73 Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals (April 2024)

Whether you’re a content creator, freelancer, or small business owner, digital tools can help you save time and focus on getting things done! One of the most popular online marketplaces to find budget digital tools is AppSumo.

You’ll find thousands of deals running on this platform every month. These may include lifetime deals on AI Writers, cloud storage, SEO tools, WordPress tools, Productivity tools, and more. But which tools are right for you? 

Well, don’t worry, cause we’ve got you covered! In this article, we are going to look at the most exciting Lifetime Deals running on AppSumo for April 2024. Every month, we are going to update this page with the latest AppSumo deals. So, if you’re interested in exploring new and exciting digital tools, keep an eye out for this blog!

Now, let’s get straight into our best AppSumo lifetime deals for April 2024.

Katalist Logo


Leverage AI to transform your scripts into visual narratives featuring customizable scenes and characters.

Marky Logo


Utilize artificial intelligence to create and organize social media marketing material tailored for various platforms.

neuronwriter logo


Utilize semantic recommendations to enhance SEO and plan high-ranking optimised content effectively.

NameCategoryPricingDeal Link
WordHeroAI Writer$89Visit
WritecreamAI Writer$59Visit
NeuronWriterContent Marketing$89Visit
GoZen Content AIContent Marketing$49Visit
MailerCloudEmail Marketing $69Visit
BlogifyContent Marketing$69Visit
CloselyLead Generation $59Visit
Kuasar VideoSocial Media $59Visit
Katalist Video$49Visit
Sidekick Productivity$49Visit
MarkySocial Media$59Visit
StepsyRemote Collaboration $39Visit
CreasquareSocial Media $39Visit
SalesBlinkEmail Marketing$69Visit
Screen Story Video$49Visit
Snackeet Content Marketing $49Visit
speechkiMedia tools$59Visit
HeadwayMental Health$59Visit
Textfocus SEO$89Visit
WP Login LockdownSecurity Plugin$59Visit
Goose VPN Privacy$29Visit
Vivomeetings Webinars and Streaming$72Visit
Whisper TranscribeContent Marketing $49Visit
Success AIEmail Marketing$49Visit
OptinlyLead Generation $59Visit
GPT-trainerCustomer Support$49Visit
Keyword DiscoverySEO$49Visit
Base Backlink ManagementSEO$59Visit
SparkReceiptProductivity $12Visit
KanboxLead Generation$49Visit
PixeliedVisual Design$49Visit
YT CopycatMedia Management$29Visit
LeadRocksLead Generation$79Visit
trafftCalender and Scheduling $59Visit
ProwdContent Marketing$49Visit
YTubeBoosterMedia Manager $59Visit
StepsyRemote Collaboration $29Visit
VitePosEcommerce $79Visit
useArtemisLead Generation$69Visit
Backlink CheckerSEO$39Visit
PinreelMedia Tools Video$49Visit
ForentoCourse Builders$39Visit
Vocal EmailCustomer Support$49Visit
SwitchyURL Shortener$39Visit
WPResetCloud Service & Hosting$49Visit
SociaMonialsSocial Media$69Visit
MinimarksRemote Collaboration$49Visit
WordPlayAI Writer$99Visit
Reoon Mail VerifierProductivity$79Visit
WP Scheduled PostsWordPress$39Visit
AirbrushAI Art$29Visit
EWWW Image OptimizerWordPress$99Visit
Pabbly ConnectAutomation$249Visit
IcedriveCloud Storage512 GB @ $299
+128 GB @ $79
+512 GB @ $199
pCloudCloud Storage500 GB @ $199
2 TB @ $399
10 TB @ $1190
ProWritingAidGrammar & Writing₹17556Visit

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60 Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals (April 2024)

wordhero logo


WordHero is an AI-powered copywriting tool that offers 100+ languages and 65+ use cases for creating blogs, sales copies, product descriptions, social media copies, etc. It could be a suitable alternative to AI tools like Jasper or Copy.ai.

I like the high-quality outputs generated by WordHero and would highly recommend it if you want to create short form content in good quality. Overall, it’s easy to use and I actively use it for my work and personal purposes.

The lifetime deal of WordHero is priced at $89, where you get to generate 20k words per month. This is sufficient for creating short-form content.

Lifetime Deal: $89 (20k+ words/month)

writecream logo


Writecream is an AI writer that features 40+ AI tools using which you can generate blog posts, emails, voiceovers, ad copies, podcasts, and much more. Interestingly, it also offers an inbuilt plagiarism checker and an AI article writer.

I personally liked the Ad and SEO tools of Writecream. It also produced refined results for long-form content. If you are a content or copywriter, you can use Writecream as a budget alternative to Grammarly or Jasper.

You can get the lifetime deal of Writecream for $59. It comes with 200 credits per month, that amount to 400k characters/month. This is sufficient for creating long-form blogs.

Lifetime Deal: $59 (200 credits/month)

neuronwriter logo


NeuronWriter is an NLP content editing platform. It can help you find fresh ideas for your content and generate SEO-optimized articles within minutes. Along with that, it can also help with keyword research and SERP analysis to create content that ranks higher. 

NeuronWriter looks like a powerful alternative to popular SEO tools like SurferSEO and MarketMuse. So, if you’re a content writer or an SEO writer looking for a budget SEO writer on a lifetime deal, this is a steal deal! The lifetime deal of NeuronWriter is available for $69. Here, you’ll get 15k monthly AI credits, 25 monthly content analysis queries, 2 projects, and standard AI templates.

Lifetime Deal: $89 (15k credits/month)

gozen ai

GoZen Content AI

GoZen Content AI is a feature-rich AI writing and image generation platform that uses GPT 3.5 Turbo technology. With this tool, you get a responsive UI and high-quality outputs. It also features tools like an AI image generator, landing page creator, blog wizard, keyword ideas, etc. 

However, the history and credit consumption features are unavailable. Overall, GoZen Content AI is an excellent choice for bloggers, copywriters, graphic designers, social media managers, marketers, SEO experts, etc.

The lifetime deal of GoZen Content AI is priced at $49, where you get 30k AI words and 100 AI images every month. If your work revolves around content or images, this tool will be totally worth it! 

Lifetime Deal: $49 (30k AI words/month)



Straico is a generative AI platform that offers AI writing and graphic generation tools. It features multiple AI models with ready-to-use prompts to create high-quality content! Content creators and entrepreneurs looking for budget-friendly alternatives to Copy AI or Jasper AI can check out Straico!

The lifetime deal of Straico is priced at $49. With this deal, you get 5k monthly coins, 63k monthly words in GPT-4 Turbo, 250 monthly images in Stable Diffusion XL or DALL·E 3, and 250k monthly words across 10+ models.

Lifetime Deal: $49



MailerCloud is an email marketing platform for creating, scheduling, and delivering email campaigns. It offers a drag-and-drop editor to design responsive and professional emails and create custom automations with ease.

Content creators, eCommerce owners, and marketers can consider it an affordable alternative to Active Campaign, MailChimp, and MailerLite. The lifetime deal of MailerCloud can be availed for $69, where you get access to 7500 contacts with unlimited emails and users. 

Lifetime Deal: $69 (7500 contacts, unlimited emails and users)



Blogify is an AI tool that converts your videos, audios, and podcasts into SEO-optimized blog posts. It streamlines your blogging process and enhances your productivity. Bloggers and content creators can consider Blogify as an alternative to Copy AI or Hootsuite. 

You can get the lifetime deal of Blogify for $69. With this deal, you can create 10 blogs/month from videos, generate 10 posts/month from titles or short descriptions, and get unlimited word count/blog.

Lifetime Deal: $69



Closely is a cloud-based lead engagement tool for LinkedIn and email outreach. It has an integrated B2B database and email verification tool that helps you find email addresses and LinkedIn contacts with ease. Tools like automatic follow-ups and lead finder make it stand out!

If you are a sales manager, marketer, or hiring manager, you will find Closely valuable for your workflow. As of now, Closely is available on a lifetime deal for a one-time price of $59, where you get 2000 monthly credits. 

Lifetime Deal: $59 (2000 monthly credits)

kuasar video

Kuasar Video

Kuasar Video is an AI tool that analyzes thousands of high-performing social media videos and offers in-depth insights. You can even analyze top video scripts to generate similar content. This helps you stay on top of all social media trends and rank higher than your competitors. 

If you’re a content creator, social media manager, or marketing agency looking for an alternative to VidIQ, Kuasar Video could be a great choice. You can avail of the lifetime deal of Kuasar Video for $59. With this deal, you get 100 video scores and 25 video analyses every month.

Lifetime Deal: $59 (100 video scores+25 video analyses/month.)



ProductScope AI lets you create attractive photos and Amazon listings for your products. It transforms your boring pictures into eye-catching marketing assets without a photo shoot to boost your reach and sales. 

If you are an eCommerce store owner, content creator, or marketing agency, you can use ProductScope as a replacement for Canva or Adobe Photoshop. 

The lifetime deal of ProductScope can be purchased for $59. With this deal, you get unlimited relaxed image generations and 250 fast image generations per month.

Lifetime Deal: $59

Katalist Logo


Katalist AI is a visual storytelling platform powered by generative AI. With this tool, you can generate engaging scripts, captivating storyboards, presentations, ads, and video ideas, and customize them too. 

If you are a filmmaker, content creator, marketer, advertiser, or videographer, Katalist AI will be a valuable addition to your workflow. It could serve as an ideal alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Miro.

The lifetime deal of Katalist AI is priced at $49, where you get 250 monthly AI images. If you need to generate unlimited AI images, you can upgrade to its Tier 2 plan for $99. 

Lifetime Deal: $49 (250 AI images/month)

Sidekick logo


Sidekick is a distraction-free web browser for productivity enthusiasts. It offers a single window with no other tabs where you can mute notifications and work in a focused manner. You can even block ads and secure your data while browsing the internet through Sidekick. 

Small business owners, remote working teams, and productivity and privacy enthusiasts will find this tool useful. If you want to boost your workflow, you can get its lifetime deal for $49. This plan offers a built-in VPN and supports 1 user.

Lifetime Deal: $49 (1 user, built-in VPN)

Xound Logo


Xound is a background noise remover powered by artificial intelligence. It uses natural pitch detection to maintain the original sound of your vocals. It also cleans your audio and detects and improves audio quality. 

The best part about Xound is that it integrates with WhatsApp. So you can send your media files directly to Xound from your WhatsApp.

Content creators, podcasters, and voiceover artists will find this tool worth it for creating crystal-clear audios. It could be a perfect alternative to Audacity, Adobe Premiere, and iMovie. 

The lifetime deal of Xound can be availed for $39, where you get 20 processing hours per month. 

Lifetime Deal: $39 (20 processing hours/month)

Marky Logo


Marky is an AI-powered social media content creation and scheduling platform. With this tool, you can create engaging marketing content for different social media platforms with a few clicks. Its extensive assets library helps you generate captions, images, graphics, and even carousels!

If you are a content creator, social media manager, marketing agency, or influencer, you can try Marky! As of now, Marky can be availed as a lifetime deal for $59, where you can generate 300 posts per month and schedule 1 post a day!

Lifetime Deal: $59 (300 posts/month)



Stepsy is an easy-to-use documentation tool that helps you capture screenshots and annotate them, create SOPs and training materials, and share them with your team via Google Drive. 

This automated documentation tool could be the perfect substitute for tools like Scribe. If you’re an online educator, team manager, consultant, or freelancer working with various clients, you’ll find Stepsy quite convenient! 

With this lifetime deal available at an affordable price point of $29, you can create unlimited guides, edit captured images, hide sensitive data, export it to Google Docs, etc. 

Lifetime Deal: $29 (unlimited guides)

Puppetry Logo


Puppetry is an innovative tool for generating talking head videos with AI avatars. With this tool, you can generate lifelike animations in a range of voice options. Content creators, educators, YouTubers, and small businesses can use it as an affordable alternative to Synthesia. 

As of now, Puppetry is available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo for $49. With this deal, you get unlimited video generation and presenters per day. It also supports multiple languages and offers AI image generation and AI presenter generation tools. 

Lifetime Deal: $49 (unlimited video generation and presenters)

Photokit Logo


Photokit is an online photo editing platform that’s packed with a range of editing tools. You can find tools like background remover, photo effects, collage templates, image retouch, photo enhancer, millions of photos, graphics, and illustrations, etc. 

If you are a content creator, video editor, graphic designer, or freelancer, Photokit could be a pocket-friendly alternative to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. 

The lifetime deal of Photokit can be availed for a one-time price of $69, where you get unlimited photo downloads and access to all the future AI tools. 

Lifetime Deal: $69 (unlimited photo downloads)



Creasquare is an AI-powered social media content creation and scheduling platform. It features an extensive library of stock images, videos, music, and templates to create catchy social posts.

You can also generate AI captions and schedule your posts across multiple social platforms.  Creasquare could be an ideal alternative to tools like Jasper AI, Canva, or Buffer.

If you’re a digital marketer or social media manager, make sure to check this tool out! Its lifetime deal can be availed for $39, where you’ll get 5 social accounts with unlimited workspaces and users.

Lifetime Deal: $39

Salesblink Logo


SalesBlink is a cold-emailing platform powered by artificial intelligence. With this tool, you can generate personalized cold emails, automatically send them, and ensure your emails never land in the spam folder. It also features a unified inbox to reply to all your emails conveniently.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Lemlist and Outreach, SalesBlink will do the job for you. As of now, it’s available as a lifetime deal for $69. Here, you will get a 50k email sending limit/month and 2k BlinkGPT AI personalized emails/month.

Lifetime Deal: $69 (50k email sending limit/month)

Screen Story Logo

Screen Story

Screen Story is a screen recording solution that makes your recordings even more captivating by applying design patterns to them. It’s the perfect solution for users who wish to create tutorials, product demos, promo videos, GIFs for newsletters, social media stories, etc.

It could work as a superb alternative to Loom and Screencastify. The lifetime deal of Screen Story is available for $49, where you get access to all future updates. It can be used on 1 device.

Lifetime Deal: $49



Snackeet is a web story-building platform that helps you design interactive web pages using quizzes, presentations, surveys, forms, etc, to engage your audiences. It comes with unlimited access to quizzes, forms, presentations, etc along with webhooks and lots of integrations. 

Snackeet could be a useful option for marketing agencies and eCommerce owners. The Lifetime deal of Snackeet is priced at $49, where you can get 15k unique users every month, along with 5 story banners and 2 team members.

Lifetime Deal: $49 (15k unique users/month)



Speechki is an AI voice generator that features over 600 AI voices in different accents and languages. Its powerful text-to-audio feature converts your text content into high-quality audio within seconds. 

You can also adjust the tone, pitch, and speed of your generated videos to make them sound extremely real and natural. Content creators, marketers, ad agencies, educators, and marketers should definitely try it out. It may be an ideal alternative to Descript and Speechelo. 

Speechki’s lifetime deal can be availed for $59, which will give you 20 voice generations and 3 music generations per month. If you need unlimited voice generations, you can check out its Tier 3 plan for $239. 

Lifetime Deal: $59 (20 monthly voice generations)



Headway is a popular app that helps you develop powerful reading habits. Trusted by over 12 million users, this app offers 15-min summaries of the best books read out by professional voice artists. From self-help to success or career to business, Headway has all the books you need!

If you’re an educator, online coach, freelancer, or someone passionate about books, you’ll love Headway. 

The AppSumo lifetime deal of Headway can be availed for $59, where you can read and listen to 15-minute summaries from the best non-fiction books. Apart from that, you can also get personalized recommendations, actionable insights and tips, curated collections, and more. 

Lifetime Deal: $59


TextFocus is an SEO and semantic analysis tool that quickly analyzes your HTML code and identifies if it’s optimized for SEO. It also helps you track the performance of your web pages as per the target keywords and search for new keywords. 

TextFocus could be beneficial for content creators and marketing agencies looking for optimizing their web content. You can get the lifetime deal of TextFocus for $89. It gives you access to 750 monthly credits and unlimited link analysis, keyword audits, volume calculations, and questions. 

Lifetime Deal: $89 (750 monthly credits)

WP Login Lockdown Logo

WP Login Lockdown

WP Login Lockdown is a powerful security plugin that keeps your WordPress website protected from malicious attacks. It also lets you enable 2FA, firewall, and GDPR-compliant Captcha to boost your website security.

If you’re an IT agency, web design agency, small business, blogger, or security enthusiast, you should definitely get this plugin to safeguard your WordPress websites. 

As of now, the lifetime deal of WP Login Lockdown can be availed for just $59, where you can connect up to 5 websites. But if you’re an agency or a large business, you can opt for the $118 plan where you’ll get 50 websites. 

Lifetime Deal: $59 (5 websites)



Unschooler is a course creation platform powered by artificial intelligence. With this tool, you can effortlessly generate only courses equipped with videos, interactive quizzes, tasks, etc. You can also use your custom domain for publishing your courses. 

What’s more? You don’t even need to evaluate your students’ submissions. Unschooler uses AI to calculate marks, offer insightful feedback, and track student progress efficiently. It’s a power-packed platform for course creation. 

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly alternative to course creators like Thinkific, Teachable, or Kajabi, Unschooler could be a good option. Content creators and online educators can definitely check out its AI capabilities. 

Its lifetime deal is available on AppSumo for $59, where you can create 20 courses, and a 7% payment commission is charged on the Tier 1 plan.  

Lifetime Deal: $59 (20 courses and 7% payment commission)



Transcript.LOL is an AI-powered transcription service that converts your video content into text format. Transcript.LOL can understand a range of languages and dialects, which is why its transcription accuracy is very high. 

It supports multiple types of content, including YouTube videos, podcasts, online meetings, webinars, interviews, etc, and converts them into easily accessible summaries, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, tweets, etc. 

It could be a really useful tool for content creators, podcasters, and online instructors. The AppSumo lifetime deal of Transcript.LOL is available for $39, where you can transcribe 400 mins of content per month.

Lifetime Deal: $39 (400 mins/mo)


Goose VPN

Goose VPN is a secure VPN service that lets you browse the internet anonymously. It features exceptional military-grade encryption, cyber alarms, and double VPN features to secure your online activity. 

I think it would be valuable for solopreneurs, marketing agencies, crypto traders, and security enthusiasts. The lifetime deal of Goose VPN can be availed for $29. This deal offers unlimited bandwidth and lets you simultaneously use Goose VPN on 3 devices.

Lifetime Deal: $29

Vivo Meetings


Vivomeetings is an online communication platform where you get video calls, voice calls, online chats, and share content. It’s an all-in-one platform for communication and productivity.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Zoom, you could check out Vivomeetings. Online coaches, educators, small businesses, and freelancers would enjoy using this video conference and communication app.

The lifetime deal of Vivomeetings is priced at $72 on AppSumo. With this plan, you can add up to 12 attendees.

Lifetime Deal: $72 (12 attendees)

Whisper Transcribe

Whisper Transcribe

WhisperTranscribe is an AI transcription service that helps you turn your audio content into text. It supports 50+ languages for transcription and is capable of generating summaries, notes, social media posts, blogs, and newsletters from your podcasts. 

You can even input custom prompts to convert your audio content into a specific type of written content. If you’re a podcaster, YouTuber, or online content creator, you can check out WhisperTranscribe as an alternative to Otter AI and Descript. 

Its lifetime deal is available for $49, where you get 150 mins of transcription/month along with unlimited content generation and unlimited shows.

Lifetime Deal: $49 (150 mins of monthly transcription)

Success AI

Success AI

Success AI is an AI-powered tool for automating your cold emails. The highlight of Success AI is that it offers unlimited email accounts to boost your lead generation attempts. 

With this tool, you can write conversion-focused emails with AI, view and manage your emails in a centralized inbox, get unlimited warmups on your emails to avoid spam, and get access to 700M+ verified leads. 

Marketing agencies and sales managers can look at this powerful tool for maximizing their leads. The lifetime deal of Success AI can be availed for $49. With this plan, you get 1,200 active contacts, 6,000 emails/month, and 2,500 AI writer credits/month.

Lifetime Deal: $49



Optinly is a custom pop-up creation tool that offers dozens of templates to help you design captivating popups. It offers unlimited popup campaigns along with multiple types of popups like exit popups, full-screen overlays, slide-in popups, etc.

With this tool, you can improve your user experience and engage more visitors. It could be an affordable alternative to OptinMonster. Marketers and marketing agencies can surely give it a try for creating catchy pop-ups for their sites.

The lifetime deal of Optinly can be availed for $59, where you can connect up to 5 sites. You’ll also get 75+ premium templates, 6 types of pop-up forms, 12 email service provider integrations, and an advanced analytics dashboard.

Lifetime Deal: $59 (5 sites)

gpt trainer

GPT Trainer

GPT Trainer is a tool that lets you build a ChatGPT bot for your brand. You can train it on custom data and then implement it on your website to improve UX and boost sales. Whether you want to offer support, answer FAQs, generate leads, or collect user data, it’s all possible with GPT Trainer.

The chatbots can be customized as per your brand’s appearance. You can also view advanced analytics to track users’ conversations. Overall, it’s a powerful tool for eCommerce owners, customer support teams, and small businesses.

The lifetime deal of GPT Trainer is priced at $49, where you get 2,500 monthly message credits, 10 chatbots, 3 GB storage, and a 1 M content size token limit.

Lifetime Deal: $49 (2.5k message credits/mo and 10 chatbots)

keyword discovery

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery is a keyword research tool offered by Keyword Spy. It’s a powerful tool for finding high-value and low-competition keywords. It also offers AI-powered SERP Analysis and keyword research to improve your on-page optimization.

It’s a great tool for bloggers, marketers, marketing agencies, and SEO professionals. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly substitute for SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush, you can try Keyword Discovery.

The lifetime deal of Keyword Discovery can be availed for $49 where you’ll get unlimited keyword idea reports and 2,000 keyword difficulty scores.

Lifetime Deal: $49

base backlink management

Base is a backlink management software that helps you build and track links and optimize your link-building processes. It also helps you prevent link deletions through automatic health checks.

If you’re a marketer or a marketing agency, you’ll find immense value in this backlink management tool. Base Backlink Management can be purchased on a lifetime deal for $59. With this deal, you get 100 newly added/confirmed links and 100 manual checks every month.

Lifetime Deal: $59


Spark Receipt

SparkReceipt is software equipped with various powerful tools like an AI receipt scanner, document manager, and expense tracker to help freelancers and small businesses manage their documents and expenses.

Freelancers, Accountants, and small business owners can take a look at this nifty tool! Spark Receipt is priced at an extremely affordable lifetime price of $12, where you get unlimited smart AI receipt scans.

Lifetime Deal: $12


Kanbox is a lead-generation platform designed for professionals. It not only works as a LinkedIn scraper but also offers a professional email finder, smart LinkedIn inbox, and CRM pipeline. All of these tools help in streamlining your lead-generation process.

Sales managers, marketing agencies, and recruiters can use it as a great replacement for tools like Hunter or Salesforce. The AppSumo lifetime deal of Kanbox can be purchased for $49. With this deal, you’ll get 2000 export credits and 2000 email enrichment credits.

Lifetime Deal: $49



Resound is an AI-powered podcast editing platform that minimizes the post-production time of your podcasts with AI. It uses machine learning to identify patterns in your audio and removes them with a single click! It also lets you remove background noise, adjust volume levels, equalize, and more.

Overall, Resound could be an affordable alternative to Audacity and Descript. Content creators and Podcasters will surely adore it! The lifetime deal of Resound is priced at just $49, which gives you access to 4 hours of AI-processed audio per month.

Lifetime Deal: $49



FlexClip is an online video creation platform that lets you create attractive and engaging videos, movies, and slideshows within a few minutes! All you have to do is upload your videos or photos, make some quick edits, and export! 

It also offers sufficient features for editing your videos, including text overlays, animations, hundreds of elements, etc. I feel it’s a good alternative to Canva and can be used by social media managers, graphic designers, course creators, small businesses, and YouTubers.

As of now, its AppSumo lifetime deal is available for $69. This plan gives you 10 GB storage, 50 GB video hosting space, 25 mins video length, and 720p HD downloads. It also features AI tools like AI text-to-video/image/speech, AI script, background remover, etc. 

Lifetime Deal: $69

pixelied logo


Pixelied is an AI-powered online graphic design suite that helps you create stunning graphics within minutes. From social media banners to infographics, or product mockups, Pixelied can create all kinds of designs. It offers various AI tools to generate AI images or edit your design. 

Pixelied looks like a decent alternative to online design tools like Canva or VistaCreate. Graphic designers, marketers, and bloggers can look at it. Its lifetime deal is available for $49, where you’ll get 5 workspaces, 20 AI image generation credits, and 35 background removal credits.

Lifetime Deal: $49

yt copycat

YT CopyCat

YT Copycat is an AI-powered content creation assistant that helps you save time on creating quality content. It seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site and helps you convert your YouTube videos into full-fledged engaging articles within seconds.

YouTubers, bloggers, content creators, and authors can utilize YT Copycat to turn their library of videos into captivating pieces of unique content that’s free from plagiarism. Its lifetime deal is priced at $29 and lets you generate 50k GPT 3 words and 10k GPT 4 words/month.

Lifetime Deal: $29 (50k GPT3 words and 10k GPT4 words/mo)



LeadRocks is a B2B contact database and an email outreach platform. It features an extensive database of 100M+ records, with contact details like emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles. You can search for leads by factors like job title, company name, location, industry, etc.  

This tool can add the most value to HR professionals, recruiters, marketing agencies, and sales managers, who constantly need to generate leads and target potential clients. It can be a pocket-friendly alternative to Salesforce and ZoomInfo on a lifetime deal. 

LeadRocks can be availed as a lifetime deal for $79 right now. It’ll give you 5k contact credits per month.  

Lifetime Deal: $79 (5k monthly contact credits)



Trafft is an automated booking scheduler that offers powerful features for small to medium-sized businesses and agencies. It allows you to schedule one-time, recurring, or group meetings with clients and manage all your calendars from a convenient Android app. 

Features like access levels for clients and white labeling support make Trafft stand out. It could be a worthy replacement for Calendly, Google Calendar, etc. Small businesses, agencies, educators, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can use it to efficiently schedule their meetings. 

You can get Trafft on a lifetime deal for $59 at the moment. This plan lets you add up to 40 employees in your workspace. For unlimited employees, you can upgrade to its Tier 2 plan for $119. 

Lifetime Deal: $59 (40 employees)



Prowd is a video creation platform focused on speed and simplicity. It lets you design captivating videos within seconds using its 4 powerful tools – Text to Video, URL to Video, Stats to Video, and Image to Video. 

So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to tools like Adobe Premiere or Canva, Prowd could be a perfect fit! Content creators, freelancers, marketers, and social media managers could benefit from this swift and easy-to-use tool. 

The lifetime deal of Prowd is available for $49 access to the 4 powerful video tools discussed above. Along with that, it also offers 40+ music tunes, instant MP4 export, custom branding, video export without watermark, etc. 

Lifetime Deal: $49 (4 video tools)



Screpy is an AI-based tool that monitors your website performance, including its uptime, page speed score, and SEO.

Talking about my own experience, it didn’t impress me much for monitoring the uptime of my website. However, if you’re looking for a budget alternative to renowned tools like Ahrefs, UberSuggest, and SEMRush, you can check it out.

Its Lifetime deal is priced at $49, where you get to monitor 10 websites, 4000 keywords credit/month for Google Rank Checker, 8000 credits/month for analysis, and more features.

Lifetime Deal: $49




YTubeBooster is a video SEO tool to optimize your videos for YouTube and rank higher on search results. With this tool, you can optimize your keywords, and tags, and link your social media profiles, playlists, affiliate links, etc, in your video descriptions. 

YouTubers or content creators wanting to improve their performance and traffic can check out YTubeBooster as an alternative to VidIQ and TubeBuddy.  

It is available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo for $59, where you get all the essential video tools. These include multi-channel support, tag extractor, focus keyword suggestions, keyword volume, long tail keywords, social and affiliate integration, etc. 

Lifetime Deal: $59

vitepos logo


VitePos is a swift and responsive point-of-sale plugin for your WooCommerce store. It lets you use your online store as a local store and helps you manage the inventory, shopping cart, payment process, etc with ease.

If you are a small or medium eCommerce store owner or a sales manager, this plugin could improve the overall speed and efficiency of your store. VitePos could prove quite valuable for running your online business smoothly.

The lifetime deal of VitePos is priced at $79, where you can connect 1 site and enjoy all the essential features and 1 year of premium support. They have also introduced exciting features like Order Refund, WooCommerce Stock Integration, Barcode Scanner, QR Code Scanner, etc. 

Lifetime Deal: $79


UseArtemis is a tool that helps you find anyone’s contact details like email and phone number within seconds! It has a massive database of 500 M+ B2B contacts. You can use filters like name, location, job profile, company name, etc to find contact details of literally anyone!

If you’re a marketer, advertiser, small business owner, or a salesperson, UseArtemis would prove to be a highly valuable tool for you. You can get its lifetime deal for $69. This plan features 7k monthly credits along with unlimited lists and exports. 

Lifetime Deal: $69 (7k credits/month)

backlink checker - logo

Backlink Checker is a tool that monitors your backlinks and sends out notifications if any of them are removed or changed. It’s an easy-to-use tool for tracking your backlinks. It also generates reports of your backlinks that you can receive monthly, weekly, or as per a defined frequency.

In my opinion, affiliate marketers, SEO professionals, bloggers, and small business owners should definitely grab this deal! As of now, it’s available at a lifetime deal of $39. Here, you can track 5 domains and get 250 backlink crawls/month. 

Lifetime Deal: $39 (250 monthly backlink crawls)

Pinreel logo


Pinreel is an animated video maker that works on your phone. It helps you create fun and engaging animated reels, stories, shorts, YouTube intros, Instagram posts, etc. You get thousands of templates, effects, images, sounds, stickers, etc, to create eye-catching videos.  

Social media influencers, marketers, and content creators would instantly fall in love with this tool! It’s a great alternative to Canva. You can purchase its lifetime deal for $49 and get 200+ professional video templates unlimited storage, and plenty of creative features. 

Lifetime Deal: $49

Forento logo


Forento is a tool that helps you build your own online courses and membership platforms. It’s a one-stop solution for building, hosting, and selling your courses. It’s not just limited to online courses. You can also offer memberships, digital products, coaching program, paid podcasts, and more

Forento comes with lots of templates, customization options, drag-and-drop editor, payment integrations, and more. If you’re an online instructor, educator, or a solopreneur, Forento could be a great tool for you. It could work as an alternative to tools like Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, etc. 

The lifetime deal of Forento can be availed for $39. With this plan, 10% commission of your sales goes to Forento. However, if you want to reduce the commission rate, you can get its $117 lifetime deal with 5% commission charges. 

Lifetime Deal: $39



FlyMSG is a personal writing assistant that lets you autofill and expand text on any website or app. It lets you create your own snippets or shortcuts that are saved in the cloud. When you use these shortcuts anywhere, the content associated with it is pasted here. 

This tool is excellent for remote teams, customer support representatives, recruiters, etc. The lifetime deal of FlyMSG is offered at $69, allowing you access to unlimited templates, shortcodes, characters, and categories.  

Lifetime Deal: $69

Vocal Email

Vocal Email is a productivity tool for recording and sharing your voice notes via email platforms. It supports Gmail and Outlook and works with a single click. Vocal Email could be a great alternative to Zendesk and is suitable for recruiters, online coaches, and support staff.  

The lifetime deal of Vocal Email is priced at $49. With this deal, you get unlimited recording time. Along with that, you can send unlimited messages, download messages, send voice messages from Gmail or Outlook, etc. 

Lifetime Deal: $49



Switchy is a link management and engagement tool that helps you shorten, customize, and re-target your links. It also lets you design Smart Pages and display your social links and services to your target audience.

Even I use Switchy to create affiliate links for my main blog. So, if you belong to the affiliate marketing, eCommerce, or blogging industry, you can use this tool for creating custom links for your websites.

The lifetime deal of Switchy is priced at $39. It will remain on a lifetime deal. So, if you don’t want to purchase Switchy right now, you can get it later!  

Lifetime Deal: $39



Branalyzer is a Brand Analysis software that helps you gather intricate details about different brands. You can use it to analyze your competitor brands and devise strategies to improve your rankings and online presence. 

It could be a good option for marketers, freelancers, agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs and could work as an alternative to Ahrefs, SEMrush, and similar SEO tools. 

The lifetime deal of Branalyzer can be availed for $49 where you get 200 monthly searches, along with unlimited Brand Domains Search, Backlinks Hunter, and Expired Domains Hunter.

Lifetime Deal: $49 (200 searches/month)


WP Reset

WPReset is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for resetting and repairing your website. If you frequently tend to crash your website while testing out new features, WPReset can help you recover all the damage and fix your website within seconds! 

If you’re a developer, website owner, or blog manager who has to test and manage dozens of WordPress websites, this is a valuable tool for you. WordPress Developers, agencies, and webmasters should check out this simple yet powerful tool.

The lifetime deal of WPReset can be availed for $49, where you get 5 site licenses, access to over 25+ tools, and various advanced features. 

Lifetime Deal: $49



Filmstro is a royalty-free stock music platform that helps you create personalized music tracks within minutes. With this tool, you can customize the length of your music tracks, change the mood, enable or disable instruments, etc. 

The best part is you don’t need any experience in music to get started with Filmstro. You can compose all kinds of music right from your browser. It’s a fantastic tool for YouTubers, content creators, podcasters, etc. 

The lifetime deal of Filmstro is priced at $59 and lets you compose unlimited custom tracks for different use cases. 

Lifetime Deal: $59

Sociamonials logo


Sociamonials is a social media marketing platform that helps you boost your ROI and improve your reach. With this tool, you can optimize your social media campaigns, conduct exciting giveaways, and get access to advanced metrics and analytics. 

Sociamonials is an ideal alternative to Hootsuite and is best for marketers and social media agencies.

The lifetime deal of Sociamonials is priced at $69, which lets you create 30 social profiles and accept 5k campaign entries every month.

Lifetime Deal: $69



Minimarks is a bookmark managing tool that helps you collect all kinds of resources while browsing the internet and share them with ease. With this tool, you can put an end to texting or emailing links to your friends and colleagues. 

If you’re a blogger, freelancer, marketing, or ad agency, Minimarks would prove to be a much-needed productivity tool for you. Bloggers can streamline their research process with this tool. 

The lifetime deal of Minimarks is priced at $49, where you get unlimited bookmarks and collections.

Lifetime Deal: $49



WordPlay is an AI content generator that is specifically designed to produce long-form content of over 2000 words. It can generate a full-fledged article in under 15 seconds! Along with that, it also lets you add subheadings and FAQs to rank better on featured snippets and SERP results. 

In my opinion, if you regularly create long-form content, you’d enjoy using this AI tool. It can be a good alternative to Frase, Jasper, and Copy.ai.

Its lifetime deal is priced at $99. But its only drawback is that you can only generate 7.5k words per month. This is too low for the price it’s being offered at. 

Lifetime Deal: $99

reoon email verifier logo

Reoon Email Verifier

Reoon Email Verifier is a handy service that cleans up spam and invalid email addresses in bulk from your list. It basically removes all the useless emails, so you can focus on connecting with people that matter.

If you deal with hundreds of emails daily, Reoon Email Verifier could be a valuable tool for you. It’s suitable for email marketers, sales professionals, and corporates.

The Lifetime Deal of Reoon Email Verifier comes for $79 and offers you 500 credits per day.

Lifetime Deal: $79 (500 credits/day)

WP Scheduled Posts - logo

WP Scheduled Posts

WP Scheduled Posts is an advanced scheduling plugin for your blog posts. It comes from WP Developer, which is an established name in the WordPress plugins market. 

With this tool, you can auto-schedule multiple posts during the day or schedule them manually as per your preference. So, if you schedule lots of posts on WordPress regularly, this tool could be a huge time-saver for you.

Its Lifetime Deal costs $39 and lets you connect 5 sites. Along with that, you can also use their Schedule Calendar, Auto Post Scheduler, Manual Post Scheduler, and more tools.

Lifetime Deal: $39

onlinecoursehost.com - logo


OnlineCourseHost is a white-labeled online course platform, which means you can use it under your own domain name and branding. This is one of the easiest online course creators that features in-built email marketing tools and promotional features.

It looks like a perfect alternative to popular LMS tools like Thinkific and Teachable. If you’re an educator, online tutor, or content creator, you’ll surely find it a valuable addition to your work!

Its lifetime deal is priced at $99, where you get to create unlimited courses, video storage, hosting, admin accounts, variety of lesson types, and more.

Lifetime Deal: $99 (unlimited courses)



Airbrush is an AI image generation platform. It lets you generate high-quality art and images within a few seconds. All you need to do is supply a prompt, and it will generate a relevant AI image for you. This looks like a good alternative to tools like Shutterstock and Canva.

For pocket-friendly rates of $29, you get 500 image credits per month, which is amazing!

Lifetime Deal: $29 (500 image credits/month)

TidyCal 3


TidyCal is an original AppSumo product. It’s a productivity tool that helps you manage and optimize your workflow. You get custom booking pages and calendar integrations for seamless management of your schedule. It looks like a suitable alternative to Calendly

I really like this tool because it hides the TidyCal branding from your booking pages, which makes them appear more professional. Overall, the interface looks minimal and elegant. It also has good integrations and payment options. 

The lifetime plan of TidyCal can be purchased for $29 and it’ll help you form 10 calendar connections. Along with that, it also offers free and paid meetings, custom redirect URL, reduced branding, and more.

Lifetime Deal: $29


EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that optimizes your images and helps speed up your website. It helps in boosting your SEO score and increases your chances of ranking better in SERP results.

If you’re a WordPress blogger and are not using any image optimization plugin at the moment, you can try out EWWW Image Optimizer. 

Its lifetime deal is priced at $99, which offers a 200 GB monthly bandwidth and lets you connect up to 10 websites.

Lifetime Deal: $99


Trackabi Time Tracker App

Trackabi is a software that can track the work hours of your employees and manage their leaves all under a single platform. This tool is available for desktop and mobile devices.

If you need to monitor your employees, Trackabi could prove to be a powerful tool in your workflow. It would be a helpful tool for organizations that wish to boost the productivity of their employees. You can also use it to monitor freelancers or coworkers.

The Lifetime Deal of Trackabi comes for $99, where you can create 300 projects, add 25 users/employees and 100 clients.

Lifetime Deal: $99

pabbly logo

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is a cloud-based automation platform that can create automatic workflows by connecting your apps and services together. It offers support for thousands of app integrations and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or skills to operate.

I would recommend Pabbly Connect as an affordable alternative to automation tools like Zapier. Its lifetime deal is priced at $249 where you get unlimited operations, 10 workflows, integrations with 1000+ apps, and more.

Lifetime Deal: $249 for Lifetime



Icedrive is a beginner-friendly cloud storage solution primarily focused on privacy and security. It offers a modern and intuitive interface and swift speeds along with good collaboration options.

I have personally been using Icedrive for storing my work files for the past few years. I would recommend going with it if you need a secure and budget-friendly cloud storage provider for your work or personal use.

Icedrive’s Lifetime Deal is available for $299, where you get 512 GB of cloud storage space. This is quite affordable. If you need extra cloud space, you can check out its higher plans as well.

Lifetime Deal: 512 GB @ $299, +128 GB @ $79, +512 GB @ $199

pcloud logo


pCloud is the most renowned and established cloud storage services in the market. With over 14 million trusted users, it offers fast speeds, excellent sharing, and syncing options. It is popular for its affordable lifetime plans and privacy-friendly policies. 

I have personally been using pCloud for my work since the last few years. Their reliable services are the reason I still prefer pCloud when it comes to storage. If you need a powerful and secure cloud storage service, I would recommend you to try pCloud. 

The lifetime deal of pCloud starts from $199 for 500 GB of storage space. If you need additional cloud storage, you can also check out their higher plans.

Lifetime Deal: 500 GB @ $199, 2 TB @ $399, 10 TB @ $1190

prowritingaid logo


ProWritingAid is an online grammar-checking and editing app with dozens of reports for correcting your writing. The most impressive part about ProWritingAid is that it not only points out your errors but also informs on how to improve them. Thus, it acts as your personal writing assistant!

ProWritingAid offers powerful integrations with popular editing apps for ease of access. In my opinion, it works best for editing long-form content and is the best alternative to Grammarly.

The Lifetime Deal of ProWritingAid can be purchased for ₹17556. With this deal, you can enjoy all the insightful reports, writing suggestions, and its Chrome extension for lifetime!

Lifetime Deal: ₹17556 for Lifetime


So, these were the most popular AppSumo Lifetime deals I could find for April 2024. I hope you found this article informative and insightful. Which lifetime tools will you get for your work? Let me know in the comments box below.

I’ll be back next month with the latest AppSumo Lifetime Deals for you guys. Till then, keep shining and take care. Cheers! 🙂

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