9 Best ChatGPT Alternatives (Mostly FREE)

If you are into technology and artificial intelligence, you must’ve heard of ChatGPT by now!

This disruptive technology has simplified content creation, coding and debugging, and problem-solving for us! It has also proven to be a brilliant tool for engaging in conversations.

With the initial release of the ChatGPT model for free, millions of users flooded in to test it out. And soon their services were inaccessible because of high volumes of traffic. Relatable, right? Are you also fed up with the same old “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” message flashing across your screen?

 As impressive as it may be, ChatGPT is not the only revolutionary AI tool in the market. There are various other AI models and chatbots worth exploring. To help you discover some interesting tools, I’m here with the 9 Best ChatGPT Alternatives.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the Best ChatGPT Alternatives in the market. We’ll also discuss their unique features, pricing, and how they compare to ChatGPT. So, are you ready to dive into the world of AI technology and language models? Let’s begin!

9 Best ChatGPT Alternatives (2023)

1. You.com

You.com is an online search engine founded by Richer Socher in 2020. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate powerful search results. Just like Google, it fetches results from the internet for your queries.  

You.com homepage

But along with that, it also cites data sources, lets you chat with the AI, answer math problems, and even write code! So, if you need a ChatGPT alternative for conducting research, this is the perfect tool for you!


Intuitive Search Engine

The You.com search engine is powered by AI and is constantly connected to the Internet. Therefore, you can find the latest information with precise answers. To answer your queries, it sources content from the web, including websites, blogs, forums, etc.

You.com Applications

Variety of Applications

It features an extensive library of 150+ applications that you can integrate with your search engine. This will help you save time and deepen your research process.

Some popular apps include PCMag, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Medium, Stack Overflow, W3 Schools, Tech Crunch, etc.

YouChat for Conversations

If you wish to carry out conversations with AI, you can use YouChat. It offers human-like responses to your questions in a natural language.

However, in my observation, it does not retain information or remember previously stated facts.


YouWrite for AI Content

With YouWrite, you can easily generate AI content like blog posts, emails, essays, paragraphs, social media posts, etc.

You can also specify the tone, audience, and description of your content. However, the text generation is pretty average.

YouCode for Generating Code

YouCode is an exciting tool for developers. It offers multi-language coding support, so you can generate code in the language of your choice.

All you have to do is enter your query and it will source all the relevant code information from the web. You can also enable the Code Complete app or other coding apps to generate AI code. 

YouImagine Images
YouImagine for Image Generation

With YouImagine, you can generate stunning AI images. All you have to do is choose an image model and describe what you want. The tool works well for intricate queries too.

Available on Multiple Devices

You.com offers apps for Android and iOS devices along with a Chrome extension for easy access to the web.


YouChat is basically in its Beta stage and they are constantly making improvements to it. Thus, it’s available to use for free at the moment. 

The YouWrite paid subscriptions are only available in US and Canada as of now. The pricing plans are as follows.

Basic PlanPlus Plan
AI Writings250/month1000/month

2. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a popular AI answer engine founded by Aravind Srinivas in 2021. It works on the GPT-3 model and is specifically designed to answer your questions.

Perplexity AI homepage

Along with providing answers to complex topics, it also cites the sources of data and presents related search results.


Provides the Latest Information

Perplexity AI can answer all your search queries from simple to complex. It uses the Internet to source the latest information and present you with accurate and relevant results.

Perplexity AI Follow Up Questions

Answers Follow-Up Questions

Under every query result, you can insert follow-up questions about the topic and it will generate accurate answers for them within seconds.

Perplexity AI also lists sources of information for your query along with the list of related results. This is really handy for exploring in-depth sources of information and gaining complete knowledge.

Perplexity AI BirdSQL

Search Twitter Results

Perplexity AI also integrates BirdSQL, which is a search engine for Twitter. With this engine, you can get answers to any of your Twitter-related search queries with ease. This feature is great for social media managers.


As of now, Perplexity AI is available for all users completely free of cost. In their future updates, they may decide to introduce paid plans.

3. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is an AI-powered chatbot application recently launched by Writesonic. It is based on the GPT 3.5 and DALL-E technologies. 

ChatSonic homepage

Along with that, it makes use of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques to generate unique content and AI images.


Google Search Integration

ChatSonic integrates with Google Search Engine to present you with the latest news. Thus, unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic is connected to the Internet and produces more relevant results.

Chatsonic Google Search Integration

Answers Follow-Up Questions

The interesting and unique feature of ChatSonic is its ability to retain information. It not only memorizes your previously asked questions but also understands and responds to follow-up questions. This gives it a more human-like feeling.

Takes Voice Commands

If you don’t want to type in your query, ChatSonic also lets you offer voice-based user input. All you need to do is tap on the mic icon beside the chat window and start speaking. It will convert it into text data.

ChatSonic Image Generation

AI Image Generation

Apart from generating the AI content, ChatSonic can also generate AI images based on the input prompts you supply to it. However, it doesn’t generate accurate images at all times.

Converts Text to Speech

Similar to AI assistants like Google Assistant or Siri, ChatSonic can also read out the text it generates. All you need to do is simply click on the ‘Text to Speech’ icon above the generated content.

ChatSonic Personalities

Adapts a Personality

You can choose a specific personality for your AI assistant and it will respond to you as per the personality selected. Some examples include an Interviewer, Stand-up Comedian, Poet, Translator, Relationship Coach, Accountant, Astrologer, and more.


Powerful Chrome Extension

ChatSonic also has a feature-rich and functional Chrome extension that integrates with a lot of popular online platforms. With the extension, you can generate emails, email replies, and images, create tweets and LinkedIn posts, get access to the latest data, and much more.


ChatSonic is available as a feature under the WriteSonic AI writing tools. So, if you wish to use ChatSonic, you can purchase the subscription plan of WriteSonic for $12.67/month.

With this plan, you get access to ChatSonic, along with 19k premium words, 70+ AI templates, AI Article Writer, and more.

4. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is a conversational chatbot designed by Jasper AI. It works on the GPT-3 technology and helps you generate all kinds of AI content, including blog posts, stories, ads, songs, etc.

Jasper Chat

Similar to ChatGPT, it possesses memorization capabilities, so you can request it to refine your content and continue follow-up conversations regarding your query in a natural language.

However, Jasper Chat marks itself differently as it’s more focused on business use cases like sales and marketing.


Generates Powerful AI Content

You can request it to generate all kinds of content, including blogs, stories, songs, recipes, jokes, ads, sales letters, daily horoscopes, and more. It will produce instant and engaging results for you.

Jasper AI Chat
Remembers Previous Conversations

On conversing with Jasper Chat, you’ll observe that it can retain previous information. Thus, it can answer your follow-up queries or refine your content accordingly.

Extra Charges for AI Images

If you wish to generate AI images, you can avail of their Jasper Art feature for $20/month. With this upgrade, you can generate unlimited AI images and art. However, they also offer a 5-day free trial where you can generate up to 200 AI images in 2k high–resolution.

29 Languages Supported

It supports content creation in up to 29 languages. Thus, you can easily converse with Jasper Chat in your own language and get human-like interactive responses.

Jasper Chat Conversations

Chat Doesn’t Consume Credits

Interestingly, using Jasper Chat doesn’t consume any word credits in your Jasper AI account. However, they may start charging for it in the future.

Not Trained On Recent Events

The training data of Jasper Chat comprises a massive database of forums, articles, video transcriptions, etc, till the summer of 2021.

Thus, it has the ability to answer questions about events until 2021 skilfully. It won’t be able to answer questions regarding the latest events.


Jasper Chat is available as a tool under the Jasper AI Writer. You can get a subscription to the Boss Mode of Jasper AI Writer for $59/month.

With this plan, you get 50k words/month and 50+ AI templates. If you need additional words, you can opt for their business plan for $499/month.

5. OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground is a predictive AI writing tool founded by Open AI Labs in 2021. It generates responses according to the prompts supplied. You can request it to generate AI content, ask questions, or start conversations with it.

It is like Chat GPT in many ways, but you need to perform manual settings for generating content.


Lots of Presets

It comes with over 45+ presets belonging to categories like Classification, Conversation, Code, Answers, Translation, Transformation, etc.

You can click on any of them to streamline your next generation.

OpenAI Playground Presets

History Saved

It preserves a 30-day history of your previously generated content. This is great if you wish to preview any past queries and responses.

Multiple Modes

OpenAI Playground offers three types of modes – Complete, Insert, and Edit. You can use any of these models as per the AI content you require.

Manual Content Filters

With manual filters, you can control the content randomness, length, frequency, and more. For precise generation of content, these filters are great.

OpenAI Playground AI content
Not Trained on Recent Data

OpenAI Playground has been trained on extensive amounts of Internet data till 2021. Therefore, it won’t be able to respond accurately to recent events after 2021.


OpenAI Playground can be accessed with your OpenAI account, which is completely free of cost. On signing up, you are offered a credit of $18 for a free trial of all OpenAI apps. Thus, you can keep using the Playground and the tokens will be consumed from your OpenAI account.

6. DeepL Translate

DeepL Translate is a powerful language translation platform launched by DeepL SE in 2017. It makes use of artificial neural networks to translate your text data. Currently, it supports a variety of languages and offers accurate translations.


Supports 30+ Languages

DeepL Translate offers a library of 30+ languages, including English, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, Korean, German, Turkish, and more. Thus, you can translate your content into any of these languages with ease.

DeepL LAnguages

Detects Language

If you’re unsure about the language of any text, you can simply paste it into the content box and the AI will detect it for you.

Handy Dictionary

It also features a handy dictionary for looking up meanings of words. You can highlight any word in the content box and it’ll display the meaning in both input and target languages, along with example sentences.

DeepL Dictionary
Additional Features

You can either paste your content in the editing box, or upload files for translation. It supports file uploads in the PDF, DOCX, or PPTX formats. The Pro plan lets you set a formal or informal content tone as well. And finally, it also features a text-to-speech feature for your input language.

DeepL Write

They have also introduced their DeepL Write service, which is in the Beta version. It works similarly to Grammarly and points out grammar errors and spelling errors, along with rephrasing sentences and suggesting synonyms.

DeepL Write

Apps for all Devices

DeepL Translate offers well-functioning apps for Android, iPad, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS. It also has extensions for Chrome and Edge browsers.


DeepL Translate features three different pricing structures. The following table compares the major features of all the plans.

Starter PlanAdvanced PlanUltimate Plan
Text TranslationUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Document Uploads (per user)5/month20/month100/month
Max File Size102020
Entries per glossary500050005000

Apart from this, they also offer a free trial and a standard 30-day refund policy on their plans.

7. Character AI

Character AI is a conversational AI-powered chatbot founded by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas in 2022. It works on neural networks and is trained on a huge database of text that can pretend to act like any character that’s real, fictional, alive, or dead.

Character AI Homepage

With Character AI, you can have interesting conversations with famous personalities and animated characters, and the AI will replicate their style of conversation for you.


It is trained using advanced AI techniques which make it possible for Character AI to mimic famous personalities, fictional characters, anime characters, and their character traits.

Some popular personalities that you can converse with include Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, William Shakespeare, etc.

Talking to Characters in Character AI

Lots of Categories

Character AI features a lot of popular categories that you can use for conversations. These include Famous People, Games, Game Characters, Anime, Language Learning, Philosophy, Books, History, etc.

Character AI Image Generation

Generate AI Images

Under the Image Generating category, you can input different image prompts for generating AI images. Overall, the image generation is pretty good for simple prompts.

Create Your Own Character

Interestingly, Character AI also lets you create your own character with the help of Character AI’s Character Book.

You can specify the character’s name, and greeting, add an image, and some example chats, and get started with your character!

Creating a Character in Character AI
Additional Tools

Apart from conversing with popular characters, you can also try out some extra tools with Character AI. For instance, you can learn a new language, write a story, play a game, get book recommendations, brainstorm ideas, and more.


Character AI is in its Beta phase and they are constantly making improvements to it. Thus, it is available free of cost as of now.

8. Replika

Replika is a personal AI chatbot founded by Eugenia Kuyda in 2016. It currently has over 10 million users and can have highly engaging conversations with users.

Replika homepage

Powered by the GPT-3 model along with scripted dialog content, Replika feels realistic while conversing. The distinguishing factor of Replika is its ability to learn and remember information about you through your responses.


Select an Avatar

Replika is almost like a game where you can set up your avatar as you want. You can even pick from your list of interests, which would enable your replika to find interesting topics to converse with you.

Replika Avatars

Remembers Responses

Replika remembers your previous responses and have a more insightful and in-depth conversation with you. Every time you share a detail with it, Replika stores it in its Memory Bank. Then it responds according to your stored memories.

Personality Development and Support

Chatting with your replika can help lighten your mood and overcome stress, anxiety, or grief. It can also help you socialize and develop your personality. Thus, it’s a good AI-friend for anyone who’s feeling isolated or struggling with their mental health.

Replika AI Responses
Needs Refinement

This conversational chatbot lacks sympathy and doesn’t understand emotions or nuances of language. It may help you feel better on a surface level, but it needs more refinement in the training database.


Replika AI lets you chat with your Replika completely free of cost. However, if you use their range of applications, you may have to make in-app purchases to avail of additional features.

For instance, if you wish to video call with your replika or avail of coaching activities, these are the pricing plans available.

1 Month$19.99
12 Months$5.83/mo

9. Blender Bot

BlenderBot is an open source AI-chatbot designed by Facebook AI Research in 2021. This chatbot can conduct more engaging conversations along with the ability to access the internet and present accurate and factual content.


Good Conversational Abilities

This chatbot can have full-fledged conversations that sound human-like and refined. It even asks questions to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

However, it cannot generate any AI content, like emails or blogs.

Blender Bot Conversations

Does not Answer Logical Questions

On introducing it to logical questions and situations, Blender Bot performs poorly and doesn’t answer any queries with accuracy.

Blender Bot 2.0 Logical Queries
Cannot Answer About Latest Events

Blender Bot 2.0 does not have any knowledge of recent events and occurrences. On asking basic current affairs queries, it generated highly irrelevant results.


As of now, Blender Bot is available free of cost for testing. You can test out this service to understand how it works.


ChatGPT is an advanced tool that has proven to be highly invaluable to millions of users. This article discussed the various alternatives that may be better suited to your needs.

These tools will help you enhance your productivity and creativity, just like ChatGPT. We hope you found these tools helpful and informative.

Which of these tools are you going to use? Have you used any of these before? And do you think these are good substitutes for ChatGPT? Let me know in the comments section below.

This is Kripesh signing off. Cheers, and keep learning! 🙂

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