Swipe Pages Review (2024) – Best Landing Page Builder

Building a website isn’t a cakewalk! It takes enormous amounts of time and effort to design a responsive website. But what if you only need a landing page? Is there a tool that can quickly create advanced landing pages for you? Oh yes, there is!

Introducing Swipe Pages! It is a landing page builder for creating mobile-optimized landing pages. 

While testing and reviewing popular website builders like Zyro and Carrd, I came across Swipe Pages, which looked like a really powerful platform! Thus, after extensive testing and research on this tool for a few months, I’m here with the Swipe Pages Review. 

In this Swipe Pages Review, we are going to begin by discussing its user interface, its significant features, and pricing plans. Then we will move on to discuss its speed, domains, integrations, and some important pros and cons.

Finally, we will also consider some alternatives to Swipe Pages and discuss if you should use this page builder for your website. I personally loved its A/B testing feature and the range of integrations available on it! 

So, with no further ado, let’s dive right into our review. 

Swipe Pages Review 2024

Kripesh Adwani

Ease Of Use


Swipe Pages is also an effective tool for digital marketers who need to increase their conversions and sell products, or run a marketing campaign, and for bloggers who need to create informative content. It’s a good landing page builder who are looking to create multiple landing pages.


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About Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is a landing page builder founded by Swaminathan Ganesan in February 2020. He used to develop premium WordPress themes and plugins in the past and then moved on to develop his own landing page platform. 

Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages comes with free web hosting, SSL certificate, and CDN support on all plans. It helps content creators, digital marketers, businesses, and agencies create effective landing pages with ease. 

They have a team of dedicated professionals working to empower creators in building a successful online business! 

Swipe Pages Review Video

If you are a video person, here is a detailed review video of Swipe Pages in Hindi language. Hope you enjoy watching!

Swipe Pages Pricing

Swipe Pages previously used to be on a Lifetime deal, but now it is available as a subscription plan. Following are the pricing plans available on Swipe Pages.

Custom Domains15Unlimited
Team membersN.A.Unlimited
Monthly Traffic (unique visitors)20k50k500k
Team membersN.A.5Unlimited
Global BlocksN.A.Unlimited Unlimited

Its Startup plan is priced at $29/month and gives you the ability to create 1 custom domain and can handle traffic of 20k unique visitors per month. 

The annual plans are upto 40% cheaper than its monthly subscription plans, which is why I would recommend you to opt for them. 

Payment Methods

Swipe Pages supports the following payment methods: Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover credit cards.

Free Trial

If you wish to get a feel of the features of Swipe Pages, it provides a free trial of its services for 14 days. I think it’s enough to test out all the functions and see if you need them!

Swipe Pages Test Website 

Swipe Pages editor

For the testing purpose, I have used a custom domain https://spdemo.kripesh.club and created a landing page using Swipe Pages. All the other tests have been performed on this domain as well.

Swipe Pages User Interface

The user interface of Swipe Pages looks quite attractive with a modern design. All the websites and folders created are visible under the landing page tab. They can be easily arranged in the list or grid format. 

Swipe Pages UI

A helpful chat button can be found on the bottom right corner. Overall, the interface is clean, organized, and easy to use for a beginner.

Swipe Pages Landing Page 

With Swipe Page, you can create three different types of landing pages depending upon your use case. 

Types of page in Swipe Pages

AMP Pages

AMP Landing Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are based on the AMP Framework and load extremely fast. This is also because we cannot add any custom elements like live chat widgets, heat maps, and  CSS or JS scripts. This page is a great choice when you want to use Google Search ads.

Smart Pages

These pages also load fast and are good for all channels, whether desktop or mobile. You can embed HTML/CSS scripts on these pages. 

Mobile Slide

The Mobile Slide page is in the Beta stage right now. If you want to create attention grabbing landing pages exclusively for mobile users, then this page would work well. It is ideal for social media campaigns.

I found the interface of the mobile slideshow quite impressive. I would definitely use it if I ever create a mobile website. For the testing purpose, I have created my website using the Smart Pages. 

I would recommend you to use it as well, because it does not come with any restrictions and offers swift speeds! 

Swipe Pages Templates

The template collection of Swipe Pages is quite diverse, however a little limited. On the Smart Pages, you get a library of 45 well-designed and responsive templates.

Swipe Pages Templates

They belong to 20 different categories like SaaS, eCommerce, Affiliate, Technology, Travel, Lead Magnet, Webinar, Marketing, etc. 

For the mobile slideshow, the templates are merely 17 with limited elements. However, they are all designed really well. I hope to see more additions to their template collection in the future. 

Swipe Pages Editor

The Editor of Swipe Pages looks quite clean and organized. The left panel comprises Sections. Sections are blocks of content that make up your entire web page. You can add or remove sections from your page. 

Swipe Pages editor

On the bottom left, you can find handy undo and redo buttons. You can also switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile view from the top panel. 

Sections can be added in two ways – you can either use a blank section and build it from scratch. 

Swipe Pages Section Templates

Or you can make use of templates to implement specific sections like Intro, Call to Action, Contact, Features, Rating, Reviews, and more!

Overall, there are no lags observed, and the editor looks quite user friendly as well. 

Swipe Pages Elements

Swipe Pages offers 27 elements that can be accessed from the Modules tab under the Editor. You can simply drag and drop an element to add it into a section. Clicking on any element will display all the customization settings on the left panel. 


You can easily drag-and-drop images onto your web page. Swipe Pages integrates with the Unsplash images library to provide you millions of free images for your website. You can also upload your own images.  

Unsplash image library in Swipe Pages

It also offers multi-layer images so you can stack images on top of each other and create an interesting layout!

This is an interesting element that can be added on your page with a single click. You can choose an anchor and the action it would be connected with. 

Animated Link settings in Swipe Pages

For example, clicking on the link might take you to a URL, a section, an email, a lightbox, or call a person! When you hover your mouse pointer over the anchor text, the animated effect will be played. 


Swipe Pages has a huge library of fonts including Google fonts, Standard Fonts, and others. However, you won’t find the option to add custom fonts which is a little disappointing. 

Swipe Pages fonts

Also, hovering your mouse pointer over a font won’t preview it. You need to select the font to see how it appears.


The Video element allows you to add videos to your landing pages through links. 

Video element in Swipe Pages

You can add links to YouTube, Vimeo, and other MP4 platforms. However, uploading your own videos is not possible. 


If you want to add forms on your page, the Forms element in Swipe Pages is a great option! It offers 13 pre-defined fields you can add to your forms, which is fantastic. However, you don’t get the option to add a custom field. 

Form element in Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages also features a Multi-step form which allows you to break down your form into multiple steps and specify what happens on form submission. You can either redirect a user to another page, or use it as a lead magnet to capture leads. 

For automation, you can connect it with Zapier or Integromat. The webhooks option is also available with Swipe Pages. 


The Table module lets you create tables ranging from simple to complex. You can easily add new rows and columns to your table by clicking on the + button beside it. 

Tables in Swipe Pages

Editing the cells is also extremely simple. It lets you directly edit data within the table cell, which is quite convenient for the users. Overall, I liked the table formatting options in Swipe Pages. 

HTML Codes

HTML code embed in Swipe Pages

Through HTML codes, you can embed a range of functions on your page. This includes YouTube videos, music players, social media posts, forms, etc. 

Audio Integration

Swipe Pages does not have the option to integrate audio. You cannot upload your audio track. However, you can embed it on your page through the HTML module. 

Additional Elements

Apart from the elements we discussed above, you also get a variety of other elements with Swipe Pages. 

Additional Elements in Swipe Pages

This includes text, headlines, buttons, icons, cards, map, checklist, countdown timer, star rating, etc. 

Swipe Pages Global Block 

Often, we need to use the same block of content on multiple web pages. With Global Blocks, you can ease out this process. It lets you design a block of content and save it as a template. 

Global Blocks in Swipe Pages

Next time you want to use it on a page, you don’t need to spend your time designing it from scratch. You can directly access it from the Global blocks section and add it on your page. 

Some examples of global blocks that you can create might be Headers, About me section, Services section, Subscribe Form, Pricing Table, etc. 

Swipe Pages A/B Testing

This is the best feature of Swipe Pages in my opinion. It is available on the Marketer plan and above. With the A/B testing tool, you can create two variants of the same page.

You can also specify the percentage of traffic you want on both these pages. 

AB Testing in Swipe Pages

With this tool, it becomes really easy to analyze which of your pages is performing well and bringing more conversions. It compares both the variants for the total number of visits, unique visits, conversions, and conversion rate. 

Overall, this tool is really impressive and would be helpful if you need to increase your CTR and conversions.  

Swipe Pages Swipe Genie Tool

This is the latest feature added to Swipe Pages. Swipe Genie is an AI Content Generator tool that you can use to quickly generate plagiarism-free original content for your page. It lets you generate headlines, Feature Benefits, and Calls to Action. 

For example, it gave me the following results when I asked it to generate a Call to Action for Swipe Pages and mentioned “Try this tool” in the description. 

Swipe Genie

Overall, I really enjoyed using this tool and found the results to be quite appreciable too! However, if you want a full-fledged AI-Writer tool, you can check out Rytr, Nichesss, and WriteSonic.

Swipe Pages Domains

Swipe Pages lets you add a custom domain to your account. I have added my domain https://kripesh.club here for the testing purpose.

Custom domain in Swipe Pages

The Startup plan lets you add a single custom domain, whereas with the Marketer plan, you can add 5 custom domains. 

In my opinion, you should opt for a custom domain with Swipe Pages because the sub domains they provide are really unprofessional and complicated. You also cannot customize them in any way. 

Unprofessional URL in Swipe Pages

Other website builders like Zyro and Carrd offer decent URLs if you use their domains. Swipe Pages truly disappoints in this case. I think they should at least let the user specify the sub domain they want on their own!

Swipe Pages Speed

Even though speed is not an essential factor for a landing page tool, I still conducted speed tests to measure the performance of my custom domain https://spdemo.kripesh.club hosted on Swipe Pages. 

Let’s look at the results.

Swipe Pages Speed Test - New York

On testing it from the New York servers, I noted a speed of 1.29 sec. This is lightning fast for a landing page builder. These are the best speeds I’ve observed on a landing page builder ever!

Swipe Pages Speed Test - Bangalore

Alternatively, when I tested the same website from the Bangalore servers, the speeds came out to be 3.73 sec, which is again superb considering it is a page builder. Overall, I was highly impressed with Swipe Pages in terms of website speeds. 

Swipe Pages Integrations

One thing that differentiates Swipe Pages from other builders is its list of integrations. 

Integrations in Swipe Pages

It offers direct integrations with a range of services, including:

  • Unsplash image library for 1 million+ free images.
  • Stripe, Paypal, Instamojo, and RazorPay payments support. 
  • Zapier and Integromat automation tools. (Integromat is in Beta stage). 
  • Range of Email marketing software and CRM platforms like Aweber, Moosend, SendFox, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, EngageBay, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zoho, Encharge, and Salesflare.

Swipe Pages Sharing

Swipe Pages also features sharing options so you can easily invite team members to your page. All you need to do is enter their email address and select an access level. 

Swipe Pages Sharing

You get the following access levels:

  • Admin – access to all sub accounts.
  • Manager – Can access specified sub accounts.
  • Author – Can create new pages.
  • Viewer – can view pages.

 Overall, I liked the sharing options offered by Swipe Pages. 

Swipe Pages Uptime

I have been checking the uptime of my Swipe Pages website for a while using the Better Uptime tool. The uptime for the last 128 days is 94.80%

It keeps on noting the uptime of my website every 30 seconds. These are the results for the past few months!

Last 5 months average uptime:

  • May 2022 : 94.06%
  • April 2022 : 94.91%
  • March 2022. : 94.32%
  • February 2022 : 99.98%
  • January 2022 : 100%

Swipe Pages Folders

Another interesting feature you will find on Swipe Pages is the ability to create folders to better organize your account

Swipe Pages Account Management

You can even create a different sub-account to work with different projects. For example, bakery and footwear can be two different sub accounts comprising multiple landing pages.

Swipe Pages SEO

SEO is an essential factor for creating a website that ranks well on search engines. With Swipe Pages, you get all the basic optimization features.

It lets you add a title, description, meta keywords, meta tags, canonical URL, and select a language for your landing page. 

You can also edit the title, description, and image of your page for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Swipe Pages Customer Support 

Swipe Pages offers customer service in the following ways: knowledge base, email, live chat, and call support. 

The knowledge base of Swipe Pages is decent. It comprises a few informative articles with annotated images to help beginners.

Swipe Pages knowledgebase

The live chat support cannot be called ‘Live’ because it takes anywhere between 2 hours to 24 hours to receive replies to your queries.

So, you cannot expect instant replies from their support team. I hope to see faster replies from their team in the future. 

Swipe Pages Best Plan 

The best Swipe Pages plan, in my opinion, would be the Marketer plan that comes for $59/month

Though it is a little expensive, you get the ability to host 5 custom domains with it, along with 50,000 monthly visitors, unlimited conversions, and an impressive A/B Testing option

Swipe Pages Updates 

I must say their team is quite fast with implementing new changes on Swipe Pages. In the past few months, they have added a lot of interesting features to their platform. 

These include Instamojo integration, RazorPay integration, eCommerce integration, etc. 

Swipe Pages ChangeLog

Recently, they have also added new templates and modules, checklist, coupon button, Zapier in-app integration, Order form for mobile pages, etc.

You can check out more features on the Swipe Pages Changelog. Overall, I am really impressed with the pace at which Swipe Pages is improving itself. 

Swipe Pages Pros 

Attractive and Easy Interface

The user interface of Swipe Pages is clean, modern, and easy to use for beginners. You don’t need any technical knowledge in order to get started with Swipe Pages. 

Good Template Collection

Even though Swipe Pages offers limited desktop and mobile-friendly templates, they are all very well designed!

Fast Speeds

Landing pages created on Swipe Pages load very quick, which is rarely seen on page builders. 

Powerful A/B Testing Options

The A/B testing tool of Swipe Pages is quite impressive. It lets you test two pages on the same URL to measure which one is converting better! 

Range of Integrations

Swipe Pages integrates with the Unsplash library, along with several payment gateways, automation tools, CRM, and email marketing platforms.

Webhooks Support

It also offers Webhooks support so you can connect with all kinds of automation tools and enhance your website’s functionality to a large extent. 

UPI Payments Support

Swipe Pages offers integrations with payment gateways like Razorpay and Instamojo. These platforms support UPI Payments, which makes it a good choice for the Indian audiences.

 Swipe Pages Cons

Unprofessional Sub Domain URL

Unlike Carrd or Zyro, when you create a landing page with Swipe Pages, you are assigned an unprofessional sub domain URL. Thus, it is best to use a custom domain with it. 

Starter Plan Pricing is High

They have priced the Startup plan of Swipe Pages at $29/month, which is quite expensive for beginner users. 

No Audio Elements 

Swipe Pages does not offer any audio element at the moment. You can implement it through the Embed element, though. 

No Custom Fonts and Preview

With Swipe Pages, you cannot upload custom fonts to your website. Previewing a font by hovering above it is not supported either. 

Slow Live Chat Support

The live chat support takes anywhere between 2 to 24 hours to respond, which is quite disappointing. 

Swipe Pages Alternatives


Carrd is a 1-page website builder that comes with an attractive UI, dozens of elements, 110+ beautiful templates, integrations with lots of services, and also a feature-rich free plan!

Its pricing plans start from a pocket friendly rate of $9/year.


Zyro is an efficient website builder which features a modern and easy, drag-and-drop interface, lots of responsive templates, some striking AI tools, and lots of elements. 

Its pricing plans begin with an extremely affordable rate of ₹150/month. If you are a blogger, small business, freelancer, or content creator, you should definitely check it out!

Who Should Use Swipe Pages?

If you are an agency, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer who needs to create multiple websites and landing pages, then you should definitely check out Swipe Pages.

It is also an effective tool for digital marketers who need to increase their conversions and sell products, or run a marketing campaign, and for bloggers who need to create informative content.

Also, if you have Indian users and need to implement the UPI Payments option for them, Swipe Pages is probably one of the best tools in the market right now! 

However, its pricing is a little high. So, if you are looking for a budget platform to create landing pages with basic functions, Carrd website builder would be a suitable alternative!


Swipe Pages looks like an efficient landing page builder for creating multiple types of high converting landing pages.

It comes with a variety of elements, a good collection of pre-made templates, dozens of integrations, webhooks support, Indian payment options, swift speeds, A/B testing, and so much more! 

You should definitely try out Swipe Pages if you aim to improve your conversions, sell products, or serve informative content to your audience. 

What other website builders have you used? Do you think Swipe Pages performs better than them? Let me know your views in the comments section below.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Swipe Pages Review article. You can join my weekly newsletter if you wish to stay updated with my latest blogs, YouTube videos, and the best deals running on digital tools. 

This is Kripesh signing off. I will be back with more insightful content soon. Cheers and keep learning! 🙂


How much does Swipe Pages cost?

The pricing plans of Swipe Pages start from $29/month where you get 1 custom domain and 20k unique visitors per month. 

What are the top alternatives for Swipe Pages?

Some suitable alternatives to Swipe Pages might be Carrd and Zyro

Does Swipe Pages have a free plan?

Unfortunately, you don’t get a free plan with Swipe Pages. However, it offers a 14-day free trial. 

Who needs landing page software like Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages might be a good option for bloggers, content creators, freelancers, small business, agencies, etc. 

Does Swipe Pages require technical skills to create landing pages?

No, you don’t need any technical skills in order to work with Swipe Pages. It is a beginner-friendly page builder. 

How can Swipe Pages increase your conversion rates?

Swipe Pages offers powerful forms to collect user data along with popular integrations with email marketing, analytics, and automation services. All these features can help you increase your conversion rates. 

How quickly does Swipe Pages respond to customer queries?

The Live Chat support of Swipe Pages is a little disappointing. Their replies take anywhere between 2 hours to 24 hours. Hopefully, we will get to see faster support on Swipe Pages in the future!

 Swipe Pages Pros (+)

  • Easy Interface
  • Template Collection
  • Fast Speeds
  • Powerful A/B Testing
  • Webhook Support

 Swipe Pages Cons (-)

  • Sub Domain URL
  • No Audio Elements
  • Slow Live Chat Support
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