Best Cloud Storage in India (2024) – Top 9 Services Compared

It feels like we’re living in a digital age these days. We want everything to be accessible online, and that includes our data. All of our data. Our photographs, our music, our videos, our work files.

Cloud Storage also provides security, efficiency and accessibility to your online data even across multiple devices. It also ensures that your data is backed up and is in safe hands.

Cloud storage services are the best way to store your data safely and securely in the cloud, accessible from any device. The problem is, there are a lot of cloud storage services, and it can be hard to pick one.

So, I did the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best cloud storage services in India for 2024.

I have used all of the cloud storage in the list. On the basis of my usage, I’ll recommend each storage for different purposes and give a pros-cons table for quick reference.

So without any further delay, let’s get straight into the Best Cloud Storage for 2024.

Pros of pCloud

Sync Features

Syncing features of pCloud is one of the best out there. It comes with Selective sync and Block-Level Sync functionality.

Fast Speeds

With Europe servers, pCloud is now able to provide fast speeds for Indian users.

File Sharing Options

You can edit upload permissions, set password and expiry dates on shared links, check link statistics, and much more!

Affordable Pricing

Compared to other cloud storage, pCloud does provide good value for money lifetime options.

Zero Knowledge Encryption

Get an Optional Zero-Knowledge Encryption. pCloud is one of the few cloud storage that lets the user decide which files should be zero-knowledge encrypted.

Data Center Selection

You can select the data center of your choice. Europe is the preferred option for most users.

Cons of pCloud

Extra Add ons

To use its additional features like pCloud Crypto or Extended File History, you need to pay an additional amount. 

No Editing

pCloud does not have any in-built features for file editing. Users can only preview your documents here.

Slow Support

Support is good but it is not the fastest out there.

For me pCloud is the best overall cloud storage in India right now. They have hit the right chords with the recent server change to EU. That means better privacy and speeds. 

Apart from that, their sharing options are also very good and it comes with a lifetime plan.
I’ll highly recommend them. 

I also have a special $5 pCloud offer for you where you can get Premium 500 GB for 90 days with my pCloud Coupon.

I’ve bought the 2 TB Lifetime deal of pCloud and I’m using this as my primary cloud storage.

Pros of Sync

Zero Knowledge Encryption

It secures all your files with zero knowledge encryption, which means nobody except you can access your data.

Advanced File Sharing

Sync even protects your shared files with a zero knowledge encryption.

You can set passwords and expiry dates to your shared links. Sync also allows users to upload files without registration!

Sync Folder

All files uploaded to the Sync Folder are automatically synced across your devices.

Separate Vault Tab

Files uploaded to the Vault Tab are not synced with any of your devices.

Clean Privacy Policy

Not only are their Terms of Service well-defined and clearly explained, they also do not collect unnecessary data from their users.

Versioning and Account Rewind

Sync lets you restore the previous versions of your files and also rewind your entire account to any date between the past 180 days!

Office365 Integration

If you already have an Office365 subscription, you can integrate it with Sync and edit documents from within the cloud storage itself.

2FA Support

Sync supports two factor authentication to ensure safer logins.

Cons of Sync

Sync Limitations

You can only sync the files present in the ‘Sync Folder’.

Slow Speeds 

Besides its servers being in Canada, Sync is also a zero knowledge platform. Both of these factors together result in poor speeds for users in India.

Mediocre Interface

The interface is very basic and needs improvements in terms of design and user-friendliness.  

Jurisdiction is in 5 Eyes Countries

Canada is a member of the 5 Eyes Alliance, which means it might get forced to share your private information with other intelligence agencies without your consent.

But to counter this issue, they have used zero knowledge encryption.

Sync is a popular Canadian cloud storage service known for its advanced security practices. 

It offers 2 TB storage space for $96/year and is the only cloud storage with an interesting combination of security and Office 365 integration!

So, if you are looking for a cloud storage platform that is laser-focused on privacy, which has good file sharing options and can efficiently edit office documents, Sync would be the most value for money option! 

Pros of IceDrive

Impressive Speeds

European servers make uploading and downloading files from Icedrive lightning fast.

Best User Interface

Icedrive offers one of the best and most modern interfaces with a superior design and ease-of-use on all devices, including laptop, desktop, and mobile.

It also supports drag-and-drop upload, which is very convenient for uploading multiple files at a time!

Affordable Pricing 

Icedrive is a budget friendly cloud storage provider offering you lifetime access to 512 GB Cloud space for just $299!

Zero knowledge Encryption

Icedrive is GDPR Compliant and provides zero knowledge encryption.

Promising Roadmap

Their roadmap looks very optimistic. I am looking forward to the new updates that it will implement soon!

Decent File Sharing

Icedrive lets you set passwords and expiry dates to your shared links. They can definitely add more improvements to their sharing functionality.

Cons of IceDrive

Limited Sync Functions

Icedrive lacks the Selective Sync function, so you cannot choose to sync some selected folders. All the folders are synced by default.

Icedrive is a new and budget-friendly Cloud Storage focussed towards security. Its lifetime plan priced at $299 for 512 GB cloud storage space is quite affordable!

If you’re a beginner looking for an affordable cloud storage solution offering good speeds and better privacy, then Icedrive is a very efficient option!

Pros of Mega

Swift Speeds

Mega offers fast upload and download speeds to save up a chunk of your time!

Good Sync Features

You get the Selective Sync feature to only sync specific folders with the cloud. 

Zero Knowledge Encryption

Mega is a privacy-first cloud storage. It encrypts your data with zero knowledge encryption, which ensures nobody else except you can access it.

20 GB Free Space

Mega provides one of the largest zero knowledge free space in the industry. It provides 20 GB Free which can be increased with completing achievements.

2FA Supported 

Mega, being a secure service, offers Two Factor authentication to verify your identity and keep you safe from online threats.

Excellent File Sharing

With Mega, sharing your files is a cakewalk! You can set passwords and expiry dates to your links. It even lets users upload files without registration! 

Decent Interface

Earlier Mega’s user interface seems quite cluttered but recently they have improved on it and made it better. They also have dark mode now.

Cons of Mega

Bandwidth Limit

It imposes a limit on its Bandwidth. They meter data transfer for your IP address.

Server Locations

It has servers in Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Netherlands. Sadly, you can’t choose a server location of your choice.

Chinese Investors

A few years back, they sold a large part of Mega’s shares to some Chinese investors. Any relations with Chinese don’t look good from the security point of view.

Strict Terms and Conditions

All copyrighted content will be removed when it is reported to them.

Mega even releases transparency reports every year which comprises the number of takedown requests, content removed, users removed, etc.

Mega is a renowned Cloud Storage provider from New Zealand. Offering 20 GB of free storage space, Mega looks like an interesting option for beginners and individuals. 

Mega is best when it comes to free cloud storage. They provide 20 GB space with zero knowledge encryption but it comes with bandwidth limitation.

You can get 2 TB of cloud space for $118/year! I think it’s a decent price.

If you want a cloud storage offering good speeds, and excellent file sharing and sync options, Mega Cloud Storage can be a good option to consider.

However, after their controversial past, I would leave the final purchasing decision on you!

Pros of Tresorit

Zero Knowledge Encryption

Tresorit uses zero knowledge encryption to keep your data 100% safe from snoopers and online attacks.

Neat Privacy Policy

Their Privacy policy is quite clean and well explained. 

External Security Testing

An independent security team tested and verified their security measures in 2017.

Impressive File Sharing

Tresorit lets you set a password and expiry date to your shared links. What’s more? You can set download limits and invite users to upload without registration!

Admirable Sync Function

With Tresorit, you can use Selective Sync to only sync certain folders with your cloud.

Friendly UI

The user interface is clean and friendly for all devices.

European Servers

Tresorit’s servers are in European Union.

GDPR and HIPAA Compliant

Tresorit maintains transparency about what data it collects from its users. You can also request a copy of your information saved on their servers. 

2FA Support

Tresorit offers secure Two-Factor Authentication to confirm your identity every time you log in.

Cons of Tresorit

Expensive Pricing

Tresorit charges a vast sum of $288/year for 2.5 TB of cloud storage space.

Poor Download Speeds

The download speeds are extremely slow. It took me 30 minutes to download a file!

No Editing

You cannot edit your documents on Tresorit’s web interface.

Tresorit is one of the most secure Cloud Storage, but it comes with an expensive price tag! You get 2.5 TB of cloud space for a huge $288/year

Honestly, it’s the best cloud storage service for enhanced security. If you are in a business or a law firm where security of your sensitive data is the top priority, Tresorit is the perfect option for you.

Pros of iCloud

Call Support

You can schedule calls to their US team in case of queries. I have talked to their team multiple times and found them very supportive and knowledgeable.

Good Privacy Policy 

iCloud’s Privacy Policy is better than Google Drive or Dropbox.

Cons of iCloud

Terrible Upload Speeds

iCloud has the worst upload speeds I’ve ever seen on any cloud storage. It took me an insane 47 minutes to upload a file on it! 

Decent but Limited Sync

It is a suitable solution for syncing photos in Apple devices. But you don’t get Selective Sync or Block Level Sync functions.

Primarily for Apple Devices

They have designed iCloud to work with the Apple ecosystem in general.

No Zero Knowledge Encryption

iCloud lacks zero knowledge encryption.

No Editing

You won’t find document editing features on iCloud.

iCloud Scandal

In 2014, photos of many celebrities got leaked from iCloud, after which it tightened its security and implemented 2FA.

iCloud Storage is popular among Apple devices. It comes at a quite expensive rate of $122/year for 2 TB space.

I personally like using Apple’s devices and services, but iCloud is a service I would never recommend to anybody!

So, if you wish to stick to the Apple ecosystem and only want a cloud storage for storing photos irrespective of its poor upload speeds, you can look at iCloud.

Pros of OnDrive

MS Office Support

OneDrive offers you 1 TB of cloud storage along with a 1-year subscription of Office 365, so you can work with office apps on 5 devices.

Remarkable Editing Features

OneDrive is the perfect solution for editing documents, word files, presentations, or spreadsheets online. 

Cons of OneDrive

Poor Download Speeds

OneDrive offers decent upload speeds, but the download speeds are unbelievably slow!

Terrible Support

Their customer support is very slow at responding to queries. 

OneDrive is a famous cloud storage service provided by Microsoft. It offers 1 TB Cloud space for ₹4200/year!

So, if you need a cloud service with a free 1-year subscription of Office-365, OneDrive might be the perfect solution for editing documents on the go!

Pros of Dropbox

Exceptional Sync Feature

Dropbox gives you advanced options for syncing your files, including Selective Sync, Smart Sync, and even Block Level Sync.

Fast Speeds

Advanced syncing functions contribute to the swift speeds of Dropbox.

Smooth Playback Feature

You get to see good video playback with Dropbox. 

Good Integrations

It integrates with other services including Office 365, Google Docs, and GSuite.

Cons of Dropbox

No Zero Knowledge Encryption

Unfortunately, your files stored on Dropbox are not Zero Knowledge Encrypted. This reduces the privacy of your data in a way.

Questionable Security 

Dropbox has suffered security breaches in the past where 68 million passwords were stolen and reported after 2-3 years!

Expensive Plan

The pricing of Dropbox is on the higher end with ₹9000/year for 2 TB Cloud space!

Dropbox, launched in 2007, is the first ever cloud storage provider which is popular even today! 

The Dropbox Plus account offers a massive 2 TB of cloud space for ₹9000/year! So, if you frequently work with Office365, GSuite, etc, and need to collaborate with your teammates, Dropbox is the best cloud storage offering fast speeds!

Pros of Google Drive

Impressive Speeds

Google Drive offers remarkable speeds, so you can upload and download your files rapidly!

Best for Collaboration

You can collaborate with your team members on Google Docs, Excel sheets, and more. 

It also allows you to view and restore to previous versions and leave helpful comments for your teammates.

Smooth Video Playback

With YouTube’s infrastructure being used, Google Drive offers one of the best video playback functionality. 

Good Sync Functions

You will find a super fast sync function, so all changes made to your file reflect instantly.

Outstanding Search Algorithm 

It locates your search query from within the documents as well, which is quite a time-saving feature.

Cons of Google Drive

Questionable Privacy 

Google’s Privacy Policy is not flawless! They collect a lot of their users’ data.  

Strict Action on Copyrighted Content

Google’s bots are constantly scanning the drive. So, if you upload any copyrighted material, it gets automatically deleted. 

No Zero Knowledge Encryption

It does not encrypt your files with zero knowledge encryption, making them vulnerable to online attacks.

Limited Sharing

With Google Drive, you can’t set passwords and specify expiry dates while sharing links. It doesn’t allow creating upload links either.

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services today! You get 2TB Cloud space for $88/year. 

In my opinion, Google Drive is not the best pick for security and privacy, because it’s not known for having the best Privacy Policy. But it is unbeatable when we talk about team collaboration!

And if you want a business email,you can still go with Google Workspace which comes with storage.

So, if you need fast upload and download speeds with powerful team collaboration features, Google Drive is the one for you!

I hope this Best Cloud Storage 2024 article helped you decide the right Cloud Storage provider for your needs in India. I’m personally using pCloud, iceDrive, Sync and Google Drive.

For zero knowledge encryption & storing media files, I have the lifetime plans of pCloud & iceDrive. Do checkout the detailed review of both of these services on my blog.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do let me know in the comments section!

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