Spayee Review (2021) – Is It Best For Indian Audience?

If you are an online educator, content creator, or own an educational institution, this article is for you!

In this article, I’m reviewing Spayee – an Indian LMS platform jam-packed with some unusual and attractive features! 

I have used and tested many online course creators in the past. Recently, I have also reviewed some popular LMS platforms on my blog including Thinkific, Teachable, and Acadle

In this Spayee Review, we are going to unveil its attractive features, check out its pricing plans, user interface, customer support, suitable alternatives, some pros and cons, and if Spayee is a good option for you!

So, with no further ado, let’s jump right into our review. 

Spayee Review

Kripesh Adwani

Types of Lessons
User Interface
Landing Page Builder
Customer Support


If you are looking to sell course in India then Spayee is a good choice. It provides some great option for Indian users specially with Indian payment options and GST Invoice.


Disclaimer : I strongly believe in transparency. If you buy using the links on our site, we may earn a small commission without any extra cost to you. This helps me to keep producing honest reviews. Read More >>

About Spayee

Spayee is a white labeled learning management system that helps you create, market, and sell your courses online. It is an Indian LMS platform that was launched in 2018 by Spayee Labs Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Uttar Pradesh. 


Spayee was created with an aim to design a tech solution empowering the online education sector. Today, after three years of their commencement, they have over 2000+ course creators and 5 million active learners on their platform!

Spayee Pricing

First, let us look at the regular pricing of Spayee along with the features available on each plan. 

Basic PlanPro PlanBusiness PlanAdvanced Plan
Monthly Pricing₹2999₹4999₹9999₹17999
Admin Accounts13615
Live Class Users300500500500
Extra FeaturesN.A.Fully White Labeled WebsiteFully White Labeled Website and Android
AppAPI Integration
Fully White Labeled Website, Android and
iOS App
API Integration

Spayee’s pricing is somewhat on the expensive side. But as of now, you can also get a lifetime access to Spayee on the AppSumo deal. You can definitely check it out!

AppSumo PlansLifetime Pricing
License Tier 1$79
License Tier 2$149
License Tier 3$299

Well, I have bought the AppSumo Tier 1 plan for testing out Spayee. So, throughout this article, I’ll be using the same plan to demonstrate all the features in depth. Now, let us dive deeper into its features and functionalities!

Spayee Review Video

For video people, here’s my hands on experience with Spayee.

Admin Interface

The admin interface of Spayee looks decent and well organized. But unlike Teachable and Thinkific that offer easy to use and beginner friendly interfaces, users might experience a small learning curve on Spayee. 

Spayee Admin interface

You can manage all the controls from the left panel, including reports, course content, integrations, users, management, marketing, design, etc. 


Course creation with Spayee is simple yet versatile. You can create unlimited courses and lessons. After creating a fresh course, you can add lessons through the Course Builder. Spayee platform supports a variety of comprehensive lessons. (Discussed in depth below. Keep reading!)

Course rules in Spayee

Spayee also lets you enforce rules for every course like:

  • Sequential Learning – Students can only view lessons in a sequence.
  • Complete Video Viewing – Students need to watch at least 90% of the video to start the next one. (This only applies for uploaded videos.)

These rules don’t apply to all courses. They are only useful for courses that follow a specific order and comprise interconnected lessons. 

For example, my course on setting up Hostinger hosting needs to be watched in a sequential order to understand every step well.

Types of Lessons 

In order to make your online courses informational as well as enjoyable for your students, it is important that your course creator provides sufficient types of lessons. 

Spayee Lesson types

Fortunately, Spayee does not disappoint us in this case! It offers a variety of lessons to improve the overall understanding of your students and provide them with more value.

Let us check out all the lessons available in Spayee.

PDF Lessons 

PDF Lessons are great when you want to provide textual content to your students. Spayee provides responsive PDF lessons that work well on all devices. 

Spayee PDF Lessons

You can upload upto 250 MB of PDF file from your local device or import it from Google Drive.

You also get good adjustment options. (I have discussed them under the Student Interface below!) 

Video Lessons

Video Lessons are useful for providing interactive learning content to your students. 

Spayee video lessons

Spayee lets you directly paste video links from YouTube, Vimeo, SproutVideo, DailyMotion or other video platforms. You can also embed video code from platforms like Loom, Vadootv, Sendspark, etc. 

If you are with the AppSumo deal, you cannot upload videos. They do provide unlimited bandwidth, but it’s of no use since you cannot upload videos.

Audio Lessons

Spayee audio Lessons

Spayee lets you upload audio lessons up to 200 MB in size that can be easily played on their web-based audio player.

File Upload

File Uploads can come in handy when you want to provide some downloadable content like PDFs, infographics, documents, etc to your students. 

Spayee File Upload Lessons

You can upload files up to 250 MB in size on their File Uploads lesson. However, you cannot view the file without downloading it. 

Text Lessons

Spayee offers versatile text-based lessons. 

Spayee text Lessons

Along with text, you can effortlessly embed iFrames, add images, links, HTML code, embed videos, tables, twitter posts, and more! It also offers good text formatting options.

Link lessons are helpful if you want to embed an entire web page into your course lesson. 

Spayee link lessons

All you need to do is specify the page URL and it will be automatically embedded.


If you wish to collect assignments from your students, this feature would interest you. 

Spayee assignment Lessons

As an instructor, you can specify instructions for your quiz and even upload media, (E.g. assignment questions.) 

Students can download it and then upload their assignments after they are done. The maximum file upload size is 100 MB.

Quiz Lessons 

I found the Quiz Lessons of Spayee the most interesting and interactive. It supports 5 question types to better evaluate a student’s understanding. 

Spayee Quiz Lessons

Quiz Questions include:

  • Single correct answer
  • Multiple correct answer
  • Match the column
  • Numerical/ fill in the blanks
  • Subjective questions

Out of all the online course platforms I have tested and reviewed, the Quiz Creator of Spayee looks the most advanced and interactive. 

Spayee Quiz Settings

You can also tinker with additional settings like:

  • Adding explanations for the right answer
  • Setting a time limit to the quiz
  • Deducting marks for wrong answers
  • Limiting the number of retakes
  • Setting a passing percentage
  • Arranging questions by topic
  • Randomizing the questions 

SCORM Lessons

Spayee also lets you import SCORM packages within your online course. You can upload zip files of up to 250 MB in your lessons. 

Honestly, I have never used it before. But if you use Scorm lessons, you can take advantage of this feature with Spayee LMS!

Live Class

With Spayee, you can even conduct live classes by integrating services like Zoom Meeting, Zoom Webinars, and YouTube Live Streams. 

You can also enable live chat and upload a thumbnail for your live session. 

Live Class in Spayee

But you know what’s the best part? There’s no limitation on the number of students. So, you can seamlessly add unlimited students to your live sessions at a time!


Spayee also lets you create simple forms using labels, radio buttons, check boxes, number field, date field, text fields, text areas, file upload button, etc. 

Forms in Spayee

These are helpful if you need to collect details or conduct some surveys or quizzes with your students! 

Drip Content 

The Drip Content feature is helpful when you want to schedule every lesson of your course on specific days. 

Spayee Drip Content

When creating a new course, Spayee offers two types of content scheduling:


You can specify the number of days from the student’s enrollment, after which a lesson is available. So, every new student will receive content as per his/her enrollment date. 

Fixed Date-Wise

You can specify pre-defined dates on which lessons will be available.

Whatever option you choose will apply to all lessons under that course. You can also set email reminders, so the learner is notified when a new lesson is available. 

Overall, the admin interface looks decent, but I wasn’t much impressed with it. They can definitely make some more improvements in their design and offer color-coded snippets for coding, just like Teachable course platform!

Pricing Options

Student Pricing

Student Pricing refers to the plans you can offer to your student for purchasing your online courses. Spayee lets you create 3 types of Student Pricing plans. 

  • Free Plan: Under this plan, you can offer courses to your students making no payments!
Spayee Free course

You can also limit the course access till:

  • A fixed date
  • Specific number of days
  • By maximum watch time

A good practice is to first release shorter courses for free and then offer a more detailed course on the same topic for a price!

  • One-time Payment: One time payment means that the student can get access to your entire course by paying the amount at once. 
Spayee one time payment

Spayee lets you set a one-time pricing and limit the access to your course:

  • Till a fixed date
  • Till a specific number of days after purchase 
  • By maximum video watch time
  • Recurring Subscription: Recurring subscription means that a student can access your courses by paying for them on a weekly/monthly basis. 
Spayee recurring subscription

You can set a fixed amount to be paid by the student and also tinker with additional functions like:

  • Charging a setup fee
  • Including a free trial
  • Limiting the number of payments
  • Stopping course access after all the payments are made. 

Payment Options 

Spayee’s USP is probably its diverse payment options. It supports 14 different currencies including Indian Rupee, US Dollar, Dirham, Euro, Pound, etc.

All you need to do is select a currency. The payment methods would be displayed accordingly. 

Spayee Payment options

For example, if you choose the Indian Rupee, you will find 9 payment options including Stripe, PayU Money, Instamojo Razorpay, Paytm, etc that you can connect with Spayee by entering your secret key. 

You can also create GST invoices, modify checkout messages, invoice settings, tax details and a lot more.

Spayee is one of the rare LMS platforms where you get to see so many options for payment gateways. And because it is an Indian company, it supports maximum options for Indian users.

Therefore, I feel Indians should definitely check out Spayee! 

Student Interface

The student interface looks decent and easy to use. When you log in through your student account and go to a particular course, it displays the course progress on top of the lessons. 

You can visit to experience the student interface yourself. I created a demo course just for this purpose.

Student Interface Spayee

Types of Lessons

Video Lessons

Video Lessons are played automatically when the student clicks on the lesson.

Student interface video lessons

However, the auto-play functionality can be stopped from the Admin settings.

PDF Lessons

Student interface PDF lessons

PDF options are quite good. You can zoom in/out, switch to full screen view, and jump to the previous/next page. 

Audio Lessons

Student interface audio lessons

Audio tracks play well, but the interface of Audio lessons can be improved. 

Text Lessons 

Text Lessons support a wide variety of functions. 

Student interface text lessons

All the media and embeds including images, tables, video embeds, twitter embeds, html codes, etc are displayed well on the student interface. 

Quiz Lessons

The Quiz Lessons look really impressive and colorful. 

Quiz Lessons Student Interface

Before starting the quiz, you can see the attempts remaining and all the 5 types of quizzes are very interesting!

Overall, the student interface offers a good quality of lessons that help maximize online learning. If you want to get the feel of the student interface, you can check out my free course on Spayee!

Security Features

To ensure an all-round security of your online courses and your admin account, Spayee offers lots of security features.

Security features in Spayee
  • Device Login Limit: Lets you restrict the number of devices a student can use to access your online course.
  • 2FA: Introduces a second step of user verification while an admin logs in to their account.
  • Downloads Limit: Lets you decide how many times a student can download any media/file.
  • Dynamic Watermarking: Displays the students’ email, phone number, and the page URL over PDFs and videos. This helps in analysing which student is screen recording your content. 
  • Video Encoding: Lets you decide the video qualities that a student can watch your videos in. However, Spayee does not let you upload videos on the AppSumo plan, which makes this feature unusable for us.

Content Management

Content Management comprises a variety of functions. For example,

Spayee Content Management
  • Courses – Shows you a list of all the courses you have created
  • Packages – Lets you offer multiple courses together as a bundle
  • Asset Library – Displays a list of all the media and files uploaded on Spayee
  • Question Bank – Stores all questions used in quizzes under every course. 
  • Quiz Reviews – Helps the instructor manually check and assign marks for subjective quizzes
  • Assignments – Helps the instructor check and assign marks for submitted assignments
  • Live Classes – Shows details of every live class conducted on your platform
  • Ratings & Reviews – Allows learners to submit ratings on your courses

User Management

Under the Users tab, you can easily add, remove, and manage new learners, admin, instructors, affiliates, and subscribers. Affiliates can either be manually added or students can enroll by themselves too! 

Spayee User management

In case if you have used a contact form within your course, the details of all the students would be visible under Subscribers. As an admin, you can import and export the entries, and view details of every user from the Actions button.  

Bulk Enroll Students

In case you already have a student base and wish to switch to Spayee, you can use their Bulk Enroll feature to transfer all your students into the Spayee platform.

Bulk Enroll Students in Spayee

All you need to do is download their excel sheet template, fill in your students’ details, and import the CSV file back into Spayee. Simple, isn’t it?

User Engagement


The ability to create forums is a very innovative feature offered by Spayee. Any person who signs up on Spayee can leave comments or add a post in your forum. 

Public forum in spayee

Additionally, you can also block specific words in users’ posts and enable reviewing posts before publishing them. Forums would be beneficial for starting general discussions on a topic or getting your students’ doubts cleared.

Course Discussions

Spayee offers a comment box under every lesson where students can leave their doubts, feedback, and opinions. 

Course Discussions in Spayee

The comment box offers basic formatting options. You can even insert links and images to make your comment more interesting. 

Web Push Notifications

Using the Web Push Notifications feature, you can easily send personalized notifications to students of your choice. All you need to do is create a New Campaign and choose your target audience.

Web Push Notifications on Spayee

Then you can enter your message and choose where you want your message to be displayed. Spayee also lets you upload images and set a timing to send your message. 

You can either:

  • Immediately send the notification
  • Schedule it to a specific date and time
  • Or add it as a recurring message to appear on specific intervals

They also have a Mobile Push Notifications feature, but it is only available on their mobile apps. The apps are available as add-ons for an extra price!

Site Builder 

The site builders and page builders of Spayee are highly customizable. Let’s check out what we can achieve with them.

Website Builder

With Spayee’s website Builder, you can either customize pre-designed site pages or build new pages from scratch using sections.

Website builder of Spayee

The site builder features 2 free themes – Light and Dark. These are quite limited, though. I hope to see more themes on Spayee in the future!

Below it, you can see a list of pages like Home page, Landing page, Checkout page, About us, Refund page, FAQ page, Privacy Policy, etc. These can be edited in a visual editor as per your requirements.

Landing Page Builder

Landing page is the first thing your students see when they view your course. The landing pages of every course can be edited from the Course Settings. 

Spayee is super flexible with editing landing pages. It offers 25+ sections like Profile, Curriculum, Price tag, Feedback, Coming soon, Features, Testimonials, Contact, Video content, Image, etc.

Landing Page Builder in Spayee

You can build an attractive landing page using these sections. It also lets you edit the text, background, color, themes, brand logo, custom scripts, SEO, and more!

Though these sections are fantastic, I also wish they had a countdown timer and more options to upsell my courses!



Blogs can be a powerful way of marketing your online courses and sharing regular updates with students. 

Blogs in Spayee

The Blog editor of Spayee LMS is highly customisable. You can build your blog from a collection of 25+ sections including slider, video, forms, course feedback, pricing, skills, FAQ, Contact Us, and more! 

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are interesting ways of attracting more customers to your product! Spayee lets you generate unique coupon codes in bulk. 

Coupon codes in Spayee

All you need to do is select a course and specify the code text, validity, and the number of codes required.

Finally, you can also check out some additional settings like:

  • Specifying the discount percentage
  • Setting a maximum discount value
  • Setting a minimum cart value on which the code will be applied
  • Specifying how many times the code can be used

In my opinion, this feature will surely help you have more control when offering discounts!

Wallets and Credits 

Every user that signs up on your platform is assigned a virtual wallet on Spayee. As an admin, you can issue credits that the students can use to purchase your courses.

Wallets and Credits in Spayee

You can use this feature to create credit codes or partner with your affiliates!

Refer and Earn 

The Refer and Earn program of Spayee is quite simple and straightforward. Every student is given a unique referral code for promoting your online course.

When others purchase the course using that referral code, the student earns credits points.

Refer and Earn in Spayee

These credit points can then be used by the student for buying more courses on your platform. 

You can customize the program so even the referee can earn credit points when they sign up or make their first transaction. Additionally, you can also set a validity period for the credit points. 


I really liked the Affiliates feature of Spayee, where you can allow your students and other users to become affiliates to your courses. 

Affiliates in Spayee

Every user who promotes your courses and brings in more sign ups is assigned a percentage of the commission.

If you need more customization, you can:

  • Limit the affiliate program to specific courses
  • Set a commission percentage
  • Set the number of days for which the affiliate link will remain active.

Related Products

This feature is like the Upsells feature found in Teachable or Thinkific but is nowhere near as advanced. You can find the Related Products option under Course Information.

Related Products in Spayee

It helps you specify a course that would be displayed when a user is purchasing the current course. You can also enable the ‘Suggest in Cart’ feature and add a custom message along with it!


Spayee partners with a range of services to make sure you have all the tools to create the best online courses!

You can find the following 3rd party integrations on Spayee. 

  • For Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel
  • For Videos: Vimeo, SproutVideo
  • For Live sessions: Zoom
  • For Marketing: Fomo, Zoho CRM
  • For Email Marketing: MailChimp
  • For Transactional Emails: Mailgun 
  • For Automation: Zapier
  • For OTPs: Fast2SMS, MakeMySMS, SMSFresh, SMSPrima, etc.

I really appreciate the diversity of services supported by Spayee. But it lags with email marketing and transactional mail services. I hope they integrate with more email marketing services in the future.


Webhooks are used for connecting two services or applications together. You can connect automation services like Pabbly Connect or Integrately with Spayee using webhooks.

However, this feature is only available in the AppSumo Tier 3 plan. (If you are looking for a platform that supports lots of integrations, webhooks, and API functions, you can check out Acadle course creator!)

Custom Domain

Spayee allows you to create a white labelled LMS platform for your students. This means that you can use your company’s branding in your online courses.

Custom domain in Spayee

It lets you add a custom domain with Cloudflare or CNAME mapping. 

White Labeling in Spayee

Additionally, you can also white label your online platform by adding your own brand logo and colors to give your courses a more professional feel!


Certifications are an inevitable and attractive part of online courses. Students love getting rewards, and certifications are one way to do that!

Spayee offers a certificate template you can customise to some extent. You can upload custom images, backgrounds, and texts on the certificate to give it a personal touch! 

Certificate Preview in Spayee

It offers basic formatting options along with the ability to change the font type, color, and size. If you’re more inclined to technical stuff, you can even edit the HTML code of the certificate as per your requirements!

Certificates in Spayee

I liked how Spayee lets you decide a completion percentage and a minimum passing percentage for a course/quiz. A student is eligible for the certificate if he/she qualifies for that criteria.

But I really wish to see more certificate templates on Spayee! 

Custom Email Templates

By default, Spayee has pre-designed email templates for various student events like welcome emails, forgotten password emails, content availability emails, live class emails, etc. They automatically send these emails to the students.

Custom Email Templates

But you can infinitely customize these templates by adding videos, images, links, custom text, and formatting! You can add your own branding, upsells, promotional content, etc to make your emails more personable and interesting!

Course Analytics

For keeping a track of your students’ progress, you can check out the User details under the learners tab. 

Sales reports in Spayee

You can also view the Reports tab to find detailed reports on sales, transactions and daily usage.

Customer Support

Spayee offers a decent Email Support and Live Chat support for its users. 

Live Chat support in Spayee

But their Live chat support is not very consistent. Sometimes I received quick responses but at other times, I had to wait for their replies. (I personally like the quick and helpful live chat support of Acadle LMS.)

Spayee Knowledgebase

They also have a knowledge base where they have discussed lots of topics. However, it’s not deep, so you won’t find the solution to all your problems on their knowledge base.  

Finally, they also have a blog with informative articles around LMS platforms and how to grow your online courses.

AppSumo Add-ons 

If you need to implement advanced functionality to your online courses, AppSumo also offers add-ons at an extra charge.

Add-onsMonthly Pricing
Concurrent Live Session$25
Country Specific Pricing$30
White labelled Android app$39
White labelled iOS app$39

Pros of Spayee

1. Indian Payment Options

Spayee offers 9 payment options for the Indian users, including Stripe Payments, Razorpay, Paytm, Instamojo, etc. This makes it a great option for Indian users. 

2. Excellent Course Options

You can offer more value to your students with a variety of lessons, including video and audio lessons, PDF lessons, assignments, live classes, quizzes, forms, and more!

3. Advanced Drip Scheduling

Spayee offers advanced dripping functions for your content. So you can schedule your content after specific days of a student’s enrollment or release every lesson on a particular date.

4. Excellent Marketing Functionality

Spayee offers lots of marketing features like bulk coupon code generator, blogs, Affiliate program, Refer and Earn program, etc, online wallets and credit system, etc. 

5. Value for Money Deal

Spayee is available for $79 on the AppSumo deal right now. For this price point, it is a 100% value for money LMS solution!

Cons of Spayee

1. No Video Upload

If you go for the AppSumo deal, you won’t get the video upload feature, which is quite disappointing. What’s the use of offering unlimited bandwidth if we cannot upload videos at all? 

2. No Coding Lessons

Spayee does not support coding lessons yet. I hope they implement it in the future! 

3. Average Page Builder

The Landing Page Builder of Spayee needs some improvements. I hope they add the countdown timer and upsell options on it soon! 

4. UI Needs Improvement

They can improve the User Interface of Spayee in terms of design and simplicity. 

5. Difficult to Use

At first, the interface seems difficult to understand and beginners would definitely need some time to understand it. 

6. No Emails

Spayee doesn’t support emailing as of now. This feature is still under development. I hope they bring it soon!

7. Add-ons

They charge an extra amount for their add-ons like White-labeled Android and iOS apps, Country-Specific Pricing, etc. 

8. No Webhooks

Spayee offers webhooks only on its AppSumo Tier 3 plan. 

Spayee Alternatives 

1. Thinkific

Thinkific is a beginner friendly and affordable LMS solution. It offers the secure stripe payments options along with zero transaction fee on all plans! The only downside is its lack of coding lessons.

2. Teachable

Teachable is a suitable option if your primary focus is promoting and selling your courses. It offers advanced marketing tools, along with coding lessons and an impressive bulk coupon generator.

The downside of Teachable is its higher transaction fee!

3. Acadle 

Acadle is an easy-to-use LMS platform that supports webhooks, API, and Integrations! It offers fast customer support and bulk coupon codes.

However, you won’t find any coding lessons, video playback, and subscription options on Acadle.

Should you use Spayee?

Spayee course platform brings great features on the table at affordable rates! It is more fine-tuned and focused towards the Indian audiences, which is why you will find lots of Indian payment options, GST invoices, etc on this platform. 

Therefore, if your audience is of Indian origin, you should definitely look at Spayee!

 If we compare Spayee with its alternatives, I would recommend using Acadle only when you need webhooks and gamification features. 

Spayee is a more established and promising tool with a bright future. Even though it is not as established as Thinkific or Teachable, it is complete value for your money at the price point it’s being offered on AppSumo!


Spayee LMS, loaded with hundreds of impressive features, looks like a very affordable option for beginners and professional instructors and content creators.

It is especially suitable for the Indian audiences because you get a variety of Indian payment options on Spayee.  

Have you used any LMS platforms before? Well, what do you think about Spayee? Let me know in the comments section below. 

If you are wondering how the Spayee course creator looks and functions, you can go through my demo course to get a better idea. And if you find it interesting, you can also check out the Spayee lifetime deal on AppSumo. 

Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off! Hope you found this review helpful. You can join my Newsletter to stay updated with the latest articles and reviews. 

I’ll be back with more interesting stuff soon. Till then, keep learning. See you in the next one! 

spayee logo

 Spayee Pros (+)

  • Indian Payment Options
  • Excellent Course
  • Drip Scheduling
  • Excellent Marketing
  • Value for Money Deal

Spayee Cons (-)

  • No Video Upload
  • No Coding Lessons
  • Average Page Builder
  • UI Needs Improvement
  • Difficult to Use
  • No Emails

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  1. Review is really good,
    spayee UI is way too bad
    You can’t even change the font and font size in user admin. I am looking for a solution to shift with my 3500+ students (from Podia)

    Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with podia with their awesome support. But a seamless Indian Payment gateway support has become a must have now
    There’s this another platform called knowrish, but they don’t even have zapier support as of now 🙁

    I guess building using LearnDash is best bet as of now


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