What is AppSumo – AppSumo Review, Lifetime Deals & 3 Tips

AppSumo provides digitals tools and softwares at affordable prices. They negotiate the Lifetime deals for users.

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What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a platform where you can find valuable digital tools and software at heavily discounted prices. 

Noah Kagan started this platform in 2011. Within just two years, it bloomed into a million-dollar business! Cool, isn’t it?

So, AppSumo is an online market offering lifetime deals on software, online tools, and services. So you buy it once and use it forever. 

This makes it a gold mine of attractive deals for bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and anyone into digital tools!

What are Lifetime Deals on AppSumo?

On AppSumo, you will find Lifetime Deals, which means you pay for a software once and keep using it for a lifetime. They release 3 new deals every week, offering software and services at 50-95% discounted prices.

You can find very profitable deals on blogging tools, content writing, and editing tools, storage tools, video editing tools, productivity-related tools, and many more.

You also get a 60 days refund policy with every software you purchase from AppSumo. So, if you don’t like the Software within the first 2 months, you can get your 100% money back.

Why Does AppSumo Offer Heavy Discounts?

AppSumo might have earned millions of dollars for the companies that work with it. But what’s more important is that it has saved several billion dollars for its users that buy these softwares and digital tools from them.

You might wonder, why does it offer such heavy discounts at all?

How do they benefit from this? 

If you notice, you’ll mostly find newbie companies on this platform. As they are not an established brand, their primary motive is to build an audience base. This helps them test their products before launching them for all. 

This is how they can identify the flaws in their software and add more improvements according to the users’ demands. 

So, instead of spending on advertisements, they offer their software at heavy discounts to AppSumo users, who are very active and also offer helpful reviews.

Should You Buy AppSumo Deals?

While buying AppSumo deals, remember that most companies on the platform are new. They might offer you their software/services for a lifetime, but would they themselves survive for that long? That is the question!

In my experience, most companies shut down after 2-3 years. So, try to invest in those products that can recover your money in 2-3 years. 

Tips and Tricks on Buying Lifetime Deals

Before buying any deal on AppSumo, consider these:

  1. Always take positive and negative user reviews into consideration before buying any software. 
  1. Will you be using this tool in the next year? Think about how this software will improve your workflow.

Will it integrate with your other softwares and tools? Does it serve the purpose you need it for? If yes, only then invest in it. 

But if you’re buying it ‘because you might need it later sometime’, then you shouldn’t go for it just yet.

  1. Here’s one clever trick that I apply when I buy deals on AppSumo. You should not try this if you are tight on budget. 

So, I find 10-15 deals offering deep discounts and purchase them, even if I don’t require them right away. 

My thought behind this is, if just 1 of these 15 companies gains stability, I can recover all my losses easily. 

Where To Get AppSumo Deals?

As you know, the Black Friday Sale is just around the corner, I’m expecting some interesting deals on AppSumo. 

To know more about Black Friday Sale, you can check out my article.

As soon as the Black Friday Sale goes live, I’ll be updating the latest deals here. So, you can sign up for my Newsletter to stay tuned with the latest updates. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I also hope that you now understand what AppSumo is and how you can make the most out of it during the Black Friday Sale.

This is Kripesh signing off! Take care, guys, and I’ll see you in the next one! Stay tuned!

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