11 BEST AI Chrome Extensions (2024) – Everyone Should Use This

Artificial intelligence has been revolutionizing the world. The content creation industry is no exception either! AI has been integrated into thousands of digital tools, software, and even browser extensions!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to some useful AI Chrome extensions. These extensions cover a range of categories. For example, AI writing, SEO, emails, summarization, content editing, productivity, etc.

They would be useful for bloggers, content creators, businessmen, researchers, students, etc. So, are you ready to simplify your life with some useful Chrome extensions powered by AI? Let’s get right into it!

What are AI Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are programs or software that can be installed on your Google Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store. These programs are coded with web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to enhance the functionality of your browser.

AI Chrome Extensions

AI Chrome Extensions are plugins for Chrome that are powered by artificial intelligence. They employ AI in order to streamline and simplify your tasks. Some popular functions AI-powered Chrome extensions perform are content generation, content research, web scraping, etc.

11 Best Useful AI Chrome Extensions

1. ChatSonic – Best for AI Writing 

BrowsersChrome, Opera
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One of the biggest downsides of ChatGPT is the unavailability of the latest information. This is where ChatSonic comes in handy! It is a conversational chatbot designed by Writesonic that combines the power of ChatGPT with the latest Internet data.

Chatsonic extension emails

//ChatSonic extension – emails

With ChatSonic, you can generate engaging emails along with intelligent responses to email threads. It also supplies engaging and high-quality results for your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

But what sets it apart is access to the latest Google data. On searching for any query on Google, it generates a short summary that is backed by authentic references. All these features make it an excellent research and productivity tool!

ChatSonic - access to latest data

However, this extension can only be accessed if you have a paid subscription to the Writesonic AI writing tool. Thus, you cannot use it for free, like other Chrome extensions on this list.

2. Compose AI – Best for Emails

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Compose AI is an auto-completion and text-generation tool powered by AI. With this Chrome extension, you can automate your writing and generate a range of high-quality content. These include emails, email responses, outlines, bullet lists, blog ideas, stories, and much more.

For instance, here is an email response I generated using Compose AI for a guest post request. 

Compose AI Email Reponse

Once you install the extension and create a free account, it will be available to use on Google Docs and Gmail. Simply typing ‘//’ while drafting your content will provide you with options for a variety of use cases.

Compose AI templates

The only thing you need to remember is that the free version of Compose AI is limited to 1000 words/month. So, use the queries wisely!

3. YouTubeDigest – Best for Video Summaries

BrowsersChrome, Firefox
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Ever get bored with watching long and tiresome YouTube videos? Well, here’s an interesting extension that’ll summarize your videos for you. 

YouTube digest summary

The YouTubeDigest extension uses artificial intelligence to fetch the YouTube video subtitles, analyze the transcript, and generate short summaries for your videos. The best part is that you can choose the style you want for your summary. 

For instance, you can either view it in paragraph form or bullet points. I really liked how it precisely summarizes an entire video. You can surely use it to save time spent watching hours of video footage!

4. AIPRM for ChatGPT – Best for ChatGPT Prompts

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If you’re a regular user of ChatGPT, you know the struggle for writing clear and concise prompts is real. But don’t you worry! AIPRM for ChatGPT is here to ease some of your pain.

This is a powerful tool that offers a list of curated ChatGPT prompts for a variety of categories. It works within the ChatGPT website to enhance your productivity. Generating focused content with AIPRM is easy.

AIPRM for ChatGPT categories

There are dozens of content categories available, including SEO, SaaS, Copywriting, Sales, Marketing, etc. You simply need to select a category along with a specific activity under it. It will fetch all the available prompts.


For your selected prompt, you can specify your topic, output language, tone of voice, and writing style. Finally, you can access accurate and relevant content generated with these prompts.

If you’re a blogger, content creator, marketing agency, SEO expert, or social media manager, this AI tool could be highly effective for your workflow!

5. QuillBot – Best for Text Paraphrasing

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QuillBot is a renowned paraphrasing tool powered by artificial intelligence. It works by analyzing your text and displaying standard and fluency suggestions for your writing. You can get real-time grammar suggestions as you draft your content.

Quillbot suggestions

QuillBot can be accessed on writing platforms like Google Docs, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc, and has an extension for MS Word too. If you browse its website, you can also access additional tools like Grammar Checker, CoWriter (writing assistant), Summarizer, and Citation Generator.

I liked its attractive interface and the fine-tuned ‘Expand’ feature. Bloggers, copywriters, and content creators would love this tool!

6. TinEye Reverse Image Search – Best for Detecting Image Plagiarism

BrowsersChrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera
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Have you ever come across plagiarised images but couldn’t locate their source? TinEye can help you do that within seconds.

TinEye is a powerful reverse image search engine. It uses image recognition to compare your image with billions of other images on the internet and lists the original sources. Along with that, it also shows you how and where the image is currently being used!

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Using this Google Chrome extension is pretty easy! Simply right-click on any image and click on “Check with TinEye”. Alternatively, you can also manually upload your image file or paste the image link in its search box.

Overall, it’s a handy extension for finding plagiarism in images. It would be useful for graphic designers, bloggers, content moderators, freelancers, etc.

7. Copyleaks – Best for AI Content Detection

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In this era of AI-generated content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate real content from AI content. Copyleaks can help you in this case! It’s an AI content detector that analyzes and detects content generated by bots, AI writing tools, and ChatGPT.

Copyleaks AI detection

The Copyleaks extension is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is select the block of text you wish to detect and paste it into the Copyleaks text box. It’ll detect which parts of the content are original and which ones are fake. 

It also displays the percentage of AI content found, along with a concluding statement. The free version of Copyleaks lets you check 2500 words. I think this is a really cool and handy tool for content moderators, editors, publishers, teachers, etc.

8. Fireflies – Best for Summarizing Meetings, Videos, and Blogs

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Do you constantly worry about missing out on something important during your meetings? Fireflies AI is the perfect solution for you!

Fireflies meeting transcript

Fireflies is an AI meeting assistant that automatically records, transcribes, and creates meeting notes and summaries for you. It supports meeting platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx, etc. This is great for corporate employees and business owners!

Fireflies video summaries

But it doesn’t stop at that! With its chatbot AskFred, you can even generate summaries for your blog posts, videos, and emails. It uses AI to analyze the content and intelligently answer queries around it. You can choose from their set of pre-defined queries or request custom queries as well!

I really enjoyed using this tool for my research. However, you only get 5 credits on the free version, which is quite limited.

9. ChatGPT for Chrome – Best for Content Research


Google Search and ChatGPT are two of the most powerful platforms for content research today. Where ChatGPT lacks access to the latest data, Google lacks an elaborate and engaging presentation of content.

ChatGPT for Chrome

What if you could combine the powers of these platforms? ChatGPT for Chrome can surely do that! This tool simply integrates with your OpenAI ChatGPT account and displays ChatGPT results right beside your Google SERP queries.

It’s a really efficient way to conduct your research where you can blend real-time data with articulate responses offered by ChatGPT! Overall, it’s a super time-saving tool for bloggers and content researchers.

10. Grammarly – Best for Content Editing

BrowsersChrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
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If your work revolves around written content, Grammarly is a must-have AI-powered Chrome extension for you. It uses AI techniques like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to point out grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and stylistic errors in your content.

Grammarly extension

All you have to do is install the Grammarly extension and sign up for a free account. The next time you’re typing on any editing platforms like Google Docs, Gmail, Notion, or LinkedIn, your errors will be visible with red underlines.

Grammarly English variants

If you prefer to streamline your content to a specific type of English, it also offers the option to select from American, British, Canadian, and Australian English versions.

With the free version of Grammarly, you can check the correctness and clarity, and detect the content tone. It even offers extensions for Microsoft Word and apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Overall, the free version of Grammarly works really well for editing short content! For editing long content, ProWritingAid is a much better choice!

11. Voila AI – Best for Productivity

BrowsersChrome, Firefox, Edge
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Performing repetitive tasks while you work can be quite tiresome and boring. But don’t you worry, Voila AI is here to spice things up and help you accomplish more in less time. 

Voila AI categories

Voila is an AI-powered extension that helps you create content and boosts your productivity. It lets you create AI content around various categories, including marketing, advertising, product, website copy, writing, social media posts, etc.

It also uses AI to understand the context of your emails and generates engaging emails and email replies.

image 17

All you have to do is press Ctrl+M or Cmd+M on any website and Voila will work as your AI assistant. Finally, if you wish to generate content that’s not available on Voila, it also comes with custom actions.

On its free version, you get access to 250 free requests, which is sufficient for beginners. Overall, it’s a powerful extension for enhancing your productivity and saving time!


In this article, we looked at the best AI-powered extensions for Chrome. These tools can help you enhance your productivity and simplify your work. I hope you found this article informative.

Have you used any of these AI Chrome extensions before? Which ones are you going to try? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments box below and I’ll try to include them in this list.

Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more insightful content soon. Cheers, and keep learning! 🙂

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