Writesonic Review (2022) – Is it Accurate & Cheap?

Drafting a good piece of content requires careful research, a creative mindset, and hours of hard work. But what if you could generate full-length articles in under 15 minutes? Well, Writesonic makes it possible! 

In this article, I’m going to review Writesonic. I have purchased its AppSumo deal and after testing it for a few weeks, I am here with the Writesonic Review. 

In this Writesonic Review, we will begin by understanding what Writesonic is and how it works. Then, we will look at its UI, significant features, and important use cases along with examples.

We will also check out its pricing plans, its major pros and cons, and some potential alternatives. So, with no more delay, let’s begin.

Writesonic Review

Kripesh Adwani

Content Optimisation
Ease of Use


Writesonic looks like a powerful and pretty accurate AI writer with dozens of AI tools. Though some use cases do need refinement, it is still developing at a promising pace. Hopefully, we will get to see more upgrades and improvements in the future. 


Table of Contents

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    What is Writesonic?

    Writesonic is an AI Writing Assistant that can generate engaging content within minutes. Founded by Samanyou Garg in 2020, it has its headquarters in San Francisco, USA.

    Writesonic image

    It offers dozens of use cases for articles and blogs, ads and marketing, eCommerce, social media, website copy, and more. Their primary goal is to help people create high-quality content at lightning speeds. 

    Another interesting thing to note is that Writesonic has received funding of $2.6 million to date from the highest Silicon Valley VC firms. They are developing their platform at a swift pace. I am really excited to see the upcoming features on Writesonic. 

    How does Writesonic Work?

    AI Writing tools basically work on different language models. They read through tonnes of data available on the Internet to learn the different rules of language, grammar, style, tone, etc. Then, they make use of this data to predict new sentences. 

    Writesonic is powered by the latest language prediction model called the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 or GPT 3. It is one of the most powerful and reliable models of AI text generation. It produces high-quality outputs from the inputs provided to it.

    Writesonic Pricing

    Writesonic features two paid plans, namely – Short Form Plan and Long Form Plan. If you are new to this platform, they also offer a free trial that you can use to check the use cases and quality of content outputs.

    Free TrialShort Form PlanLong Form Plan
    Number of Words6.25k Good words30k Good words47.5k Good words
    AI Templates70+70+70+
    Landing Page GeneratorYesYesYes
    Sonic EditorYesNoYes
    AI Article WriterYesNoYes
    Browser ExtensionsYesYesYes
    Plagiarism CheckerYesYesYes

    You can add up to 4 users on the Short Form Plan and up to 10 users on their Long Form Plan. The pricing keeps on increasing according to the users added. WriteSonic also had an AppSumo lifetime deal that is no longer active now.

    How to Earn Free Credits?

    Worried about spending all your AI credits? Here’s a way to get free credits on your Writesonic account. All you need to do is review them on different platforms, and you will receive free AI credits once your review is published.

    Following is a list of platforms and credits they offer, respectively.

    Ways to get free Writesonic credits

    Payment Methods

    Writesonic supports Stripe payments as of now. With this payment gateway, you can use International credit and debit cards and a range of other payment options according to your country.

    They are also planning to integrate PayPal soon. So, if your country does not support Stripe, you can wait for the PayPal integration to arrive.  

    Credit Consumption on Writesonic

    Writesonic provides credit consumption based on the number of words generated. Here, you can also vary the quality of words generated.

    Credit consumption in Writesonic

    For instance, 1 Premium Word = 2.5 Good Quality Words = 5 Average Quality Words = 10 Economy Quality Words. This interesting system of credit consumption allows you to tweak your word quality based on the requirements. 

    Writesonic User Interface

    The user interface of Writesonic is modern and pleasing to the eyes. The use of colors and design is quite decent and the interface is not crowded with dozens of features either. They have a simple UI that is easy to understand and friendly for absolute beginners.

    Writesonic UI

    The left panel features the number of credits you have left on your account. The main screen lets you select from over 70+ use cases belonging to various categories like blogging, marketing, social media, advertising, business, etc.

    Overall, the interface of Writesonic is quite easy to use and has a shallow learning curve, so even beginners can learn how to use it easily.

    How to start working with Writesonic?

    If you are new to WriteSonic, here’s how to get started with it in a few easy steps.

    Step 1:

    Creating a project in Writesonic

    Sign in to your WriteSonic account and create a new project. Give it an appropriate name.

    Step 2:

    Selecting use case in Writesonic

    Select a use case and input the required details. Also, choose the number of outputs you need and the tone of content, if available.

    Step 3:

    Generate AI content variants

    Check the number of credits it would require for generating the content and then click on the Generate button. It will generate different variants of content for you. 

    This is how you can use WriteSonic to create better AI content within minutes!

    Key Features of Writesonic


    It supports the generation of AI content in 25 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc. It does not support the Hindi language at the moment. I hope they implement it soon for the Indian audiences.


    Tone of content implies the way it sounds to the readers. The tone of your content is essential to get the right message across. WriteSonic lets you set the following tones: 

    • Excited
    • Professional
    • Encouraging
    • Funny
    • Dramatic
    • Witty
    • Sarcastic
    • Engaging
    • Creative

    However, tones are not available for all the 70+ use cases. Now, let us look at the most important use cases of WriteSonic. Let’s begin.

    Use Cases

    With Writesonic, you get access to 70+ use cases that help you create a wide range of content. It offers many categories so you can create the kind of content you want.

    For instance,

    • Bloggers and content writers can use AI Article Writer, Article Intros, Content Rephrase tool, Paragraph Writer, Conclusion writer, etc.
    • Ad agencies and affiliate marketers can use LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Ad Headlines and Descriptions, etc.
    • eCommerce store owners and business owners can use Amazon Product Titles, Product Features, Product Descriptions, Sponsored Brand Ad Headlines, etc.
    • Social media writers and marketers can use Intros, Descriptions, Posts, and Captions for social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
    • Copywriters and web designers can use Landing Pages, CTA, Features to Benefit, SEO Meta Tags, etc.

    Writesonic Use Cases With Examples

    Let us now move on to discuss the most important use cases of Writesonic.

    1. Articles and Blogs

    AI Article Writer

    This AI tool helps you generate long-form content by simply supplying a short input in the initial stage. It works in 4 stages. All you need to do is input a title for your article. 

    AI Article Writer Stage 1

    In Stage 1, it generates blog post ideas you can cover in your article. Once you select your preferred idea, it generates introduction paragraphs in Stage 2.

    AI Article Writer Stage 2

    Next, you need to select the best intro to further create article outlines in Step 3.

    AI Article Writer Stage 3

    Finally, you need to choose the best outline to generate the entire article in Step 4. This is how AI Article Writer works.

    For every step, 1 credit is consumed. And for generating content under every topic of the outline, 1 credit each is consumed. Thus, this use case consumed 10 credits in total. 


    AI Article Writer Stage 4

    This is the final AI article generated by WriteSonic with over 1k words. I must say it is pretty in-depth and logical. With some minor changes, this article is ready for being published. 

    Later in this article, I have also done the quality check for the generated article. Keep reading to know more about it.

    Paragraph Writer

    The AI Paragraph tool helps you expand a single sentence into a full-fledged paragraph. For testing this tool, I entered a generic statement about travel checklists. 

    And here are the 5 results generated on spending 1 credit.


    Writesonic Paragraph Writer

    Overall, this tool is highly intuitive. The way it understands and builds up on the context simply by using a single sentence is very impressive. All the results generated were quite relevant.

    Article Ideas

    The Article Ideas tool, as is clear from its name, helps you find some unique ideas for your blogs. All you need to do is supply a simple query as an input and it will generate relevant ideas around it. 

    Following are the results for the query – “Ways to Generate Passive Income”.


    Writesonic Article Ideas

    It basically generates titles for your articles. I found them to be decent, but honestly, they are a waste of your credits. On the one hand, where you can generate 5 unique paragraphs with a credit, this tool simply generates 5 titles with one credit.

    In my opinion, it’s better to not overuse this or you will end up losing a lot of credits for nothing!

    AI Article Intros

    Content Writers would agree that writing the intro is the most difficult part of writing an article. But with Writesonic, you’ve got an easy way out!

    You can generate up to 5 outputs with a credit. For testing this tool, I tried creating an Intro for ‘NFT domains’.Check out the results.


    Writesonic AI article intros

    Well, if you analyze it technically, not all of them are accurate and to the point. An article intro is supposed to create curiosity in the reader’s mind and also give an overview of what’s coming in the article.

    However, none of the outputs generated curiosity. You can get decent results with this tool, but you would have to tweak them according to your requirements and context.

    2. General Writing


    If you are in the corporate business, sending out emails on a daily basis is a routine. But you can save your time by generating emails with Writesonic. 

    For generating an email, you will need to enter the recipient’s name, position, and description of what you want to convey. Finally, you can choose your preferred language. 

    Generating an email consumes 1 credit. Following is the result when I supplied inputs for a job application email.


    Writesonic Emails

    Overall, the email it generated is quite comprehensive and looks believable. If you are in a hurry, this tool will help you save time on writing lengthy mails. 

    Content Rephrase Tool

    The Content Rephrase tool will help you say the same thing in a different manner. You can generate a maximum of 5 outputs with one credit. Here are the outputs generated when I used it to rephrase the definition of CMS.


    Writesonic Content Rephrase

    Overall, the rephrase tool works fine. It offered decent suggestions, but none of them was out of the box. You can experiment with different types of content to note different results.

    Sentence Expander

    The Sentence Expander tool quickly builds up on the input provided to it. If you supply a simple statement to it, it will try to expand it by predicting related content around it.

    I tested it with a simple statement related to blogging and noted the following results.


    Writesonic Sentence Expander

    Overall, the Sentence Expander tool works really well. It understands the context and leads up with its predictions in a very natural manner. I liked the fact that all 5 outputs generated differed greatly from each other.

    Content Shortener

    Do you often find yourself guilty of writing long and wordy sentences? Well, Writesonic’s Content Shortener can help you out. It helps you shorten your content in no time. With 1 credit, you can get up to 5 variants.

    I tried shortening a 700+ characters paragraph about decentralized storage. Here are the outputs.


    Writesonic Content Shortener

    I liked how it converted my bulky paragraph into just over 250 characters, keeping the gist intact. I found all the variants good and wouldn’t mind replacing my original input with any of them!

    Personal Bios

    If you need a quick bio for a LinkedIn profile, About Us page, Resume, etc, the Personal Bios use case of Writesonic would be efficient in getting the work done.

    To use this tool, you need to enter your name, some personal information about yourself, a tone of voice, and the language you need your content in. It generates 3 to 5 outputs with 1 credit.

    Here are the bios it generated when I entered my personal information.


    Writesonic Personal Bios

    Honestly, the results did not impress me much. Most outputs are generic and do not create something extraordinary. I found little to no change even after experimenting with different tones.

    In my opinion, you need to provide in-depth inputs and experiment with various tones to generate worthwhile results with this tool.


    The Story Generator is the most impressive tool in Writesonic. It generates 2-3 unique stories for you with one credit. All you have to do is provide it with a short outline and a tone of voice. 

    It will build upon those ideas to create something completely different and creative. For example, here’s a random storyline I entered into the text field. Let’s look at the results.


    Writesonic Stories

    All the 3 stories generated by this tool are super creative! I liked how it introduced some out-of-the-box circumstances in the story. If you are a story writer, this tool is great for finding inspiration.

    3. Ads and Marketing Tools

    Facebook Ads

    Do you run ad campaigns but struggle with writing copies for them? Don’t worry. The Facebook Ads tool will save you the trouble. With one credit, it offers to generate up to 5 unique ads for your campaign. 

    You need to enter the name of your product or service, a description, occasion, and discount percentage. I tried creating an ad for Cloudways hosting and these were the results.


    Writesonic Facebook Ads

    I think the ad copies were quite good. When you pair them with good background graphics, they will surely look engaging. Overall, I liked the ads it generated.

    Google Ads Descriptions

    If you wish to generate descriptions for your ads, you might try out this tool. As input, you need to provide the product name, a small description, and language. With one credit, you can generate up to 5 results.

    I tried generating an ad description for the Bitwarden password manager. Let’s look at the results.


    Writesonic Google Ads Descriptions

    To be honest, I found nothing extraordinary in these ad descriptions. Though the results were decent, it did not implement all of my inputs. I think they can improve this tool in the coming days.

    App and SMS Notifications

    Need to send important alerts and notifications to your customers? This tool will do the job. All you need to do is input the description of the notification you want to send out. I tried it with a software development service. 

    Here are the results:


    Writesonic App and SMS Notifications

    Overall, the SMS notifications were quite attractive. I really like how it can promote my software services to my audience in an interesting manner. I am definitely going to use it in the future.

    4. E-commerce

    Product Descriptions

    If you own a product or service that you wish to market, the Product Descriptions tool helps in writing effective descriptions. Writesonic generates up to 5 unique descriptions with 1 credit.

    To test this tool, I made up an imaginary product called KP Cloud Storage and added a few key features to it. I set the tone to Dramatic. Let’s see the results now.


    Writesonic Product Descriptions

    I personally loved this tool. All the 3 results that it generated are impressive and accurate. It understood and predicted the entire context even when I just noted a simple feature with little to no explanation.

    This tool is highly intuitive and you can create impactful product descriptions with it in no time!

    Amazon Product Features

    If you are an Amazon seller or an affiliate, this tool would be beneficial to you. With one credit, you can generate up to 5 product features. All you need to do is enter your product’s name along with a short description of it.

    I tried testing it with the description of the Zyro website builder, and here are the results. 


    Writesonic Amazon Product Features

    Overall, the generated features are good. But sometimes, they are repetitive even within the same output! I found decent results, but they can definitely be refined.

    5. Social Media

    YouTube Descriptions

    Being a YouTube content creator, I regularly need descriptions for my videos. This tool can surely help you save time. It generates 3 to 5 outputs for every credit.

    To get a description, you need to enter the video title, search term, and tone. Every time you switch to a different tone, it consumes a credit. I tested it with the WordPress for beginners video title with a Funny tone, and the following are the results.


    Writesonic YouTube Descriptions

    The results were decent but not really impressive. As far as technical content is concerned, this tool doesn’t work that well. I tried it with multiple tones, but the results did not show any significant change.

    Short LinkedIn Posts

    If you spend a lot of your time on LinkedIn, this tool might help you create short posts for your feed. You get up to 5 results with 1 credit. 

    Following were the results when I tested it with the Canva online designing tool.


    Writesonic Short LinkedIn post

    The results look decent, but I was expecting a little more detailed and comprehensive post considering the details I specified in the input. Nevertheless, you can experiment with different inputs to get better results.

    TikTok Video Hooks 

    Video hooks can attract the reader and make them click on your videos. With 1 credit, you can generate up to 5 video hooks. I tried it with a skincare routine query. Let’s look at the results.


    Writesonic Tiktok video hooks

    None of the outputs were interesting enough. In my opinion, WriteSonic still has a lot to improve in the social media category.

    6. Website Copy

    Feature to Benefit

    Content writing and copywriting are far too different from each other. In content writing, we talk about features. Whereas, while writing a copy, we need to talk about the benefits. This interesting tool will help you convert the features of your product into benefits.

    All you need to do is simply describe your product or service and note its features. I tested it for pCloud Cloud Storage. Let’s look at the results.


    Writesonic Feature to Benefit

    In my opinion, not all results are logical. I never mentioned sync in the features, yet all the results talk about the pCloud sync feature. I think this tool can be improved to a large extent.

    Call To Action

    Call to Action is the life of any article. Your audience would never understand what to do after reading your content if it does not have a proper CTA. I tested it by describing my personal blog and below are the CTA statements it generated.


    Writesonic CTA

    Honestly, I did not much like the generated outputs. They are very generic and do not stand out. Considering that I had provided sufficient details, I was hoping for a more descriptive and creative CTA. 

    Landing Pages

    Yes, you heard it right! Writesonic can generate entire landing pages for you. Here, you need to specify the name and description of your product or service and note its 3 major features or benefits.

    In turn, Writesonic will generate three unique and well-designed landing pages for you in just 5 credits! When I created landing pages for Strell.io, these were the results.


    Writesonic Landing Page
    Writesonic Landing Page 2

    I was truly impressed with all the landing page outputs. Though some of the copy was not relevant, it mostly generated smart and meaningful content. 

    If you wish to design landing pages or just need creative ideas for the same, this tool will be extremely useful!

    AIDA Framework

    AIDA is an important copywriting formula that refers to Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This is mostly used in sales letters, intros, and any tempting piece of copy to hook the reader! 

    I tried testing it with 1Password description, and the results were mind-blowing!


    Writesonic AI framework

    I was surprised to find that all the variants generated by this tool were quite accurate. Overall, it’s really impressive if you need to write a tempting introduction or an attention-grabbing piece of content for your website.

    Writesonic AI Content Analysis

    For analyzing the content generated by Writesonic, I used the Blogging article generated by its AI Article Writer 3.0. Let’s see what the results show.

    Grammar Check

    I pasted the entire 1000+ words article into the Grammarly editor and noted the overall score of 87, which is fantastic! 

    Result with Grammarly

    All I had to do was make 2 edits in the correctness column and remove redundancy in the clarity column. Thus, after making all the suggested changes, my content score jumped up to a solid 89!

    Plagiarism Check

    All AI writers claim to be free from plagiarism, but is it really true? Let’s put this claim to the test. For this, I checked the Blogging article generated by the AI Article Writer 3.0 with Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker.

    Result with Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

    To my surprise, the results showed 11% plagiarism in the generated article. Out of the 4 matched sources, two were generic. But I found that one sentence was copied as is from the source, which really raises some concerns about the content generated by the AI.

    My suggestion would be to generate content with this tool and then rephrase the plagiarized sentences to avoid any plagiarism warnings.

    Writesonic Customer Support

    The customer support offered by Writesonic is decent. It has a help center with guides and tutorials on working with the important features.

    WriteSonic Facebook Community

    It has a Facebook group with an active community of 3.7k members. You can find help from other Writesonic users here. It also offers email-based support, where replies might take up to 1 day to arrive. 

    As of now, they do not have dedicated live chat support. I hope they will implement it in the future.

    Writesonic Integrations

    Integrating your favorite apps with WriteSonic is easier than ever. It lets you connect with the following services to enhance the functionality of AI writing.

    Writesonic Integrations


    By integrating SEMrush into your WriteSonic account, you can access the SEO and keyword research data and better optimize your AI-generated content.


    If you have a WordPress website, WriteSonic lets you publish the content produced by its Sonic Editor (on Long Form Plan) or AI Article Writer directly onto your WordPress.com or WordPress.org website.


    With Zapier, you can automate your tasks. For instance, you can easily publish your content to over 5000 apps at the same time by integrating Zapier with your account.

    Writesonic Sharing

    The free trial of Writesonic does not support adding team members or inviting users to your account. 

    Public access link in Writesonic

    You can simply share outputs of different use cases via public access links with anyone. Alternatively, you can also download your outputs as .docx files. 

    Writesonic API

    Wish to implement the features of Writesonic in your own applications? You got it! Writesonic has an API that can integrate the features of Writesonic into your applications. 

    In order to get access to their API, you need to leave them a message via chat or mail them at support@writesonic.com.

    Writesonic Pros

    Attractive UI

    The user interface of Writesonic looks quite modern with pleasing colors and design. All the features are displayed right on the main screen. This makes it easy to understand and friendly for beginners.

    Credits Consumption

    On WriteSonic, credits are consumed as per the words generated. It lets you choose the quality for your content generation. For instance, you can generate 1 premium quality word or 10 economy quality words on the same credit.

    Accurate AI Generation

    The AI Content Generation of Writesonic is pretty accurate for most cases. It perfectly grasps the context of the content even with minimal inputs and generates a compelling copy.

    Lots of AI Credits

    Its free trial provides 6.25k words, which is decent for testing out the important features. 

    Integrations with Various Tools

    Writesonic also offers integrations with various tools like SEMrush, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, and Zapier. So, you can automatically publish your content to WordPress and other thousands of apps through Zapier.

    API Access

    Writesonic also has its own API that you can easily integrate with other applications. With API access, you can generate AI-based content and use features of Writesonic in your applications.

    User Friendly

    You don’t need to spend any time learning how to use this tool. It is quite easy to use and friendly. Thus, beginners would not have any problem working with it.

    Writesonic Cons

    Limited Tone Settings

    You cannot set a tone for all the use cases available on Writesonic. It is only provided with limited use cases like stories, personal bios, product descriptions, etc.

    No SEO Optimization

    SEO Writers would not be able to generate optimized content with this tool. But for creative writers, this tool powered by raw GPT3 technology offers more generalized AI text. 

    Slow Support

    Writesonic does not offer live chat support at the moment. It has a Facebook community and email support that takes up a few hours to respond.

    Not the best for Tech Articles

    If you wish to generate content that is heavily technical, Writesonic is decent, but not the best solution. For heavy technical and optimized content, you can check out NeuronWriter.

    No Editor

    It does not provide a text editor for editing your drafts on the Starter plan. It simply offers use cases for generating text. However, you can use its WordPress integration to directly publish your blog content to WordPress.

    Who Should Use Writesonic?

    Writesonic would offer a helping hand to anyone working with content. It would be especially beneficial for content writers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, ad agencies, social media marketers, authors, poets, startups, small and large-scale businesses, and copywriters. 

    Writesonic Alternatives

    Here are two of the most popular Writesonic alternatives you can try.



    Rytr is a renowned AI copywriting assistant that can help you save time and money on generating powerful copies.

    It supports 35+ use cases, including Blog Ideas and Outline, Business Ideas, AIDA Framework, Interview Questions, Product Descriptions, and more.

    You also get a decent free plan that lets you generate up to 5k characters a month. Its pricing plans also start from an affordable price of $9/month.



    Nichesss is a popular AI copywriting software that offers over 100 tools, like ad copies, emails, social media posts, blogs, and more.

    It also offers an AI-powered Idea Generator, Marketing Copy Generator, Custom Reddit Engine, and various business idea quizzes on Nichesss. Its pricing plans start from $19/month.


    Writesonic looks like a powerful and pretty accurate AI writer with dozens of AI tools. It would benefit anyone who has to work with textual content. This includes content writers, social media writers, ad agencies, copywriters, creative individuals, lyricists, small businesses, etc.

    Though some use cases do need refinement, it is still developing at a promising pace. Hopefully, we will get to see more upgrades and improvements in the future. 

    You can check it out by signing up for a free trial and then upgrading to a paid plan when required. It would be a worthy addition to your work if you are into content writing or marketing. Let me know your experience with it in the comments box below.

    This was it for today. This is Kripesh signing off. I will be back with more informative content soon. Till then, stay safe and keep learning. Cheers! 🙂


    What can Writesonic write for you?

    Writesonic can generate 70+ types of content, including article intros, product descriptions, stories, song lyrics, ad copies, social media copies, and even entire articles within minutes.

    Who owns the copy generated by Writesonic?

    You are the owner of all the content you generate with Writesonic. This copy can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

    Who is Writesonic For?

    Writesonic is meant to be used by bloggers, content writers, social media marketers, ad agencies, entrepreneurs, copywriters, students, creative individuals like lyricists and story writers, and anyone who is into writing content.

    How is it helpful for the content creators?

    Writesonic caters to the needs of content creators by generating fresh and plagiarism-free content for dozens of use cases. This includes blog posts, articles, ad copies, landing page copies, social media descriptions, and more.

    Is there a Writesonic Lifetime Deal?

    There was a lifetime deal of Writesonic available on AppSumo. However, it has expired as of now. You can check out its free trial and then choose to update to the paid plans if you enjoy using it.

    Will copywriters be replaced by AI?

    In my opinion, AI might ease the work of copywriters, but it can never replace them. This is because even though AI can write intelligent content, it can never tweak it according to your requirements. 
    For that, you will always need a human to proofread and edit the generated content.

    Do the unused credits in the subscription plans roll over to the next month?

    Sadly, the unused credits in your subscription plan do not roll over to the next month because they have a recurring monthly expense for licensing the AI generation. Thus, it’s best if you use up all of your credits every month before they expire.

    writesonic logo

     Writesonic Pros (+)

    • Attractive UI
    • Accurate AI
    • Integrations
    • API Access
    • User Friendly

     Writesonic Cons (-)

    • Limited Tone Settings
    • No SEO Optimization
    • Slow Support
    • Not the best for Tech Articles

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