11 Best Firefox Extensions & Add-Ons (2024) – Supercharge Your Productivity

11 best firefox extensions

Description: This comprehensive guide gives a tried-and-tested list of the best Firefox Extensions to improve your browsing experience. Mozilla Firefox ranks as the fourth popular web browser. Even amid tough competition, many still use it. Its clean, customizable interface and over 30,000 extensions have attracted a huge user base of 362 million worldwide. Are you …

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7 Best Dark Mode Extensions for Chrome (2024)

7 best dark mode

It’s 2024, and technology has advanced to a point where we have the power to change our screen displays and optimize system performance. Therefore, 81% of smartphone users prefer dark mode, and over 64% opt for websites that offer a night mode view. Bright websites, especially at night, can strain our eyes. Dark mode is …

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10 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Students (2024)

Chrome Extensions for Students

As a student, you probably spend a lot of time online, whether it is for studying, researching, writing, or just browsing. But did you know you can make your web experience more efficient, productive, and enjoyable with some simple tools? Chrome extensions are small programs that add extra features and functionality to your Chrome browser. …

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20 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity (2024) – Get More Done

best chrome

Do you feel like getting your life together? Choose these Chrome extensions, they are for the win. Although I think productivity has been romanticized with studytok and bookstagram, it doesn’t hurt to bring about more productivity habits in your life.  Technology is very helpful for building habits or changing them. Productivity apps help millions of …

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18 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers & Writers (2024)

Chrome Extension for Bloggers

Bloggers would relate to the struggle of using different tools and services on every step of writing an article. This might be quite a taxing process. But we have an interesting and time-saving solution! In this article, we are going to look at the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers. We have included all kinds of …

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11 Best Free Ad Blockers 2024 [Pop up Blockers]

Best Free Ad Blockers

Sick of intrusive ads covering your screen while you’re surfing online? Well, I have a simple solution – Ad Blockers!  In my 7+ years of online experience, I have used a range of ad blockers. Now, after thoroughly researching, testing, and using over 20+ ad blocker tools in the past few weeks, I am here …

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4 Best Android Browsers for Privacy 2024- Android Browsers That Block Ads & Trackers

best android browsers for privacy

Do you know that 95% of security breaches are due to human error? It’s 2024, and online privacy is the need of the hour. Most websites we visit these days might be secretly collecting our private information and keeping a track of our activities. But, how do we protect ourselves online? The answer is simple. …

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