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We recently had the chance to sit down with Darrel Wilson, a successful YouTuber and owner of multiple channels. Darrel shared his experience with us on how he built his successful YouTube channels, including the challenges he faced along the way.

Darrel Wilson is a prominent figure in the world of YouTube content creation, with over 300,000 subscribers and counting. He is a well-known expert in WordPress and Founder of a YouTube Channel in various languages with various WordPress Tutorials. Interviewing him gave a lot of insights as to how one can develop their content and enhance various skills through WordPress

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Darrel Wilson

Guest Name: Darrel Wilson

What They Do: Darrel Wilson is the expert in Premium WP Tutorials

Company: Darrel Wilson

Known For: Darrel Wilson is a prominent figure in the world of YouTube content creation, with over 300,000 subscribers and counting. He is a well-known expert in WordPress and Founder of a YouTube Channel in various languages with various WordPress Tutorials.

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Darrel Wilson Interview

Can you give us a quick brief intro about yourself?

Darrel: I do mainly WordPress tutorials where we teach people how to make WordPress websites. We talk about WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and general WordPress-related topics. I extensively search the internet looking through plugins and themes, finding the best, and then making reviews and videos on them.

When did you start your WordPress journey?

Darrel: It all started around six years ago, and basically, I was hiking all the time. I loved hiking, and I always went hiking in the California mountains, and I wanted to have my own blog. 

I went through many different themes and would try different stuff out, and I went online to see what’s the best blogging theme, what’s everyone using, and then I saw some blogs out there or some videos, I got the idea as to Why everyone is talking about this? And that’s when I got the idea of making videos.

So I started making my own blogging website for my hiking trips, but then I wanted to actually tell people what blog theme I was using for WordPress, and that is really how it all got started. I started making a blog review and then a tutorial and then a plugin on the website I use. So a small idea turned into just like the largest thing.

“A small idea can be turned into a larger project.”

Darrel Wilson
Interviewing Darrel Wilson

What are your opinions about WordPress? Where is it going?

Darrel: I think WordPress is just going to get larger. It’s not going to show any signs of stopping. About a year ago, WordPress controlled 43% of all the market share, and then as of 2023, they’re up to 2% up at 45%, so they’re growing. In probably the next two or three years, they’re going to own 50% of the entire internet.

I recently met some people from automaticc, and they told me that even the White House is using WordPress for their website, whitehouse.gov, Snoop Dogg, eBay, CNN, like all these big platforms use WordPress, all of them.

Can you share some of your thoughts on the evolution of page builders and the block editor?

Darrel: About the block editor, I like using page builders, and I like using Elementor, Divi, and these other builders, but as the block editor is getting better, which is called Gutenberg, as it gets better, we could see people shifting from traditional page builders like Elementor and all these other builders to Gutenberg.

 I’ve been using page builders like Elementor and Divi for a long time, but with the block editor, also known as Gutenberg, getting better, we might see a shift towards using it as the primary page builder. There are many benefits to Gutenberg, including the fact that it’s free and there are tons of free add-ons for it. However, there is not a lot of support available since it’s open-source software.

elementor vs page builder

For someone who is just starting and wants to create a blog, should they use Gutenberg or a page builder like Elementor?

Darrel: It’s a bit of a 50-50 question, but I recommend using a combination of both. Start with a WordPress template like Astra, and use Elementor to build the website. However, when it comes to creating blog posts, I suggest using Gutenberg since it’s a valuable option.

Using a page builder on a post can get awkward, and you may run into container issues or elements not working correctly. So, use Gutenberg for creating blog posts and a page builder for everything else.

“Use Gutenberg for creating blog posts and a page builder for everything else.”

Darrel Wilson
Darrel Wilson

Your YouTube channel has a vast following and is now expanding into different language formats. How are you monetizing your channel?

Darrel: My main revenue stream is through affiliate marketing, mainly hosting commissions. I also make money from YouTube ads, which is still very lucrative compared to other social platforms. YouTube pays based on the country that watches your content, so if you have a good audience, you can make even more money.

“A good audience can lead to even more money on YouTube.”

Darrel Wilson
Darrel Wilson Products

Darrel, you’ve mentioned in the past that YouTube has been a significant source of income for you. Could you give us a sense of how much revenue you generate from your channel each year?

Darrel: With YouTube, including the commissions, I would say we’re probably on the lines of six to seven figures a year. So it can go anywhere from like, you know, two hundred thousand dollars, and if you have a really, really good year, you could probably hit a million in one year somewhere in the realm of that. You know, it really fluctuates, and it really depends on my energy,

How do you balance the desire to maintain authenticity with the pressure to create content that generates revenue?

Darrel: Maintaining a delicate balance is crucial as a creator, and being authentic to yourself is key. If you force yourself to make content that doesn’t resonate with you, your audience will pick up on it, and it will reflect in your work.

Personally, I’ve found myself in that situation before, and on those days, I choose to take a break and focus on something else. As much as I love creating content, I recognize the importance of taking a step back when necessary, and I believe many content creators can relate to this sentiment.

“Being authentic to yourself is key.”

Darrel Wilson

Darrel: In the upcoming year, our focus will shift back to creating original content that caters to our audience’s fundamental interests. I plan on creating videos that cover the top 10 best plugins, themes, and add-ons for page builders, essentially returning to the basics of what people are always seeking.

Last year, we ventured into more controversial topics such as the impact of Gutenberg on page builders and the rising trend of AI content writing. However, this year, we are returning to our roots. Additionally, we are expanding our reach by starting a new channel in German, hoping to tap into the German and Italian markets.

 How are you managing those channels in different languages?

Darrel: When we first started, it was pretty terrible. We started and we had voiceovers, but now we have people on our team who speak multiple languages, and they can help us with translations. So, that’s how we’re doing it.

We’re outsourcing it, we’re hiring people who speak multiple languages, and we’re trying to make sure that we have people who can communicate with the audience in the language that they speak.

 Do you have any advice for aspiring content creators?

Darrel: My advice would be to just be yourself. Don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t try to copy somebody else’s content. Just be true to yourself

Where did you find your team of freelancers and how did you select them?

Darrel: Well, at first, we found some freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork. We did a lot of testing and we tried out many different people before we found the ones we’re currently working with. It was a long process, but it was worth it to find the right people who could help us achieve our goals.

team work

How do you ensure that your team is committed to the work they do for you?

Darrel: I pay them a salary, so they have a guaranteed amount of money every month. That’s important because it gives them a sense of security and stability.

I also communicate with them regularly, and we have a good working relationship. I think it’s important to show your team that you appreciate their work and that you value their contributions to the project.

So, what advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in the YouTube business and looking to expand into different language markets?

Darrel: Well, my advice would be to take your time and do your research. You need to understand the market you’re trying to reach and what your audience is looking for. It’s also important to find the right people to work with.

Don’t rush into anything and make sure you have a solid plan in place before you start. And finally, be patient. It takes time to build an audience and to establish yourself in a new market. But if you put in the work, it can be very rewarding.

“Be patient; it takes time to build an audience and establish yourself in a new market.”

Darrel Wilson

Darrel, can you tell us about your journey in creating multilingual WordPress tutorial channels?

Darrel: Sure! When we first started, it was pretty terrible. We had voiceovers in different languages, and it looked a little silly when the voice and lips didn’t match. We operated like that for about a year, still making commissions, but I realized it didn’t look like good-quality content.

So we hired an After Effects artist to create video animations and put them over the parts where I showed my face. This resulted in a big jump in audience retention and engagement.

How did you find the right talent for your team?

Darrel: It was a lot of trial and error. We went through different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and VoiceBunny to find voiceover artists. We went through tons of them until we finally found people who worked well for our channels.

Many of them didn’t know about WordPress initially, but they learned as they translated the videos. Now they’re probably all pros and WordPress experts.

How did you handle language barriers and video editing issues?

Darrel: We had a dedicated manager who managed all the freelancers, including the video editor. They were all on salaries because I didn’t want them to leave. If they left, it would affect the channels, and we would have to hire new voiceover artists, which could be challenging. The manager and the team handled any audio-video discrepancies and ensured smooth operations for the channels.

Can you tell us about your experience at WordCamp Asia?

Darrel: This is probably my second WordCamp, and it has been amazing. From the Icon Siam building to the freebies and games, it’s been a great experience. Meeting people face to face has been valuable in building relationships. However, I do feel that the food at WordCamp could have been better, but there are great food options in the mall downstairs.

Do you want to share any final thoughts on your journey and the future of your channels?

Darrel: It has been a challenging yet rewarding journey. We’ve come a long way from starting with voiceovers to now having a dedicated team of professionals. We are constantly working on improving the quality of our content and expanding our reach to more viewers globally. I’m grateful for the support of my team and the WordPress community.


In this exclusive interview, Darrel, the visionary founder behind several multilingual WordPress tutorial channels, divulges his expertise in crafting exceptional content that resonates with a diverse global audience.

Throughout the interview, he shares the story of how he and his dynamic team overcame a multitude of challenges, including language barriers and video editing difficulties, to produce engaging tutorials for viewers worldwide.

With a plethora of multilingual channels under his belt, Darrel’s team manages an array of work across various horizons. During the interview, he imparts valuable tips and advice to fellow content creators, offering insights on how to effectively reach a wider audience through creating captivating content.

In summary, the interview provides a fascinating and informative look into the journey of a successful content creator who has made a lasting impact on the world of WordPress tutorials.

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