India Affiliate Summit (2022) [My Experience]

Affiliate marketing and advertising businesses are on the rise! If you’re into one of these fields, here’s one of the best events to network with like-minded people. Introducing – the India Affiliate Summit.  

After taking part in various national and International conferences like the AWC Dubai, ad:tech Delhi, and AWC Barcelona, I recently took part in the India Affiliate Summit for the first time. This article covers my entire experience of the event. 

In this article, we are going to start by understanding what the India Affiliate Summit is and move on to discuss its pros and cons, along with my personal experience. Finally, I’ll also share if you should attend this event. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

What is the India Affiliate Summit?

India Affiliate Summit is one of the biggest affiliate marketing events in India that started back in 2015. It’s a 2-day event that brings tonnes of opportunities for networking with professionals and learning from their experiences. 

India Affiliate Summit

Recently, it was organized in the Leela Ambience Hotel in Gurugram on the 14th and 15th of September. This event was graced by lots of influential speakers and over 40+ exhibitors from popular Indian companies.

If you’re not much into reading, here’s my video review of the entire event in the Hindi language with English subtitles. Hope you enjoy it.

My Experience at IAS 2022

Collecting Event Passes

The IAS 2022 event was organized at the Leela Ambience Hotel (Gurugram), which is a stunningly beautiful place. 

IAS Entry Hall

We had to collect our event passes from the booths placed in the entry hall. The space was quite crowded and brimming with energy and enthusiasm for the affiliate summit!

Exploring the Affiliate Street 

Affiliate Street was the place where you could find booths of all the advertising and marketing companies. Some of the popular names among them were VCommission, Taboola, Xapads, MGID, and many more. 

IAS Affiliate Street

You could visit affiliate booths of your favorite marketing and ad agencies and strike up a conversation with them. You could also inquire about the deals and coupon codes they are running and maybe even get the chance to crack some exclusive deals with them! 

Networking with Professionals

IAS - Networking group photo

The India Affiliate Summit proved to be a fantastic ground for networking with professionals. I chatted with various marketers, businessmen, and fellow creators that had now become friends after attending various affiliate events together.

Networking at IAS event

I had a really nice time interacting with Ankit Singla (Founder of MasterBlogging), Amit Mishra (Founder of Startup Crow and Tryootech), Yulia Aslamova (Head of Asia at DRIM), Rajesh Chauhan (CEO of YouStable hosting), Swayam Dhawan (Founder of Askmepixel Technologies) and many more interesting people. 

Good Food Arrangements

Talking about the food arrangements, they had free tea and coffee counters, along with free biscuits at the IAS Summit. You could get different flavors of coffee, including cappuccino, espresso, cafe latte, and more. 

IAS - Tea and Coffee arrangements

This was such a relief compared to the AWC Conferences, where you paid hefty amounts to take part in the event and then paid extra for tea and coffee!

IAS Food counters

I had also opted for free lunch on my event pass. The food arrangements were pretty good, and they had two spaces for food counters to avoid crowding. 

Talking about the menu, you’ll mostly find continental food here. Overall, the food was delicious, and I liked the systematic organization.

Conducting Interviews

This time, I also got the chance to interview some creators and experts in the digital industry that I admire a lot. 

Meeting Satish K Videos

For instance, I met with Satish Kushwaha (Owner of Satish K Videos) and had quite an interesting discussion where he unveiled the secrets behind his massive success and growth. The complete interview will be released soon!

I interviewed Mr. Om Thoke (Founder of Bloggers World), where we discussed micro-niche websites and he shared his expert opinions on how to rank micro-niche websites. It was a very insightful talk with him. You can watch the complete interview below!

Next, I also interviewed Ankit Singla (founder of MasterBlogging), where he shared his expert advice on how to find keywords for free. The detailed interview is releasing soon. So, stay tuned! 

Meeting Ankit Singla

Finally, I also conducted short interviews with Swayam Dhawan and Lovish Madaan

Enlightening Speaking Events

Talking about the speaking events, there were two separate stages. On the main stage, speakers were invited to address and enlighten the audiences on specific marketing and advertising-related topics. 

IAS - Stage Events

On the other stage, panel discussions were hosted, where different speakers discussed a topic and expressed their opinions on it. Here, I met Piyush Kukreja, who was also a speaker at IAS 2022. 

Thrilling After Party

IAS - After party

Finally, after the events of the day were wrapped up, there was a fun-filled and thrilling after-party organized by VCommission. Here, we met with lots of professionals and formed some strong, friendly connections! 

Pros of India Affiliate Summit

Networking with Professionals

The IAS event was graced by professionals and leaders in the top positions of popular affiliate and advertising companies.

So, if you are in the affiliate marketing, advertising, digital media, or technology domains, IAS would be the perfect way to get some exposure and form strong connections with like-minded individuals.

Signing Up for Exclusive Deals

If you have good communication and negotiation skills, you can visit the boots of your favorite brands and sign up for exclusive deals with them and get lots of discount coupons from them. 

Learning Experience

IAS - Speaker session

You will also get to learn a lot of new tips, tricks, and strategies to run your business from the speaker sessions at the IAS event. Apart from that, you will also be able to learn from other participants in similar verticals and share your own experiences with them. 

Should You Attend the India Affiliate Summit?

The IAS event would be a really inspiring experience for anyone who is in the affiliate marketing, advertising, digital media, software, IT, technology, or content creation industries. 

However, if you’re a beginner in your field, this event might not be that valuable for you. When you have some concrete results in your business, you could enjoy the experience in a much better way by sharing mutual results and learning from each other.


So, this was all about the India Affiliate Summit of 2022. I had a super-fun experience connecting with so many creators, business owners, and professionals from the affiliate marketing and advertising fields. I also got to connect with a few of my friends from the previous affiliate meets. 

IAS 2022 event

This event left me with lots of valuable learnings and strengthened my bonds with various other like-minded professionals. If I get a chance to attend the IAS again, I would definitely love to be a part of it.

IAS Masterclass

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. Have you taken part in any affiliating marketing events before? Let me know about you in the comments section below. This is Kripesh signing off. Take care and keep learning!

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    Agree with the points mentioned by you and am going to check everything posted by you, specially about micro niche sites and also others content of summit to learn and unlearn some stuff that I may be having wrong at my side!

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