What is AppSumo – AppSumo Review, Lifetime Deals & 3 Tips

Are you also obsessed with lifetime deals, just like me? Then you must’ve definitely heard of AppSumo. It is the most popular platform used by entrepreneurs and businesses around the world for getting lifetime software deals.

I have purchased dozens of AppSumo deals myself in the last few years. If you’re a beginner planning to purchase digital tools from AppSumo, this article is for you. Today, I’ll put an end to all your doubts and queries in my AppSumo Review.

In this AppSumo Review, we will dive deeper into AppSumo and its working. Then we’ll uncover the secret to why companies love promoting on AppSumo and also suggest you ways to choose good lifetime deals.

Finally, we will also bring some pros and cons of AppSumo to your notice and suggest suitable alternatives as well. So, are you ready to know more about this beloved platform of entrepreneurs? Let’s get started with it!

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What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is the biggest platform for buying and selling digital products on lifetime deals. Founded by Noah Kagan in 2011, it blossomed into a million dollar business in just 2 years!

AppSumo homepage

AppSumo users are popularly known as “Sumolings”. Currently, over 1.5 million Sumolings use the platform and have saved over $550 million on their software purchases!

You can regularly find deals on software tools spanning various categories. These include tools for blogging, AI writing, SEO, WordPress, CRM, social media, automation, email marketing, productivity, etc.

How Does AppSumo Work?

AppSumo is primarily focused towards entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, content creators, bloggers, and anyone in the digital industry.

It partners with upcoming tech companies, startups, and SaaS companies to bring you the latest tech tools in the market. Thus, you can avail any tool for a one-time fee instead of paying for it on a monthly subscription basis.

AppSumo deals

Interestingly, AppSumo offers these lifetime deals at super low prices. They do this to help new entrepreneurs market their products and scale their customer base.

You can also find different pricing plans on AppSumo. To get a higher plan with extra features, you can stack up multiple codes. Three new deals are released on AppSumo every week. Every deal is available roughly for 2 weeks or until all the codes are sold out!

The USP of AppSumo lies in the insane discounts it offers on all its attractive deals. Along with that, each digital product has a 60-day refund policy. This allows you to thoroughly use and test different software before investing in them for the long haul.

Why Do Companies Promote Their Products on AppSumo?

You might’ve noticed many tech startups and budding entrepreneurs begin their journey with AppSumo. They could easily earn boat-loads of money by offering the same products separately at a higher price, right?

You’re probably wondering – What makes these companies opt for AppSumo? Are there any benefits to promoting their new products on AppSumo? 

Well, yes. There are several benefits. Let’s look at the significant ones below.

Why Companies Promote Products on AppSumo

1) Building Credibility and Audience Base

AppSumo’s user base comprises thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and tech enthusiasts. If a new startup promotes their products on AppSumo, they can cater to their target audience and build their customer base fairly quickly.

Once users test the product and leave positive reviews, it can also help in building brand credibility. Thus, AppSumo acts like an accelerator for startup success.

2) Get Valuable Feedback

AppSumo has a large community of active users that are willing to try out new products and features. Thus, launching on AppSumo helps you get valuable insights into your product.

You can identify flaws and bugs in your software and implement improvements according to the users’ demands. You can also evaluate the most popular features from the feedback and then adjust your product’s roadmap according to it.

 3) Accelerate Conversions

The best part about AppSumo is its limited time deals. They create a sense of urgency and FOMO in the users that persuade them to buy products. This often leads to higher conversion rates during the sale seasons like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

4) Partnerships and Marketing

For a young and developing startup, getting featured on a platform like AppSumo is a great opportunity. If the product sells and grabs the attention of large businesses and industry leaders, it could lead to potential partnerships and collaborations.

AppSumo Plus Membership

If you want to avail additional benefits on your AppSumo purchases, you can get the AppSumo Plus membership. It costs $99/year and gives you exciting benefits like:

AppSumo Plus Membership

1) Extra 10% Discount

You get a 10% discount on every product you purchase. There is no limit on the number of products you can purchase either.

2) Free Softwares

A Plus membership can unlock the treasure trove of ‘AppSumo Originals’ tools. These are foundational tools that can help in scaling your business.

Some popular AppSumo Originals products are SendFox, SleekBio, KingSumo, TidyCal, etc. You get free access to these tools as long as you have an AppSumo Plus membership.

3) Extended Deal Access

The best thing about a Plus Membership is that you get a 72 hour additional access on selected tools even after the AppSumo deal ends. The Plus Membership would be most valuable for entrepreneurs and business owners who frequently purchase digital tools.

4) Access to Private Community

The Sauce is AppSumo’s private community for entrepreneurs where you can interact with the AppSumo team and fellow Plus members. You can also attend masterclasses, live interactive sessions, get valuable advice from Sumolings, etc.

How to Select a Good AppSumo Lifetime Deal?

AppSumo is flooded with thousands of lifetime deals. Looking for a Lifetime AI writer? Well, there are several dozen tools available in their library! Most people often end up choosing the wrong products that don’t fulfill their needs.

So, how do you make sure the product you’re choosing is reliable and will remain functional in the long run? You can keep the following points in mind while selecting a good lifetime deal on AppSumo.

How to Select a Good AppSumo Lifetime Deal

1) Read User Reviews

Check the positive and negative reviews to identify its unique capabilities and limitations. This will help you make an informed decision when purchasing any AppSumo product.

2) Founder Experience

Understanding the founder’s background and experience can help you get a better idea of the product’s quality. Take a closer look at their credentials, industry experience, and previous projects they’ve worked on before making a purchase decision.

3) Analyze Product Roadmap

Check out their roadmap to identify the goals and future possibilities of the tool. Assess the features in development and upcoming features they’ve planned to get a better insight.

4) Evaluate Competition

Compare the tool with its competitors to evaluate where it stands. Is it better than its competitors? Does it have any unique features?

5) Team Behind the Product

A good team can make all the difference in building a successful product. 

So, always check the product’s team before investing into it. Are the team members qualified? Are they backed with relevant experience and authority in the field? You should consider these points while choosing a lifetime deal.

Where to Find the Best AppSumo Deals?

AppSumo releases dozens of software deals each month. But how to find the ones worth trying? To make your selection process a little easier, we carefully handpick the Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals from a range of categories for you.

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Whether it’s AI Writing, SEO, Marketing, Online Course Platform, Security, Social Media, Website Building, or something else, you’ll find the best tools from AppSumo’s extensive library on our blog. So, be sure to visit and see the latest releases every month!

AppSumo Pros

1) One-Time Payment

The USP of AppSumo lies in its lifetime deals. You only need to make a one-time upfront payment. This model is much better than the monthly subscription models, as it’s more affordable and eliminates the need for recurring payments.

2) 60 Day Refund Policy

With their 60-day money-back guarantee, customers can thoroughly test out the product without the fear of losing their invested money.

If the customer doesn’t find the product useful, he/she can return it within a 60-day period to get their entire money back. This extended refund period improves customer satisfaction.

3) Deep Discounts

AppSumo offers huge discounts on a range of digital tools and software products. Sometimes, you can even get tools at up to 90% discounted rates. This allows entrepreneurs and freelancers to enjoy premium tools at pocket-friendly rates!

4) Access to Latest Products

AppSumo is the thriving marketplace for finding all the latest tech innovations. Purchasing the trending tools from AppSumo helps you stay ahead of the curve and implement new technologies in your workflow.

AppSumo Cons

1) Reviews May be Biased

It’s important to note that reviews posted by users on AppSumo may not always be 100% honest and reliable. At times, users may be driven by incentives or the desire to receive more discounted deals.

Some users may lack complete understanding and post exaggerated remarks about a product without trying out the competitive products in the market.

2) Promotes Compulsive Purchasing

AppSumo deals are usually available on heavy discounts for limited time intervals. It induces a sense of urgency in many people. The “fear of missing out” makes them compulsively purchase digital products, even if they don’t have a need for them.

3) Risk of Product Development and Failure

The companies that list their products in AppSumo are usually young and developing. Thus, the product development and support offered by these products may be questionable.

Sometimes, the products may not live up to their promised features or discontinue any future updates on your plans. However, according to AppSumo, out of their thousands of launched products, only 4% products have failed or discontinued.

AppSumo Alternatives


PitchGround is a platform that offers deals on a range of digital tools, software products, and services. Similar to AppSumo, PitchGround also offers innovative products that you can purchase as lifetime deals on heavily discounted rates.


However, PitchGround offers exclusive deals that are often unavailable on the software provider’s website. Its deals are available for much shorter time intervals. Finally, it also features a community of users. But it’s not as active and engaging as the AppSumo community. 

If you want to get exclusive lifetime deals on innovative products, you can try PitchGround!


In this article, we dived deeper into what AppSumo is and why do companies promote on this platform. We also discussed the factors to consider while selecting a lifetime deal and where to find the best deals.

I hope this AppSumo Review helps you understand the working of this platform better and choose the best deals for your work. I am not a heavy AppSumo user. But usually, I look out for the latest tech innovations and invest in those deals.

Some of the AppSumo tools that I’ve purchased and enjoyed using are TidyCal, NeuronWriter, Vista Social, Gumlet, Switchy, Voila, etc. 

Anyway, have you ever purchased a lifetime deal from AppSumo? What was it and do you consider it a good purchase? What’s the best deal you’ve ever bought on AppSumo? Do share your experiences in the comments section below.

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more insightful articles soon. Till then, keep learning and stay safe. Cheers! 🙂


1) Is it worth selling on AppSumo?

Yes, if you are a new company, selling on AppSumo can not only help you expand your audience base, but also provide relevant feedback on your products and open new doors for partnerships and promotions.

2) How to get the best deals on AppSumo?

If you want to stay updated with the best deals on AppSumo, you can check out our Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals page. We update it with the latest deals every month!

3) What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a membership program that costs $99/month. With this membership, you get a 10% additional discount on every software. Along with that, it also gives you access to free AppSumo Originals software, private community, and extended access to their deals.

4) What is stacking in AppSumo?

Stacking simply means that you can purchase more than 1 code if you want to unlock additional features of a product. A lot of deals on AppSumo are stackable.

5) How long do AppSumo deals last?

AppSumo releases three new deals every week. Every deal is available roughly for 2 weeks or until all the codes are sold out.

Why is AppSumo so cheap?

AppSumo offers lifetime deals at super low prices in order to help new companies and entrepreneurs market their products and expand their audience base.

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