11 Ways on How to Reduce VPN Latency (Ultimate Guide)

VPN Latency 1

Ever feel like your internet slows down after connecting to a VPN? You’re not alone. In fact, even the fastest VPNs introduce a latency of 5.4 milliseconds. While VPNs offer valuable security and privacy benefits, they can cause lag and hinder online activities, like gaming, streaming, and videoconferencing.  So, it’s confirmed that connecting to a …

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6 Best Free VPN in India (2024) || Free & Privacy Friendly VPNs

free vpns 1

Do you know globally, 2 out of 5 users choose free VPNs to access geo-restricted streaming content? You might do the same, just installing any free VPN a friend recommends. Unfortunately, most free VPNs lack a strict no-log policy, meaning they might sell your data. Even cybersecurity experts are concerned – 72% worry about VPNs …

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11 Best Free Ad Blockers 2024 [Pop up Blockers]

Best Free Ad Blockers

Sick of intrusive ads covering your screen while you’re surfing online? Well, I have a simple solution – Ad Blockers!  In my 7+ years of online experience, I have used a range of ad blockers. Now, after thoroughly researching, testing, and using over 20+ ad blocker tools in the past few weeks, I am here …

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Bitwarden Send – How To Share Passwords Securely (2024)

bitwarden send password

Sharing your sensitive data online can be a troublesome task. Most of us share it via instant messaging apps that always run the risk of getting hacked.  But I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing Bitwarden Send, a free file transfer service. In this article on Bitwarden Send, we will discuss what this powerful …

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5 Best 100% Free Antivirus Software for PC (2024) – Free Antivirus protection for Windows

free antivirus

Data security has become an issue of major concern today. There are a range of viruses and malware that can infect your system without you having a clue!  Using a good antivirus software can help minimize security risks to a large extent. So, after researching and testing out a variety of antivirus software, I am …

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NordLocker Review (2024) – Best Free Encryption Software

Nordlocker Review

With the increasing number of users joining the digital world every day, privacy and security of data have become an essential need. If you are a security enthusiast, this article is for you! Today, we are talking about NordLocker, a popular file encryption service. After testing and using it thoroughly for the last six months, …

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1Password Review (2024) – Why I Switched to 1Password


From grandparents to grand kids, everyone is active in the online world today. Thus, online privacy has become an issue of prime importance. A good password manager can help you secure yourself from the threats of the online world. I have used, tested, and reviewed a variety of password managers in the past. And honestly, …

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9 Best 2FA Apps (2024) – The Complete Two-Factor Authentication Guide

2fa best apps 2022

There’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds around the world! Sounds scary? Well, the truth is, if you are on the Internet today, your data is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. (Unless you take some strong security measures.) Online security has become an issue of prime importance in today’s scenario. But do you know how to protect …

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