Cloud Storage vs Local Storage (2022) – Which Storage Should You Use?

cloud vs local storage

As stated by a Business Technology Blog, the entire data in the world will grow by 50 times in the next decade! Doesn’t that sound scary? Where are we going to store all of this data? What storage options do we have? I’m sure you must’ve heard of Hard drives, Pen-drives, DVDs, Cloud Storage services, …

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pCloud Review (2022) – Why I Bought The Lifetime Plan?

pcloud review 2022

pCloud is one of the most popular cloud storage option out here. They are mostly famous for their lifetime plans and privacy friendly policies. For this pCloud Review, I have conducted speed tests, checked out its file functions, sync options, security features, and analysed its performance on different devices. After days of testing and researching, …

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Tresorit Send – FREE Secure File Transfer – 4 Steps Guide

transfer files

Transfering large files securely over the Internet doesn’t have to be a troublesome task anymore! Want to know how? In this article, I am going to tell you about Tresorit Send, a feature-rich and super secure file transfer service offered by Tresorit. I have used it for transfering large files and its security features impressed …

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Treasure Cloud Review (2022) – Should You Buy This New Cloud Storage?

treasure cloud storage

Treasure Cloud is the latest cloud storage service in the market right now. Everyone is talking about it! Well, it might be a newbie player, but the exceptional features it offers will surely blow your mind! And after using its free account for a few days, I’m here with the Treasure Cloud Review. For this review, I …

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pCloud Transfer (FREE!!) – How To Transfer Large Files – 4 Steps

pcloud transfer

Sharing large files doesn’t have to be a headache anymore. pCloud Transfer is here to save the day! pCloud Transfer is one of the ways through which you can transfer upto 5 GB of files without registration. In today’s article, we will talk about the most striking features of pCloud Transfer and the step-by-step process of …

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