FastComet Review (February 2024) – What’s Special In FastComet?

Do you know what makes a great company? 

In my experience, the answer is Web Hosting Service! If you run an online business, it is essential to invest in a reliable hosting service that guarantees maximum online presence and excellent performance. The success of your online business depends majorly on the type of hosting you use.

Today, I am reviewing another popular web hosting service – FastComet. I have been using this hosting for the past 3 years. So, after proper testing and research, I am finally here with my honest opinions about it.

In this FastComet Review, we will begin by conducting various tests- speed test, load test, uptime test, SRT test, etc and evaluate the performance of FastComet. 

Further, we will touch up on its features, including its UI, Security, Backups, Migrations, Refund Policy, Software Support, and more. FastComet also has a very tempting Affiliate Program. Don’t forget to check it out below.

Finally, we will discuss some important pros and cons of Fastcomet, consider some alternatives, and find out if FastComet is worth buying. Taking no more of your time, let us begin!

FastComet Review

Kripesh Adwani

Ease of Use
Customer Support


FastComet is a complete value-for-money option for your hosting requirements. It wins in terms of speeds, uptime, and load handling. If you want a hosting plan with high discounts even on the 1-year plan, FastComet is the one you should go with. 


Disclaimer : I strongly believe in transparency. If you buy using the links on our site, we may earn a small commission without any extra cost to you. This helps me to keep producing honest reviews. Read More >>

About FastComet

FastComet is an independently owned private company established in the year 2013. They have their headquarters in San Francisco, California. 

With an aim of maintaining integrity, respect, and sharing knowledge, they dedicate themselves to their customers and hold high standards for their projects. 

FastComet homepage

As of now, they are providing web hosting to over 50 thousand websites and small businesses, and constantly working on improving their services! 

If you are a quick skimmer, find an overview of all the major features and test results of FastComet Hosting in the table below!

FastComet Review Overview

Speed940.02 ms (India)
3.09 sec (US)
Uptime99.95% (last 365 days)
Data CentersMumbai, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Newark, Dallas, Toronto, Fremont, and Sydney
Backups and RestorationAutomated daily backups stored for 7-30 days
1-click Restore Service
No easy process for manual backup and restore
Migration1 free migration (FastCloud)
3 free migrations (FastCloud Plus, FastCloud Extra)
Customer SupportEmail Tickets, 24/7/365 Live chat, Phone Support, Knowledge Base, In-depth Tutorials
FeaturescPanel, free Let’sEncrypt SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, Website Staging, Unlimited Emails, Litespeed servers, 300+ apps, Website Builder, Sub-Account control
Developer ToolsPHP 8.0, Bash, Perl, Python, NodeJS, Laravel, and more.
Security ModSecurity, 2FA, SSL, BitNinja Security, Imunify360, Virus Scanner, IP Blocker, Hotlink protection, SSH Access.
Hosting PlansShared Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated CPU Servers 
Payment MethodsCredit and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and PayPal
Refund Policy45-days refund policy
PricingStarting from $2.95/month


FastComet Review Video

If you are a video person, you can watch my video review of FastComet here. (It’s in Hindi with English subtitles)

FastComet Hosting Testing Parameters 

For testing FastComet hosting, I have purchased the FastCloud Extra Shared Hosting plan with Mumbai servers for my website:

Website homepage

I’ve been using it with the following configurations: 

  • Ocean WP Theme (Elementor based)
  • Gym Template (Elementor based)
  • No cache plugins

FastComet Server Response Time

Talking about the Server Response Time, I found it to be 3 ms in Mumbai and 67 ms in Singapore, which is indeed impressive! This is so much better as compared to web hosts like StableHost or Bluehost

However, moving farther away towards the US regions, the SRT keeps on increasing considerably.

FastComet SRT

As of now, they are using the Apache servers. However, their sales team confirmed that they will provide Litespeed servers on a few of their plans soon, which is splendid news. This will improve their performance multifold, and I am looking forward to it! 

As of now, you can get Litespeed servers on A2 Hosting, ChemiCloud,, and StableHost.

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FastComet Speed Test

FastComet uses exclusive SSD storage on all plans for storing your files and databases. It promises swift speeds and as stated on their page, your website loads up to 300% faster!

FastComet Speed Test (India)

When I selected the Bangalore location, I received exceptional page load speeds of 879.04 ms! These speeds compete with prominent hosting providers like ChemiCloud and Cloudways

However, when I switched to the New York (US) location, the speed test results showed slow load speeds of 3.09 sec.

FastComet Speed Test (US)

Why I was more impressed with the speed test results with Indian servers is also because I have used no cache plugins here. 

These are the results with their default cache system running in the background. I’d have received even faster speeds if I had installed and configured a cache plugin by myself. 

FastComet Uptime 

I have been checking the uptime of my website hosted on FastComet for the last 365 days using the Better Uptime tool. It monitors my website every 30 seconds. 

FastComet Uptime Status Report

Here’s the uptime status report for the FastComet Extra Shared Hosting plan (Indian servers) for the last 365 days.

January 202499.93%
December 202399.99%
November 2023100%
October 2023 99.95%
September 2023 100%
August 202399.97%
July 2023100%
June 2023 100%
May 2023 99.99%
April 2023 100%
March 2023100%
February 202399.97%
January 2023 100%

The overall uptime of my site for the last 365 days was 99.95% which is very good. Whereas, in the last 30 days, I’ve observed an uptime of 100%. Thus, there has been a considerable improvement in their uptime in the last 6 months. 

Note : I have an active plan of FastComet Extra Shared Hosting. Every month, the uptime will be updated.

FastComet also provides an uptime guarantee of 99%. This is quite low as compared to other web hosts like Bluehost, A2 Hosting, or Cloudways, offering a 99.9% guarantee.

FastComet Load Test 

FastComet claims to offer unmetered traffic on all plans. This means there should be no limit on the bandwidth consumption, even on their shared hosting plans.

However, when I contacted their support representative, they told me that the bandwidth limit for FastCloud Extra plan is 92 GB, which is anyway quite good. 

For the load test, I sent 50 virtual users from Mumbai-based data centers to analyze how effectively my website handles traffic.

They made a total of 9370 requests out of which no requests failed, which is superb! The peak requests touched 49.33 req/sec and the average response time was merely 4 ms!

FastComet Load Test

You can observe a slight spike in the response time in the above image. However, this is because I did not use any cache plugin. If I had used it, there wouldn’t have been any spikes here. 

So, looking at the number of requests made, overall FastComet has handled the load well! You can also try out Cloudways, ChemiCloud, and if your priority is good load handling!

FastComet Cache 

They have three shared hosting plans and the maximum cache plugins are offered on the FastCloud Extra plan where you get LiteSpeed Cache, OPCache, MemCache, Cloudflare CDN Caching, etc.

FastComet Cache

Cache management can be done from the Cachewall app in cPanel. However, you can just turn caching on/off or purge the cache. There are no additional configuration settings. 

As of June 2022, they have discontinued the use of the Cachewall app and switched to Litespeed servers. Thus, you can use the Litespeed Cache plugin along with it.

However, these cache systems are only available on the FastCloud Extra plan. If you’re using the lower plans, you get the Cloudflare CDN caching by default.

Another thing to note is that the MemCache service is disabled by default on Fastcomet as it leads to the breakdown of some apps. So, in order to enable it, you need to contact their support team. 

FastComet Data Centres

FastComet has its data centers in 11 locations across the globe. This ensures that your website loads fast, no matter where your audience is situated. 

AsiaMumbai (India), Tokyo (Japan), Singapore (Asia-Pacific)
EuropeFrankfurt, Amsterdam, London
North AmericaNewark, Dallas, Toronto, Fremont

If you want a hosting solution with more data centers, you can consider Cloudways. It has data centers in 65+ locations around the globe! 

FastComet User Interface

The user interface of FastComet looks decent. It’s not very attractive or modern in design. You can find all the functions neatly organized on the left panel.

FastComet UI

Basically, the FastComet interface lets you do the following.

  • Manage your account.
  • Manage your purchased services.
  • manage your domains or add a new one.
  • Login to your cPanel or Webmail service.
  • Contact customer support.
  • Monitor resource usage 

FastComet provides cPanel on its hosting plans, which is one of the most powerful and intuitive control panels out there.

FastComet cPanel UI

It is easy to use, mobile friendly, and loaded with helpful tools and software to offer a smooth experience to its users. Overall, I found its interface to be good, but it can be improved in terms of design.

FastComet Domain Name 

Do you know that FastComet used to offer free lifetime domain registration in the past? However, they have discontinued it now, so you don’t get free domains with any plan of FastComet.

New Domains 

FastComet is also a popular domain registrar offering domains at decent prices. Following are the annual prices for some popular TLDs.

TLDAnnual Price

If you’re still in the process of deciding on a name for your website, you can check out these domain name generators for some help!

Domain Transfer

FastComet offers 1 free domain transfer and free renewal for a year. So, if you have your domain registered on some other web host currently, you can get it transferred to FastComet and renewed for a year at absolutely zero cost! 

Their domain renewal fee is also quite low as they only charge a registration fee and nothing else on top of it. So, it’s a pretty good deal!

Preview URL

Fastcomet lets you create a temporary URL for accessing your website in case you have not connected your domain name with your hosting account. 

It can be found under the Active Products tab in your Fastcomet console.

Temporary URL in FastComet

This helps you to make sure how your website looks and feels online before actually launching it in your audience. 

FastComet Security 

Talking about security, FastComet implements a variety of security services to safeguard their users from online threats. The most important ones are mentioned below. 

FastComet Security Features

  • Master Password – Unlike other hosting providers, FastComet lets you set a master password for your account.

Services like cPanel, website setup, backup, restoration, staging, etc, work only after verifying your master password. However, this extra security might also slow down your workflow at times!

  • ModSecurity – It’s a Web application firewall (WAF) that actively blocks unauthorized login attempts. It is optimized for CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, etc.
  • 2FA – For Two-Factor Authentication, you can use authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Authy to generate OTP codes for your logins.  
  • SSL Certificate – You get free Let’sEncrypt Domain Validated SSL Certificates applied to all domains by default.
  • BitNinja Security – It’s a 7-layered network firewall that stops DDoS attacks, script injections, etc, and is enabled on all FastComet plans.
  • Imunify360 – It’s a malware scanner and firewall service that protects your servers from brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, etc.  
  • Virus Scanner – It scans your entire home directory, or mail, public FTP space, and public web space separately for viruses.
  • IP Blocker – It blocks certain IP addresses from accessing your website.
  • Hotlink Protection – It restricts other users from directly linking to files on your website so they cannot steal your bandwidth.
  • Isolated Hosting Environment – FastComet provides an isolated environment to each shared hosting account. Thus, even if a website that shares the server with you is infected, your website won’t be harmed!
  • SSH Access – It lets you directly make changes to your server using the Terminal app under cPanel.

FastComet Backups and Restoration

FastComet offers automated daily backups on all its hosting plans for free. These are off-site backups, meaning they are stored on a different server than where your website is. So, in case something happens to your site, the backup will remain protected!

Your files and databases are backed up separately. So you can create separate backups for your databases, emails, cronjobs, files, DNS zones, etc. 

FastComet Backups

FastComet creates incremental backups, which means it only copies the changes made since the previous backup!

The FastCloud and FastCloud Plus Shared hosting plans store automatic backups for 7 days. Whereas, the FastCloud Extra plan stores your backups for a duration of 30 days. 

The restoration process can be easily implemented through their 1-click Restore Manager. 

FastComet Restorations

However, there is no option to restore both databases and files together. I hope they provide an easy option for taking manual backups and restorations.   

FastComet Website Staging

Staging refers to creating a copy of your website for testing any feature updates or modifications. FastComet allows easy and smooth website staging using their Softaculous auto-installer. 

All you need to do is go to the Softaculous installer and, under WordPress, select the website you want to clone. 

Website Staging option in FastComet

Now, click on the Staging option. It will display the URL for your cloned site and the WordPress admin credentials to edit it. You can make as many edits to the site as you want and preview it through the URL. All of them will remain local. 

Push to live in FastComet

When you are satisfied with the modifications, you can go back to the WordPress manager and click on the Push changes to Live button.

That’s it! Your modifications have been overwritten on your original site. I found the staging process to be very simple and friendly with FastComet!

FastComet Support 

The customer support of FastComet is really appreciable. They offer support through email tickets, 24/7 live chat, and phone. Along with that, they have a substantial knowledge base with a good number of articles.  

FastComet Tutorials

For beginners, they also have 60+ in-depth tutorials on topics like CMS, eCommerce, Blogging, Programming Languages, CRM, Hosting, Website optimization, and more.

Live chat on FastComet

Overall, I loved their live chat support. Their tech staff was knowledgeable, quick, and polite in their replies. I received intelligent replies to all my doubts in 2-3 minutes.

The email ticket system was also quite good in my experience. However, the customer support of ChemiCloud is my personal favorite!

FastComet Inode Count 

Inode count refers to the total number of files that can be stored on your hosting account. The inode count on FastComet varies as per the plan chosen.

Following are the inode count limits for shared hosting plans. 

  • FastCloud: 2.5 lakh inodes
  • FastCloud Plus: 3.5 lakh inodes
  • FastCloud Extra: 5 lakh inodes

FastComet Pricing Plans

Here’s a brief comparison of the pricing and features of different Shared Hosting plans available on FastComet.

FastCloudFastCloud PlusFastCloud Extra
SSD Storage15 GB25 GB35 GB
Bandwidth (Fair Usage)30 GB61 GB92 GB
Unique Visitors/month25k50k100k
Inode Count250k350k500k
Add-on DomainsN.A.UnlimitedUnlimited
Free Site Transfer133
Backup Storage Duration7 days7 days30 days

Best Plan

The discounts running on FastComet usually fall between 55% to 70%. But as of now, you will find 65% off on all their hosting plans, which is an impressive offer! 

FastComet Best Plan

According to me, the best value-for-money plan for Shared Hosting is their FastCloud Plus plan for 1 year.  

The FastCloud Extra plan is completely worth the extra money in two cases:

  1. If your website handles high traffic, over 1 lakh visitors per month
  2. If you need a hosting solution for a shorter time duration (e.g. 1 year). Because the discount percentage is the same on all durations, you will get a profitable deal for a shorter time as well!

If you are looking for a hosting solution at more affordable prices, you can go with Hostinger!

Payment Methods

FastComet accepts payments through Credit Cards  (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal.

Purchase Process 

Purchasing hosting from FastComet is simple! All you have to do is enter your personal details and select the:

  • Hosting Plan
  • Server Location (Mumbai, if your audience is Indian.)
  • Time Period
Purchase process of FastComet

The best part about FastComet is that you get to see the same discount percentage whether you purchase a plan for 1 year or 3 years. So, it might be a brilliant choice for shorter durations! 

FastComet Refund Policy

FastComet shines because of its generous refund policy. Unlike Bluehost or GreenGeeks offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, FastComet implements a 45-day money-back guarantee on all its Shared hosting plans.

So, you can easily test it out for a long duration and decide if FastComet hosting is worth your requirements. Otherwise, you can cancel and get your entire money back! 

However, you only get a 7-day refund policy if you opt for the VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting plans.

FastComet Affiliate Program

Yes, you also get to see an interesting Affiliate Program on FastComet. 

Signing up for an affiliate account is free and would earn you a $10 welcome bonus along with an advanced dashboard for managing your campaigns and earnings. 

FastComet Affiliate Program

The commission you receive depends on two factors:

  • Types of Hosting promoted 
  • Number of users referred

FastComet Referral Program

Do you want to enjoy free hosting forever? Well, then you should check out the insane Referral program of FastComet! 

All you need to do is share referral links with your friends and family. If 5 or more people purchase hosting plans using your links, you will get free hosting forever.

FastComet referral program

As shown in the image, even if just one person purchases a shared hosting service through your link, you still get free hosting for 3 months! 

As you keep on referring more friends, your free hosting duration keeps on increasing. Looks tempting, right? 

FastComet SEO and Marketing

SEO is an essential part of your website’s success. 

SEO Tools on FastComet

Surprisingly, with FastComet, you get lots of SEO and Marketing tools to help you grow your website like:

  • SEO Optimized WordPress themes.
  • WordPress Social Media Optimization tool.
  • Drag and Drop Visual Page Builder.
  • Free Email Marketing Tools.
  • SE Ranking, the all-in-one SEO platform for business websites.

FastComet CDN 

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of interconnected servers distributed around the globe that cache your web content.

They basically reduce the distance between your web server and the user, so your website loads faster in the viewer’s browser!

Cloudflare CDN on FastComet

FastComet provides free CDN access through Cloudflare CDN which has over 100+ data centers around the world. Thus, it ensures that your website loads swiftly, irrespective of where your audience is situated.

FastComet Migrations 

Website Migration refers to switching from one hosting provider to another. 

Talking about FastComet shared hosting plans, the FastCloud plan allows one free site migration, whereas the FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra plans let you migrate up to 3 websites for free! 

If you want more migrations, check out ChemiCloud which offers up to 200 free cPanel migrations!

FastComet Website Builder

The FastComet Website Builder is an easy-to-use builder that supports drag-and-drop editing. 

FastComet website builder

You can add and edit a variety of widgets on your page, including text, buttons, grids, images, media, archives, and exclusive widgets of FastComet as well!

Additionally, you can download from an extensive collection of 760+ free themes to suit your type of website!  

FastComet Sub-Account Control 

If you need to share access to your account with others, FastComet has options for that too! 

Sub account controls on FastComet

Under Privacy Settings, you can enable specific permissions for viewing and managing:

  • Emails
  • Invoices
  • Products
  • Customer support
  • Domains
  • Affiliate accounts

This is helpful when you need to provide your account access to your clients, support staff, your team members, etc.

FastComet Software Support and Applications 

If you are a developer, this feature would surely interest you. With FastComet, you get support for a variety of software including PHP 8.0, Bash, Perl, Python, NodeJS, Laravel, and more.

Developer tools on FastComet

This can help you exercise even better control over your hosting services. Thus, FastComet might be a good option for developers as well!

Softaculous apps on FastComet

It also offers 300+ applications that you can install using the Softaculous auto-installer tool. You get apps for CMS platforms, blogs, social networking, eCommerce, file management, emails, gaming, and a lot more!

FastComet Pros 

Excellent Speeds

Because FastComet uses SSD-only storage along with Cloudflare CDN, and has data centers all around the globe, you will get to experience super swift speeds!

Good Load Handling 

Even with many requests, FastComet maintained a stable response time with very few spikes. So, overall, it handles load efficiently. 

Top-Notch Uptime

My website hosted on FastComet was up for 99.95% of the time in the last year. Whereas, in the last 30 days, the uptime has been 100%. Thus, FastComet is a great choice if your priority is website uptime.

Exceptional Customer Support

I personally loved the Live Chat support of FastComet. Their replies were super quick, knowledgeable, and quite polite. They solved all my queries within minutes!

cPanel Support

FastComet comes with a standard cPanel with its hosting plans. It features lots of intuitive tools and applications to manage your hosting.

Indian Data Centers 

FastComet has its data centers in 11 locations around the globe. The availability of a data center in Mumbai (India) is especially beneficial for Indian audiences.

Fixed Discount Percentage

Unlike most web hosts that offer the best discounts on plans purchased for longer durations, FastComet offers a fixed discount percentage on plans irrespective of the time duration. 

Litespeed Servers

Recently, they have also introduced Litespeed Servers which would ensure an improved speed and overall performance of the hosting services.

45-day Refund Policy

FastComet offers a generous refund policy of 45 days on all its hosting plans. So, you can test out their services for this time and get all your money back if you don’t like them!

Affordable Pricing

The Shared Hosting plans of FastComet start from $2.95/month, which is quite affordable considering the features they offer with even the Starter plan. 

FastComet Cons 

Average UI 

The interface of Fastcomet can be more user-friendly and enhanced in terms of design. 

Limited Disk Space 

 For Shared Hosting plans, you get a limited 15-25 GB storage space, which might be enough for WordPress websites. However, an eCommerce website owner would want more storage space!

No Free Domain 

Most web hosts provide a free domain for the first year, whereas Fastcomet does not offer any such service with its hosting package. 

Should you buy FastComet?

Yes. In my opinion, FastComet would be a complete value-for-money option for your hosting requirements. It wins in terms of speeds, website uptime, and load handling.

Additionally, you get exclusive SSD storage on all FastComet hosting plans along with free Cloudflare CDN support. This ensures smooth and swift performance! They have also switched to Litespeed servers for improved performance.

FastComet offers a fixed discount percentage irrespective of the duration you purchase your plan for. So, if you want a hosting plan with high discounts even on the 1-year plan, Fastcomet is the one you should go with. 

And if you are not impressed with its services, you can always get a full refund within 45 days! 

FastComet Alternatives


ChemiCloud is an American web hosting company that offers swift speeds, reliable uptime, good load-handling, and a drag-and-drop website builder just like FastComet.

However, unlike FastComet, it also features an unbelievable 200 free cPanel migrations and outstanding security features!

Their Shared hosting plans start from a slightly expensive price of $3.95/month. You can also use the coupon code CCKRIPESHYT to get a 60% off on your plan by using my link.


Hostinger is a popular web host with excellent speeds, advanced security, and an attractive interface, similar to FastComet. However, unlike FastComet, it doesn’t offer fixed discounts.

It is the best hosting solution on budget with its plans starting from just ₹69/month. You can get the maximum discounts on purchasing it for 4 years straight!

If you are a beginner just starting out with your online journey, you can look at Hostinger!  You can also use my link and enter the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout to get an extra 10% off on your purchase.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a renowned gree web hosting provider based in the US. It is a developer-friendly hosting with fast speeds, exception load handling, a generous refund policy, and good features for security.

The highlight of this hosting is its NVMe SSD storage and Pro rata-based Refund Policy! 

However, it does not provide a free domain and has average live chat support. Its pricing plans start from $2.99/month. 


HostArmada is a popular hosting company that offers Indian data centers, along with swift speeds, good uptime, and efficient load-handling capacities. This makes it quite similar to FastComet.

However, unlike FastComet, they are a new player in the hosting industry. Their pricing plans start from $2.99/month. You can also use my link to purchase HostArmada hosting at 75% discounted prices. Use the coupon code KRIPESH75 at checkout to avail of the offer.

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FastComet offers attractive features at quite affordable rates. Even with its Starter Shared Hosting plan, you get access to SSD storage, lots of data centers, free CDN, migrations, SSL, and backups.

Along with that, you also get excellent customer support, superior performance, Litespeed Servers support, and a 45-day refund policy!

However, they can definitely work on improving their user interface and providing some additional features like expanded storage space and free domains. Overall, FastComet is a good hosting solution on a budget. 

I hope you found this FastComet review helpful. I’ll be glad if my experience helps you purchase the right web hosting for your needs. So, do try out Fastcomet and let me know your views about it. 

And if you are looking for alternatives, you can also check out the other hosting reviews on my blog.

If you found my content informative, do subscribe to my weekly newsletter and I will keep on bringing more exciting content for you! This is Kripesh signing off! Take care and keep learning. 🙂


What FastComet hosting plan is best for WordPress?

All the plans of FastComet support managed WordPress hosting. So, you can go with any plan you want. I would personally suggest going with the FastCloud Plus plan for 1 or 3 years. 

Does FastComet Hosting Offer Extra Services?

Yes, FastComet offers several add-on services like Domain Privacy, SEO Audit, Google Sitemap, SSL Certificates, Personal DNS Servers, WP Rocket Cache Plugin, and more!

Does FastComet use cPanel hosting?

Yes, FastComet offers a powerful and intuitive cPanel control panel that is an extremely user-friendly interface, especially for newbies. 

Is FastComet Hosting Fast?

Yes, FastComet uses SSD storage on all plans which makes your site load 300% faster! And because they also have a data center in Mumbai, India, you will experience excellent page load speeds of under 1 sec in Indian regions.

What features does FastComet provide for its clients?

FastComet offers loads of features to its customers including free SSL, CDN, website migration, and staging facility. Along with that, you also get excellent live chat support, security features, impressive speeds, load handling, and extensive software for developers.

How to install FastComet web hosting for your website?

After creating your account on FastComet and logging in, you will find the Orders tab under the Products section. Here, you can opt for any hosting plan of your choice, add a domain, or register one, and after the payment is done, the hosting can be accessed through the cPanel.

How does FastComet match up to the competition?

FastComet offers lightning-fast speeds of under 1 sec, even with no external cache plugins. It offers 11 data center locations, which is much better than most web hosts like StableHost, A2 Hosting, etc. 

It also provides powerful tools for developers and a generous 45-day refund policy similar to HostArmada and StableHost. It has a fixed discount percentage, which makes it stand out from the other hosts.

Does FastComet offer free website migrations?

Yes, you get 1 free website migration on the FastCloud plan and 3 free migrations on the FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra plans.

 Fastcomet Pros (+)

  • Excellent Speeds
  • Good Load Handling
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Great Support
  • Indian Data Centers
  • Fixed Discount Percentage

 Fastcomet Cons (-)

  • Average UI
  • Limited Disk Space
  • No Free Domain

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