Dukaan App Review (2024) – Cheap Shopify Alternative

Planning to launch your eCommerce store but confused which platform to use? Should you go with Shopify, WooCommerce, or something completely different? I have the solution.  

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a powerful eCommerce platform specifically designed for Indian users – the Dukaan App. In this Dukaan App Review, we will begin with discussing its user interface, some of its major features, and payment methods. 

Then, we will move on to talk about its customer support, roadmap, referral program, its pros and cons, and some suitable alternatives to Dukaan. Its range of payment options and zero transaction charges are features that have impressed me most! 

If you want to start a successful online store in India at affordable rates, you are surely going to love this platform. So, with no more delay, let’s get started! 

Dukaan App Review 2024

Kripesh Adwani

Ease of Use
User Interface
Customer Support
Payment Options


Dukaan app is specifically designed keeping the Indian business owners in mind. It offers a range of Indian payment options and a convenient Hindi call support. It’s a feature-rich, easy to use, and affordable solution for beginners planning to launch an eCommerce in India.


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About Dukaan

Dukaan app is a Bengaluru-based company launched in the year 2020 by founder and CEO, Mr. Suumit Shah.  As of now, they have millions of users registered on their platform and have covered over 2921 cities across the globe!

Dukaan homepage

The best part is that they maintain complete transparency when it comes to revealing their team members. You can find a list of all the members in their team along with their LinkedIn profiles. Their Chief Entertainment Officer (Leo) is so adorable! 

In 2021, they have also raised a funding of $11 million with the purpose of helping Indian merchants in setting up their online stores. You can read more about them on their About Us page.

Store Testing Parameters

As of now, the AppSumo lifetime deal of Dukaan is live. For testing the Dukaan app, I have purchased its AppSumo Tier 1 plan for $49. With this plan, you’ll get 1 online store along with 5 staff accounts.

KP Store homepage

I have created my online store as a sub-domain under their domain that can be visited through the following URL: mydukaan.io/kpstore. You can also add a custom domain for your online store. Keep reading to find out how. 

Dukaan Review Video

If you are in a hurry or prefer video based reviews over reading lengthy articles, here’s a video review of Dukaan app in Hindi language. Enjoy!

Dukaan User Interface

The Dukaan dashboard is modern and friendly. It makes use of elegant colors that look appealing to the eyes. You can access all the store options from the left sidebar. 

Dukaan UI

They also provide an onboarding video and blog post to help beginners get started with setting up their store. The store has a helpful search button as well. Finally, you will also find your store link along with a list of your orders and graphs for store analytics. 

Overall, the interface of Dukaan is quite impressive and easy to use. Beginners would have no problem working with it.   

Dukaan Features

Manage Orders

The Orders tab keeps a record of all the orders placed in your store. Whenever a customer places an order, you can manually accept or reject it from the dashboard. 

Dukaan orders

You can track the status of different products using the tabs on the top – Pending, Accepted, Shipped, Delivered, etc. It also lets you arrange the results in list/grid format and download a report of all orders placed on your store. 

Add Products to Dukaan App

Adding a product to Dukaan is a cakewalk! All you need to do is add the product information, upload images of the product, set product quantity, and specify product color and sizes available. 

Adding Products to Dukaan

You can generate a product description through its Description Generator tool. It also uses AI to suggest relevant images for your products, which is absolutely impressive! 

Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are a must-have for any successful eCommerce store. They help you attract a larger customer base and thus, skyrocket your popularity and profits. 

With Dukaan, you can create three different types of discount coupons for your customers. For all the coupons, you can set a coupon validity period and the number of times you can use it. Let’s talk about them one by one. 

Percent Discount

Percentage discount coupon

Here, you can create coupon codes offering a specific percentage of discount for all users.

You can also specify the discount percentage, maximum discount offered, and the minimum order value on which the coupon will apply.

Flat Discount

Flat discount coupon

Flat Discount coupon codes offer a fixed amount of discount on the customer’s order value. You can specify the validity period, discount amount, and the minimum order value on which the discount will be applied. 

Buy X Get Y Discount

Buy X Get Y free discount coupon

These are the most exciting coupons available in the Dukaan app. 

Here, you can select the number of items a customer has to buy and the number of items that would be offered for free on them. You can apply this coupon on all products or specific products and categories. 

Dukaan Plugins 

Plugins help you extend the functionality of your eCommerce store. It’s quite interesting to note that Dukaan offers an extensive library of 46 plugins belonging to various categories. Following is a list of the most popular ones.

Dukaan plugins

  • Store Management: Amazon Reviews Importer, Bag Control, Countdown Timer, HelloBar, etc. 
  • Customer Support: WhatsApp Chat Support, Jivochat, UserLike, Zendesk Chat, etc.
  • Marketing: All in One SEO, MailChimp, OptinMonster, OptiMonk, PopupSmart, etc. 
  • Analytics: Hotjar, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. 
  • Utilities: CookieBot, CookieYes, etc. 

The best part is that installing plugins to your store is a choice. You can choose to only use plugins you really need. Thus, it won’t install any unnecessary bloatware on your website and will not lead to reduced website speeds. 

Custom Domains

Dukaan custom domains

Dukaan app gives you multiple options for domains. If you already have a domain name, you can add your existing domain to your Dukaan website. You can also purchase a new custom domain from the Dukaan platform. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a custom domain, you can use their free sub-domains that come with their premium plans.

Store Personalization

You can personalize the appearance of your online store to some extent. Dukaan app offers 5 stunning themes you can use on your website. 

Dukaan themes

For every theme you use, you can customize the store header, product images, fonts, colors, favicon, store logo, etc. Along with that, a menu and custom pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc, can also be added to your store. 

However, you only get basic options for formatting like adding text formatting, links, tables, images, etc. 

Dukaan Page Formatting

I was a little disappointed with the fact that you cannot embed HTML scripts within your page. With HTML, you can easily add forms, media players, social media feeds, etc, to your page. 

Dukaan Delivery

Now that we have customized our store, added products, and set up payments, the next question is – how will products be shipped to customers? Well, it’s easy. You can either choose a delivery partner of your choice, or use their integrated Dukaan Delivery System

Dukaan Delivery

They have partnered with popular courier companies in order to provide smooth and hassle-free shipping at affordable rates. All you need to do is add in your personal and location details and all the products would be shipped from your location to your customers. 

Dukaan Campaigns

If you wish to promote your products to a wider audience, the Campaigns feature is going to be extremely helpful for you. 

Dukaan marketing campaigns

You get a range of options to create marketing campaigns. These include SMS Broadcast, WhatsApp Broadcast, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. 

I personally did not test out this feature much but I am definitely going to try it out soon and publish the updates here!

Store Analytics

The Store Analytics feature is in the Beta stage right now. It shows you an overview of your store performance. You can view your store statistics in the following tabs:

Sales Tab

Dukaan Sales Analytics

The Sales tab shows you data about the average number of orders per day, order value, sales per day, returning customers, top regions, etc. 

Along with that, it also displays graphs for total orders and total sales for everyday. You can also view detailed reports for the same.

Traffic Tab

Dukaan Traffic Analytics

The Traffic tab displays data about store views, returning visitors, and a donut chart for total number of views by device type, etc. 

Products Tab

Dukaan Product Analytics

The Products tab keeps a record of the average views per category and product, product views, top categories by sales, top products by units sold, etc.  

For all the tabs, you can also filter the results by time – today, tomorrow, this week, this month, or add any custom range. In my opinion, the analytics feature is a powerful way to keep track of your store regularly and analyze the progress and growth.

Additional Dukaan Tools

Promotional Designs

This feature is a very basic version of Canva for business owners. With this, you can design creatives for your online business within a few minutes. It lets you design business cards, store banners, and WhatsApp stories. 

Dukaan Promotional Designs

I found the WhatsApp Stories feature most impressive. It offers ready-to-use backgrounds along with your store name, email, and store URL in the foreground.

You can quickly choose a suitable background, add some custom text revealing announcements or offers and download the image to your device. It really is a quick and efficient way to promote your business on WhatsApp.  

Store QR Code

QR codes have made everything so much easier! Just scan a code through your phone and you can make online transactions or reach a website. Dukaan app also offers a store QR code that your customers can scan to visit your website. 

Dukaan QR Code

This feature is also useful if you’re creating a website for a shopkeeper. Local businesses can place this QR outside their actual shop to promote their online business as well.  

Background Remover

As the name suggests, this tool removes the background from any image. It supports the JPG, PNG, and JPEG image formats.

Dukaan Background Remover

This tool is helpful when you want to upload a product to your website with its background stripped off. I did not find this tool to be 100% accurate with all the images that I tested it on.

Description Generator

The Description Generator tool uses AI to produce unique content. All you need to do is enter the name of any product in the text field and it will auto generate good quality descriptions for the product. 

Dukaan Description generator

I tested it with a lot of products and observed that it works great for general products. However, for more complex products (for instance, reusable notebook), it does not produce logically correct data. Overall, the description generator is worth it and it impressed me a lot.

Invoice Generator

Dukaan invoice generator

With this tool, you can quickly generate invoices for the products purchased by a customer. It displays an invoice template where you can edit the address, personal details, product details, payment terms, etc. 

HSN Code Finder

HSN Code Finder

HSN Code refers to ‘Harmonized System of Nomenclature’. It is a 6-digit code that is used to classify over 5000+ goods across the globe. 

In order to find the HSN Code of any product, you need to simply enter the product’s name and it will display the code automatically. 

Dukaan APK

Sometimes shopping from an eCommerce website seems a little inconvenient for the customers. Worry not, as Dukaan app has got everything covered! 

Dukaan APK

It lets you publish your store as a mobile application on Google Play Store. Then you can download an APK file of your store and share it with your customers so they can shop comfortably on your app. This would also help you to increase your sales. 

Egg Bucket is an interesting example of a Dukaan Store that also exists as a PlayStore app. 

Dukaan Store Settings

Dukaan app also lets you tinker with some additional store settings, including the following. 

Auto Accept Orders

Dukaan auto accept orders

If you enable this option, all orders placed in your store would be automatically accepted. On disabling this option, you would have to manually approve every order. 

Extra Charges

Dukaan Extra Charges

Here, you can enable additional charges by default on every order placed by your customers. These include delivery charges and GST. If you enable GST, then the customer’s GST invoice will also be generated.

Order Form

Dukaan Order form

With this Order Form, your customers can easily place their orders as guests without verifying their mobile number or signing up for an account. 

Store Timings

Dukaan Store timings

This option features time slots that you can enable or disable. For the time slots you disable, customers won’t be able to shop and place orders on your online shop. 

Dukaan Payment Methods

Now, once you have added all your products and discounts, it’s time to set up your payments.

With Dukaan, there are a variety of payment options available for the Indian users. Customers can either avail Prepaid orders through online payments or Cash on Delivery via Dukaan Delivery. 

Dukaan Payment options

It supports Stripe and PayPal for International users. Whereas, for Indian users, you also get the RazorPay and DukaanPay options.

With DukaanPay, you simply need to add your UPI ID and receive money directly in your bank account. This is one of the most convenient options for the Indian users. 

If you opt for the Dukaan AppSumo deal, you won’t have to pay any transaction charges at all. I think this is an awesome deal for eCommerce store owners in India! 

Dukaan Customer Support

The customer support of the Dukaan app is diverse. It features a knowledge base of 100+ detailed and annotated articles.

Dukaan help center

On their homepage, you will find an onboarding explainer video and a checklist blog to get started with your online store. 

They have a blog along with detailed video based tutorials for newbies who wish to learn how to use the platform effectively. Their live chat support is quick and quite knowledgeable.

Dukaan Live chat

However, they took a lot of time in answering simple queries and at times, I was not really satisfied with their answers. You also get call support in the Hindi language, which is beneficial for Indian users. 

Finally, the most impressive feature is their community support. They have a Facebook group where you will find a community of online shop owners using the Dukaan app. You can get all your queries resolved quickly with their help. 

Dukaan Bug Bounty Program

If you have an interest in software testing and love finding vulnerabilities in codes, check out the Bug Bounty Program of Dukaan. They offer you rewards starting from $50 and go as high as $500 depending on the intensity of the bug. 

Dukaan Bug Bounty Program

For more details about the rules and rewards, you can check out their official bug bounty program page.  

Online Businesses using Dukaan

As of now, millions of online stores have been built using the Dukaan App. Following are the most popular ones. 

VU Store


This is a television store with a modern design and simple colors. The product page is beautifully designed. 

What I liked most about their business is the WhatsApp button right on the homepage which makes it easy for customers to contact you. 

Gini & Jony


Giny & Jony is a kids’ apparel store. The most striking feature of this website is its vibrant color scheme that goes well with the children’s theme. 

The offers tab on the right sidebar and the drop-down menu on the top are quite responsive.

Chai Point


Chai Point is an online tea store where you can find a range of tea products. The color palette used throughout the website is pretty basic, which only elevates the simplicity of this store even more.

Nonsense Store

Nonsense Store

This website sells wild, crazy, and unique party products like Games, Prank Boxes, and more. The dark color scheme behind vibrant colored products makes this store look even more appealing!

Dukaan Pricing

Dukaan app features two different pricing plans and offers billing on a quarterly and annual basis. However, you can save 35% of your money by opting for the annual plan. 

Following is a comparison of the Dukaan Premium plans and their features. 

Lite PlanPremium Plan
Annual Pricing₹2999₹8999
No.of Products200Unlimited
Transaction Fee2.99%1.49%
Custom DomainNoFree for first year
Dukaan APKNoYes
Plugins and ThemesNoYes
External Payment GatewayNoYes

Payment Methods

Dukaan supports a variety of payment methods. It lets you purchase a plan using Credit/Debit cards, Stripe, or PayPal, along with UPI Payments and RazorPay for the Indian users. 

Free Trial 

Even though they do not offer a forever free plan of Dukaan, you get a free trial of 14 days before purchasing a premium subscription. 

You can avail this free trial without adding a credit or debit card, which is quite convenient for new users.

Dukaan AppSumo Deal 

If you find the Dukaan App effective for your eCommerce store business, here’s a complete value for money deal. As of now, Dukaan app is available on the AppSumo Lifetime deal starting from $49. 

Dukaan AppSumo deal

All the AppSumo plans include unlimited hosting and products, free SSL, APK for Android, themes and plugins, integration of payment gateways, etc. 

Tier 1 LicenseTier 2 LicenseTier 3 License
Lifetime Pricing$49$99$249
Number of Stores110Unlimited
Staff Accounts51010
AAB File for PlaystoreNoYesYes

Another interesting thing about the AppSumo lifetime deal is that you get a 60-day refund policy. So, you can test this platform at your own pace and decide if you need it.

Dukaan Roadmap

Dukaan App has also laid out a detailed roadmap of features that they are developing with time. The roadmap is quite impressive. However, most of the features cater to the International online sellers. 

Dukaan Roadmap

I especially liked the Plugin for Instagram feature that is in development at the moment. With this plugin, you could connect your Instagram with your store. This would give a boost to your social media as well. 

Another feature that I’m excited about is the Public API of Dukaan. The API can integrate with Zapier, Pabbly Connect, etc and help you automate various tasks. 

Dukaan Referral Program

Sadly, the Dukaan app does not have an Affiliate System set in place right now. However, they do have an interesting Referral Program that you can earn rewards from. It works like this.

Dukaan Referral Program

When you share your referral code with other users and they use it to get a Dukaan premium plan, you receive 20% of their subscription fee as a reward. 

And the user, in turn, is rewarded 10% of their fee as Dukaan Credits that they can use for marketing and other services. 

However, the Referral Program is only valid for the first 5 subscriptions for every user. This is how you can earn up to ₹1400 on every successful referral.


Customized for Indian Audiences

They have specifically customized the Dukaan App for the Indian sellers. It offers support in the Hindi language, Indian payment options like RazorPay and UPI, and supports payments in Indian currency.

Thus, it looks like the best option for Indian audiences. 

Easy to Use

The store has a modern and friendly interface and features a lot of store options that a beginner or a professional can easily configure. Thus, this online platform is perfect for non-tech savvy people. 

Range of Plugins 

You get a range of powerful plugins for marketing, store management, customer support, analytics, and more. These plugins help in adding advanced functionality to your eCommerce store. 

Affordable Pricing

You can purchase the Dukaan app for merely $49 for a lifetime on the AppSumo deal. This is a value for money deal considering the features that it is offering. 

It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is great for testing out all the essential features and figuring out if this digital platform can be of use to you. 

Established in Indian Market

The Dukaan App has been in India since 2020 and has garnered millions of users to date. It has all the features that are important for Indian users, including Indian payment options, Hindi language support, call support, etc. 

Thus, this app has established itself well in the Indian market and any other eCommerce store app cannot compete with it at this price point. 

0% Transaction Charges

The most attractive aspect about the Dukaan AppSumo Deal is that there are no charges applied to the transactions. Thus, no matter how many transactions you initiate, you won’t be charged a single extra penny!


Not for Digital Products

At the moment, Dukaan App only focuses on physical products. You cannot sell any digital services on their platform. 

No Affiliate Program 

Dukaan doesn’t have an affiliate program as of now. So, you cannot add any affiliates that can earn commission through your platform. 

However, they have a referral program where you can earn a fixed percentage while referring the Dukaan app to other users. 

Limited Customizations

With the Dukaan app, you only get limited customization options for the store appearance, settings, personalization, and more. I hope they keep on adding more customization options to their platform.

No Options for Custom HTML or CSS

While writing content for custom pages, you do not get the option for adding custom HTML or CSS scripts. With the custom script option, you can implement forms, tables, video and audio players, and embed widgets and elements on the page.

Alternatives to Dukaan App

Dukaan App is an excellent choice for beginners in the eCommerce field. However, if you are looking for some alternatives, you can consider the following. 


Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for building your online store. With Shopify, you can sell your services online, on Facebook, and even in person. 

Shopify homepage

It offers free hosting with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited products, dozens of professional themes, blogging platform, over 100 payment gateways, multiple languages, detailed analytics, 24/7 support, and so much more. 

The pricing plans of Shopify start from ₹2200/month, which is a little on the expensive side.


WooCommerce is a free and open source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. It offers tons of features including 140 region specific payment gateways and an insightful management dashboard.

WooCommerce homepage

It also offers 24 languages, lots of integrations, extensive customer support, and scalability options.  

Even though WordPress and WooCommerce are essentially free, you need to purchase a domain name, web hosting, theme, extensions, SEO features, etc. The overall pricing, however, depends on the services you opt for. 

Who Should Use Dukaan App? 

Dukaan app is perfect for beginners, Indian startups, and small business owners who want an easy-to-use platform with loads of exciting eCommerce features and fast customer support at affordable rates.  

If we compare the pricing of Dukaan with Shopify, you’ll only get about two months of Shopify Basic plan subscription for the price at which you can get Dukaan app for a lifetime! Therefore, in my opinion, this is a total steal deal for beginners. 

However, if you need some advanced options on your ecommerce store, you can check out Zyro Website Builder. And for highly advanced users, Shopify would undoubtedly be the best platform.



In this article, we discovered all the exciting features of the Dukaan App. It is an excellent way to build your store and sell any product with no technical skills or design knowledge!

It is designed for the Indian audiences, which is why you’ll find Indian payment options, Hindi call support, and a range of powerful plugins, all at pocket friendly prices! It could be an affordable alternative to platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Even though it lacks the ability to sell digital products and has limited customization options right now, Dukaan app would be a pretty good e-commerce solution for the Indian users. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this Dukaan app review. Do you run an online store? What platform have you built it on and would you consider switching to Dukaan? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below. 

To keep receiving updates for my latest articles and videos, subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. Keep learning and stay safe. 🙂


Is Dukaan app free?

No, you can get Dukaan on a subscription basis from their official website or as a lifetime plan on AppSumo. 
Alternatively, they also offer a free trial of 14 days without adding your card details. This is great for trying out all the features of the Dukaan app and understanding if it is worth using.

Can I move my existing Shopify/WooCommerce store to Dukaan?

Yes, if you already have an eCommerce store and wish to transfer it to Dukaan, you can contact the Dukaan support team and they will help you move your store with ease. 

What separates Dukaan from other tools?

Indian payment options, Hindi call support, and 0% transaction charges are the most important factors that set the Dukaan app apart from other tools. 

Can I use my own domain with Dukaan?

Yes, you can use your own custom domain or even purchase a new domain from Dukaan. It also lets you create a free sub domain on its premium subscription. 

Is there a refund policy on the Dukaan app?

Yes. If you purchase the AppSumo lifetime deal of Dukaan, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. The time duration is enough to figure out if Dukaan is helpful to you.
If you purchase the regular plans from their official website, you get a free trial of 14 days before you decide to purchase the service. 

What are the payment methods supported on the Dukaan app?

If you wish to get a plan from Dukaan, there are a variety of payment methods supported, including Credit/Debit cards, UPI, Stripe, PayPal, and RazorPay.

How do you ship your products on the Dukaan app?

Dukaan app offers an integrated shipping solution called Dukaan Delivery. 
They have partnered with the topmost courier companies in order to provide you with the most affordable shipping experience. Alternatively, you can also use a different shipping method. 

dukaan app logo

 Dukaan App Pros (+)

  • For Indian Audiences
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 0% Charges

Dukaan App Cons

  • Not for Digital Products
  • No Affiliate Program
  • Limited Customizations
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