4 Best FREE AI Headshot Generators (2024) – The Future of Photography is Here

Tired of those blurry and boring selfies on LinkedIn? Want a professional headshot that pops but without the hefty price tag? Look no further than AI headshot generators! These innovative tools can transform your selfies into polished headshots in seconds, using the power of AI.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the 4 Best Free AI Headshot Generators available on the web. I will also uncover a bonus trick to generate stunning AI headshots for your social and professional profiles! 

So, are you ready to revamp your online presence with the magic of AI? With no more delay, let’s dive right in!

What are AI Headshot Generators?

AI headshot is a digital version of your pictures generated from your original photo. The tools or platforms used for generating AI headshots are called AI Headshot Generators.

What are AI headshot generators

These tools work on generative AI technology. Once you upload a selfie, the AI uses deep learning algorithms to analyze your picture for your facial features, outfit, background, etc. Then it generates a realistic and polished AI headshot with minimal effort!

4 Best Free AI Headshot Generators (2024)

Tool NameQualityFree PlanVisit 
LightXExcellent10 AI creditsVisit
Adobe FireflyExcellent25 generative AI credits/monthVisit
Canva Magic EditGood 100 uses/dayVisit
Generated PhotosAverageN.A. Visit

1) LightX

LightX is an AI-powered tool for image and video generation. On this platform, you’ll find a range of design and video templates along with various editing tools like AI Background Remover, AI Profile Picture Maker, Sticker Maker, Video Resizer, and a lot more!

Headshot generation - LightX

To get started, we will upload a selfie in the AI Portrait option. Then we’ll either write a custom prompt or choose any of the headshots via styles like hair, outfit, character, profession, sketch, occasion, etc. 

LightX- AI Headshot (via prompt)

Here’s an imge generated via a custom prompt where I wanted a headshot in a casual gym tshirt. Next, I tried generating an AI headshot via style. This is how it looks!

LightX- AI Headshot (via style)

Finally, you can also create your own AI avatars from from cartoons, anime, comics, caricatures, etc. Here’s my AI headshot in anime style! 

LightX- AI Headshot (AI Avatars)

I loved the high-quality AI headshots and avatars generated by LightX. You can use them on your LinkedIn profiles, social media profiles, YouTube, and even gaming profiles. However, I wish they allowed the selection of multiple styles to generate a more personalized headshot.

Pricing: The free plan offers 10 AI credits, where 1 credit = 1 generation. The Pro subscription can be availed for ₹333.25/mo (annually) where you get 1k AI credits/month.

2) Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a generative AI model developed by Adobe. With this tool, you can create catchy and unique AI photos, audio, videos, vectors, templates, and a lot more. For generating AI headshots, we will use the Generative Fill tool. 

Headshot generation - Adobe Firefly

All you have to do is use the brush tool to select the area you wish to replace. Then, we will write a prompt to describe what we want in the image. You can also tweak additional settings to match the shape and adjust the guidance strength and content preservation on a slider bar. 

Adobe Firefly - AI Headshot

The above image depicts an AI headshot of me in a red t-shirt! I liked its swift speed of image generation and the high-quality headshots generated by it. Sometimes, it may not follow the AI prompts accurately. But overall, you can definitely use it to enhance your profile photos. 

Pricing: The free plan offers 25 monthly generative AI credits. You can upgrade to its paid plan for ₹398.84/mo to get 100 generative AI credits/month.

3) Canva Magic Edit

Canva Magic Edit is an AI feature recently introduced within the Canva graphic design platform. This tool allows you to replace any element within your image with something else. So, you can add props, backgrounds, outfits, and other elements to your photos with ease.

Headshot generation - Canva Magic Edit

First of all, we will upload an image that we wish to recreate. Next, we will use the brush tool to select all the parts we wish to edit. Here, I have selected the entire outfit in the image. Next, we will write a prompt, for instance, “Black professional suit with a blue shirt”. 

Canva Magic Edit - AI Headshot

With Canva Magic Edit, you get pretty basic AI-generated headshots. I frequently found it generating unexpected, irrelevant, and somewhat blurry images. But with the extended number of free daily uses, you can certainly create something great out of it! 

Pricing: Available free of cost to both free and Pro users. Magic Edit is limited to 100 uses/day. 

4) Generated Photos 

Generated Photos is an innovative tool that generates AI faces and even AI humans! You can also browse through their extensive library of AI-generated faces and 100k+ AI humans to use in your projects. 

Headshot Generation - Generated Photos

Once you upload your face for reference, it offers various customization settings. You can describe exactly what you need from hair color to ethnicity, clothes type, and skin color. The generated humans are pretty decent. You can crop them to get a great AI headshot! 

Generated Photos - AI Headshot

The biggest drawback is the excessive waiting time for free users. Free users need to provide attribution to Generated Photos every time they use them on a platform. 

Pricing: The free plan offers no limits, but the generation time is extremely slow. The 3-day free trial offers 15 downloads/month with unlimited face generations.

Bonus Tip to Generate AI Headshots

And now, it’s time to reveal my secret tip! If you want to create AI headshots for free, here is a cool trick I want to teach you. It involves two different tools – Microsoft Copilot and Remaker. We will create a stunning photo with Copilot and then swap the face with ours using Remaker. 

You can follow the steps mentioned below to get an awesome AI headshot for your social and professional profiles. 

Step 1: Generate Image through Prompt

Use Microsoft Copilot and add a prompt to describe the image you need. For example, if you want to improve your LinkedIn profile, you can write a prompt like “professional headshot of a 25-year-old Indian man”.

Generating image with Microsoft Copilot Designer

Step 2: Select and Download Image

It generates 4 high-quality images following your prompt. You can choose the one you like most and download it on your device. 

Step 3: Swap Face with Original Image

Next, we will use the Remaker tool and use its Face Swap feature. We will upload the AI-generated image in the Original Image section and one of our images/selfies in the Target Face section. 

Face Swap with Remaker

Make sure your face is clearly visible in the image. Within a few seconds, the AI face will be swapped with yours! 

This is how you can generate any kind of AI headshot for yourself within a few minutes! I agree, face-swapping is not 100% accurate, but it still does a pretty good job. Try it out and let me know how your headshot turned out! 

Why Should You Trust Me?

I have been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In all these years, I’ve used and tested hundreds of AI tools, including AI art generators, AI voice generators, AI video generators, AI writers, and more.

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing free AI headshot generators for this article. Experimenting with all these tools has given me the experience and expertise to recommend the best one for your requirements.


I hope this article helped you discover some interesting tools to generate AI headshots free of cost for your professional profiles and social media accounts. LightX has to be my favorite of them all. It has sufficient free credits and generates professional studio-quality AI headshots. 

Have you used any AI headshot generators before? Do try these free AI tools and let me know if you find them valuable. If you have any other tool suggestions for generating professional images, share them in the comments section below. 

If you want to try creating some cool images, you can check out these Best Free AI Art Generators. Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. Cheers, and keep learning!🙂

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