Exclusive Giveaway For Black Friday & Cyber Monday – 5 ShortPixel LifeTime Accounts


Black Friday Season is in full bloom right now and you can find steep discounts on all software products and digital tools.

In my previous article, I announced an open-to-all Hosting Giveaway for 5 Yearly Business Web Hosting accounts on Hostinger.

If you’re interested in taking part in it, then you can read more about it here

Anyway, do you guys remember I also hinted in my last article that there’s an Exclusive Giveaway arriving soon? 

Well, guess what? IT’S HERE!! Let me walk you through the important updates and how you can take part in it to win exciting prizes. So, let’s get started! 

Giveaway Details

I am truly thankful to all those beautiful people who support me by purchasing from my links. 

That’s exactly why I have kept this Giveaway exclusively for those who would buy a web hosting using my link. 

Here, I’m offering 4 major Web Hosting Companies – Cloudways, FastComet, ChemiCloud, and Hostinger. 


If you purchase any hosting plan from these companies using my link, you’ll be eligible for participating in this Giveaway.

How to Take Part in the Giveaway?

The process for participation is quite easy. 

  • First, you need to buy a hosting plan from any of the above mentioned hosting companies through my links. Check them out here.
form image 1
  • Then, you will fill this form providing your name, date, e-mail, and the hosting you have purchased.

(For Hostinger, you need to purchase a minimum of 5000)

  • The next step is to upload the Receipt.
form image 2
  • In the case of Cloudways, you also have to add the Authorization Date and Time.
  • Finally, mention any of your social media profiles that you’re active on. 

That’s it. You have successfully taken part in the Giveaway!

Rewards for the Winners

That’s what you were waiting for, right? Let’s reveal the rewards then.

In this Exclusive Giveaway, I’m offering 5 Lifetime ShortPixel Accounts! ShortPixel is an outstanding tool for compressing images. 


If you are a blogger,  a content creator, an eCommerce store owner, a software developer, or anyone who has to work with images, then this tool would prove to be your best friend! 

The free ShortPixel account is limited to 100 image compressions, while the paid version ($10/month) offers 12000 image compressions.

ShortPixel is available on AppSumo under the Black Friday Sales for $49 right now, and it offers you an unbelievable 15,000 image compressions.

I think that’s a pretty cool and profitable deal, that you’ll be getting for free!

How Will This Benefit You?

AppSumo is a platform that provides lifetime access to various online tools and software. This means that you won’t have to pay anything for this tool, EVER! I’m serious!

You can keep using it forever without spending a single penny over it. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

You are also getting a 125 GB CDN which would take your website’s speed, security and efficiency to another level altogether. Plus, you can use ShortPixel on multiple devices

They are also working on the Shopify app, and you’ll also find PHP tools here. So if you’re a software developer, you have your steal deal right here!

A Note For My Viewers

Still doubtful if you should participate? Let me tell you a secret then. There’s a high probability of you winning in this giveaway, cause this is not open like the previous one.

So, even if 50 people buy a web hosting from my link, there’s still a 10% chance that you’ll be one of those winners, right? Think about it!

Terms and Conditions

If you have decided on taking part in this Giveaway, then here are the Terms and Conditions.

  • You need to open my link in the Incognito Mode and then make your purchase. (This is because sometimes I’m unable to trace the purchase due to some glitches.)
  • It should be a new account. If you purchase from an email account that you’ve already used or are using with the particular hosting you are about to buy, then it’ll not be eligible.
  • The purchase date should be between 21st to 30th November.
  • Please attach the Receipt of the purchase. For Cloudways, you need to add the authorisation date and time. (Not sure where to find it? Watch my CloudWays training video here.)
  • The winners will be selected randomly. (So please avoid spamming my inbox. It could cause disqualification.)
  • I will declare the results in January 2021. I’ll upload the list of winners on my channel and will also mail them about the same.
  • The winners will have to respond within 7 days, accepting the giveaway product.
  • Cancelling the hosting purchase within 45 days will lead to disqualification! (So please, no smart tricks you all! :D)
  • If you win, you will make a public declaration by uploading a snapshot on any of your social media accounts. (It should be visible for 24 hours.)

This is for social proof verifying you as the winner, and that the giveaway was genuine.

Another Important Announcement

As far as I know, the participants won’t be too many. But if we receive 100+ participants in this Giveaway, then I’ll be purchasing 2 Frase Accounts as well and offering them in the giveaway as a bonus!

Today is Black Friday! So, you can first watch my dedicated video where I have discussed which hosting would be perfect in different scenarios and then buy a hosting plan.

If you have questions or queries related to the Giveaway, shoot them in the comments section below. I’ll be glad to help you out.

So, All the Best, guys. This is Kripesh signing off! I’ll be back with more interesting content soon. See you! 🙂

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