Affiliate World Bangkok (December 2023) – Biggest Affiliate Conference Of Asia

Affiliate marketers listen up! Here’s a golden opportunity to get in touch with the best minds in the industry and learn their tricks! The Affiliate World Bangkok is back and this is the biggest affiliate conference of Asia.

I have attended a lot of conferences in the last few years, including AW Dubai, ad:tech Delhi, WordCamp Asia, Google Search Central Live, IAS Delhi, and many more. All these meetups have left a huge impact on me and served as learning experiences.

And now, I’m super excited about the Affiliate Conference Asia for 2023! Are you interested to know what this event is all about? Where is it happening in Asia? Can you also take part in this insightful session? Well, let’s get right into our article to find out.

What is the Affiliate World Conference?

The Affiliate World is one of the most popular affiliate marketing events held twice a year in Asia and Europe. It’s an offline meeting event for the top eCommerce and affiliate marketers.

affiliate world bangkok

This 2-day event is graced by some of the most brilliant minds from the affiliate industry. It serves as an opportunity for forming deeper connections, networking with the affiliate community, and learning from experienced professionals and leaders.

The previous Affiliate World Conference was held in Barcelona (Europe) in July. I had attended it last year in July 2022. You can check out my entire experience of AW Barcelona 2022 below! 

About Affiliate World Asia 2023 

affiliate world asia Bangkok
AW Asia Bangkok

Affiliate World Asia is a 2-day affiliate marketing conference held on the Asian continent. 2023 will wrap up with the biggest performance marketing event hosted in Bangkok. Are you guys excited to know more about it? Let’s dive into the details.

Affiliate World Asia – Date and Venue

The Affiliate World Asia for 2023 will occur on the 7th and 8th of December 2023 at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center, Bangkok (Thailand). 

If you’re visiting Bangkok for the first time, check out the Discover Bangkok page to learn more about restaurants, bars and nightlife, things to do in Bangkok, etc. 

Affiliate World Asia – Exhibitors and Attendees

Affiliate World Asia would feature over 120+ advertisers, 170+ affiliate networks, and 40+ traffic sources. The official partners for this event are 360 Affiliates, MonetizeAd,, and Optimus. Exhibitors include names like Zappian, MGID, LemonAd, AdCash, and many more.

You can look at the entire list on the AW Asia Exhibitors and Featured Companies page.  

Affiliate World Asia Exhibitors
Affiliate World Asia Exhibitors

Talking about the attendees, over 5,500+ participants will join this event from 110+ countries around the world! You might spot me at this event as well! 

Affiliate World Asia – Schedule

The Schedule for the 2 days of AW Asia 2023 is out! The event is scheduled on the 7th and 8th of December 2023 between 10 AM to 5:30 PM. The event will simultaneously conduct a main stage, a breakout stage, and networking events. The details are mentioned below.

Affiliate World Asia Schedule
Affiliate World Asia Schedule

Day-0 Registration

On the 6th of December, the registrations for the AW Asia event would begin. Participants would need to have the AW Networking app and a Photo ID to complete the registration process. 

If you’re new to the AW Conferences, you can also sign up for the First-Timers’ Affiliate Meetup happening on the same day for the new attendees!

Day-1 Schedule

Day 1 begins on 7th December 2023. The Main Stage will feature speaker sessions starting at 11 AM. This will include various sessions on Meta ads, VSLS, e-commerce, COD, AI Creatives, and more by some prolific speakers. 

Alongside that, the Breakout Stage will feature sessions on Meta ads, Product development strategies, Search Arbitrage, and an expert panel discussion about meta ads.

Networking events scheduled on this day are Meta Ads Mixer, Search Arbitrage Mixer, Happy Hour, and Affiliate After Hours.

Day-2 Schedule

Day 2 begins on 8th December 2023. The Main Stage will feature multiple sessions around Native Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and eCommerce. The Breakout Stage will conduct panel discussions on similar topics, along with sessions on email automation and revenue.

This day will feature networking events including Native Ads Mixer, Google Ads Mixer, and TikTok Ads, and will finally wrap up with the Happy Hour. 

Affiliate World Bangkok (Asia) – Speakers

Affiliate World Asia would feature 35+ popular faces as the speakers for this conference. You’ll come across the industry’s leading affiliate marketers, performance marketers, and eCommerce specialists right now. 

Affiliate World Asia Speakers
Affiliate World Asia Speakers

To give you an idea, some of the major speakers would be:

  • Roman Khan (Founder, Peak 21)
  • Shashi Bhagavathula (Advertising Account Director, Taboola)
  • Vipul Taneja (CEO, Adsparkx)
  • Shahzeb Feroz (Principal Account Manager, Google)
  • Lawrence Tope (Marketing Director, AdTiger)

Along with them, there will be many more speakers who will uncover secret tactics and strategies to boost your business instantly! You can check out the AW Asia Speakers page to check out the entire list of speakers. 

Affiliate World Asia – Topics

Some major topics of discussion during the Affiliate World Conference Asia 2023 would be Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Native Ads, Google Ads, and Search Arbitrage. 

Affiliate World Asia Topics
Affiliate World Asia Topics

Along with that, the hottest topics from the affiliate marketing industry will be discussed too. For instance, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO, Consumer Psychology, AI Chat Funnels, Mobile Apps, the Future of Affiliate Marketing, etc. 

Affiliate Side Events

If you’re attending the Affiliate World Asia, here are a few affiliate side events you can attend to enrich your experience with some valuable learnings.

1) Affiliate Side Event by ArbitrageScanner has organized one of the largest affiliate side events in Bangkok a day after the AW Asia event. This event will be graced by 550+ participants, including the greatest experts and market leaders from the Betting, Crypto, Finance, and Nutra industries.

Affiliate Side Event by Arbitrage Scanner
Affiliate Side Event by Arbitrage Scanner

Side events don’t feature any stage sessions or presentations. They are laser-focused on networking. So, you can meet the market leaders and initiate discussions on cryptocurrency arbitrage, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrencies, and more. Unlimited free food and drinks will be provided as well!

If you’re a beginner or a professional belonging to the affiliate marketing industry, this is a must-attend event for you! The tickets are available free of cost but they are limited in number. So, make sure you grab yours soon! 

Date: 9th Dec 2023 (9 P.M. onwards)
Venue: Char Bangkok, 81 Wireless Road Pathumwan, Bangkok
Event Price: Free for all, VIP Passes for $99 and $199.

What will You Get from Affiliate World Asia 2023?

In my opinion, the Affiliate World Events have turned out to be filled with tonnes of lessons and learning opportunities for me. If you’re planning to attend the AW Asia event, you’ll get the following benefits and many more. 

1) Learning Opportunity

Attending the speaker sessions will enlighten you and open up your mind to new approaches and perspectives. The tactics, strategies, and case studies shared by professional marketers and industry experts will help you understand what’s currently working in the affiliate and eCommerce industry. 

AW Asia Stage Sessions
AW Asia Stage Sessions

2) Networking Opportunity

The AW Event is the best place to network with your favorite brands, ad agencies, professional marketers, and affiliate networks. At the AW Asia 2023 Conference, you’ll get to meet traffic source account managers from Outbrain, PropellerAds, Baidu, etc.

This is an exciting chance to form deep connections with professionals and other like-minded participants.

AW Asia Networking
AW Asia Networking

3) Cracking Business Deals

If you are good at communicating and representing yourself, you can successfully crack business deals and get discounts from your favorite brands.

AW Asia 2023 gives you the opportunity to get discounts and offers from networks like 360Affiliates, Optimus, Algo-Affiliates, and direct advertisers Banxso, 1Win, and Pin-Up Partners.

How to Take Part in Affiliate World Asia?

Are you interested in participating in the Affiliate World Asia 2023? Well, you need an entry pass in order to attend this auspicious event. There are two different passes available: Affiliate Pass and Company Pass.

Both passes give you access to 2-Day access to 220+ exhibitors, 6+ Networking Mixers + Official Night Event and Happy Hours, 35+ Live speeches, panels, and Q&As, 4+ Tracks covering the industry’s hottest trends, Early access to the Official AWC Networking App, and a bonus 3-month replay access.

However, there are a few distinctions between the two. 

Affiliate World Asia Passes
Affiliate World Asia Passes

The Affiliate Pass is specifically for solo marketers and affiliates. It gives you exclusive access to the First-Timers’ Affiliate Meetup. This pass is available for $1259 (approx ₹1,04,868) at the moment.

The Company Pass is exclusively for employees of affiliate networks, agencies, advertisers, service providers, etc. It gives you access to all the above benefits along with your logo, company name, job title, and description on the badge, AW app profile, and Featured Companies page. This pass can be purchased for $2099 (approx ₹1,74,834) right now.  

An important point to note is that they don’t offer a refund policy on the passes purchased. In case you cannot attend the event, you can transfer your event pass to someone else. However, the transfer is only possible up to 48 hours prior to the event. 

AW Asia 2023 Discount Coupon Code

I agree that the passes to AW Asia are priced at an expensive price point. Therefore, I have an exclusive discount coupon just for you! With this coupon code, you can avail a significant discount on your passes! However, this discount will be active for a limited time only. 

So, if you’ve been planning to attend Affiliate World Asia 2023, go ahead and grab this deal to get your tickets at the lowest prices!

Past Affiliate World Events

The previous Affiliate World Events were held in Dubai and Europe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend any of the Affiliate World Conferences this year because of my packed schedule. However, I did attend both the AW Dubai and AW Barcelona events in 2022 and came back with valuable lessons.

The trip to AW Dubai 2022 marked my first international travel, which was an experience I will always remember. You can check out my experience in the video below. 

And if you’re planning to visit any upcoming Affiliate World Dubai Conference and need an extra discount, you can get a 15% discount using my special link.

Am I Attending the Affiliate World Asia 2023? 

As of now, I’m not completely sure about attending the AW Asia Conference 2023. This year I couldn’t get around attending AW Conferences. I took part in a few other networking events, including WordCamp Bhopal, WordCamp Kerala, WordCamp Bangkok, and Google Search Central Live. 

2022 was the year of peak travel for me. I attended 4 major affiliate conferences – AW Dubai, ad:tech Delhi, AW Barcelona, and IAS Delhi that year. All of these helped me get a different and improved perspective on my business and also connected me to some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

Talking about AW Asia 2023, I would try my best to free up some time and take part in it. If you’re attending it as well, let’s catch up soon!

Should You Attend the Affiliate World Asia 2023?

If you belong to the Performance marketing, eCommerce marketing, Affiliate, Advertising, Technology, or Content Creation industry, the AW Asia Conference would be a very fruitful experience for you. 

Affiliate World Asia 2023
Affiliate World Asia 2023

However, I suggest only visiting if you have considerable experience in your field. Sharing your experiences plays an important role in networking with fellow participants. Absolute beginners may find it daunting as they won’t have much input or experience to share. 

If you attend this event with a substantial amount of experience, you can network better, sign up for deals, and even gain international exposure for your work!

Connect with the Affiliate World

If you wish to stay connected with the Affiliate World Conferences and get updates on future events, you can follow them on these platforms. 


I hope this article helped you understand everything about Affiliate World Asia 2023 and how you can take part in it. If you belong to the affiliate, marketing, advertising, or tech industry, attending this event might reap a lot of benefits for you! 

Talking about myself, I’ve already attended various Affiliate World sessions in the last few years in Dubai, Bangkok, and Barcelona. So, it’s a little tough for me to decide if I should attend this one or not! Guess I’ll keep it a surprise for now! 

Anyway, have you attended any Affiliate World Conferences before? Are you going to attend this one? If you’re planning to attend the event, this is the time to grab your tickets at discounted prices. These discounts are available for a limited time only! So, hurry up!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I’ll be back with more such interesting and exciting articles soon! Till then, take care and keep shining! This is Kripesh signing off. Cheers.


1) When is the Affiliate World Asia 2023 happening?

The Affiliate World Asia is scheduled on the 7th and 8th of December 2023 at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre, Bangkok (Thailand).

2) What are the charges for the Affiliate World Asia passes?

The Affiliate pass is available for $1259 (approx ₹1,04,868) whereas the Company pass is available for $2099 (approx ₹1,74,834) at the moment. With each passing day, the prices keep on elevating. So it’s best to get a pass at the earliest. You can purchase the tickets through my link to get the best discounts! 

3) Is free food provided during the event?

They only offer water and filtered coffee for free during the event. If you wish to have food, you can visit the cafes built within the conference venue. 

4) Is there a refund policy for cancellations?

Unfortunately, they do not offer any refunds. However, the purchased pass can be transferred to another person up to 48 hours prior to the event in case you cannot attend the event. 

5) How can I get in touch with the event attendees?

Once you purchase a pass to the event, you will gain access to the AW Networking App, where you can connect with all the attendees before, during, and after the event as well!

6) Are walk-in entries allowed?

No. Walk-in entries are not allowed. A valid event pass has to be purchased prior to the event from their official website for attending the AW Conference. For more queries, check out their FAQ Page.

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