customization in OceanWP

Good Ecommerce Features

OceanWP offers good customization settings for WooCommerce. You can add a store notice, edit the cart icons, change the product layout, edit the checkout page product image, and a lot more. 


  • The interface looks quite old and outdated. 
  • Limited number of free templates available.
  • No header or footer builder options available.
  • Basic customizations and no global color palette available.
  • Complex theme setup process. 

Customer Support

The OceanWP theme has quite an established customer support. You will find an excellent knowledge base of articles on various topics to resolve your queries. 

OceanWP support

However, I found the basic support to be quite confusing. They have introduced various types of support, like 

  • Support through forms
  • Support through OceanWP dashboard
  • Premium support
  • Priority support
  • VIP support

In my opinion, they should’ve only offered two types of support – free and paid, instead of confusing users with multiple options.

Demo Websites

Following are some of the popular websites using the OceanWP theme. Let’s take a look at them. 

ConnectCue website

It is a travel management website that uses an attractive vertical header and color changing images on hovering. These give the website an animated feel which makes it look appealing.

Ema Locksmith
Ema Locksmith website

This is a business website for a locksmith company. What I found most attractive about it is that as we scroll down, the header becomes transparent and the logo reduces in size. 

Additionally, the Services cards use the flip animation, which looks really appealing.

StrategyCom website

This is an Italian branding and marketing website. What sets it apart is the header and the footer videos, along with auto-moving company logos in the center. These make it look lively and animated. 

OceanWP Pro Version

The OceanWP theme by itself is free and has no paid version. The plugins and extensions along with it can be availed through a paid plan. 

Following are the annual and lifetime plans of OceanWP.

Personal PlanBusiness PlanAgency Plan
Annual Pricing$35$49$79
Lifetime Pricing$144$196$318

They have priced the OceanWP Personal plan at $43/year, and you can use it for 3 websites. Along with the free demos and extensions, you also get access to 14 premium extensions and 210 premium demos. 

For testing out their features, OceanWP also provides a 14-day money-back guarantee to its users. 


OceanWP is an established, and reliable theme. It supports the maximum number of page builders and offers good eCommerce and blog customization options.

It is ideal for creating blogs, ecommerce stores, and 1 page websites. I use the gym template for my hosting reviews because it used to be my favorite theme. 

However, to be honest, they have not improved at the pace of their counterparts and are lagging behind as of 2024.

Finally, if you want a reliable and established theme, OceanWP is the one for you. However, I personally feel that it doesn’t provide much value to its users at the moment. There are much better free themes available. 

5. Neve

Neve is a fast, customizable, and lightweight theme developed by Themeisle in 2019. It has more than 300k+ active users at the moment. 

Neve is a multipurpose theme that can be used on multiple blog types and it stands out because of its range of free templates and widgets for the Gutenberg editor.

Active Users300k+
Launch Date2019
Theme Size3.1 MB 
Official WebsiteVisit the website


The Neve theme supports all the popular page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy, Beaver, SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, Divi, and Thrive Architect.

Neve free templates

Lots of Free Templates

Neve features a total of 125 starter templates, out of which, 51 are free. To import them, you need to install the ‘Templates Patterns Collection’ plugin. 

However, you only get templates for the Gutenberg editor. If you wish to access templates for other builders, you need to upgrade to the Pro version. 

Theme Customization and Global Colors

With this theme, you can edit the typography, background image, global colors, post layouts, button colors, button style, hover color, etc.

It also has an off-canvas menu for which you can edit the mobile sidebar alignment, behavior, width, and color.  

Neve Header and footer builder

The Header and footer builders of Neve are quite advanced. You can edit header and footer elements in a 3×3 matrix. 

It offers 7 basic header presets and 6 header elements that can be dragged and dropped on the matrix as per your choice. However, the transparent and sticky header options are not available on Neve. 

Blog Customization

Neve comes with 3 different blog layouts to help you structure your blog content. 

You also get the option to edit content ordering, hide/show specific content, set featured posts, select layout for single posts and pages, comment section layout, etc. 

Neve eCommerce features

eCommerce Features

Sadly, you won’t find any in-built eCommerce features with Neve. They only have store templates. You can implement the other features through the WooCommerce plugin.

Extra Features

Typing Animation is one of the best features of Neve. While editing any page, you can convert a text content into a typing animation. You can set a speed, delay, and loading animations for a block. 

Otter block elements in Neve

It also offers 29 Otter Block widgets with the Gutenberg editor, including a circle counter, progress bar, flip card, pop up, etc. 


  • Templates are only available for Gutenberg in the free plan.
  • No transparent or sticky header for free.
  • No Scroll to top button, page animations, or website frame.

Customer Support

Neve theme offers an extensive and detailed documentatio, where you will find all the essential topics, including header and footer builder, Shop, Blog, Otter Blocks, and important FAQs. 

Neve support

Along with that, they also have a support forum and a Facebook group where users can interact with others and get their queries resolved. 

Demo Websites

Following are some attractive websites built using the Neve theme. Let’s take a look at them. 

EggHead Designs
EggHead Designs website

This is a website for a popular digital marketing agency. What fascinated me most about this website is its transparent header that turns sticky when scrolled up, its gradient buttons, double logos, button animations, and sticky element on the sidebar.

BJU Scope
BJU Scope website

This is a university website featuring a beautiful color scheme, lots of animated sections, a sticky header, along with a hover to zoom effect.

TradingCryptoCourse website

On this online course website, you will find a responsive slider, use of pop ups and animations, and an elegant color scheme. 

Neve Pro Version

Following are the annual pricing plans of Neve theme. 

Neve pricing plans

They have priced the Personal plan of Neve at $69/year. It includes transparent and sticky headers, header components, blog customization options, premium blocks, custom layouts, and more, for unlimited websites.

If you wish to test out the features of this theme before actually purchasing it, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Overall, Neve is a lightweight theme with a responsive design and lots of free templates, good theme customization, various blog layouts, and support for popular website builders. 

This theme would be particularly suitable for blogs, portfolio sites, startups, and other small scale websites. However, the free version is best used with the Gutenberg editor. 

6. Phlox

Phlox is a renowned WordPress theme developed by Averta back in 2013. It has 50k+ active users as of now. What makes Phlox stand out is its attractive page animations. 

Overall, it is one of the best WordPress themes for blogging and for users who prefer Elementor page builder for designing their site. 

Active Users50k+
Launch Date2013
Theme Size6.4 MB 
Official WebsiteVisit the website


Supports Limited Page Builders

It offers support for three popular page builders, including Elementor, Visual Composer, and SiteOrigin.

Phlox free templates

Range of Free Templates

With Phlox, you get 40 free templates that are all really well designed with cool animations and effects. You need to install the ‘Phlox Core’ plugin in order to import the demo templates. 

Page Animations

The most attractive feature of Phlox is its page animations. It adds a lively touch to a static webpage. You get 4 different animations with the free plan, including Fade, Cover, Circle, and Slide Up. 

Page Animations Phlox

Theme Customization

You can edit the theme according to your requirements using the WordPress customizer. Phlox lets you edit your website layout, global colors, typography, blog customization, and a lot more. 

While editing your posts in the Elementor editor, you can use from their 45+ free elements to give your website a modern design.  

Phlox header templates

With Phlox, you get 11 header templates and 8 header elements that you can use as per your choice. However, if you wish to edit the header and footer contents, you are forwarded to the Elementor editor so you can customize the positions of elements. 

You can add custom JavaScript code in the header and footer sections. Additionally, it also offers the Transparent header and Sticky Header and footer options. 

Phlox eCommerce options

eCommerce Options

With Phlox, you get all the necessary options for a WooCommerce store. This includes a Store Notice, and customization options for the Product Catalog, Product Images, and the Checkout page. 

Blog Customization

The Blog customization options in Phlox are commendable. You get 7 impressive blog sidebar layouts, 3 styling options, along with 3 content styles.

You can also enable or disable distinct elements and buttons on the blog according to your preferences.  

Phlox blog customization

Additional Features

Phlox offers a range of additional features, including progress bar, loading image, content background, website frames, and skin types for media players and login page.

It also offers an Off- Canvas menu for mobiles, Scroll to Top button, Maintenance or Coming Soon page, website background patterns, and repetition styles. 


  • Doesn’t support Gutenberg editor.
  • Header and footer customization is a little difficult.
  • Animations make the website slightly heavy and reduce loading speeds.
  • It has lots of animation effects, which require server resources to load. A good web hosting is a must for using Phlox. 

Customer Support

The customer support of Phlox is quite impressive.

It offers an extensive knowledge base of 150+ articles covering various topics like Blog, Design and Layout, Elements and Widgets, Image Gallery, and an FAQ section for clarifying the popular topics.

Phlox support

They also offer 40+ video tutorials on how to get started with the various features of Phlox. And finally, you can also find an email support where the replies arrive within a few hours. 

Demo Websites

Following are some popular websites that use the Phlox theme. 

OneProduct website

This is a simplistic product website that has a sticky header and interesting animations running throughout the page. 

Salam Online
Salam Online website

This is an internet service provider website that offers a beautiful color scheme, glow effect on buttons, along with moving animation effects.

Fiverr Affiliates
Fiverr Affiliates website

This is a sub-domain under the official Fiverr platform. What I found attractive about this website is its simple header and footer, a wonderful color scheme, and a Back to Top button. 

Phlox Pro Version

You can purchase the Phlox premium theme on Theme Forest that comes from Envato Elements. The Pro version of Phlox comes for a one-time fee of $39. 

Phlox theme pricing

It offers 80+ templates for Elementor, 160+ premium Elementor elements, 60+ exclusive elements and plugin bundle for WPBakery page builder, eCommerce features, 90+ slider templates, and 9 Premium Bundle plugins.


Phlox is a feature rich and responsive theme that is primarily popular because of its animation effects. The free version of Phlox would be sufficient for all types of users, as it comes with enough free templates and lots of customization options. 

This theme is best for beginners, bloggers, portfolio sites, agencies, magazines and ecommerce sites, etc, using the Elementor page builder. Bloggers would find it extremely helpful, as it has a variety of styling options for blogs. 


Along with selecting a good theme, you should also know how to use it to create an attractive, functional, and fast website. My in-depth course on blogging will help you create a blog using free themes and plugins and achieve a 90+ page speed score.

If you are interested in this course, you can either purchase it separately or get it for free by purchasing a Cloudways hosting using my link. If you decide to purchase the Cloudways hosting with my link, you will get both the Cloudways Training Program and the Lightning Blogs Blogging Course for free!

Anyway, what’s your favorite WordPress theme and why? Have you tried any of the themes that we discussed in this article? Let me know your views in the comments box below. 

Also, to stay updated with my latest videos and posts, do subscribe to my weekly newsletter. This is Kripesh signing off! Take care and stay safe. Cheers! 🙂


1. Which is the overall best free theme for 2024?

Kadence is the best theme for 2024 because it comes with lots of free templates, supports all popular page builders, offers dozens of customization options, and also offers Kadence Blocks to design websites from scratch. 

2. Which is the best feature rich theme? 

Blocksy is the best feature-rich theme because it offers the maximum customization options for a free theme.
Along with a powerful header and footer builder, you also get a global color palette, transparent header, website frame, blog layouts, and eCommerce customization on Blocksy.

3. Which is the best free theme for eCommerce?

Blocksy is the best free theme for eCommerce because it offers numerous customization options for building an online shop. It is a WooCommerce-ready theme. 

4. Which is the best WordPress theme for blogging?

Kadence is the best theme for blogging because it offers advanced blog customizations along with Kadence Blocks for quickly creating interactive and appealing blog sections. 

5. Which is the best free theme for page builders?

Astra is the best theme for page builders as it supports all popular page builders, including Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi.

6. Which is the best free theme for Gutenberg?

Kadence and Blocksy are best suited for the Gutenberg editor because of their smooth and seamless integration with it. Additionally, Kadence Blocks are designed to work with the Gutenberg editor itself. 

7. Which free theme has the best demo content?

For demo content, Astra theme is undoubtedly the best theme! It comes with hundreds of free templates along with the options to import all demo content and plugins to your website. Thus, you can visualize exactly how a website would appear live.

8. Which is the best theme for LMS?

Kadence is the best free theme for LMS plugins like LearnDash, LearnPress, LifterLMS, etc. However, if you are looking for paid options, Astra Pro offers advanced support for popular LMS plugins. 

9. Which free WordPress theme has the best customer support?

Kadence theme has the best customer support because of its active community support forum, that is updated on a regular basis. 

10. Which is the best free WordPress theme for beginners?

Kadence and Astra are good options for beginners who have never worked with themes. They are quite user friendly and easy to understand for newbies with no experience. 

11. Which is the best theme for digital marketing agencies?

For digital marketing agencies, Astra would be ideal because of its hundreds of free templates and advanced customization features. 

12. Which is the best free theme for business websites?

For business websites, Kadence and Blocksy themes would be best because they are lightweight, attractive, and optimized for search engines.
They are also optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, and offer fast loading speeds, which improves the user experience. 

13. Which is the best free theme for a news website?

On content focussed websites like news sites, Blocksy would work the best because it offers elegant templates, various blog layouts, 900+ Google fonts, header and footer builders, and support for lazy loading. 
These options are ideal for a news website.

14. Which is the best free theme for a portfolio website?

Kadence and Astra are the best themes for a portfolio site because you will find a variety of attractive portfolio templates that can be imported and used on your blog. 

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  1. Awesome list of free WordPress themes. As a beginner, it is very difficult to buy a premium theme, but I think one can look for these collections and choose any one of them as per the blogging niche.

  2. I have a question (for a blog site) which one of the following 1-4 option would you choose?

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