MixKit Review (2024) – Free Templates, Music, Videos, Sounds – What’s The Catch?

Are you looking for free creative assets for your projects? Well, look no further because today I’m going to tell you about a really interesting platform that has an extensive library of stock media assets. Presenting, Mixkit! 

In today’s Mixkit Review, we are going to check out Mixkit’s assets, its user interface, licensing terms, and customer support.

Along with that, we will also try to understand its major pros and cons, and draw a comparison between the different alternatives to Mixkit. With no more delay, let us start!

MixKit Review

Kripesh Adwani

Ease of Use
Assets Collection


MixKit offers a diverse collection of video templates, royalty-free videos, music and sound effects. Along with that, it also features verified assets and is a completely free platform.
It is a completely free service with a good collection of media assets and excellent filtering options. It’s a must-have resource for video editors, bloggers, graphic designers, musicians, and web designers.


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What is Mixkit?

Mixkit is a gallery of thousands of high-quality stock videos, music, sound effects, art, and video templates. It was founded in 2019 and is powered by the popular online marketplace, Envato Elements. 

Mixkit homepage

It’s a completely free website for downloading stock assets for all kinds of creative projects. Currently, they have a massive collection of over 50k+ creative assets that can be used on your personal and commercial projects.

Mixkit Review Video

If you prefer videos over text, here is the video review of Mixkit in the Hindi language with English subtitles. Enjoy!

Mixkit User Interface

The user interface of Mixkit is quite modern, clean, and attractive. All the elements are neatly arranged, and it is easy for beginners. 

You can simply hover your mouse pointer over the videos to preview them. The assets can be downloaded on your device with a single click. 

Envato elements banners on Mixkit

However, you will find promotions and banners of Envato Elements, which can disrupt the overall user experience. 

Mixkit Assets

Mixkit offers five different creative assets. In total, they have over 50k+ assets on their platform. A majority of them are free stock video footage and audio clips. Let us look at them in detail.  

Music Tracks

Whether you need it for a piece of background music or for a full-blown film, Mixkit offers a music library of hundreds of interesting music tracks for free! It offers three different ways to find music – by genre, by mood, or by tags.

Mixkit Music track categories
  • Music Genres include country music, jazz, classical, hip hop, cinematic, pop, etc.
  • Music Moods include happy, romantic, mysterious, sad, dramatic, upbeat, etc. 
  • Music Tags include 100+ categories like Dance, Workout, Rap, Guitar, Sports, Party, Calm, Metal, Funny, etc. 

You can listen to all the tracks before downloading them. The sound tracks can be downloaded as mp3 files. 

Overall, I found their music collection to be rich and diverse. However, you need to spend some time with it in order to select the right music tracks for your needs. 

It’s a must-have resource for video editors, YouTubers, vloggers, music composers, animation artists, podcasters, etc. If you are fed up with using the same old tracks from the YouTube Audio Library, Mixkit will be a refreshing change. 

Video Clips

The video collection of Mixkit is really diverse. They sort their collection into a range of categories, including Business, Nature, Animals, Food, Fashion, Vertical videos, etc. These categories are further divided into sub-categories as well. 

But what I liked the most was their Vertical Video Collection. 

Mixkit vertical videos

You will find 1300+ vertical videos that can be used on video projects and social media channels, like Instagram stories, Facebook stories, etc.

If you need to edit videos, you can get some cool background videos to overlay with text or other elements.

Mixkit Zoom virtual backgrounds

It also has a separate category for Zoom virtual backgrounds, which is great if you are recording live streams, vlogs, chat shows, online interviews, etc.

Mixkit offers a lot of filtering options. For instance, you can filter the video results by tags, video orientation, resolution, or duration. You can also sort the clips by Popular or new videos.

Mixkit video download

In order to preview a video asset, you simply need to hover your mouse pointer over it. Finally, video clips can be downloaded in 1080P HD or 4K quality, which is great for a free platform. 

Their collection is great for popular search terms. However, if you look up in-depth terms like VPN, cloud storage, etc, you won’t find any free videos. 

Sound Effects

If you are looking for some fresh and innovative sound effects, Mixkit won’t disappoint you. It has a range of interesting sound effects arranged in categories like nature, tech, transport, human, transition, etc. 

Mixkit sound effect categories

It also features hundreds of subcategories of free sound effects like fireworks, sci-fi, movie, horror, doorbells, suspense music, etc. This collection is a goldmine if you are into creating motion graphics, games, animation videos, comics, video editing, etc. 

Notification sound effect

I also found some cool notification sound effects you can download and use on your mobile and desktop devices! Mixkit lets you play and listen to all the sound effects before downloading them. The sounds are available for download in the .wav format. 

Overall, I loved the diverse range of sound effects available on Mixkit. 

Video Templates 

Are you a video editor? Well, these templates will save a ton of your time! Mixkit offers a separate collection of free video templates for video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion – Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. 

Mixkit software template categories

Under every software, you can search for different categories of videos that you’d like to use. For instance, openers, transitions, logos, titles, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

You can also search relevant templates via tags like Ads, Corporate, Digital, End Screen, Motion Blur, Streaming, Subscribe, and more. However, in order for these templates to work seamlessly on your device, you’ll need to update to the latest version of the editing software. 

Overall, I found its collection to be outstanding! Mixkit truly is one of the best resource for finding free video templates. You won’t find such well-designed templates for free on the Internet.

Art and Illustrations

Even though Mixkit does not offer free images, you will find a free art collection on their platform.

Mixkit art

This comprises creative and colorful illustrations divided into 15+ categories, like Business, Computer, Food, Love, Music, etc. 

Mixkit gives you the option to download the art in its original dimension, as a phone wallpaper, or as a desktop wallpaper. However, in the phone wallpaper format, the image is cropped improperly, which makes no sense. 

Mixkit art download options

I think they should either remove this option or resize the art to fit correctly on a mobile screen. These illustrations can be used on your creative projects like blogs, website landing pages, videos, etc. Overall, their art collection is limited but quite creative!

Mixkit Licensing Explained

With Mixkit, you get a separate license for all the assets you download. I like this arrangement because it makes the licensing easier to understand. You basically get 6 types of Mixkit licenses.

Mixkit licenses

Stock Video Free License

The videos licensed under the Stock Video Free License can be used for personal and commercial purposes. 

This means you can use them on your YouTube videos, social media channels, music videos, marketing ads, filmmaking purposes, educational projects, and commercial projects.

You can also sub-license these video clips and offer them to your clients. Attribution for the videos is not required but is always appreciated. 

Stock Video Restricted License

 Videos falling under the Stock Video Restricted License can only be used on personal projects. Personal projects are strictly non-commercial in nature.

They do not attract any fee, don’t appear on TV and radio, advertisements, social media, monetized YouTube channels, etc. 

Thus, you can only use these videos on your personal social media posts, personal projects, and for educational purposes. 

You may not use them on YouTube videos, online ads, social media posts of brands, and commercial projects. Sub-licensing is allowed, whereas attribution is not mandatory. 

Stock Music Free License

Music tracks falling under the Stock Music Free License can be used for free on all your personal and commercial projects. 

You can use these tracks in your YouTube videos, social media posts, online ads, podcasts, and educational projects.

However, you may not use them on CDs, DVDs, video games, and TV or radio broadcasts. You also may not remix, register, or claim these stock music tracks as your own. 

Occasionally, you might face copyright claims but this does not mean you cannot use the Mixkit videos. All you need to do is leave an email to the Mixkit team and they will settle the claims for you. 

Sound Effects Free License

All sound effects on Mixkit fall under the Sound Effects Free License. You can use them on your personal and commercial projects. 

These sound effects may be used on YouTube videos, social media posts, ads, music videos, films, podcasts, radio and TV broadcasts, video games, CDs, DVDs, commercial projects, and educational projects. 

However,  register them, claim them as your own, or redistribute them without making significant changes. 

Video Templates Free License

Templates under the Video Templates’ Free License may be used for commercial and non-commercial projects for free. 

This means they can be used on social media videos, YouTube videos, music videos, film-making, online ads, educational projects, and commercial projects. 

Mixkit also lets you sub-license these templates to your clients. Although attribution is not required, it is always appreciated. 

Art Free License

All the art and illustrations under the Art Free License are free to use in personal and commercial projects. Therefore, you can use them on social media posts, blogs, websites, print projects, online ads, and educational purposes. 

Sub-licensing for clients is allowed, and attribution is not mandatory. 

Mixkit Terms of Use

Every asset downloaded from Mixkit has a few terms of usage. In order to keep using the asset, you need to abide by those conditions. Following are the major terms of use that apply to every Mixkit asset. 

  • You may not build any competitive services or platforms using a Mixkit asset.
  • You cannot sell these assets on any stock media platforms.
  • You cannot use them for nudity or illegal activities. 
  • Selling these assets without making significant changes is not allowed. 
  • The Mixkit license regulations apply even if you sub-license the assets.
  • As the Mixkit platform is free, it is not liable to you for any losses or damages. 

So, if you have downloaded any media element from Mixkit, you need to take care of the above terms to keep using them with no trouble. 

Mixkit Customer Support

You won’t find a dedicated customer service section on Mixkit. It has a blog with over 50+blog posts to help you find inspiration and ideas.

Mixkit blog

The blog also features detailed posts explaining the process of installing and editing video templates for different editing software. 

However, there is no separate knowledge base, live chat, or support mail for contacting in case of any queries. In my opinion, they should at least provide a support email to resolve users’ queries.  

Mixkit Pros

Simple UI

The user interface of Mixkit is modern, attractive, and quite easy to use for beginners. All you need to do is simply click on an asset to preview or download it. 

Verified Assets

Because Mixkit is backed by Envato Elements, you will only find verified assets on this platform. This will automatically reduce your chances of facing any copyright claims by using these assets.

No Intrusive Ads

Even though you will find the Envato Elements branding on Mixkit, there are no intrusive ads or popups redirecting to other sites. 

No Gating

Mixkit is a completely free platform for downloading creative assets. You do not need to create an account or provide your personal details in order to download media elements. This helps in saving a lot of time!

Download Multiple Assets

This platform is not focused on a single type of media element. You get videos, audio content, sound effects, video templates, illustrations, etc which you can download for free! 

Separate Licensing for all Assets 

They offer a separate license for all the assets available. This is quite helpful for gaining clarity on the correct usage of the asset. 

No Attribution Required

Mixkit does not make it mandatory for you to attribute the creators of the video, audio, etc. Attribution is not required but always appreciated.

Mixkit Cons

No Stock Images

At the moment, they are not offering free stock images on their platform. If they integrate this feature, Mixkit will surely become an unbeatable resource for free stock media. 

No Account Creation

Mixkit does not provide any option for creating accounts. This is problematic if users want to create wishlists or view a list of their downloaded assets. 

Limited Collection

Their library is limited to over 50k assets in total. They also do not provide any clarity on the number of assets available in each category. 

Upsells to Envato Products 

On the entire interface of Mixkit, you will find banners and promotions for upgrading to Envato Elements. However, I personally don’t have any problem with Envato branding, as it’s a genuine website.

No Customer Support

Their website does not feature any support page, live chat, or email address to reach out to in case of queries. The social media buttons also forward to Envato Elements. I hope they at least offer basic email support to their customers.  

Who Should Use Mixkit?

Mixkit is a great resource for everyone belonging to a creative profession. This includes video editors, vloggers, podcasters, musicians, graphic designers, social media designers, animators, freelancers, web designers, etc. 

Alternatives to Mixkit

If you are looking for similar platforms like Mixkit, you can check out the following.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements homepage

Envato Elements is a highly renowned platform for finding digital assets. It has an enormous library of 54 million assets including videos, video templates, music, sound effects, graphics, presentation templates, images, fonts, web templates, and more.

In order to get unlimited downloads on all graphic elements, you need to pay a monthly subscription of $16.50/month. For more information, you can check out my Envato Elements Review Article


Freepik homepage

Freepik is a popular image library launched back in 2010. It offers a gigantic collection of 25 million+ graphic resources that include free images, icons, vectors, and Photoshop files. 

If you sign up on Freepik with a free account, you get to download up to 10 assets per day. They have advanced filtering options and a good photo editor. Also, Freepik requires you to attribute the creators in order to use their assets. Its pricing plans start from $12/month when purchased annually. 


Pixabay home page

Pixabay is a copyright-free service owned by Canva. Along with a modern and elegant interface, it also has an extensive collection of digital assets like images, videos, audio tracks, illustrations, and sound effects.

Its excellent filtering and sorting options offer a smooth surfing experience and it also does not require attribution to the artist. 


Videvo homepage

Videvo is another stock assets platform where you can find free music tracks, videos, sound effects, templates, and motion graphics. I personally like its huge collection of assets, lots of categories, and filters. 

It has also sorted its collection into various categories which makes its interface quite clean and organized. Signing up for a free Videvo account will give you access to over 500k+ stock media assets and unlimited downloads! 


Mixkit is an excellent resource to find multiple creative media items! 

A diverse collection of video templates, vertical videos, sound effects, and icons really makes Mixkit stand out. Along with that, it also features verified assets and is a completely free platform

Thus, if you want a free platform for getting creative assets, Mixkit is an outstanding platform. And if you are looking for a paid platform, Envato Elements would be a great option.  

Anyway, which platform do you use for downloading creatives? What are your views on Mixkit? Let me know in the comments box below. 

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This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more insightful content soon. Cheers, and keep learning.


Is Mixkit Really a Free Video Site? 

Yes, Mixkit actually is a free website. However, you will find a lot of upsells and advertisements for Envato Elements, a popular marketplace that owns Mixkit. 

Does Mixkit offer free images?

Unfortunately, Mixkit does not offer free images as of now. I hope they will implement it in the future.

Is Mixkit copyright free?

Yes, Mixkit is a copyright-free platform. You can use most of its assets for personal and commercial purposes. However, some videos come with a restricted license, which means they are only free for personal projects. 

Is Mixkit worth it?

If you need a wide range of free assets to use in your creative projects, Mixkit would be a fantastic platform. 

Is Mixkit free for YouTube?

Yes, you can use the music tracks, sound effects, illustrations, and most of the videos on Mixkit for your YouTube channel. However, videos marked under the Restricted License can only be used on personal projects. 

 MixKit Pros (+)

  • Simple UI
  • Verified Assets
  • No Gating
  • No Attribution

 MixKit Cons (-)

  • No Stock Images
  • No Account Creation
  • Limited Collection
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