Affiliate World Asia Bangkok 2022 – What You Missed (My Experience)

Hi guys! I’m back with another exciting and enlightening experience! I recently attended the Affiliate World Asia Conference in Bangkok and returned with many memories.

This year has been very fruitful for me in terms of travel. I took part in various International affiliate conferences, including AW Dubai and AW Barcelona

In this article, I will share my experiences at the AW Bangkok event. I will also share my learnings at the event and the people I interacted with there. Are you looking forward to learning more? With no more delay, let’s begin! 

What is the Affiliate World Conference?

The Affiliate World Conference is one of the most popular affiliate marketing events. It’s a two-day event that takes place twice every year in Asia and Europe.

This event brings together everyone belonging to the affiliate domain and is an excellent networking opportunity.  

Affiliate World Conference

It is also graced by dozens of prolific speakers, top marketing experts, and digital professionals that can help you elevate your business to another level.

Overall, the Affiliate World Conferences bring forth a conducive environment for affiliate marketers and professionals to connect, learn, and grow together!

Previously, I attended the Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona in July 2022. It was an absolutely thrilling experience that left me with tonnes of memories! I also made a YouTube video covering my experience that you can check out below.

To know more about the AW Bangkok Conference, check out the details in my Affiliate World Bangkok Blog

My Experience at Affiliate World Asia – Bangkok (2022)

I recently attended the last Affiliate World Conference of 2022 in Bangkok. It was held on 29th Nov and 1st Dec 2022 at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, Thailand. 

My experience at the event was really fascinating. Let me walk you through it below. And if you’re a video person, you can check out my video review of AW Bangkok. Hope you enjoy it.  

Reaching the Event Venue

The Affiliate World Conference was held at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, Thailand. 

AW Conference Bangkok

It’s one of the most extravagant hotels at the heart of Bangkok’s shopping and business district. A range of important events have been hosted at this luxurious hotel. 

Collecting the Event Pass

As I entered the event location, I could find booths for collecting the passes for the event. There were two kinds of passes available – Company Pass and Affiliate Pass. I headed forward to collect my Affiliate Pass.

AW Bangkok Affiliate Passes

The passes were designed in a beautiful cyan colour. It looked really pleasing to the eyes. 

Visiting the Networking Zones

As you head to the main event area through the entrance hall, you’ll find Networking Zones that are overflowing with energy and lively activities. 

AW Bangkok Networking Zones

You can warm up with a nice game of table tennis, enjoy unlimited free coffee, or just sit down to have conversations with other attendees. 

Relaxing in the Recharge Zone

The Recharge Zones are designed for people who want to relax and chill. 

AW Bangkok Recharge Zone

Here, you can sit down comfortably and interact with other participants. You can also plug in and recharge your devices, including laptops and mobile phones. 

Forming Connections at the Networking Zone

If you’re interested in interacting and having fruitful conversations with your favourite brands, the Networking Zone is for you! Here, you’ll find booths of all popular marketing and affiliate companies. 

AW Bangkok Booths

You can interact with them, and if you’re lucky enough, you can also crack some deals with them or avail of exceptional discounts. 

Here, I met Hardik Bhatia, the founder of Slursh. It’s an Indian brand of modern portable blenders. He’s been attending the AW Conferences for the last 3 years. 

AW Bangkok - Hardik Bhatia

On being asked about his experience with these events, he stated the western markets were over 4-5 years ahead of the Indian markets. Attending these conferences and applying the latest ad tactics and marketing strategies gave an edge to their business. 

I also interacted with Parul Tarang Bhargava, the founder and CEO of vCommission Media Pvt Ltd.

AW Bangkok vcommission parul bhargava

On being asked about her experience at the AW Bangkok event, she seemed quite excited to meet old contacts and make some new ones. In her opinion, anyone related to the affiliate industry, be it advertisers, affiliates, influencers, etc, should attend this event. 

She also feels that the content presented at the AW Conferences is really valuable and worth learning for every advertiser or affiliate in the industry. 

She has been attending the AW Conferences since its inception and has also organized many popular conferences in India, like the ad:tech Delhi or the IAS Delhi events. I have also attended these events and got to connect with a range of professionals. 

Here’s a video of my experience at the ad:tech New Delhi event. 

Understanding the Stage Arrangement 

The AW Conference speaker sessions were divided into two parts – the Main Stage and the Breakout Stage. The Main Stage hosted the speaker sessions. 

Here, influential leaders and experts came forward to express their views on an emerging topic in the affiliate marketing industry. 

AW Bangkok Secondary Stage

The Breakout Stage (or the Secondary Stage) hosted discussion sessions, where a panel of speakers expressed their opinions on a topic relevant to the marketing and advertising domain.

Here, I also got to connect with Kris Sugatan, the founder and CEO of an eCommerce growth firm She was also a speaker at the AW Conference and it was her first Affiliate World event.  

AW Bangkok - Kris Sugatan

On being asked about her experience, she stated that she was thrilled to meet the other speakers and appreciated their organized ways. Overall, she loved the people that she met at the AW event. 

Chilling at the Gaming Zone 

The Gaming Zone at AW Bangkok was enthralling! You could play foosball, table tennis, video games, and even relax at the Recharge Zones when you’re tired. 

AW Bangkok Gaming Zone

I and my friends enjoyed playing video games and foosball here. I could form some interesting connections while playing my favourite games. It was a win-win situation!

Checking out the Free Massage Service

Just like all the other AW Conferences, the Bangkok event also had a free massage centre for the AW attendees. 

AW Bangkok - Free Massage Centre

It was a free 15-minute session, where any of the participants could get a massage free of cost! It’s a great way to relax when you’re too tired. 

I also got to meet Mr Vipul Taneja, the founder of Adsparkx. He has been attending the AW Conferences for the last 4-5 sessions. 

On being asked about his experience at the AW Bangkok Conference, he responded that the best part about these conferences is the energy. These events inspire you to do more and make you realize that whatever you’re doing is not enough. There’s a lot more to explore and learn. 

Enjoying the AW After-Party

AW Bangkok After Party

To wrap up the AW Conference, they had thrown an official after-party which exuded a lot of energy and vibrance. Attendees chilled with each other and vibed to the peppy beats! It was a super enjoyable party.  

Pros of Affiliate World Bangkok

1. Networking Opportunities

The AW Conference will bring forth tonnes of opportunities for networking with experts in the affiliate marketing and advertising fields. You can share your personal experiences with them and get to learn from their experiences as well. 

Networking at AW Bangkok

2. Signing Up Exclusive Deals

Another major advantage of attending the Affiliate World Conferences is that you can crack exclusive deals with your favourite brands. You can also avail of some impressive discounts and offers if you have good communication skills. 

3. Fun Activities

The AW Conference is jam-packed with a lot of fun activities. You can play table tennis, and foosball, and enjoy free 15-minute massage sessions. They also have a super cool gaming zone where you can play and network with others at the same time! 

AW Bangkok Activities

4. International Exposure

Attending the Affiliate World Conference will introduce you to the leading professionals and experts in your field. It will also give you international exposure where you can form valuable and long-lasting connections with like-minded individuals.  

5. Valuable Learning Experience

By attending the speaker sessions at the Affiliate World Conference, you can learn and implement new strategies and techniques to grow your business and take it to another level. 

It will also help you improve your communication skills and network with other participants in a much better way. 

AW Bangkok - Geet Soni Zappian Media

For instance, I met with Geet Soni – the Media Buying Head at Zappian Media

On being asked for some tips to scale ads, he shared that 95% of people give up too early on starting an ad campaign. It takes time and patience to scale ads. 

He commented that if you’re not at AW Conferences, you’re missing out on the latest tech developments and digital tools to help you market and scale your brand. 

Cons of Affiliate World Bangkok

No Free Snacks 

The only con that I always observe in the Affiliate World Conferences is the lack of free food or snacks. 

AW Bangkok Food

For the amount that they’re charging to attend the event, they should definitely throw in some free snacks. 

Should You Attend the Affiliate World Conference?

The Affiliate World Conference would be valuable for affiliate marketers, digital professionals, ad agencies, content creators, and anyone related to the marketing industry. 

It would not only connect you with the right people but also help you stay updated with the latest strategies and sign up for exclusive deals with your favourite brands. 

AW Conference - Networking

However, I would not recommend everyone to attend the AW Conference. It is the best for affiliates or professionals with a substantial experience in their field.

Absolute beginners would not have a much productive or enjoyable experience because of a lack of results or experiences to share. 

So, my personal advice would be to only attend the AW Conferences once you gain some experience in your field and have some concrete results to show. 


This blog was all about my experience at AW Bangkok. My overall experience at this conference was superb. The events always motivate me to do better. The most important thing that this conference has taught me is to push my limits. 

When you attend these events and communicate with people belonging to different fields and nationalities, you can broaden your perspective. You can also find new ideas and ways of doing things. I hope you enjoyed reading through my experience.

Have you attended any affiliate conferences before? How was your experience attending them? Would you recommend others to attend it? Let me know your views in the comments box below. This is Kripesh signing off. Take care and keep learning. Cheers! 🙂

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