9 Best ChatGPT Extensions (2024) – It’s ChatGPT On Steroids

Are you addicted to ChatGPT? Do you also seek the help of ChatGPT for generating creative content? Then this article is for you!

Lately, ChatGPT has been garnering an insane amount of attention in the content writing industry. However, the only problem with ChatGPT is that it only works in a single tab. Is it possible to extend the functions of the ChatGPT website to other sites?

The answer is yes! You can do that through ChatGPT Extensions! In this article, we are going to introduce you to 9 Best ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome that you can use across multiple websites and platforms. They will boost your productivity while creating content online.

So, with no more ado, let’s jump right into our article and discover the Best Chrome Extensions for ChatGPT. Let’s begin!

9 Best ChatGPT Extensions (2024)

1. ChatGPT for Gmail

CategoryProductivity, Email Writing
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ChatGPT for Gmail is a free and open-source Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with your Gmail web app. It basically helps you complete your email drafts using ChatGPT.

All you have to do is provide a 1-line context of your email, select it, and click on the ChatGPT for Gmail extension icon. It’ll auto-generate the complete mail for you in professional language. 

ChatGPT for Gmail

You can try generating follow-up emails, confirmation emails, and even cold email campaigns with it. 

Interestingly, it’ll also completes your email subject line and fix any errors you made in the content. Simply clicking on the generated text would insert it into your mail draft. 

So, if your work revolves around generating emails, then this browser extension would be a valuable addition to your workflow.

2. ReaderGPT

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Searching for information but too tired to read through the entire article? ReaderGPT might help. This innovative extension for Chrome browser scrolls through any web page and generates short summaries of its contents.

ReaderGPT Summary

It can efficiently sum up content in paragraph format or bullet-points format.

You can also find a few demo prompts that you can customize according to your requirements. It will summarize the article as per the inputs provided by you.

ReaderGPT Input Prompt

In my experience, ReaderGPT is a really impressive productivity tool that will save a ton of time spent on research.

3. ChatGPT for Google 

CategoryProductivity, Content Research
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Research is an important part of content creation. With this extension, you can view search results from both Google and ChatGPT on the same screen.

Google search results will update you with the latest information. Whereas, Chat GPT search results will present you with elaborate and comprehensive content around your query.

ChatGPT for Google

On searching any query on Google, the ChatGPT results are displayed on the right panel. You can even chat with it, ask logical questions, or request it to generate code. It works with popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Overall, researchers would find this extension really valuable.

4. WebChatGPT

CategoryProductivity, Content Research
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ChatGPT lacks access to any data after 2021, which is why it’s prone to produce inaccurate results for latest data. But not anymore! WebChatGPT brings the power of the Internet to ChatGPT and makes it even more powerful.

Regular ChatGPT Response

For instance, when I questioned ChatGPT on the review of the latest Indian TV series, it generated the regular response shown in the image above. 

However, when I activated the WebChatGPT extension and requested the same query, this time the responses were powered with the latest data from the Internet. 

ChatGPT Response with WebChatGPT

It connected ChatGPT to the internet and refined the search queries with more accurate data. You could even filter the results by time, region, and the number of results. I really liked this extension. It could be a fantastic tool for bloggers and content researchers.

5. WritingMate

CategoryProductivity, AI Writing
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WritingMate, as the name suggests, is your perfect mate for writing! It is an AI writing tool that works on all websites and helps you generate quality content for any category. Be it emails, social media posts, or blog intros, it can generate anything you want.


All you have to do is click on the extension icon and input your instruction. I found the results to be pretty good for all kinds of AI content. It offers a forever free plan for its users. However, the only downside is that it’s limited to 10 messages/day.

Overall, content writers, copywriters, and social media managers find it very handy and time-saving!

6. TweetGPT

CategoryProductivity, Social Media Writing
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Do you spend your entire day scrolling through Twitter? Do you also wish to post relevant content that resonates with people? Well, TweetGPT can surely help you with that.

This extension is specifically designed to generate tweets to improve your social media presence.

New tweet with TweetGPT

When you create a new post on Twitter, it will be displayed as a robot icon right below your editor. You can select a tone for your tweet and will generate a tweet, matching it within seconds!

TweetGPT Reply

But wait! That’s not all. Apart from this, you can also get ChatGPT to generate replies to original tweets. It parses the original tweet and generates intelligent and empathetic replies matching the context. 

If you heavily rely on Twitter for your brand or social media presence, this tool is a must-try for you!

7. Merlin

CategoryProductivity, AI Writing
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ChatGPT is one of the most revolutionary AI tool in trend. However, it can only work in a single tab. Bypassing this limitation of ChatGPT, Merlin helps you generate content on all popular websites. It works on the GPT 2.5 model and requires you to create an account.

Merlin ChatGPT Extension

All you have to do is select relevant content and press Ctrl + M. This will activate the Merlin extension. Next, you can supply instructions on what you wish to do with its content. It will generate content accordingly.

It is limited to 11 queries per day and offers a word limit of 8250 words per day. This is pretty decent for a free tool. In my opinion, bloggers and content creators should really try it out to boost their productivity!

8. Enhanced ChatGPT

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 If you’ve been extensively using ChatGPT, you probably know that it’s super time consuming to copy and paste your generated content to a different place. But not anymore! Enhanced ChatGPT brings the Export functionality that can be implemented with a single click.

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//Enhanced ChatGPT

Besides the generated content on ChatGPT, you will find an export button for easily exporting your content as a markdown file. The supports the .MD file format that can be opened in applications like MS Notepad, Apple TextEdit, Vim, etc.

It also has a ChatGPT prompt templates feature. However, it was not working at the time of testing this extension.

9. AIPRM for ChatGPT

CategoryProductivity, AI Writing
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AIPRM for ChatGPT brings the immense power of a full-fledged AI writer to ChatGPT. With this ChatGPT extension, you get pre-designed 1-click prompts you can use to generate content around various categories.

To begin, you need to select a content category, (e.g., Copywriting). Next, we will select a specific activity under Copywriting, (e.g., Script Writing). It will fetch all the prompts available for that category.


Once you select any prompt template (in my case, YouTube Shorts Script), you can specify the output language, tone, and writing style, and input your content topic. It will generate good quality content for you.

So, if your primary focus is optimizing your website for search engines and boosting its rankings, then AIPRM for ChatGPT would be the perfect solution!


These Google Chrome extensions will help you extend the functionality of ChatGPT and make it accessible on a wide range of platforms. I hope you make the most out of ChatGPT with the extensions included in this article.

If you’re looking for ChatGPT-like tools, you can check out these ChatGPT Alternatives for some interesting suggestions.

Anyway, have you used any of these extensions? Which one did you like the most? Let me know in the comments section below. This is Kripesh signing off. Cheers and keep learning. 🙂

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