9 Best AI Writers of 2024 (Compared With Real Test Results)

AI Writers have brought a revolution to the way we create content. Today, you’ll find dozens of paid and free AI content generators flooding the market. This makes selecting the right one quite a challenge. But I have a solution!

After months of thorough testing, research, and analysis, I’m here with the Best AI Writers for 2024. To make this review possible, I purchased dozens of AI writers on a subscription or lifetime basis and tested them for months. I still have active subscriptions to the ones included in today’s article. 

In this Best AI Writers article, I will disclose a list of my favorite and most powerful AI writers that you should use. Under every AI Writing platform, I have discussed a short summary of the AI tool, its major pros and cons, its use cases, pricing, and conclusion.

And finally, I’ve also shared my personal recommendations for the AI tools you can use in different situations and categories. My list comprises various AI writers on lifetime deals and subscription basis.

So, are you ready to discover some exciting AI writing assistants? Let’s dive right into our article to find out!

copy ai logo


Copy AI is an impressive AI writing tool with great value for money. You get good quality output for long form and short form content.

scalenut logo


Scalenut is incredibly useful for producing long-form content. It offers powerful SEO features that make it one of the best for blogging.

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Jasper is undeniably one of the most expensive options, but the features it provides and regular updates make it a worthy investment.

9 Best AI Writers & Content Generators Compared (2024)

I’ve been testing AI writers for the past year, and after carefully evaluating more than 20 options, I’ve narrowed it down to 9 of the best AI writers for 2024.

I purchased each tool and tested them extensively in various scenarios to get a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities. You can also find out detailed reviews & outputs of all these AI writers on our blog.

AI WriterAI TemplatesBest ForReviewPricingWord LimitVisit
1) Copy AI90All Round Usage Copy AI Review$36/monthUnlimitedGet Copy AI
2) Scalenut44SEO and Long-Form ContentScalenut Review$17/month100kGet Scalenut
3) Jasper65Quality Long-Form ContentJasper Review$49/month50kGet Jasper
4) Writesonic83Multiple Use CasesWritesonic Review$12.67/month47.5kGet Writesonic
5) Rytr40Best in BudgetRytr Review$9/month20kGet Rytr
6) WordHero79Best Lifetime DealWordHero Review$178 (LTD)50kGet WordHero
7) Peppertype41Lifetime Deal In BudgetPeppertype Review$99 (LTD)50kGet Peppertype
8) Writecream43Lifetime Deal For Long FormWritecream Review$59 (LTD)200 creditsGet Writecream
9) ClosersCopy77N.AClosersCopy Review$297 (LTD)UnlimitedGet ClosersCopy

1) Copy Ai – Best AI Writer 2024

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.1/5

Although Copy.ai is a well-known AI writer, I didn’t have high expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the impressive results it delivered.

The output of long-form content, ad copies and blog tools was really good. There’s a reason why I put this on my number 1 spot.

Pros of Copy.ai

AI Content Detection Proof

The long-form content generated by Copy AI is not detected by AI detection tools like Originality AI. On testing, it only showed an 18% AI Score.

High-Quality Content

I personally liked the refined outputs generated by Copy AI for long-form articles, ad copies, and copywriting categories.

90+ AI Templates

You will find an extensive library of 90+ AI templates on Copy AI. This includes blogging, social media, website copy, email, sales copy, product description, etc.

Affordable Pricing

Copy AI offers unlimited words at an affordable pricing of $36/month. On top of that, applying my coupon code would avail additional discounts as well.

Cons of Copy.ai

No History Option

Unfortunately, you don’t get the option to view previously generated content in Copy AI. I hope they introduce this feature soon.

Glitches Observed

You may experience lags, glitches, and unresponsiveness on the Copy AI interface at times. Some templates take a long time to generate content.

Use Cases

Copy AI is features 90+ AI templates for generating diverse content. We have tested the major use cases with some everyday examples. You can check out the output quality below.

I was impressed with the quality of content generated by its Long-Form Assistant, Blog tools, and Ad Copy tools. However, its Social media and email tools didn’t perform that well.


You can get the Copy AI Pro plan for $36/month on an annual subscription and $49/month on a monthly subscription. With this plan, you get access to unlimited AI words/month, 90+ AI tools, and 25+ languages support.

If you really like this tool, I also have a special discount for you. If you use my link to sign up on Copy AI and upgrade your plan within 4 days, you can get 40% off on your purchase. The coupon code is attached to my link.

So, on purchasing through my link, you can get the Pro plan of Copy AI at just $21/month.

Discount: 40% off on upgrading within 4 days
Promo Code: Auto-applied with link


Copy AI is a power-packed AI writing platform. Overall, it has performed really well. In my opinion, it’s the best AI writer as of 2024. Along with high-quality content for long-form AI articles and ad copies, it generates original content that doesn’t get detected by AI detection tools.

By using my link, you can get the annual plan of Copy AI for just $21/month. It features unlimited words, so you can generate as much content as you want. I think it’s an affordable and must-have tool for anyone dealing with text content.

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2) Scalenut – Best AI Writer For Blogs

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.9/5

Scalenut primarily focused on creating long-form and SEO-optimized content. However, it lacks the history and tone options and has limited use cases.

It’s one of those rare tools that is fine tuned for the purpose of blogging & long form content.

Pros of Scalenut

Good Long-Form Content

I liked the long-form content generated by Scalenut. It also provides various AI editing tools to generate customized content as per your requirements.

Good Output Quality

In my experience, Scalenut produced high-quality and relevant content for blog posts and long-form articles.

Powerful SEO Optimization

With Scalenut, you can perform SEO keyword research, form topic clusters, perform a SERP analysis, and optimize existing content as well.

The in-depth SEO Reports generated by Scalenut are helpful for analyzing your content and making improvements.

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface of Scalenut is modern and appealing. It looks pretty organized and friendly for a newbie. 

Easy to Use Chrome Extension

Its handy Chrome extension helps you perform all the basic functions like accessing templates and generating content. It works smoothly on Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc.

Cons of Scalenut

No History Option

The content generated by Scalenut is not saved in its database. You need to save it manually, or it’s deleted. I hope they introduce a history tab soon.

Limited Use Cases

You get 40+ AI templates to generate your favorite content. However, the use cases are quite limited and do not cover all the essential content categories.

No Tones Supported

Tones are helpful in modifying the emotional impact of any content on your readers. Unfortunately, you don’t get any tones to mold your content in Scalenut.

Use Cases

While reviewing Scalenut AI writer, I tested all of its major AI templates with some common examples. You can check them out below to understand their output quality.

I personally liked its SEO optimization tools, blogging tools, and eCommerce tools the most.  


The pricing plans of Scalenut start from $19/month on an annual subscription and $39/month on a monthly subscription. The Essential plan of Scalenut offers 100k words along with 40+ AI use cases and 5 SEO articles/per month. For unlimited AI words, you can go with their Growth plan for $39/month.

And if you are interested in purchasing this tool, I also have a special discount for you. If you use the coupon code FIRST10 at checkout, you can avail of 10% off on your first monthly payment.

Discount: 10% off on monthly payment
Promo Code: FIRST10


Overall, Scalenut is a value-for-money AI writer that is great for producing long-form and blogging content. Its SEO tools are also powerful for creating SEO-optimized articles.

If you need an all-in-1 tool for creating long-form and short-form content, along with optimizing it for SERP, then Scalenut is the best AI writing software for you.

It’s a budget-friendly tool for bloggers, content creators, and copywriters. Even its Growth plan featuring unlimited words is priced at $39/month. This is way cheaper than Jasper AI.

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3) Jasper – Best AI Writers 2024

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.1/5

Jasper AI (Previously Jarvis) is a powerful AI writing tool that comes with a range of AI frameworks. Since the launch of AI writing tools, Jasper AI has dominated the industry.

It’s expensive but it can be good for those who can use the power it provides.

Pros of Jasper

Good Output Quality

In my opinion, Jasper’s output was top-notch. It performed exceptionally well for most use cases.

Modern User Interface

Jasper AI offers a modern and responsive interface that is friendly for beginners. It looks clean and minimalistic, which makes it easier to access.

Remarkable Long-Form Content

The long-form articles generated through Jasper AI impressed me a lot. You can create your articles from scratch or use workflows to produce guided content.

65+ AI Templates

You’ll find an extensive library of AI templates for generating blogs, emails, social media content, ads, marketing copy, and more.

Handy Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension of Jasper AI is very easy to use and efficient. It works smoothly on a range of platforms and lets you generate content with ease.

Cons of Japser

Very Expensive

The biggest downside of Jasper AI is its expensive pricing. It starts from $49/month where you get merely 50k words/month.

Doesn’t Specify Credit Consumption

Despite the limited content generation, it does not provide the credits consumed after every output. This makes it very difficult to keep track of credit consumption.

Use Cases

I have tested all the popular AI templates of Jasper AI by supplying it with simple examples. You can check them out on the below table. Overall, I observed impressive outputs in a majority of the use cases.

It generated good quality and relevant content for long-form posts, short-form content, social media, SEO, blog tools, creative writing, etc.


The pricing plans of Jasper AI start from $49/month on annual pricing. Here, you can generate 50k words/month and access all AI tools. This is one of the most expensive AI writing tools I’ve used.

You can give it a try with my link where you’ll get 10,000 words for free.

Discount: 10,000 words FREE
Promo Code: Auto applied with link


Overall, Jasper AI looks like the most polished AI writer in the market with its refined output quality. They have a range of use cases along with a handy Chrome extension. However, the only downside is its expensive price.

If you’re okay with its premium pricing, or if you think you can recover the entire cost by using it for your clients, then Jasper AI would be a superb deal!

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4) Writesonic – Best In Budget

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.7/5

Writesonic provides dozens of AI tools and an efficient long-form editor. It started gaining traction as an LTD deal on AppSumo and since then it kept growing.

Writesonic’s affordable pricing is something that excites me to recommend it.

Pros of Writesonic

Elegant User Interface

The user interface of Writesonic comes with a modern design and colorful icons. It isn’t stacked with a lot of features, which makes it look clean and easy to use.

Great Output Quality

Writesonic produced more refined and elaborate results for all use cases. I found its output quality superior as compared to other AI writers.

Affordable Pricing

The pricing plans of Writesonic start from $12.67/month, which seems to be quite a budget-friendly price.

Lots of AI Templates

You get to enjoy 90+ AI templates covering a wide range of categories, like blogging, SEO, emails, ads, marketing, website, creative writing, etc.

Share Functionality

Writesonic also lets you share your outputs and reports with other users by generating links, which is convenient.

Cons of Writesonic

Limited Tone Settings

You cannot specify the tone of voice for all the use cases in Writesonic. It is only available on limited templates.

Average Tech Content

The long-form articles generated for the tech category were not very well written. I think they can improve their AI tools for tech content.

Slow Support

Overall, their support is pretty slow. Along with that, I didn’t like the way they treated their LTD customers by downgrading their active plans with no prior information. The LTD users had to request for their plans to be reactivated. However, they restricted a lot of features for this.

Use Cases

I’ve tested out all the major features of Writesonic while testing it. If you want to check out the content quality, you can look at the following table.

Overall, Writesonic performs really well for short-form content, social media posts, ads, blog paragraphs, etc.


The pricing of Writesonic starts from $12.67/month where you get 19k premium quality words/month or 47.5k good quality words/month.

It features 4 different quality of words where 10 premium quality words = 25 good quality words = 50 average quality words = 100 economy quality words. Thus, you can select which quality of content you wish to generate.

The monthly plan of Writesonic is expensive. However, you can get a discount if you opt for its annual plan. If you need an additional discount, you can use my coupon code “KRIP20” to get 20% OFF on your annual subscription. Coupon code is valid for a limited time only.

Discount: 20% off on annual subscription
Promo Code: KRIP20


I think Writesonic is the most value-for-money AI Writer. It has good UI and lots of AI templates along with a powerful long-form editor. If you’re looking for an AI writer on a budget that can generate a diverse range of content, then Writesonic is the best tool for you!

5) Rytr – Budget AI Writer

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.7/5

Rytr offers 30+ use cases to generate AI content, along with 35+ languages and 22 writing tones. Recently, it was acquired by Copysmith, which also has popular SEO tools like Frase.

Rytr’s cheap pricing makes it a very lucrative option to look at.

Pros of Rytr

Easy to Use

Rytr has a simple and elegant interface. All the features are easy to understand and friendly for beginners.

Good Output Quality

As per my experience, the outputs produced by Rytr for most of the use cases were refined.

29 Tone Selection Option

You get to see a library of 29 content tones on Rytr! This is impressive and extremely helpful while modifying your content.

In-built Plagiarism Checks

Rytr’s in-built plagiarism-checking tool is helpful for checking if the generated content is copied from the web.

Cons Of Rytr

No Long-Form Content

You don’t get a long-form editor for generating lengthy blog post. However, you can use their AI templates to generate an article step-by-step.

No Blog Intro tool

Rytr lacks the Blog Introduction tool, which is one of the most important tools for blogging. I hope they introduce it soon.

Use Cases

I have tested all the major use cases of Rytr by supplying simple inputs from everyday life. If you wish to evaluate the output quality, you can check out the table below.

Overall, the output quality of Rytr is impressive! I especially liked the content produced for ads, social media, SEO metadata, etc.


The pricing plans of Rytr start from $9/month where you get 100k characters/month. (15-20k words) Along with that, it also offers 40+ use cases, 20+ tones, 20 AI images per month, and support for 30+ languages.

However, if you need unlimited characters, you can get their Unlimited plan for $29/month.


Overall, Rytr offers a decent library of use cases along with good-quality outputs. It’s available for merely $9/month, which is way cheaper than its other competitors.

So. if you want an AI writer for generating short-form content on a budget, Rytr is a fantastic choice!

If you’re looking for a one-time investment instead of a subscription model, there are some great lifetime deals available for AI content generators. With these deals, you pay just once and never have to worry about paying a subscription fee again – you can use the service indefinitely.

Additionally, we have curated a list of AI Writers Lifetime deals that are also worth considering.

6) Wordhero – Best Lifetime Deal

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.0/5

WordHero is a power-packed AI writing platform for anyone dealing with written content. It comes with a pleasing interface, lots of AI templates, and impressive outputs.

If you need to generate short-form content, you would love WordHero!

Pros of Wordhero

Easy to Use

WordHero features a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Its simple navigation and clean design make it a friendly option for beginners.

Good Outputs

I found the outputs produced by WordHero for most of the use cases to be great in quality.

Good For Short-Form Content

WordHero performs exceptionally well for short-form content like emails, social media captions, blog intros, ads, video titles, etc.

Supports 100+ Languages

It offers support for over 100+ languages, including International and regional languages.

History Option

You also get a handy History option to check previously generated content under every use case of WordHero.

Cons of Wordhero

Average Long-Form Editor

I found the output generated by their long-form editor to be pretty average in quality. They can definitely make more improvements to it.

Use Cases

I have tested the popular use cases of WordHero using some simple examples. You can check them out in the table below.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the short-form content produced by WordHero. These include social media tools, blogging tools, eCommerce tools, and creative writing tools.


The lifetime deal of WordHero starts at a one-time fee of $89. With this deal, you get 20k words/month along with access to 50+ AI tools and 100+ languages.

However, the long-form editor is not included in this plan. So, if you need to generate long-form content like blog posts, you’ll have to purchase the $178 plan. With this plan, you also get an extended 50k AI words per month.


Overall, WordHero is a really interesting choice for generating short-form content like emails, ads, creative writing, product descriptions, video titles, blog intros, etc. However, it performs pretty averagely with long-form content.

I actively use WordHero for generating content for my social media, blog SEO metadata, video descriptions, etc. It’s one of my favorite AI writers on a lifetime subscription.

So, if you need a short-form content generator on a lifetime deal, WordHero would be super affordable!

7) Peppertype.ai

Kripesh’s Rating – 4.0/5

Peppertype comes with limited use cases but good quality outputs. However, It performs really well for short-form content like emails, social media captions, ads, video ideas, and descriptions.

So, if you need an extended number of words on a limited budget, the Peppertype lifetime plan is something you should look at.

Pros of Peppertype

Easy to Use

The user interface of Peppertype is pretty neat and organized with catchy and colorful icons. It is also swift and responsive, providing an overall pleasant experience.

Good Outputs

On testing with multiple use cases, I found Peppertype’s output quality really commendable.

Good For Short-Form Content

Peppertype generates excellent outputs for short-form content. This includes social media tools, blogging and SEO tools, writing tools, and more.

History Option

It also comprises a History tab using which you can view your previously generated content for all use cases.

Cons of Peppertype

Limited Use Cases

I found the output generated by their long-form editor to be pretty average in quality. They can definitely make more improvements to it.

Average Long Form Editor

The outputs generated are of decent quality. However, the long-form editor of Peppertype is pretty average as per my experience.

Only English Supported

You can only generate content in the English language with Peppertype. It doesn’t support any other languages currently.

Use Cases

I have used and tested all the AI templates of Peppertype with some common inputs. You can check out the output quality of the most popular use cases below.

Overall, I really liked the outputs generated by its short-form use cases like social media tools, blogging tools, and SEO tools.


Peppertype is available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo for a one-time price of $99. With this plan, you get to generate 50k words/month along with access to all AI templates.


Overall, Peppertype is a suitable choice for short-form content creation. It can generate good-quality emails, short blog content, ads, video description, and more. However, it has an average long-form editor and only works in the English language at the moment.

As of now, you can get the lifetime deal of Peppertype for $99, which is quite an affordable option if you’re looking for a short content generator.

8) Writecream

Kripesh’s Rating – 3.5/5

 Writecream comes with a range of AI tools for generating blogs, emails, social media copy, ads, and more.

It also offers a good long-form editor and 75+ languages. On a lifetime deal, it looks a decent choice for long form content.

Pros of Writecream

Good Long-Form Editor

The long-form editor of Writecream works really well. You can generate instant articles or work with guided steps to generate elaborate content.

Includes History Option

Writecream also features a History option, which you can use to view your previously generated content.

Range of Languages

You will find support for over 75+ languages, including Hindi and Indian regional languages. This is convenient for creating content in a different language.

Additional AI tools

Besides generating AI content, you can also use Writecream to generate images and provide custom requests through the Chat Genie tool.

Cons of Writecream

Credit Consumption

Writecream consumes 1 credit irrespective of the length of your query. Thus, the same credits are consumed if you generate video titles, social media captions, or a blog paragraph!

I think the credit consumption should be as per the words generated. 

Average UI

The user interface of Writecream is quite old and outdated in design. I hope they work on making it more responsive.

Average Chrome Extension

Writecream has a Chrome extension that helps you create content on the go! However, it needs a few improvements as of now.

Lacks Tone Settings

Sadly, Writecream does not feature any content tones at the moment. I hope they introduce them to their future updates.

Use Cases

I have thoroughly used and tested the Writecream AI templates using simple input prompts. You can check out the quality of outputs generated in the table below.

I personally liked the outputs generated by Writecream’s ad tools, SEO tools, and long-form content.


The lifetime deal of Writecream is priced at $59, where you get 200 credits per month. With these credits, you can create about 400k characters per month. This is a value-for-money deal if you need a long-form content generator.


Writecream is a decent AI writer that comes with a range of AI tools, a good long-form editor, and supports 75+ languages. It generates good results for ad tools, SEO tools, and long-form content.

So, if you need an AI writer that can generate good quality long-form content along with ads and SEO-friendly content, you can look at the Peppertype lifetime deal.

9) Closercopy

Kripesh’s Rating – 3/5

ClosersCopy is an AI writing tool that offers unlimited AI content along with 75+ use cases, 100+ languages, and 3 types of AI models.

I was excited to use this tool. But unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to my expectations.

Pros of Closercopy

Unlimited Content

On purchasing the lifetime deal of ClosersCopy, you can generate unlimited AI content.

Good Long-Form AI Tools

With ClosersCopy, you can generate unlimited long-form content like blog posts and articles within seconds.

Distinct AI Algorithms

It has 3 different AI algorithms, namely Blog AI, Story AI, and Sales AI. You can select a specific algorithm along with your use cases to get more aligned results.

100+ Languages Supported

ClosersCopy supports an extensive library of 100+ languages. Their list comprises a variety of international and regional languages.

Good SEO Auditing

You also get the option to optimize your articles for search engines right from the ClosersCopy editor. This helps in saving a lot of your time spent on the SEO of your articles.

Cons of Closercopy

Average Outputs

I did not find the outputs generated by ClosersCopy to be accurate or engaging. They were all pretty average in quality, despite the different AI algorithms being used.

Complex Interface

The interface of ClosersCopy is stuffed with a lot of features that make it appear very complex. Thus, beginners might find it difficult to understand its working and functionality at first.

Lack of Tones

As of now, ClosersCopy does not offer any tones to modify your content. I hope they introduce it in the future.

Bugs and Glitches

I found a lot of bugs and glitches on this platform. It generates irrelevant and repetitive content and provides slow loading speeds.

Use Cases

You can find 65+ use cases on ClosersCopy for generating blogs, social media copies, ad copies, marketing content, and more.

If you want to get a better idea about ClosersCopy use cases, you can check out the table below. It comprises all the popular use cases, along with simple examples.

I personally found its blogging, SEO, and social media use cases to be pretty decent.


The lifetime deal of ClosersCopy is priced at $297. With this plan, you get unlimited AI Writing, AI Drawing, SEO Audits, 800+ frameworks, updates, and access to all the AI tools.

If you wish to get this AI writing tool, I have a discount offer for you as well. All you have to do is use my link and you’ll get a 20% off on your purchase.

Discount: 20% off on your purchase
Promo Code: Auto-applied


ClosersCopy is a decent AI writing platform. It offers unlimited AI writing and lots of use cases. However, its complex interface and average output quality are not completely value for your money.

I have purchased its lifetime deal. But it’s quite high-priced and we have way better options available for much lesser pricing. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to recommend ClosersCopy as of now.

My Recommendations For AI Writers in 2024

Best Overall AI Writing Software 2024Copy AI, Scalenut
Best AI Writer for BlogScalenut, Copy AI, Jasper, Writesonic
Best AI Writer for FreeCopy AI
Best AI Writer in BudgetWritesonic, Scalenut, Rytr
Best AI Writer for SEOScalenut, Jasper
Best AI Writer for EssaysChatGPT, Copy AI
Best AI Writer for Marketing & AdsCopy AI, Jasper, Writesonic
Best AI Writer for Short ContentWordHero, Writesonic
Best AI Writer for Emails Writesonic, Jasper
Best AI Writer for Students Copy AI
Best Article RewriterWritesonic
Best AI Writer for Social MediaWritesonic
Best AI Writer on Lifetime Deal WordHero and Peppertype
Best AI Writer for Writing a Book (Rewriting)Copy AI or Scalenut (Unlimited Words)
AI Writer that Passes AI Content Detection TestCopy AI

Testing Parameters

For testing the AI writers included in this article, I decided on a range of input prompts for every content category. These prompts were a mixture of general and technical topics. Then, I supplied these prompts to the use cases under each AI writer and noted the results.

As per the outputs generated, I evaluated its quality and assigned it a star rating out of 5. This is how I conducted thorough testing of every AI writer for this article.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Since the last year, I’ve been extensively testing paid and free AI content generation tools and have reviewed popular ones like Jasper, Rytr, WriteSonic, Copy AI, Scalenut, WordHero, and many more. I still have active plans for all of these AI writers and frequently use them for my work and personal stuff.

Apart from these, I am constantly using writing assistants like Grammarly and ProWritingAid. Working on dozens of AI tools has given me enough knowledge and expertise to compare their features and recommend you the best AI writer for your requirements.


These were some of the best AI content writing tools you can check out in 2024. We hope you found this article insightful, and we’d be thrilled if this information helps you find the right tool for yourself. You can also take a look at these Lifetime Deals on AI writers if you want to get one for the long term.

Have you used any AI writers before? How has your experience been with them? Do you currently use any AI writers? Let me know about them in the comments box below. And if you’re a beginner right now, you can also get started with these Free AI Writers!

Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off! I’ll be back with more such interesting content and reviews soon. Take care and keep learning. Cheers! 🙂


Which is the best overall AI writing software for 2024?

Copy AI and Scalenut are the best overall AI writing tools for 2024. They offer impressive short-form and long-form content along with high-quality outputs, all at affordable prices. 

Which is the Best AI Writer for Blogging?

For generating long-form content like blogs and articles, Scalenut, Copy AI, Jasper AI, or Writesonic would be the ideal choices. 

Which is the Best AI Writer for Free?

CopyAI is the best AI writer for free because it offers 2k words per month along with 90+ AI templates for creating good-quality content. 

Which is the Best AI Writer on a Budget?

If you’re on a budget, Writesonic, Scalenut, and Rytr would be the most affordable AI writers for you. 

Which is the Best AI Writer for SEO?

Scalenut and Jasper AI are best AI writers for SEO. If you want to conduct keyword research and generate SEO optimized content for your blogs, go with Scalenut. Whereas, with Jasper AI, you can specify target keywords under most AI use cases. 

Which is the Best AI Writer for Essays?

ChatGPT is the best option if you wish to write engaging essays. Apart from that, Copy AI also produces good-quality outputs for essays.

Which is the Best AI Writer for Marketing & Ads?

Copy AI, Jasper AI, and Writesonic are the perfect choices when it comes to marketing and ad content. These AI writers produce creative ads for Facebook and Google, along with engaging content for AIDA and PAS Copywriting frameworks. 

Which is the Best AI Writer for Short Content?

For generating shorter content like emails, Blog intros, ads, product descriptions, etc, WordHero and Writesonic would be excellent choices. They use advanced GPT-3 technology that generates highly refined short content within seconds! 

Which is the Best AI Writer for Emails?

Writesonic and Jasper AI are perfect for creating email copies. Where Writesonic can build elaborate content with minimal inputs, Jasper AI offers pre-designed recipes for cold emailing and workflows for creating guided email campaigns. 

Which is the Best AI Writer for Students?

Copy AI is the best AI writing tool for students because it generates high-quality content that goes undetected by AI detection tools. It comes with a decent plan with a limit of 2k words/month. But you get unlimited words on upgrading to the paid version.   

Which is the Best Article for rewriting content?

Writesonic is undoubtedly the best tool for rewriting your already drafted content. It perfectly grasps the context and rephrases your content in more professional and sophisticated language. 

Which is the Best AI Writer for Social Media?

Writesonic is a remarkable tool if you want to generate catchy social media captions, video titles, video ideas, post ideas, profile bios, etc.

Which is the Best AI Writer on a Lifetime Deal?

WordHero and Peppertype would be great options on a lifetime subscription. You can get WordHero for $89 with unlimited words per month. Whereas, Peppertype offers 50k words/month and costs $99 on its lifetime deal.  

Which is the Best AI Writer for Writing a Book?

If you’re writing a book or a novel, Copy AI or Scalenut are the best options as they offer unlimited words. 

Which is the AI Writer that Passes AI Content Detection Test?

Copy AI is the only AI Writing tool that passed the AI Content Detection Test performed using Originality AI. 

Which is the Best AI writer for writing a script?

Scalenut, Writesonic, and Jasper AI can all write specific aspects of a video script. For instance, Scalenut can generate a script outline. Writesonic can generate TikTok videos scripts. And Jasper AI can generate Video scripts hook and intro paragraph. 

What is the best AI writing tool for content teams?

Writesonic would be a suitable choice for content teams. Its Long-form plan allows you to add and collaborate with up to 8 users. 

Which is the best AI writing tool for small businesses?

For small business, Copy AI and Writesonic would be the most value-for-money options. Along with high quality outputs, they comprise a range of AI use cases and good long-form content generator.  

Which is the best AI writing tool for large businesses?

Jasper AI would be perfect for large businesses. Its library of AI templates along with advanced tools like Jasper Chat, Jasper Art, AI Recipes, etc make it quite expensive. But large companies can afford to spend the amount, which is why it’s worth the money for them.   

Which is the best AI writer for writing fictional content?

WordHero, Writecream, and Jasper AI perform exceptionally well for generating fictional content like poems, song lyrics, story plots, recipes, etc. 

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