Best Black Friday Hosting Deals 2021 – Web Hosting Offers & Discounts

The most crucial element for building your online business is a web hosting service. If you are looking for the right hosting for your website, you’re at the right place.

The Black Friday Sale for 2021 is live and a lot of hosting providers are offering their plans at deep discounts.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the best deals and discounts on web hosting plans. And because this is the biggest sale of the year, I would recommend you to get the plan of your choice right away! These discounts won’t be seen until next Black Friday.

So, with no more delay, let’s get into it!

HostingPromo CodeDetailsPricingReviewDeal Link
CloudwaysBFCM2021Offer is valid until December 01, 2021Massive 40% exclusive discount on all hosting plans for the next four months.Cloudways ReviewVisit
HostingerAdditional OFF With Coupon “KRIPESH”Once in a year pricing of

Offer Valid until 29th Nov
Once in a year pricing of
Hostinger ReviewVisit
FastCometShared – BFSALE75

Saturday 27th NovemberUp To 75% Off Hosting PlansFastComet ReviewVisit
A2 HostingAuto AppliedNot DecidedUp to 81% OFFA2 Hosting ReviewVisit
ChemiCloudUpto 80% OFFNovember 15th at 02:00 AM EST
until November 28th at 23:59 PM EST.
Starts at $1.58/moChemiCloud ReviewVisit
BluehostAuto Applied with LinkEnds at November 30th at 10:29 AM ISTUpto 60% OFF

Choice Plus Plan starting at $4.95/mo
Bluehost ReviewVisit
NamecheapDomain: BFCMTLD21

Domain Transfer:

Shared Hosting:

Tuesday, November 23 until November Domain at 445

Shared Hosting at 884

EasyWP Starting at
Namecheap ReviewVisit
EasyWPAuto AppliedTuesday, November 24 until Monday, November 30Flat 50% OFFEasyWp ReviewVisit
BigRockBR21BFCM24th Nov
To 28th Nov
Upto 61% OFF on HostingN.AVisit
GreenGeeksAuto Applied with LinkTo Nov 30thUpto 75% OFFGreenGeeks ReviewVisit
HostPapaAuto Applied with LinkNovember 24th at 10:30 AM IST and ends December 2nd at 10:29 am EST.Starts at $1.99/moHostpapa ReviewVisit
HostArmadaAuto Applied with Link2nd DecemberUp to 80% OFFHostArmada ReviewVisit
Bluehost IndiaAuto Applied Until November 30thStarts at ₹199/moBluehost ReviewVisit
InMotion HostingAuto AppliedUntil December 21stUp to 60% OFFInMotion ReviewVisit
StableHostAuto AppliedComing SoonStableHost ReviewVisit
HostgatorCoupon: CYBER21Until December 1st75% OFF on yearly Shared Plans
SiteGroundAuto AppliedSiteGround ReviewVisit

Best Black Friday Hosting Deals 2021

cloudways logo

Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021

Cloudways is one of the most recommended hosting from me for 2021.
It was my number 1 Managed Cloud Hosting for 2021. Cloudways is perfect for high traffic websites.

This Black Friday get a massive 40% discount on Cloudways Hosting. This is the best discount that you’ll get for Cloudways.

Discount – 40% on all hosting plans for next 4 months
Valid Till – 1st December 2021
Promo Code – BFCM2021

hostinger logo

Hostinger Black Friday Deal & Sales 2021

Hostinger is one of the best Affordable Hosting options out there. It is affordable and now with black friday you are getting some more discounts. Perfect hosting to start your blogging journey.

Discount – Once in a year pricing of Rs. 139/mo
Valid Till – 29th November 2021
Promo Code – KRIPESH

fastcomet logo

FastComet Black Friday Deal 2021

FastComet is one of the fastest growing hosting companies in India. They are one of those few companies which have a data center in India. Apart from India they have data centers all over the world.
With affordable prices and fast speeds it is a very good alternative for SiteGround. 

Discount – Upto 75% OFF on Shared Hosting
Date – On Friday 27th November
Promo Code –


a2hosting logo

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2021

A2Hosting is one of the most established hosting companies out there. I think a2 hosting is a bit on a pricier side but they do offers so good discounts with their Black Friday Deals. Last year also they offer very good discounts.

Now a2 hostings supports NVMe ssd for shared hosting. Which makes their hosting even better. 

A2 Hosting Black Friday deals are not and it is the best deals from A2 hosting that you can get in whole year.

You won’t get A2 hosting cheaper than this.

Discount – Up to 81% OFF
Promo Code – Auto Applied

chemicloud logo

ChemiCloud Black Friday Deal 2021

CheimCloud is another great alternative for SiteGround. They have litespeed servers for fast speeds. For Black Friday 2021 this can be a great option since they are offering some good discounts.

What I liked about this Black Friday is they are offering discounts on renewal also. It is very RARE to have a 50% discount for renewal. Big THUMBS UP for that. 

For Black Friday 2021 they are offering 80% OFF on Shared Hosting which is really a steal.

Discount – 80%
Valid Till – November 15th at 02:00 AM EST until November 28th at 23:59 PM EST.
Promo Code – Auto Applied

bluehost logo

Bluehost Black Friday Deal 2021

I’m not a big fan of Bluehost but if you are looking to start and have a target audience in US region then you can opt for Bluehost.
Their user interface is very easy to use for beginners. One of the easiest I’ve ever used. 

Choice Plus Plan from Bluehost is the best plan to get started in this Black Friday sale.

Discount – Upto 60% OFF
Valid Till – Ends at November 30th at 10:29 AM IST
Promo Code – Auto Applied

namecheap logo

Namecheap Black Friday Deal 2021

Namecheap is one of the affordable options with cpanel out there. Namecheap hosting gets more affordable with this Black Friday 2021 deals. 

Discount –

  • .com Domain at ₹445
  • Shared Hosting at ₹884
  • EasyWP Starting at ₹884

Valid Till – From November 23 until November 30
Promo Code –

  • Domain Registration: BFCMTLD21
  • Domain Transfer: BFCMTR21
  • Shared Hosting: BFCMSTELLAR21

easywp logo

EasyWP Black Friday Deal 2021

EasyWP also comes from Namecheap but it is different in terms of functioning. It’s speed is much better and it is for managed WordPress Hosting. 

If you are looking for a single WordPress hosting with fast speeds around US region then EasyWP is perfect to get started. 

Discount – To be revealed
Valid Till – From Tuesday, November 24 until Monday, November 30
Promo Code – Auto Applied

big rock logo

BigRock Black Friday Deal 2021

BigRock is one of the rare EIG group companies that I use. If you want to host php scripts or html websites then BigRock is a good affordable option. BigRock provides cPanel also. 

They are also offering a .COM domain at just ₹399/Yr, use coupon code DODOFFER

Discount – Flat 61% OFF
Valid Till – 24th November and end on 28th November
Promo Code – BR21BFCM

bluehost logo

Bluehost India Black Friday Deal 2021

Bluehost India is a good hosting for WordPress websites. With this hosting, you get a good uptime along with a decent call support in Hindi and other Indian languages. 

Bluehost India is offering their hosting plans at extremely cheap prices. Their Share Hosting plans start from ₹179/month! 

Along with them, you’ll also get access to a free domain for the first year, Free SSL, and Premium Cloudflare CDN! This deal is valid till 30th November! 

Bluehost India is offering WordPress hosting at ₹199/mo, for 1 year, normally this package will cost ₹299/mo for a year.

Discount – ₹199/mo for basic hosting
Valid Till – Ends on 30th November
Promo Code – Auto Applied

greengeeks logo

GreenGeeks Black Friday Deal 2021

Here are the GreenGeek Black Friday 2021 Deals

  • Ecosite Lite: $2.49/mo on a 36 month term.
  • Ecosite Pro: $4.95/mo on a 36 month term.
  • Ecosite Premium: $8.95/mo on a 36 month term.

Discount – up to 75%
Valid Till – To midnight November 30th.
Promo Code – Auto Applied

hostpapa logo

Hostpapa Black Friday Deal 2021

Hostpapa comes from Canada and they are growing at a rapid place. Recently they acquired some other hosting companies also. If you are looking for a Hosting around Canadian or US region then HostPapa can be a good option for you. 

Discount – Starts at $1.99/mo
Valid Till – November 24th at 10:30 AM IST and ends December 2nd at 10:29 am EST.
Promo Code – Auto Applied

hostarmada logo

Host Armada Black Friday Deal 2021

HostArmada is a new web hosting company recently launched in 2019. Along with swift speeds, it offers good load handling capacities and a decent uptime. 

Its customer support and security features are also extraordinary!  

This Black Friday, HostArmada is offering its Shared Hosting plans at 80% discounted rates and its VPS plans at 30% discounts. 

This sale will be live for a limited duration from 22nd November to 2nd December.

Discount – Up to 80% off
Valid Till – 2nd December
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Inmotion Black Friday Deal 2021

InMotion is an established hosting provider that ensures efficient load handling, reliable uptime, and good speeds. 

It is a great option if you have US based audiences. 

In the Black Friday Sale, InMotion is offering a 60% discount on its hosting plans. This deal will be live till December 21st. 

Discount – Starts at $1.99/mo
Valid Till – November 24th at 10:30 AM IST and ends December 2nd at 10:29 am EST.
Promo Code – Auto Applied

stablehost logo

Stablehost Black Friday Deal 2021

Stable Host is a web host that promises a terrific uptime along with lightning fast speeds. Its powerful site builder from BaseKit helps in designing a professional website within minutes! 

Overall, it’s a pretty good option if you have large traffic coming from the US regions. In this Black Friday Sale, StableHost is offering its hosting plans on…

Discount – Coming Soon.
Valid Till –
Promo Code – Auto Applied


Hostgator Black Friday Deal 2021

HostGator is a popular web host that offers secure and affordable hosting services to its customers. 

At the moment, you can get the Yearly Shared Hosting plans of HostGator at 75% discounted prices by using the coupon code CYBER21. This deal will be live until December 1st. 

Discount – 75% off on Yearly Shared Plans
Valid Till – December 1st
Promo Code – CYBER21

What is Web Hosting?

In simple terms, Web Hosting is a storage space for all your website files and data. Your data is safely stored on powerful servers that hosting companies rent from huge data centers.

If you own a domain, you need a hosting service so that people can access your website across the Internet.

A Web Hosting also provides essential software, data backups, security, support and maintenance services required to keep your website running smoothly.

Best Web Hosting in India?

I have talked a lot about the Best Hosting Services on my YouTube Channel. I have reviewed all the major hosting companies like Hostinger, Siteground, Cloudways, InterServer, FastComet, ChemiCloud, BlueHost, GoDaddy, Namecheap, A2, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and more on my YouTube Channel.

So, if you wish to know about some fast, good, and reliable hosting companies for Indian audiences, then make sure you check out this video before the Black Friday Sales.

Best Hosting Deals in India?

Black Friday Deals will start dropping in from 15th November. I’ll be updating the latest deals as soon as they arrive. 

So stay tuned for more information. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to the Newsletter, you should do it right away!


The right web hosting can make all the difference in your online business. These were the best deals running on hosting services. I hope my article helps you find the right hosting for your business.

If you have any doubts regarding these deals or Black Friday in general, shoot them in the comments section below. I’ll make sure to reply to them all!

Anyway, you can stay updated with the latest deals and discounts by subscribing to my Newsletter. I’ll be back with more such interesting updates soon. Take care. 🙂


  1. Which server is best for Cloudways Hosting?


    If you have an Indian audience, then you should choose Digital Ocean’s servers.
    The $10 starter plan is good for the beginning, and then you can upgrade it when your audience base increases.

  2. Which Cloudways server should I choose if my website receives worldwide audience?

    If your audience is coming from all around the globe, and your traffic is above 2 lakh, then go for Vultr High Frequency Servers. 

    Select Europe as your server location and also make use of a CDN. You can check out BunnyCDN. It’s a very efficient and budget-friendly CDN.

    Vultr High Frequency Servers on Cloudways Hosting, along with BunnyCDN, is a terrific combination, and you’ll have a very satisfying experience with it.

  3. Which is the best hosting plan on Hostinger?

    The 4 Years WordPress Starter plan is the best one. Their single website plan is not that good as it lacks performance and also doesn’t have a good RAM capacity. 

    So, it’s better that you go with the 4-year plan to enjoy maximum benefits.

  4. Which is the best hosting for 1 year?

    The 1-year plan of FastComet is undoubtedly the best for both single and multiple websites.

  5. Which is the best hosting for a US based audience?

    BlueHost is more on the expensive side right now. So, you can go with its alternatives like FastComet, HostPapa, Hostinger, and EasyWP. EasyWP is budget friendly, but had some downtime issues last I checked

  6. Which is the best hosting for a 3-year plan?

    Without a doubt, ChemiCloud! It is the most value-for-money plan. Their security and migration features are fantastic.
    They also have Indian servers, and you get a free domain for liftime with ChemiCloud. 

    If you are willing to spend more and want a more established name, then you can go for A2 Hosting. It is priced at around Rs.13,000 this Black Friday.

    The impressive thing about A2 Hosting is that you can claim a refund anytime you wish to. (You won’t get a full refund, though. It will be on a pro rata basis.)

    If you’re still looking for another option, then check out GreenGeek, it also features a good value-for-money plan for 3 years.

  7. Which would be the best hosting for Indian audiences?

    For a 1-year plan, I would recommend FastComet. If you want a 3-year plan, ChemiCloud it is!
    And if you’re looking for a budget hosting, then Hostinger with Singapore servers is your best bet.

  8. Which hosting would be best for Single Website?

    If your target audience is Indian, then you can choose FastComet. And if it’s a US audience, then EasyWP would be the right choice in budget.

    (In my recommendation, always go with the middle plans. The single website plans lack in power and performance mostly.)

  9. Which is the best hosting according to time duration?

    For 1 year – FastComet
    For 3 years – ChemiCloud

    And if you’re unsure about the timing, then go with A2 Hosting.

  10. Which is the best hosting according to renewal prices?

    Renewal prices are generally higher with all the hosting companies. But Cloudways is the only company where renewal charges are the same as the charges for buying a new hosting.

    If we talk about other companies, you can sometimes find renewal discounts on FastComet, ChemiCloud and Hostinger that range from 20 to 50%.

  11. Which hosting provides the best customer support?

    SiteGround’s customer support was superb. But it has closed for the Indian audiences recently. 
    So, at present, A2 Hosting is providing very reliable support.
    Cloudways, FastComet, and ChemiCloud hosting also offer excellent support services.
    (But occasionally, they go on and off!)

  12. Which hosting would be best for eCommerce Store?

    FastComet (1-year plan) and ChemiCloud (3-year plan) both would be great for eCommerce websites.

  13. Which hosting is PCI Compliant?

    PCI Compliance is very rare and hard to find in shared hosting plans. It’s better if you opt for VPS plans of ChemiCloud or FastComet. Their VPS plans support PCI Compliance.

  14. Which is the best hosting for learning and testing purposes?

    You can go with the 1-year Stellar plan offered by Namecheap. It is priced at Rs.650. It would be a nice option for learning.

  15. Which is the best cPanel in budget?

    If you have a tight budget, then Namecheap and BigRock is the one for you.
    But if you can spend more, then FastComet is a great option.

  16. Which is the best Windows hosting?

    BigRock is perfect for Windows hosting.

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  4. I am looking for python web hosting in India for business purpose. Which hosting service should I buy – A2(Turbo Plan) or something else?

  5. I am looking for python web hosting service for business purpose in India. Which hosting service should I buy A2(Shared Hosting-Turbo Plan) or someone else service?

  6. I move on cloudways after researching and testing different hostings. I have good experience with some hosting providers but know I realized that cloudways is flexible and we have much control. Your opinion is really helpful. I bought cloudways through your rel link & messaged you about details. I need video series to cover cloudways dashboard. Thank you.


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