ClosersCopy Review (2024) – A New Way to Write Copy?

Even the best of writers suffer from writer’s block! For those days when you’re struggling to create unique, fresh, and engaging content to lure your audience, you need ClosersCopy. In the past few months, I have tried, tested, and reviewed many AI writing tools. Rytr, WriteSonic, and WordHero are some of the popular names.

Recently, after coming across ClosersCopy and its exciting Lifetime deal, I decided to purchase it and test it out. Hence, after using and testing its various features for a few weeks, I am here with its detailed review.

In this ClosersCopy Review, we will begin by discussing its history, its working mechanism, user interface, and pricing plans. Then we will move on to discuss its major features and use cases along with relevant examples. Finally, we will look at its pros and cons, and some suitable alternatives.

Is ClosersCopy the answer to all your writing woes? Let’s dive into the article to find out.

ClosersCopy Review

Kripesh Adwani

Content Optimisation
Ease of Use


ClosersCopy is one of the most popular tools for long-form content which offers 65+ use cases, 100+ languages, and 3 types of AI models.

However, its AI algorithm is glitchy and I feel it’s a bit too complex. Social media and blogging tools were good, but apart from that, the overall output was average for me. I think there are better options available in the market.


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About ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a powerful AI copywriting tool that was founded by Nico Engler in 2020. 


It comprises dozens of frameworks, hundreds of languages, and different AI algorithms to generate interesting content within seconds. It is a comparatively new player in the AI Writers’ market and is growing at a fast pace.

ClosersCopy Review Video

Are you a video person? Then here’s a detailed review of ClosersCopy in the Hindi language with English subtitles. Enjoy!

How does ClosersCopy Work?

Unlike most other AI writing tools like Rytr, WriteSonic, and WordHero, ClosersCopy does not use GPT3. Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 or GPT3 is the latest and most advanced language prediction model used by all popular AI writers today.

It is effectively trained using 175 billion parameters, which makes it a powerful and competitive technology. However, ClosersCopy uses its own proprietary AI software for content creation.

Is their custom AI model worth it? How does it compare with GPT3? Let’s find out!

ClosersCopy User Interface

The user interface of ClosersCopy uses modern colors and has an elegant design. However, it looks complex and might be difficult to understand for beginners.

ClosersCopy User Interface

You can find a list of your projects when you log in to the dashboard. The button on the top right lets you create a new project. Along with that, it also features a dark mode for reducing strain on your eyes. 

Overall, the interface looks simplistic and modern but might be slightly overwhelming for newbies.

ClosersCopy Pricing

ClosersCopy offers three different pricing plans for their customers. Following is a comparison of their features in a tabular format.

Copywriting PowerCopywriting SuperpowerCopywriting Superpower Squad
$397 for Lifetime
$497 for Lifetime
$697 for Lifetime
Monthly AI Runs300UnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Audits50UnlimitedUnlimited
Team Members124
SEO Audit, SEO Planner, LongformYesYesYes

The subscription plans of ClosersCopy seem to be quite expensive, which is why it also offers its lifetime deals. I have purchased its Superpower Lifetime deal for $357. It offers unlimited AI Writing and unlimited SEO audits.

Another important thing to note here is that ClosersCopy does not offer a free plan or a free trial as of now. 

Payment Methods

ClosersCopy supports payments through the following methods: Wire Transfer, PayPal, and all popular cards, including Visa, AMEX, and MasterCard. I wish they also supported Indian payment methods like UPI.

Refund Policy 

You get a 14-day money-back guarantee which applies to their lifetime deals only.

ClosersCopy Features

ClosersCopy offers a wide range of unique features to help you generate better content. Let’s take a closer look at them.


It lets you generate content in over 100+ languages. 

ClosersCopy Languages

This includes English, Hindi, international languages, and various other regional Indian languages like Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, and more.

This option would be helpful if you have a blog focused on audiences of specific geographical regions.

Types of AI

Interestingly, ClosersCopy offers three different Artificial Intelligence algorithms to suit different use cases – Blog AI, Sales AI, and Story AI.

ClosersCopy - Types of AI

They are trained on very different databases to generate creative and logical content focused on their respective fields.

For instance, if you want to generate blog paragraphs, you can use the Blog AI algorithm. Whereas, if you are generating a marketing email, you can use the Sales AI.


Use cases are called Frameworks on ClosersCopy. It comes with 63 frameworks covering a wide range of writing categories. 

ClosersCopy Frameworks

For instance,

  • Bloggers and Content Writers can use Intro, Conclusion, Bullet Points, Outline, Titles, SEO titles, SEO meta descriptions, etc.
  • Small and large-scale businesses can use Interview Questions, Email Subject Lines, Sales Letters, etc.
  • Marketers and Professional Copywriters can use Product Reviews, Product Descriptions, Product Names, Product Benefits, Google Ad, AIDA Framework, etc.
  • Social Media Creators can use Instagram Bios, Hashtags, Captions, YouTube Video Descriptions, Channel Descriptions, etc.
  • Creativity Level
ClosersCopy Creativity level

ClosersCopy has a unique algorithm that lets you set a creativity level on a scale of 1 to 100 on a slider bar. Using these features, you can get better and more refined results as per your use case.

ClosersCopy Use Cases with Examples

ClosersCopy helps you generate content in various categories. The Frameworks can be accessed from the Frameworks tab on the left panel.

It takes anywhere between 10 to 15 seconds to generate results, and 5 variants are generated for each framework. Under every use case, you get a History button and an Example button. This will help you understand how the tool is used and access the previously generated results for that particular framework. 

Now, let’s look at the major use cases of ClosersCopy with examples. For all these use cases.

1. Ads

If you are in the marketing or advertisement business, drafting an interesting ad copy might feel like a pain at times. This is where the Ad Frameworks of ClosersCopy could ease your struggle.

Let’s look at the important use cases it offers. I have used the Sales AI mode of ClosersCopy to generate these use cases.

AIDA Framework

AIDA, or ‘Attention Interest Desire Action’ is a powerful copywriting formula to grab the reader’s attention. All you have to do is enter a short description about your product, tool, or service and it will generate an appropriate copy.

Following are the results when I tested it by entering a short description of 1Password.

ClosersCopy AIDA Framework

What really impressed me with the generated results was the clear distinction between the different sections of the AIDA framework.

Overall, it generated a pretty clear and compelling description. However, I wish they had also offered a tone setting to tweak the emotions according to the situation.

Google Ads

Are you fed up with writing the same old and repetitive content for your Google Ads? Well, ClosersCopy can help you generate fresh content. You need to provide a 1-line description of your product or service to get started.

Following are the results generated when I tried to generate an advertisement for Canva graphic designing tool.

ClosersCopy Google Ads

Overall, the outputs generated by Google Ad tool were decent but not all of them are relevant. Some of them lack creativity and don’t really qualify as good ad content.

PAS Framework

PAS or ‘Problem Agitate Solve’ is another popular copywriting framework that is focused on problem-solving.

Following are the results generated by ClosersCopy for remote-controlled fans.

ClosersCopy PAS Framework

Overall, the results generated were average because only 1 of the outputs could identify the real problem being ‘getting up to switch the fan on/off’.

If you wish to generate ads and marketing content, you can check out Copy AI, Jasper, and Writesonic.

2. Business Tools

ClosersCopy offers very few tools for business. Basically, these tools will help you generate good content for your business requirements. Following is an important business use case.

Interview Questions

If you are in the human resources department and need to conduct regular interviews, you can get some really fresh question ideas with the Interview Questions tool.

Following are the interview questions generated for the post of ‘Social Media Strategist’.

ClosersCopy Interview Questions

Overall, I found the outputs more casual and interactive. They were not the formal questions usually asked during interviews, but were a fresh take on the same profile. These questions will help you get to know your candidates on a deeper level.

3. Emails

 Whether you’re a student or a corporate professional, emails surely are an important part of your everyday life. But drafting clear and concise emails is an art which is mastered only by a rare few. 

If you wish to create crisp emails, these tools from ClosersCopy will help you out.

Subject Line

We all know that the subject line plays an important role in your email marketing process. The chances of getting clicks are increased multifold when you start with a catchy subject line. 

These were the results when I tried to generate subject line urging people to try out my new anti-aging face cream.

ClosersCopy Email Subject Line

Overall, I liked most of the results generated by it. They were catchy enough to get clicked by people. But it also generated some irrelevant content that was far from the topic I provided.


Email Opening refers to the introductory line of your email. It plays a significant role in predicting if your email would be read further. A good opening can be hard to frame, which is where ClosersCopy can help.

All you have to do is enter a short description of your email. It generated the following results for the same anti-aging cream review that I tested above.

ClosersCopy Email Opening

All the results generated had striking differences. Some were written from an expert’s point of view, whereas some read like a product description, and some sounded like recommendations. 

Overall, it was good that you could choose between the type of tone you wanted for your email. In my opinion, Writesonic and Jasper could be good options for generating emails.

4. Tools

The following are some basic content writing tools that can be used in all use cases related to content. Let’s look at them in depth.

Explain Tool

The Explain tool helps you break down a complex concept and clarify it in an easy-to-understand language. This is good for technical articles that are laced with heavy terminology and jargon. 

Following are the results when I tried the Explain tool with the term ‘Blockchain’.

ClosersCopy Explain Tool

Overall, all the variants generated by it were easy to understand and highlighted the functionality of a blockchain in different ways. I feel like any of these results can explain blockchain in a simplified manner.

Rephrase Tool

While writing an article, sometimes we want to say the same thing differently. Rephrase tool might help here. Let’s look at the results when I rephrased a generic statement on working out at home.

ClosersCopy Rephrase Tool

This tool didn’t impress me. 3 out of 5 outputs simply repeated the statement I supplied in the input. Whereas, the other two outputs made surface-level changes in the sentence. Overall, this tool can be improved.

Improve Tool

When you are too stuck on the same repeating lines and paragraphs, the Improve tool will help you break the loop. It lets you enhance any sentence or paragraph in a much better way. Let’s see the results generated by supplying a paragraph about workouts.

ClosersCopy Improve Tool

Overall, I found the results to be pretty good. All of them tried to build up more relevant content on the paragraph supplied. Some were short and others comprehensive. I really enjoyed using this tool.

5. SEO

Creating good content is not enough anymore. You need to optimize it well so that it reaches your target audiences. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to do it. ClosersCopy offers the following SEO tools.

Meta Description

A meta description is a short paragraph displayed below the page title on search engines. It basically summarizes what the web page is about. Following were the results when I tried to generate results for ‘Benefits of Solo Travel’.

ClosersCopy SEO Meta Description

The results were decent, but the descriptions were not written in a summarizing tone. I hope they try to improve this tool in the future.


The Title tool helps you generate optimized titles for your blogs that include SEO keywords. These were the results when I supplied the following topic in the input: ‘Steps to get your first freelance project and earn a side income’.

ClosersCopy SEO Title

I had to regenerate the outputs multiple times to get some good results. Most of the titles were quite relevant and you could use them in your blogs and videos. However, in my opinion, this tool still needs some refinement.

Scalenut and Jasper could be good alternatives for generating SEO-optimized content.

6. YouTube

If you are a YouTube creator or manager, you will find this tool quite useful. Let’s look at the major YouTube tools offered by ClosersCopy.


A video hook is a catchy piece of content that aims to grab your attention and make you interested in what the video is about. These were the results when I generated a YouTube hook for the topic: ‘How to start a workout routine at home’.

b9du097lh1igNXTcjOxobjx338fznZGzGrljv5JZDRJgdA3cg9 KkrCaJjh4YgWd OyPYZO3DnypGxZleTxKAoe1NiwiC0yw1wd8nQcwcc 3XKbWHV8 5uxcX7lucqXNP1O3m5NGQueJRgfMZa2c8riORnX12YltL 43A qGLdcdnsC50 6KalIlA

//ClosersCopy YouTube Hook

Overall, all the outputs were pretty good. They all varied in length but were precisely on the topic. You could use any of them as a catchy description of your video.

Channel Description

Channel Description is a piece of content that tells your viewers what your YouTube channel is about. I tried to generate a description for my YouTube channel on ‘digital tool reviews’. Following are the results.

ClosersCopy YouTube Channel Description

Overall, the results were pretty good and relevant. You can also vary the creativity levels to generate more interesting outputs.

7. Blogs


Content creators often struggle with creating good outlines for their blog post. Let’s see if the Outline tool can help us with that. These are the results when I tried to generate an outline for ‘Health benefits of Yoga’.

ClosersCopy Blog Outline

I did not like the outline variants. Most of them were incomplete and irrelevant. Overall, this tool needs some improvements.


The Titles tool suggests relevant titles for your blog posts. Let’s look at the outputs generated for my blog about ‘Different exercises for weight loss’.

ClosersCopy Blog Title

Most of the results were quite catchy and generated an interest in the reader. The use of power words in most of them was really impressive. You can easily use this tool to generate some good ideas for your blog titles.

Bullet Points to Paragraphs

This tool will be very helpful when you want to expand a few pointers into full-fledged paragraphs. Following were the results when I tried to generate a paragraph about meditation from bullet points.

ClosersCopy Bullet Points to Paragraphs

I absolutely loved the outputs generated by this tool. They were all super comprehensive and diverse. They clearly expanded on the inputs provided, and I personally loved the results.


Blog Intros are one of the most frowned upon things in content writing. Most content writers struggle with writing the perfect introductions for their blogs, but all in vain. The Intro tool of ClosersCopy might be of some help here.

Let’s look at the intro variants generated for the topic ‘Importance of communication in a relationship’.

ClosersCopy Blog Intro

Well, not all the outputs apply to the topic supplied. I could only find a few of the intro variants matching my topic. They can definitely work on refining this tool further.

Blog Conclusion

It takes a lot of effort and analytical skills write an effective conclusion to a blog post. The Conclusion tool will make it easier for you. Following are the results generated when I supplied it with the topic ‘Creating a financial plan’.

ClosersCopy Blog Conclusion

Overall, the results were comprehensive. But most of them didn’t feel like conclusions. They were displayed in the bullet points format, which made them look like lists or tips for financial management. I think they need to improve this tool to generate content focused on conclusions.

8. Social

Whether you’re a social media influencer, manager, or just an average user, we all need catchy bios, hashtags, and captions to decorate our feeds. For this, ClosersCopy offers a variety of social media tools. Let’s check out the major ones.

Instagram Bio (Emotional)

If you are looking for some emotionally provoking Instagram Bios, this tool will help. These are the bios it generated for the topic ‘I am a fashion model’.

ClosersCopy Instagram Bio

The outputs generated were decent but you can also try switching the creativity levels and the input keywords to generate better and more catchy results.

Social Media Captions

Captions are the lifeblood of a social media post. Let’s look at what ClosersCopy generates for the topic ‘Spending time in nature is the best way to connect with yourself’.

ClosersCopy Social Media Caption

Overall, the captions generated by their AI were pretty good. I tried it with multiple topics and the results were equally good. ClosersCopy AI performs really well for social media tools. I personally like Writesonic for generating social media content for my Instagram and YouTube channel.

9. Products

If you are a product designer or a product writer, the following tools will be highly beneficial for you.

Product Name

It will help you find unique name ideas for your product. All you need to do is provide a short product description and supply a few seed words. Let’s see the names it suggests for a pair of wireless earphones.

ClosersCopy Product Name

I was utterly disappointed with this tool. It was below average and creative in the least. It didn’t generate any new name ideas, but just presented a list of existing earphone brand models. This tool needs a lot of improvements.

Product Description

With this tool, you can generate detailed product descriptions incorporating all the important features of your products.

Following are the description variants generated for ‘Lakme Liquid Lipstick’.

ClosersCopy Product Description

I was stunned by the perfect descriptions it generated. I loved the language, tone, and the overall ease with which it described the entire product. All the results were quite engaging and looked like powerful sales copy!

Product Benefits

There’s a huge different between features and benefits of a product. While content writing is focused on describing the product features, powerful copywriting highlights the benefits of a product.

This tool basically lists out all the emotional benefits associated with a particular product. Following were the results generated for ‘Hair Straightener’.

ClosersCopy Product Benefits

Overall, the results were very appropriate. It highlighted the benefits really well. I tried it with a variety of products and was happy with the way it performed for all.

10. Sales Letter

If you are in the marketing, sales, or advertising business, you must have worked with Sales Letters. Sales Letters are paragraphs of content focused on selling a product or service. 

ClosersCopy offers 13 tools for crafting a complete Sales Letter step-by-step. Let’s check out the important ones for crafting a sales letter about KP Password Manager with the Sales AI mode turned on.


This tool will generate an engaging opening for our sales letter. We have provided ‘KP Password Manager – a powerful tool for managing your passwords’ as the headline in the input. Let’s check out the results.

ClosersCopy Sales Letter Opening

Not all the outputs were relevant. But most of them were crafty and engaging. Overall, it’s a good tool to use even for your blogs or marketing copy.


This tool helps you expand on the problem that the customer is facing and how your product can solve it for them. Let’s check the results when we supplied the problem as ‘Remembering and managing passwords is difficult’.

ClosersCopy Sales Letter Problem

Overall, it elaborated pretty well on the problem. Some of them were super creative. I enjoyed using this tool.


This tool will generate content on the solution of the problem stated in the previous tool. Here, we supplied it a little description of the KP Password Manager and following are the results.

ClosersCopy Sales Letter Solution

Overall, the results were pretty average. They all had a repeated opening and not all content was relevant. Some outputs drifted off to a completely different and irrelevant line of thought, which was absurd! I think they need to work on refining their AI technology to prevent useless results.

11. Miscellaneous Tools

 Apart from these tools, ClosersCopy also features a few additional tools for podcasts, reviews, story writing, and more. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Catchy Podcast Names

If you wish to start a podcast and are looking for some catchy name ideas, this tool might help. When I tried to generate names for ‘interviews with celebrities’.

ClosersCopy Podcast Names

There were some unique and interesting podcast names generated by the AI. However, the results are a little buggy, as it keeps on repeating the same names multiple times. You can tweak the inputs to get a wide range of results. 

Overall, this tool is impressive but glitchy!

Product Reviews

If you have purchased something from an online platform and need to draft good-quality content for the product, this tool will be helpful.

Following were the results when I generated a product review for ‘a remote-controlled fan with power efficiency’.

ClosersCopy Product Reviews

It generated in-depth and insightful paragraphs of reviews when I provided barely any details in the input. Overall, I liked the reviews generated by this tool and you can definitely use it to draft compelling reviews for various products.

Story Generation

If you are an author or a story writer, the Story Generation tool of ClosersCopy is something you should check out. Here, I provided it with a 1 line input and used the Story AI model to generate further paragraphs of creative content for my story plot. 

You can use their normal Story AI tool or GPT3 based Expand tool to generate creative content. Let’s look at the results.

Generating a story using ClosersCopy Story AI

Their in-built Story AI Expand tool is quite good and generated a pretty good story from my initial opening. You can keep on expanding the content to generate a longer story.

12) More Use Cases

To see more ClosersCopy use cases, you can take a look at the table below. We have saved all the outputs in the table below. This will give you an idea of the quality that we can get from ClosersCopy.

ClosersCopy SEO Audit

If you wish to generate SEO-optimized content, the SEO Audit option of ClosersCopy would be an effective solution. Let’s look at the step-by-step process of generating an SEO-audited article with ClosersCopy.

Step 1: Enter Search Query

ClosersCopy - Enter search query for SEO Audit

We will begin by entering our search query along with the target country and language we wish to generate the content.

Step 2: Select Results for Audit

Next, it will display the top search results for our query. You can select anywhere between 1 to 5 results from them and click on the Audit button. 

ClosersCopy - Select Results for SEO Audit

This will use the selected results to compare with your article and offer suggestions on optimizing them better than the other results.

Step 3: Create an Outline

You can use the Planner button to view the topics covered by your selected websites. With this tool, you can also create an outline and paste it into your document.

ClosersCopy - Creating Outline

A meter on the top displays your SEO score. It also shows the number of words, headings, paragraphs, and images in your document as compared to other audited results. You can structure your own article according to these insights.

Step 4: Create SEO Content

Here, you can make use of all the frameworks from the left panel to generate content for your article. It displays a list of keywords along with their current and required frequency.

ClosersCopy - Creating SEO Content

You can click on any keyword and check out where they have been used. If you click on the ‘Write for Me’ button beside it, it will generate content, including those keywords, which are super convenient! However, the keyword suggestions it offers are pretty average.

Step 5: Check Relevant Stats

ClosersCopy - Checking Stats

Under the Stats button, you can find relevant statistics/facts, FAQs, and statements used on the audited websites. You can add those questions and facts to your article by clicking on the + icon.

Overall, the SEO Audit tool is not that powerful. You can use it when you don’t have access to any other SEO tools. You can also check out Scalenut and Jasper for generating refined and SEO-optimized content.

ClosersCopy Long Form Content Editor 

This is a powerful and distinguishing feature of the ClosersCopy AI platform. It helps you generate long-form articles within minutes! You can basically create 3 types of long-form content. Let’s check them out!

1. Long-Form Content Using AI tools

To generate long-form content, you get an editor with basic formatting options. The formatting bar stays stuck on the top even on scrolling down which is pretty convenient. 

You can specify a creativity level from 1 to 100 and a word count limit from between 50 to 200 words for every framework. 

ClosersCopy features 14 unique AI tools to help you draft good-quality content. These include Brief, Headline, Outline, Introduction, Paragraph, Benefits, Drawbacks, Conclusion, etc. (These tools are discussed in detail below!)

ClosersCopy Headline tool

To get started with your article, you need to type in what your topic is about in about 5 to 30 words and select the text. Then, you need to use the Headline tool from the right panel. It will generate relevant headlines for your blog posts. 

Next, you can supply the generated heading as input in the Brief tool to get relevant outlines for your articles. Then, you can use the outline tool to check the relevant topics to include in your article. 

ClosersCopy Brief

For every topic in the outline, you can provide a brief of 30 to 100 words and use the Paragraph tool to further expand the content. Next, you can also use the Intro tool to draft an appealing introduction.

ClosersCopy Paragraph

Finally, you can use the Drawbacks, Conclusion, and FAQ tools to finish off your article. These tools are discussed in-depth later in this article. So keep reading to know how they perform. Overall, the Long-form Editor is really impressive for drafting longer articles within minutes!

2. Directed Long Form Content

Directed Long Form Content lets you generate entire articles by supplying a few directions to their AI.

ClosersCopy Directed Long Form Content

All you need to do is provide the ClosersCopy AI with a 30 words input and the topics you wish to include in your blog. It will auto-generate the content covering all the topics you mentioned. 

Here, you can also choose the word count and creativity level for your content. This is an amazing option if you wish to generate long-form copy quickly. I really liked how it covered all the topics I provided and created a decent-looking article!

3. Freestyle Long Form Content

This feature takes AI content generation to another level! It generates full-fledged long-form content without requiring any detailed inputs, briefs, or supporting topics from the users. 

All you have to do is supply a minimum of 30 words around your topic and it will generate the entire content by itself. It also lets you set the word count and creativity level of the output.

ClosersCopy Freestyle Long Form Content

If you wish to generate longer content, you can toggle the word count slider bar and generate lengthy outputs.

Overall, the Freestyle and Directed Long-form content generators are average in quality. But I really liked the Long-form content generated through AI tools. Scalenut, Copy AI, Jasper, and Writesonic would be good choices for creating blogs as well.

Some Additional Features

Download in Multiple Formats

You can easily download the long-form document or the generated content for any use case in the following formats: DOCX, PDF, and HTML. 

Create Document Backup

ClosersCopy Backups

Under ClosersCopy Libraries, you can create automatic backups of your documents whenever any changes are made to them. It also gives you the option to revert to a previous version at any time. 

Use Thesaurus and Power Words

While drafting your content in the ClosersCopy editor, you can enter words in the search field to check for their synonyms and antonyms. 

ClosersCopy Power words

Along with that, it also provides an extensive list of power words and sensory words that you can use in your post to create a lasting impact on the readers. 

Check Insights and Emotions

Under the Insights tab, you can take a look at your document’s readability grade along with the number of adverbs, passive voice, and hard-to-read sentences found in the text. It also color codes them for ease of access. 

ClosersCopy Emotions

Apart from that, the Densities tab displays the number of occurrences of a particular word or phrase in your article. Finally, you can check the percentage of different emotions evoked in your text from the Emotions tab. 

Custom Framework Creator

A very impressive and unique feature of ClosersCopy is its custom framework generator. With the help of this tool, you can generate a new framework of your own that is suitable for your own needs. 

Framework Builder

All you need to do is add a few examples of what you wish to generate and let the AI do the rest of the work! Following are the results when I created a framework for generating rhyming word. 

Custom framework generator output

Overall, I did not find their results to be refined at the moment. But you might get better results with a different generation. So, this tool has a lot of potential but it still needs refinement!

ClosersCopy Customer Support

Even though you do not get live chat support with ClosersCopy, their email support is quite helpful and responsive. Replies to your queries arrive in under 12 hours.

ClosersCopy Facebook Community

They also provide helpful video tutorials for different frameworks and have a Facebook community with over 1.1k+ users. So, if you want to resolve any quick queries, you can interact with members of their community.

ClosersCopy Affiliate Program

Want to earn money through ClosersCopy? Well, they have a very interesting Affiliate Program that awards you a specific percentage of commission on referring ClosersCopy to others.

  • 44% commission for members of their Expert Program.
  • 33% commission for users with a ClosersCopy Licence
  • 22% commission for users with no ClosersCopy License.

For more details, you can check out ClosersCopy Affiliate Program.

ClosersCopy Pros

1) Unlimited Content Generations

If you go with their Superpower or Superpower Squad plans, you can enjoy unlimited AI content generation, unlimited SEO audits, unlimited updates, and a range of frameworks.

2) Unlimited Long-Form Content

With ClosersCopy, you can generate unlimited long-form content like articles and blog posts by simply providing it with a brief outline. This is a really powerful feature to create quick content for your websites. 

3) Good Social Media Tools

The Social Media tools offered by ClosersCopy are quite refined. They generate attractive and catchy results that capture the reader’s attention.

4) Good Long-form AI Tools

ClosersCopy offers three types of AI tools for generating long-form content. I personally found the long-form content generated using AI tools to be quite impressive. The Directed and Freestyle tools are average in quality.

3) Separate AI Algorithms

ClosersCopy features three AI algorithms, namely Blog AI, Sales AI, and Story AI. They are powerful algorithms that cater to a specific niche of content. You can select a relevant algorithm when working with sales letters, story plots, or blog posts!

ClosersCopy supports over 100+ languages, which include International as well as regional Indian languages. This is great if you have a localized audience in a specific area.

5) Extensive Knowledge Base

They have an impressive knowledge base with lots of articles and helpful video tutorials. You can also join their Facebook community to get your queries resolved quickly!

6) Impressive SEO Auditing

ClosersCopy offers an SEO auditing functionality as well. So, you can create research your competitors and create SEO-optimized content right from the ClosersCopy editor.  

ClosersCopy Cons

1) Average Quality Outputs

Their AI algorithm doesn’t look refined at the moment. It generates average-quality outputs. In my opinion, GPT is a much more powerful and refined AI model. 

2) Complex Interface

The interface of ClosersCopy is loaded with a variety of options. This makes it quite complex and difficult to understand for a beginner.

3) Slow Speeds

The content generations take a significant amount of time on ClosersCopy. Some frameworks in the Long form content like the Listicle and Tutorial consume a chunk of time to generate outputs.

4) Lack of Tones

Tones are helpful if you want to bring across the right emotion with your content. There are no options to set the tone of content on ClosersCopy. I hope they implement it in the future.

5) Lots of Bugs and Glitches

The ClosersCopy AI is full of bugs and glitches. Whenever you generate content for any use case, you’ll find unnecessary repetitions of the same output, which is irritating.

Repetitive AI outputs

6) Inefficient Creativity Levels

ClosersCopy lets you set creativity levels on a scale of 1 to 100 on a slider bar. However, I found them to be inefficient as the results kept on downgrading in quality with increasing creativity. The default creativity levels are best for all use cases.

7) Complex Terminology Used

 Throughout their platform, you will find the use of complex terminology like Launchpad, Frameworks, Workflows, etc. This makes this tool quite complex and difficult for a newbie.

ClosersCopy Alternatives


Rytr is a renowned AI copywriting assistant that can help you save time and money on generating powerful copies.

Similar to ClosersCopy, Rytr AI also supports dozens of use cases, including Blog Ideas and Outline, Business Ideas, AIDA Framework, Interview Questions, Product Descriptions, and more. 

However, it marks itself differently by offering an in-built plagiarism checker and a decent free plan. Its free plan that lets you generate up to 5k characters a month. Its pricing plans also start at an affordable price of $9/month.


WriteSonic is copywriting software that uses AI to generate unique content. It supports 24 languages as of now. But there is no Hindi language available.

Similar to ClosersCopy, it also offers a range of use cases for creating good-quality content. However, you will also find refined tones along with accurate outputs, that is not found on ClosersCopy. It also offers API access and good integrations with third party services. 

Its pricing plans start from a decent price of $10/month. 


WordHero is an AI writing assistant that works on the latest model of language generation called GPT3. It offers unlimited content generation, 65+ use cases, swift speeds, support for 100+ languages, and good-quality of outputs.

Unlike ClosersCopy, they also offer tones with their AI. But, they still need to work on refining their tones and offering more social media tools. Its AppSumo Lifetime deal is available for $89 as of now.


ClosersCopy is a pretty decent AI Writing tool that offers unlimited content generation along with 65+ use cases, 100+ languages, and 3 types of AI models. It provides good tools for social media and blogging. You can also perform SEO Audits with it.

However, you won’t find advanced tools like tones or plagiarism checks, and the AI algorithm comprises many bugs and glitches. The major problem with ClosersCopy is that they have inserted a lot of tools in a single application and none of them stand out!

A majority of the tools are below average, and this tool needs a lot of improvement at the moment. Unfortunately, I have purchased its Lifetime deal and have exceeded the refund period. In my opinion, you can skip this tool as of now, and try out other tools like WriteSonic, Rytr, WordHero, etc.

Have you used any paid or free AI content generators before? How was your experience with it and how does ClosersCopy compare with it? Do you think AI Writing should be promoted? Does it have a bright future? Let me know your opinions in the comments box below.

This is Kripesh signing off! Take care and keep learning. I’ll be back with more informative and insightful reviews soon. Cheers. 🙂


1. Does ClosersCopy offer a Lifetime deal?

Yes, all the plans of ClosersCopy are also available on Lifetime subscriptions. Their pricing is as follows.
Copywriting Power: $397
Copywriting Superpower: $497
Copywriting Superpower Squad: $697

2. Is there a free trial available?

Unfortunately, ClosersCopy does not offer a free plan or free trial of their services.

3. What is the refund policy of ClosersCopy?

Yes, it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee which is restricted to its Lifetime plans. If you’re dissatisfied with it, you can get a full refund of your money within 14 days.

4. Does ClosersCopy work on Mac and PC?

Yes, ClosersCopy is a cloud-based platform that works on all platforms. All you need is a reliable web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox and a stable Internet connection.

 ClosersCopy Pros (+)

  • Unlimited Content
  • Separate AI Algorithms

 ClosersCopy Cons (-)

  • Complex Interface
  • Slow Speeds
  • Needs Refinement
  • Lots of Bugs
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