Affiliate World Barcelona (July 2022) – Top Affiliate Marketing Conference in Europe

Do you belong to the Affiliate marketing or advertising industry? Then here’s a brilliant opportunity for you to network with the brightest minds from across the globe. Introducing – Affiliate World Barcelona!

After attending two super inspiring marketing meetups – Affiliate World Dubai and Ad:tech New Delhi, I am really pumped up for the Affiliate World Barcelona Conference. If you do not know what this event is all about, don’t you worry!

In today’s article, we are going to understand everything about this glorious event. We will look at what the Affiliate World Barcelona is, what happens at the event, how you can take part in it, and if it is worth attending. So, let’s quickly get started!

What is the Affiliate World Conference?

Affiliate World Conference is a two-day affiliate marketing conference held twice a year in Europe and Asia. It is one of the biggest marketing events graced by the top marketing professionals and leaders from around the world.

Affiliate World Conference

This event brings forth tons of learning and networking opportunities and connects all the budding and seasoned marketers so they could share their experiences and learn from each other. 

Prior to this, the Affiliate World was held in Dubai recently in February 2022. I also participated in this event and it was totally worth it! 

About Affiliate World Barcelona 2022 

The next Affiliate World Conference is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain. Let us get into the details about the event.

Affiliate World Barcelona

Affiliate World Barcelona – Date and Venue

This event will take place on the 6th and 7th of July 2022, at Fira de Barcelona, Spain. It is the Trade Fair Institution of Barcelona and also one of the most important places in Europe! 

Affiliate World Barcelona – Exhibitors and Attendees

The Affiliate World Barcelona will host 200+ exhibitors and 150+ affiliate networks. This includes renowned names in the industry like 360 Affiliates, Thrasio, Taboola, MGID, Empire Flippers, ClickBank, and many more.

Affiliate World Barcelona Exhbitors list

You can check out the entire list of their exhibitors on the AWC Barcelona official exhibitors’ page. Over 4000+ participants belonging to 110+ countries will take part in this spectacular event along with many seasoned professionals and versatile speakers! 

 Affiliate World Barcelona – Topics 

The major topics of discussion in this two-day event will be Facebook Ads Track, eCommerce Track, Email Marketing Track, TikTok Ads Track, along with in-depth sessions on SEO, YouTube, Google Ads, Native Ads, SMS Marketing, and more!

 Affiliate World Barcelona – Speakers

As of now, there are over 20+ professional speakers for the AWC Barcelona, including popular names like: 

Affiliate World Barcelona Speakers list
  • Amin Siala (Digital Growth Consultant, Google)
  • Greg Elfrink (Director of Marketing, Empire Flippers)
  • Christopher Reader (7-figure Affiliate Marketer)
  • Lisa Popovici (Cofounder and Head of Growth, Cartloop)
  • Sarah Lamine (CEO and Co-founder, Convergen Agency)
  • Eric Siu (Founder and Chairman, Single Grain)

They will keep on adding more speakers to their list. So, stay tuned to the AWC Barcelona speakers’ page for the updated list. 

What will You Get from the Affiliate World Barcelona Event?

The Affiliate World Barcelona has a lot to offer for beginners and even seasoned professionals. The following are the most important benefits.

Learning Opportunity

Attending an event like the Affiliate World will change your perspective on life and business. 

There would be lots of sessions on all the trending topics around marketing and advertising conducted by successful professionals. Therefore, you will certainly get to learn a lot of new strategies and tips from them. 

Networking Opportunity

Connecting and networking with professionals from the same industry can help you figure out different strategies for achieving successful results. 

You can also find like-minded attendees and share your experiences with them. They can, in turn, offer you helpful insights from their business experiences.

For example, I recently attended the ad:tech Delhi Conference and got to meet up with many popular content creators, affiliates, and advertisers.

We had a great experience interacting with each other and I honestly came back with an improved understanding of business, marketing, and advertising!

Cracking Business Deals

Well, this event will also challenge your communication and presentation skills. The better your communication, the higher would be your chances of forming strong connections. 

If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to sign some attractive deals with your favorite brands in the marketing and advertising industry. 

How to Participate in Affiliate World Barcelona?

In order to participate in the Affiliate World Barcelona, you need to purchase a pass for this event. There are two types of passes – for Affiliates and for Companies.

For Affiliates, the pass costs €739 at the moment, which is approximately ₹60,800. If you are a company representative, manager, advertiser, or an agency, the pass would cost you €1139, which is around ₹93,700.

AWC Barcelona Pass Prices

With both the passes, you would get access to the 2-day exhibition market, live speeches, Q&A sessions, panels, mixers, night events, happy hours, Live chat via the AW App, and 3-month access to the Replay of the event. 

One important thing to note here is that the pass prices keep on increasing regularly. So if you are planning to attend this event, it’s best to purchase your passes at the earliest to get it at the cheapest prices. 

In case you are also looking for a good place to stay, here’s a list of featured hotels in Barcelona compiled for you! And if you wish to explore Barcelona along with the Affiliate World event, you can also check out their compiled list of impressive things to do in Barcelona

Who Should Attend the Affiliate World Barcelona?

If you are an affiliate marketer, a digital marketing agency, an advertising firm, an ecommerce entrepreneur, or a content creator, you will get to learn a lot in the Affiliate World Conference. 

Also, if you have some experience in your field, it would prove to be an even more productive event as it would provide you international exposure!

Past Affiliate World Events

Previously, the Affiliate World Conference was held in Dubai on 28th Feb and 1st March 2022. It was my first international conference, and I had a lot of fun. 

I not only got to learn a lot from the speaker sessions, but also connected with some of the sharpest minds and professionals. You can take a look at my video review of the event to get the idea of the AWC events.  

Prior to that, the Affiliate World Conference was held in Bangkok in 2019. Because of the Covid pandemic, there were no events in the year 2020 and 2021. 

P.S. If you wish to attend the upcoming AW Conference in Dubai, you can use my special link to get a 15% additional discount on your ticket! So, go ahead and make the most of this offer!

Am I Attending the Affiliate World Barcelona 2022? 

Well, after attending the Affiliate World Dubai at the beginning of this year, I got to experience the true standards of the AW Conferences. If you wish to know more about my experience, you can read my Affiliate World Dubai Review. 

So, I am definitely planning to attend the Affiliate World Barcelona and gather some more exciting experiences and connect with all the top professionals.

Should You Attend the Affiliate World Barcelona 2022?

If you are into the affiliate, marketing, or advertising industry, this event can prove to be a quite productive and fruitful experience for you. 

Along with meeting a lot of professionals from your field, you will also get to form connections, share your experiences, learn new strategies, and even sign up exclusive deals with some of your favorite brands! 

However, my personal advice would be to only attend this event when you have some experience in your field and have some results to show. 

Absolute beginners might not have significant experiences to share with the other attendees. Thus, this event might not be as beneficial for them. 

Connect with the Affiliate World

To connect with Affiliate World, you can find them on the following platforms. 


I hope that this article helped you develop a better understanding of what the Affiliate World Barcelona is all about and how you can take part in it. 

Have you attended any Affiliate World Conference before? Are you planning to attend the Affiliate World Barcelona? Let me know in the comments box below. 

Well, talking about myself, I am surely planning to take part in the event and learn a lot of new things. If you wish to meet me, you can look out for me at the event. 

For more such updates and interesting articles, you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I’ll be back with more insightful content soon. Till then, keep learning and stay safe. Cheers! 🙂


When is the Affiliate World Barcelona happening?

The Affiliate World Barcelona is scheduled for 6-7 July, 2022 at Fira de Barcelona, Spain. 

What are the charges for the Affiliate World Barcelona passes?

There are two types of passes available for the event. The Affiliate pass is available for €729 (approx ₹60,000) and the Company pass is available for €1129 (approx ₹93,000).

Is free food provided during the event?

They only offer water and filter coffee for free during the event. If you wish to have food, you can visit the cafes built within the conference venue itself. 

Is there a Refund Policy for cancellations?

No, they do not offer any refunds. However, the purchased pass is transferable to another person in case you are unable to attend the event. 

How can I get in touch with the event attendees?

Once you purchase a pass to the event, you will gain access to the AW app where you can connect with all the attendees before, during, and after the event as well! 

Are walk-in entries allowed?

No. Entries are only allowed if you have a valid event pass purchased prior to the event from their official website. For more queries, check out their FAQ Page

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