Giveaway: Hostinger Hosting & Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2023

Hello everyone! The Black Friday Sale is on and some super-exciting deals have started rolling out! I hope you’re enjoying the unbelievable discounts. 

So, to add to the fun, I’ve taken it to another level and offer a Hosting Giveaway, where I will give away 5 Yearly Business Shared Hosting Plans. Everyone is free to take part in this Give-Away Challenge.

Also, I’ll cover Hostinger Black Friday Deals for 2023 in this article.

Stay tuned till the end of the article to know how to take part in this Giveaway and win a Free Business Hosting Plan!

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Exclusive Giveaway Coming Soon

Another Giveaway is arriving soon! It is exclusively for those beautiful and kind souls who purchase from my links! 🙂

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Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2023

If you go over to Hostinger’s website, you will find that the Black Friday Deal is available on two Hosting Plans. 

One of them is Premium Web Hosting, with a 70% discounted price of Rs.115/month. 

hostinger black friday deals 2020

(You won’t find any BIG discounts on Hostinger, though, because it’s already offering its services on pretty affordable prices throughout the year).

If you check out WordPress Hosting India under the Hosting tab, you will find another Black Friday deal on WordPress Starter Plan.

hostinger wordpress starter plan

There’s a 75% discount on this plan and is priced at just Rs. 99/month. 

It’s exactly like Premium Web Hosting Plan in terms of features, but the only difference is of the discount percentage.

If you add both these plans to the cart, you’ll find that the 12 months and 24 months plans are exactly the same.

hostinger wordpress starter pricing

So, if you wish to avail the maximum benefit, then you should purchase the WordPress Starter Plan for 4 years, which is clearly cheaper. 

hostinger premium hosting pricing

Finally, you can also see the Black Friday discount on the coupon codes. They are offering 10% discount instead of the previous 7%. That’s really amazing!

Use Coupon – KRIPESH and get extra 10% OFF during Black Friday 2020

hostinger coupon code

So, if you purchase Hostinger Web Hosting from my link (, you can avail an additional 10% discount and also get an entry into my Hostinger Training Program.

I think the above deals on Hostinger Web Hosting are quite impressive and affordable. You should go for them if you are interested.

Important Update For Hosting Deals

Here’s an important update!

I’ll be creating a detailed video explaining all the Black Friday Hosting deals soon, where I’ll cover the important aspects like what are the-

  • Best and most affordable hosting plans for different durations
  • Best hosting plans for beginners, bloggers, and eCommerce websites
  • Preferred Hosting Plans for creating landing pages, handling high traffic, better uptime, and more.  

This video will release this Friday. So, stay tuned by subscribing to my YouTube channel!

How to take part in Hostinger Giveaway

You can take part in the Hostinger Giveaway by clicking on the link below.

All you need to do is enter your e-mail address or sign in with your Facebook ID.

hostinger hosting giveaway

Make sure you check the ‘I consent’ box. This way, you will remain in touch with the latest updates and also receive my newsletters. (Don’t worry, you are free to unsubscribe later if you wish to!)

The next step is to verify your email. Click on the ‘Confirm Your Entry’ button and now you have successfully registered as a participant.

email verification

The system will randomly select the Winners. But if you wish to improve your chances, then we have a cool reward system laid out for you as well!

hostinger giveaway

You’ll win award points for promoting my Giveaway on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Email, etc. I will reveal the winners next Sunday!

Don’t let this mind-blowing opportunity slip away! You can win a free Business Hosting Account for an entire year! How cool would that be?

So, with no further ado, register in the Give-away through the link below!


All the Best, guys! I’ll be back with more such exciting surprises soon. This is Kripesh signing off. See you all in the next article. Take care!

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