EasyWP Review (June 2024) – Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting

Beginners often get overwhelmed with all the hosting services available in the market these days. 

What they need is an easy to use and handy solution that lets them achieve all the basic hosting functions. That’s where EasyWP comes in!

After using and testing it for almost a year, I am here with the EasyWP Hosting Review.

In this EasyWP Review, we will begin by conducting different tests to analyze its performance, including speed test, server response time, uptime test, load test, etc. 

Then we will move on to discuss its other features like User Interface, Domains, CDN, Backups, Migrations, Pricing, Refund Policy, etc. 

So, are you ready? Let’s jump right into it. 

EasyWP Review

Kripesh Adwani

Ease of Use
Customer Support


EasyWP hosting totally justifies its name. It is an extremely easy to use hosting, but you might find a lot of features missing. It’s good for beginners who is having small audience from US.
For huge traffic load, I’ll say you should opt for some other hosting.


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About EasyWP Hosting

Namecheap is one of the most popular domain name registrars in the market right now. But along with domains, it has also started expanding its services in other related departments like hosting, SSL, CDN, etc. 

EasyWP image

EasyWP is a fully managed WordPress hosting offered by Namecheap. This hosting is designed specifically keeping beginners in mind. So, all the technical aspects of your website, from SSL to CDN, Caching plugins, and Backups, are handled by their team.

EasyWP Overview

⭐ Rating 3.9
💲 Price Starts From $6.88/mo
⚡ Speed 3.54 sec
🕒 Uptime 99.99%
🔗 Free Domain ❌ No
🌎 Data Centers US
➡️ Migrations 1
👨‍💻 Support Live Chat, Email
🛡️ Security Free SSL, DDoS Protection, 2FA, Firewall
🔄 Backups N.A. (No Automatic Backups)
💰 Money back guarantee 30 days free trial
🔥 Coupon Code Get extra discount with my link


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EasyWP Review Video

If you are a video person, you can watch my video review of EasyWP here. (It’s in Hindi with English subtitles)

EasyWP User Interface

EasyWP offers a simple, clean, and easy-to-use interface to its users. It is aimed at providing a hassle free experience for beginner bloggers.


Though they do not have a cPanel, their own control panel is quite intuitive and friendly. 

Testing Parameters

For the testing purpose, I purchased the Starter plan of EasyWP Managed Hosting and used my domain http://kpewtest.xyz along with it. 

EasyWP website homepage

I have also used the following settings on my website:

  • Ocean WP Theme (Elementor based)
  • Gym Template (Elementor based)
  • Default cache plugin
  • US Servers

EasyWP Server Response Time

Talking about the Server Response Time, I experienced an SRT of merely 18 ms in the US region and 81 ms in the Canada regions, which is remarkable! Coming to the Asian regions, the SRT keeps on increasing with Japan at 125 ms and Mumbai at 252 ms.  


Because they have data centers in the US, the SRT in the US regions is bound to be lower. 

EasyWP uses the Nginx servers, which are not the best in terms of speed and performance. I hope they switch to Litespeed servers to improve their speeds just like A2 Hosting or Rocket.net.

EasyWP Speed

Page Load Speed refers to the time taken by a website to completely load in your browser. 

EasyWP Speed test (New York)

When I selected the New York location, my website loaded in 1.03, which is good. 

EasyWP Speed Test (Bangalore)

But when I switched to Bangalore, the speeds came out to be 3.33 sec, which is quite slow. 

However, usually, with servers in the US, website speeds even go over 4 seconds. It remained under 4 seconds, which is an appreciable thing. Overall, speeds are quite good for the US regions. 

For lightning fast speeds, you can try FastComet, ChemiCloud, or Cloudways!

EasyWP Uptime

I have been testing the uptime of my website for the last 365 days, which is around a year. The overall uptime has been 99.96%. This is decent, but it can definitely be improved.

Last 12 months average uptime of EasyWP hosting: 99.99%

May 2024 99.99%
April 2024 100%
March 202499.99%
February 2024100%
January 2024100%
December 2023 99.99%
November 2023 99.99%
October 2023 100%
September 2023 99.99%
August 202399.99%
July 2023 99.98%
June 202399.99%
May 202399.98%
April 2023100%
March 202399.97%
February 202399.98%
January 202399.99%

EasyWP does not offer any uptime guarantees on the EasyWP Starter and EasyWP Turbo plans, but on its Supersonic hosting plan, you get a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In case this metric is not achieved, they offer one day of service on every hour of downtime suffered. 

Rocket.net, Cloudways, and StableHost offer the best uptime in my experience.

EasyWP Load Handling

For conducting the load test, I sent 50 virtual users from the US region over to my website hosted on the US servers. They made a total of 7509 requests

You won’t believe that out of these, 7452 requests failed! I’ve never seen such terrible load handling capacities with any hosting before!

EasyWP Load Test

The average response time stood at 812 ms, which is again quite high. EasyWP can only handle about 10-20 users at a time, with the average response time increasing. 

Overall, EasyWP failed miserably in the load test. Thus, it is only suitable for absolute beginners not expecting much traffic on their site. 

EasyWP Cache Plugins

EasyWP offers advanced caching of 3 levels with cache services like Varnish, OPCache, and Redis Object Cache. 

It’s commendable that they offer their own caching services to their users. However, there are no options to fine-tune or uninstall their cache plugins. All you can do is clear the cache, that’s it! 

Additionally, it also keeps all other cache plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, etc blocked by default because they interfere with its working and behaviour! Check out the complete list of plugins blocked by EasyWP. 

For new users, this might mean fewer things to worry about. But for a little advanced users, no control over caching mechanisms might be a drawback.  

EasyWP Data Centers

They only have one data center located in Phoenix, Arizona (US). Having data centers in multiple locations ensures swift speeds no matter where your audience is accessing your website from.

You can check out Cloudways hosting that offers 65+ data center locations!

EasyWP Domains

Did you know that a while back, EasyWP hosting only allowed using domain names registered on Namecheap? Fortunately, now, you can use domains from any domain name registrar. However, there are no free domains provided with any EasyWP plans. 

If you want to preview your WordPress website without connecting a domain, that is possible through their Temporary Domain feature. You can go with ChemiCloud if you want a forever free domain.   


Unfortunately, they do not offer a free SSL certificate on their Starter plan. The Turbo and Supersonic plans include a free PositiveSSL certificate, though.  


A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of servers that cache your data and speeds up the delivery of web content around the globe. 

Supersonic CDN

EasyWP offers its own Supersonic CDN, which is in the Beta stage right now. However, you can only use their CDN service if your domains are registered on Namecheap.  

My personal experience with Supersonic CDN has not been very satisfying. I did not find it as powerful or efficient as the Cloudflare CDN. 

If you want a free CDN for your website with a good performance, Cloudflare is the perfect option.

EasyWP Emails

Email Hosting is not supported by default on EasyWP Hosting. It comes as an add-on feature that you can purchase, whereas if you get the Namecheap Shared Hosting plans, email service is free!

This left me a little disappointed because other hosting providers offer email hosting for free with their services! 

EasyWP Backups

I liked the fact that you can manually create backups of your hosting account any time you want. Downloading or restoring them is possible with a single click.

However, the biggest flaw is that EasyWP does not create automatic backups for you. They do not store any copies of your data to be used in case of emergencies. This does not align with their ‘beginner friendly’ services in any way! 

All hosting companies create and store backups of their customers’ accounts from the previous 7 days, so in case anything goes wrong, it does not result in data loss! If you want unlimited automated backups, you can check out Cloudways

EasyWP Support

EasyWP offers customer support through Email Tickets and Live Chat. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base of clearly annotated articles helpful for beginners. 

EasyWP knowledge base

In my experience, their live chat support was quite fast. However, the quality of support was not up to the mark for hosting related issues in particular.

EasyWP Live chat support

Their domain support is excellent and I hope to see an equivalent level of support for hosting related queries in the future. If your priority is good customer support, I would recommend you to go with Chemicloud, A2 Hosting, or FastComet. 

EasyWP Inode Count 

According to their support team, there is no limit on the inodes on all plans of EasyWP WordPress Hosting. You can also check out Rocket.net hosting for no restrictions on inodes.

EasyWP Pricing

You get to see three different Managed WordPress Hosting plans on EasyWP. Following is a table comparing all of their major features. 

SSD Storage10 GB50 GB100 GB
Bandwidth UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Traffic50k200k500k
Free CDNN.A.YesYes
Free PositiveSSLN.A.YesYes
WordPress Websites111

The EasyWP Starter plan, which I have purchased, is priced at ₹1709/year. On this plan, you get 10 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, along with 50k visitors a month. In my opinion, this is the most value for money plan on EasyWP.

You can frequently observe deals running on their website. But, if you want to stay tuned with the latest discount offers and deals running on EasyWP, you can subscribe to my Telegram Channel, or check out my DNews videos every Monday!

Payment Options

It accepts payments through International Credit and debit cards and PayPal. For Indian payment options, you can go with Hostinger or Bluehost. 

EasyWP Refund Policy

You get a generous 30-day free trial with all the plans of EasyWP. This is enough for testing out all the features and deciding if you need this hosting. 

However, if you don’t cancel your subscription before 30 days are up, the amount for the next month will be automatically deducted from your account.  

I personally find the Pro Rata based refund policies of A2 Hosting and Cloudways much better!

EasyWP Migrations

It offers to migrate one WordPress site for free on all hosting plans. If you want more migrations, you can check out ChemiCloud, for up to 50 cPanel migrations and Rocket.net for unlimited migrations on all plans. 

EasyWP Site Builder

You don’t get a website builder with EasyWP hosting. It is only designed for WordPress websites. So you can make use of builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, etc to design your web pages. 

EasyWP Software

EasyWP only offers software support for NodeJS and Python. This is quite limited, which is why we cannot call it a developer friendly hosting. It is only designed for operating WordPress. 

If you are a developer, you can check out FastComet.

EasyWP Pros

Easy to Use 

The EasyWP dashboard is one of the easiest and most simplified interfaces seen on any web host. This makes it a good choice for newbies.

Excellent Speeds in US

Because it has its data centers in the US, you get to experience remarkable speeds in the US regions.

Affordable Pricing

EasyWP hosting plans are priced at affordable rates suitable for beginners who have never operated a hosting before. 

WordPress Optimized

EasyWP is a hosting optimized for WordPress based websites. So you can easily run all kinds of WordPress websites. 

EasyWP Cons

Terrible Load Handling 

EasyWP fails miserably at handling load. It can barely handle 10-20 users at a time, which makes it a bad choice for high traffic websites. 

Plugin Restrictions

EasyWP keeps a lot of plugins blocked by default as they interfere with its functionality. You cannot control its default cache plugins either.

Only 1 Data Center

The data centers of EasyWP are only in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Thus, you won’t find great speeds in most other locations, including India.

No Freebies Offered

There are no free domains, Email Hosting, or Site Builder offered on any plans of EasyWP. Also, the Starter plan doesn’t come with a free CDN and SSL Certificate.

CDN for Namecheap Domains Only

The Supersonic CDN is only available for Namecheap domains. Along with that, you don’t get any CDN with the Starter plan. In my experience, Cloudflare is a better free alternative. 

Lack of Automatic Backups

You can create manual backups and restore them with a single click. However, EasyWP does not create automatic backups for your site. 

Average Support

Though their live chat support is quick, I did not find their replies satisfactory for hosting related queries in particular. 

Only 1 Website

Even on the higher plans of EasyWP, you only get to host 1 website. Typically, the number of websites increases with the plans.

Should You Use EasyWP Hosting?

EasyWP hosting totally justifies its name. It is an extremely easy to use hosting, but you might find a lot of features missing. 

This is only because they wanted to make it easy for beginners. If they had loaded it with features, newbies would’ve ended up being confused. 

So if you are a beginner, you can consider EasyWP hosting to get familiar with the basics and then switch to other hosting providers later. 

In my opinion, you can go with EasyWP if: 

  • You want an easy to use hosting
  • Your audience is from the US
  • You need faster speeds
  • You don’t have large amounts of traffic
  • You only want to work with a WordPress based website

EasyWP Alternatives 


Hostinger is an affordable solution best suited for beginners with low traffic on their websites. If you want an attractive interface, great speeds and security, and Indian payment options, you can go with Hostinger. 

However, you might find the customer support to be slow. Their hosting plans start at super low rates of ₹79/month. 


ChemiCloud Hosting is a renowned hosting provider. You can go with it if you want super fast speeds, good load handling, lifetime free domain, Indian data centers, and 50 free cPanel migrations!

However, it offers a limited disk space, average uptime, and no preview URL. Their plans start from $3.90/month.

EasyWP Vs Hostinger Vs Chemicloud

Factors EasyWPHostingerChemiCloud
⭐ Rating 3.9 4.1 4.3
💲 Price $6.88/mo$2.99/mo$4.95/mo
⚡ Speed 3.54 sec1.1 sec1.1 sec
🕒 Uptime 99.99%99.95%99.98%
🔗 Free Domain ❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes
🌎 Data Centers USIndia, US, Singapore, EuropeAmerica, Asia, Europe, and Australia
🔄 Backups N.A. (No Automatic Backups)Weekly Backups10 - 30 days
➡️ Migrations 1Unlimited200 cPanel, 10 non-cPanel
💰 Money back guarantee 30 days free trial30 Days45 Days
🏆 Best For Beginners who need easy to use managed hostingBeginnerseCommerce store owners
🔍 Review EasyWP ReviewHostinger ReviewChemiCloud Review
🔥 Coupon Code Get extra discount with my link"KRIPESH" - Get extra 10% OFFGet extra discount with my link

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EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting looks like an easy to use and affordable option for beginner bloggers. It has limited features to provide their users a hassle-free experience. 

However, it is not as user friendly as it promises, especially with backups. It is not an ideal option for hosting any professional Websites. 

I hope you found this EasyWP Hosting Review helpful. Are you going to try EasyWP? Let me know in the comments box. 

Also, you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay updated with my latest content. This is Kripesh signing off. Keep learning. I will see you in the next article. 🙂 


Do you recommend EasyWP hosting?

EasyWP is not a suitable option for every user. I only recommend it in certain conditions, like if you are a beginner with a low traffic site, or if you have a US-based audience. The Starter plan purchased for a year will get you the most discount!

Can you use Cloudflare with EasyWP?

Yes, you can easily use Cloudflare CDN for free with any of their hosting plans.

How many websites can you create with EasyWP?

All the plans of EasyWP support a single WordPress website. 

Does EasyWP have a free plan?

No, EasyWP does not have a free plan. You get a 30-day free trial of their services, though. 

How far is EasyWP good at handling high traffic?

EasyWP is terrible at handling traffic. It cannot handle over 10-20 users at a time and fails most of the HTTP requests!

Is EasyWP the same as WordPress?

No. WordPress is a CMS platform where you can write, edit, and publish your blogs. Whereas, EasyWP is a fully managed WordPress hosting, meaning they designed it for working well with WordPress based websites.

How good is EasyWP?

EasyWP comes with a very limited set of features good for beginners in the field of hosting. But if you want advanced features like automated backups, staging, website builder, developer tools, etc, you can check out the other hosting reviews on my blog. 

What is EasyWP Supersonic?

Supersonic is EasyWP’s CDN service that is in the Beta stage right now. In my opinion, it is much better to use the free Cloudflare CDN instead.

 EasyWP Pros (+)

  • Easy to Use
  • Speeds in US
  • Affordable Pricing
  • WordPress Optimized

 EasyWP Cons (-)

  • Bad Load Handling
  • Plugin Restrictions
  • No Automatic Backups
  • Average Support
  • Only 1 Website
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  1. Hi Kripesh! Domonkos here from EasyWP. Thanks for the honest and thorough review 🙂 Just one comment here for the load-test. Recently we have introduced http rate-limits on our edge servers in order to protect our customers better, so if your load-test was coming from one source IP address, it definitely got rate-limited. Feel free to drop me an email, so we could whitelist your site for another round of load test 😉

  2. Hi Domonkos & Kripesh,

    I am happy to read this review. Actually I was wondered why my test blog on EasyWP can’t handle more than 40 pages opened at a same time by me on my computer. It also failed on 50 VUs k6 load test. While my other blog hosted on a shared hosting could do better.

    But then I found the answer by Domonkos. So it was because of the rate-limiter. OK.

    But I still have one thing I don’t like, it is that I can’t redirect the www to non www on EasyWp

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