Keyword Chef Review (2024) – Find Easy To Rank Keywords

Finding keywords for your blogs and websites can be a tiresome task. But not anymore! Today, I’m going to tell you about an extremely simple yet effective keyword research tool – Keyword Chef. 

In this Keyword Chef Review, we are going to start by discussing its background, its user interface, and the most striking features of this tool. We will also see how you can use this tool to find good long tail easy to rank keywords for your blog.

I primarily use WriterZen and UberSuggest for keyword research and have used ahrefs a lot in past. Keyword Chef was a bit different from these tools hence I decided to give it a try.

Then, we will move on to talk about its customer support, pricing plans, its major pros and cons, suitable alternatives, and who should use Keyword Chef. I was truly impressed with its pricing model and credit utilization system. 

Want to know more about it? Let’s dive deeper into our review!

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What is Keyword Chef?

Keyword Chef is a super simplified keyword research tool founded by Ben Adler in 2021. Ben has himself been a blogger and owns the website 

Keyword Chef image

Keyword Chef originated as an idea when Ben could not find a tool for researching keywords for his website. 

The primary goal of this keyword tool is to provide you with unique ideas and suggestions around a specific keyword so that you can quickly create meaningful content around it. 

Keyword Chef Review Video

Well, for those of you who are in a hurry, here’s a quick review video of Keyword Chef in Hindi language. I hope this will help you better understand what this tool is all about. Happy Watching!

Keyword Chef Interface

The user interface of Keyword Chef is extremely simple and straightforward. You won’t find dozens of options cluttered on the screen.

Keyword Chef Interface

It only features limited options on its interface so the entire layout looks clean and organized.

The results for keyword searches are displayed in a simple list format which is easy to understand. Overall, the interface is friendly for beginners and anyone can get used to it within a few minutes! 

How to use Keyword Chef to search for keywords?

Once you sign up on Keyword Chef and login to your dashboard, you can use the Discover tab to search for keywords. On the Discover tab, you need to do the following: 

  • Select a country or region that you are targeting with your keywords. You can also set a default country or leave it on the ‘global’ setting. 
Setting location in Keyword Chef

  • Specify the category of keywords you want. For example, Questions, Wildcards, How-to, etc.
  • Enter a broad or specific keyword term according to your preference. Keyword Chef will scan the web to bring the best keyword ideas for you that you can quickly start creating content on.
Credit consumption notification

  • Before running any search query, it will inform you about the number of credits that will be consumed, along with a few sample keywords for that search. 

Keyword Chef Features

The Keyword Chef dashboard is divided into two tabs – Discover and My Reports. The Discover tab is where you run your keyword searches. Whereas, the Reports tab is where you can find your previous reports.

Let’s check out the key features offered by Keyword Chef

Keyword Research

Every writer would agree that the magic lies in finding the right keywords! The Keyword Discovery tool in Keyword Chef helps you do exactly that. It basically helps you find a range of keyword ideas for your blog posts and articles. 

Keyword Research Categories

It also has a few categories or topics to simplify your search process. For example, you can use the ‘Ideas’ category to brainstorm unique topics around your keyword. The ‘Questions’ category can help you gather FAQs for your posts, and so on. 

Now, let us look at the most important categories along with relevant examples.

‘How-to’ Category

The ‘How-to’ category, as is clear from the name itself, searches for keywords starting with the phrase ‘How-to’. It’s used to find relevant questions and FAQs around a specific topic. For example, when I enter the keyword ‘web design’, I get the following results. 

How to category results

Most results are quite logical. They can be used for creating multiple blog posts and videos. This category clearly indicates the questions people are asking about a topic. 

‘Wildcard’ Category

The Wildcard category is used when you want to brainstorm new and creative ideas around a topic. 

All you need to do is enter your keyword and place an asterisk (*) sign at the position you want new suggestions generated. It will automatically fill in the blanks with helpful keyword ideas.

The asterisk (*) sign can be placed before the keyword, after the keyword, or in between a keyword phrase. In case you want to ignore a specific word, you can specify it with a negative (-) sign.

You can get the exact match or exact + similar matches for your keyword or phrase. For example, these are the results when I searched ‘Best gifts for *’. It simply means that the end of the phrase is open to new keyword suggestions. 

Wildcard search results

I got an insane amount of creative suggestions with this tool. The suggestions were impressive and can be used to create blogs about gifting. However, it might take time to learn how to use the Wildcard feature perfectly. 

‘Best’ Category

The ‘Best’ category brings you search results beginning with the term ‘Best’. You can enter any keyword of your choice after it and get different variations. For example, these were the results when I searched ‘cabin bags’. 

Best category results

Overall, I found all the results generated to be quite interesting and usable.

‘Compare’ Category

The ‘Compare’ category gives you an insight into the comparisons being made in a specific niche. For example, these were the results when I searched for comparisons for ‘Travel bags’

Compare category results

You can easily create articles on these topics and start ranking!

‘Questions’ Category

Questions category is similar to the ‘How to’ category but with a broader scope. It does not limit you to ‘how to questions’ but generates results for all kinds of question keywords. It can help you explore some new and innovative question ideas. 

For example, here’s what I got when I searched the broad term ‘Travel’ along with India as the location. 

Questions category results

Overall, I found some really fun and insightful questions that I can include in my blog posts. 

‘Most’ Category

In the ‘Most’ category, you can find keywords starting with ‘Most’. These types of keywords are quite popular for creating viral blogs or articles! These were the results when I searched for the term ‘Exercise’. 

Most category results

Overall, all the results are quite informative and you can use them if you have a health or exercise related blog, YouTube channel, podcast, etc. 

‘Ideas’ Category

The Ideas category helps you search for a range of ideas related to a keyword. If you are starting up a new blog, this tool can help you gather a list of topics to discuss in your niche. 

Ideas category results

The above image shows the results when I searched for the term ‘interior design’. I really liked the suggestions offered by this tool. 

‘Alternatives’ Category 

The ‘Alternatives’ category helps you find unique ideas for alternatives in a specific niche. You can target a broad or a narrow niche. For example, I got the following results when I used the search term ‘Beauty’

Alternatives category results

The results I found were quite relevant. If you have a beauty blog, you can easily cover all these topics to offer valuable content to your readers. 

Bulk SERP Checker

SERP Analysis is the process of exploring and evaluating the top ranking pages on search engines. 

Keyword Chef comes with a Bulk SERP Checker that analyzes your keywords in real-time. Basically, it scans all keywords in your results and brings the top 10 results ranking for each of those keywords.

If the results comprise websites like Quora, Medium, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, etc, a higher SERP score is assigned simply because they have a higher domain authority!

Bulk SERP Checker

For example, in the above image for the keyword “What to gift dad from first salary”, we get a SERP score of 3. This means there are 3 popular platforms ranking for this keyword. 

They are ranking mainly because of their domain authority and not for their expertise in that domain. Thus, you can easily create better content with the same keyword and rank higher than these websites!  

Get all SERPs in Keyword Chef

To get the SERP cores of all the keywords together, you can click on the ‘Get All SERPs’ button.

Alternatively, it also lets you customize the SERP score and include only those sites you want contributing to it, like forums, weak blogs, social sites, Pinterest, etc. Custom websites can be entered manually as well!

Simplified Keyword Reports 

All your searched queries are safely stored under the ‘My Reports’ tab. You can revisit them at any time or download them as CSV files. The reports are displayed in an easy-to-understand list format. 

Reports in Keyword Chef

Beside every keyword, you can also check out similar keywords and popular questions from the ‘People also asked’ section. 

I loved this feature because it saves you from the trouble of searching for the same keywords again and using up all your credits in the process!

Powerful Filters

Keyword Chef displays your search results in a clean and easy-to-understand form. You also get powerful filter options to arrange your results according to a specific factor.

Filter by Keyword

Filter by Keyword

Here, you get a list of all the keywords in your generated report along with their frequency. You can select keywords of your choice and it will only show you results comprising those keywords

Filter by Volume/SERP

Filter by volume or SERP

Here, you get to specify the minimum and maximum search volume and the SERP score. The results are filtered accordingly.

Filter by Custom SERP Score

Filter by custom SERP score

Custom SERP Score lets you choose the type of websites you want to count on the SERP score. These might include forums, social sites, Pinterest, and weak blogs. You can also mention a custom website if you want.  

Custom Keywords

If you already have some keywords, Keyword Chef lets you import them and check their search volume and SERP score with ease. 

Importing custom keywords in Keyword Chef

For example, here are some web hosting keywords I imported on the platform. The maximum number of keywords you can import is 5000. However, it would cost you 5000 credits! 

Keyword Chef Pricing

The pricing model put forward by Keyword chef is a bit unusual. They offer the credit-based pricing system, so you only need to pay for the number of credits you consume. 1 keyword result equals 1 credit. 

Starter PlanPlus PlanPro Plan

An interesting thing about Keyword Chef is that it does not restrict you from running a search query, even if you are short of credits. 

Running query on low credits

For instance, I only had 161 credits left on my account. But I wanted to run a query that generated 802 results. Surprisingly, I was able to generate the 802 results without any troubles! 

It’s really good to see Keyword Chef focus on providing maximum value to their customers. 

Free Credits

If you want to get a free trial of Keyword Chef, you can sign up on their platform using my link and get 1000 free credits on your account. 

Free trial Keyword Chef

These credits never expire, so you can keep using them when you need them or save them for later.

Keyword Chef Support

The customer service offered by Keyword Chef is really appreciable considering it is a new player in the market right now. 

Keyword Chef Knowledgebase

You get a decent knowledge base of articles to help you get started with the basics. It is quite helpful for beginners. Though they don’t support a live chat feature yet, you can use multiple ways to connect with them. 

Keyword Chef Facebook Group

You can mail them your queries, join their Facebook Group, or directly reach out to them via Facebook Messenger. 

Their Facebook group has a large community of active users. So, you will surely find answers to most of your queries there!

Keyword Chef Pros

Easy to Use

The interface of Keyword Chef is clean, organized and easy to use. Beginners can get started with it within minutes. 

Focused Results

Most results generated by Keyword Chef are logical and unique. Thus, your credits are not wasted. Even if you run a search for one broad keyword, you can probably find hundreds of helpful ideas.

Powerful Wildcard Search

The Wildcard keyword search is one of the best features of Keyword Chef. It helps in brainstorming a variety of different ideas for your blog posts and articles. 

Reports Saved Forever

Every search report that you generate on your account is saved forever. You can access it at any time from the Reports tab and even download it as a CSV file. 

Shows Credit Consumption Before Use

When you run a search query on Keyword Chef, it shows you the number of credits it will consume, along with some sample keywords. So, you can wisely use your credits on important searches. 

Credit-based Pricing Model

Unlike the subscription based pricing model offered by most digital tools, Keyword Chef only charges you for the number of credits you consume!

Helpful Instructions

When searching for different categories of keywords, you will find helpful tips on using them within the dashboard itself. 

Keyword Chef Cons

Fast Credit Consumption 

If you search for broad topics like travel, food, fashion, etc, the credits on your account might get consumed faster. 

Doesn’t Show Keyword Difficulty Score

Unlike WriterZen, you won’t find a Difficulty Score for every keyword on Keyword Chef. The Difficulty Score basically tells us how easy or hard it is to rank for a specific keyword. 

Wildcard Feature Might be Complex

The Wildcard keyword research is quite complex. Beginners might need time to figure out how to get the best results with it.

Who Should Use Keyword Chef?

Keyword Chef is specifically designed for publishers. Thus, it would be a suitable tool for beginner bloggers, content creators, SEO writers, researchers, content marketers, freelancers, Small Businesses, etc. 

Bloggers can use it to find low competition keywords and boost their SEO rankings. Niche sites can use Keyword Chef for finding long tail keywords that are easy to rank. 

If you need to create content for a new blog, Keyword Chef can help you find some fun and exciting ideas! 

Also, if keyword research is an occasional task for you, you can check out Keyword Chef since they have a credit system (it will cost you less). However, if you have a lot of clients and need to research keywords in bulk regularly, you can look at some other tools.

Keyword Chef Alternatives


WriterZen is an AI-powered content creation tool designed for beginners. It comes with an intuitive interface and simplified tools. 

With WriterZen, you can conduct keyword research, topic research, plagiarism checks, and also draft content within its editor.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO Suite that comprises all the advanced tools required for optimizing your content. 

These include SEO tools for keyword research, link building, tracking ranks and backlinks, analyzing competition, auditing websites, etc. Its pricing plans start at $82/month when purchased annually! 


Keyword Chef is a beginner friendly tool that helps you find unique keyword ideas for your blog posts and articles. If you specifically want to find long tail keywords that are easy to target, Keyword Chef can definitely help you with that!

It comes with a credit-based pricing model, which I find quite reasonable compared to monthly subscription plans. You can also get 1000 free credits if you sign up on the Keyword Chef website with my link!

I hope you found this Keyword Chef Review helpful. What other keyword research tools have you used before? Do you think Keyword Chef can match them? Let me know your views in the comments box below. 

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more such insightful content. Till then, make sure you join my weekly newsletter to get all the latest updates. Take care and keep learning. 🙂


What is Keyword Chef used for?

Keyword Chef tool is mainly used for finding long tail keywords one can easily rank for. 

Does Keyword Chef provide an API?

Unfortunately, Keyword Chef does not have an API yet. 

What are the top alternatives for Keyword Chef?

Top alternatives to Keyword Chef might be WriterZen and Ahrefs. Both of them are powerful keyword research tools. 

Which languages are supported by Keyword Chef?

At the moment, Keyword Chef only works in the English language. 

Where can you find your saved Keyword Chef reports?

All your saved keyword reports can be found in the ‘My Reports’ tab on the Keyword Chef dashboard. 

Does Keyword Chef have a geo-targeting function?

Yes, while searching for keywords, Keyword Chef lets you enter the country or region you wish to target.

Does Keyword Chef have a free trial?

Yes, with its free trial, you get 1000 credits as soon as you sign up on Keyword Chef. 

Why is Keyword Chef better for bloggers?

Keyword Chef is good for bloggers because it helps in finding low competition keywords that they can easily rank for. 

 Keyword Chef Pros (+)

  • Easy to Use
  • Focused Results
  • Powerful Wildcards
  • Reports Saved Forever
  • Credit-based Pricing

 Keyword Chef Cons (-)

  • Fast Credit Consumption
  • No Difficulty Score
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