Voila Review (2024) – AI to Supercharge Your Productivity!

Are you tired of spending long hours on creating content or drafting email responses? Do you want to maximize your productivity and achieve more in less time? 

Well, your wait ends here! Today, I’m going to introduce you to an exciting tool that can boost your productivity to the next level. Introducing – Voila AI, a productivity tool powered by artificial intelligence and ChatGPT 4.

In this Voila Review, we’re going to look at some compelling features of Voila AI, GPT 4 access and discover how to use it. We will also take a sneak peek at its roadmap, additional settings, and some major pros and cons.

So, are you ready to boost your productivity with this AI platform? Let’s jump right into our Voila AI Review.

Voilla AI Review

Kripesh Adwani

Content Generation
Ease of Use


Voila is an AI-powered tool that boosts productivity and makes content creation easier. It helps you generate AI content for various categories, generate emails, improve existing content, and offers high-quality outputs. 


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About Voila AI

Voila AI is an AI assistant founded by Michal Šimonfy in 2024. It enhances your productivity. It’s a tool for generating high-quality content, answering questions, improving your writing, and more.

Voila review - homepage

It can be simply accessed as a browser extension and is quite easy to use for beginners and professionals.

Voila could be a suitable alternative to Jasper AI or ChatSonic. It is ideal for bloggers, content creators, marketers, copywriters, freelancers, etc.

What is GPT 4?

GPT 4 is the latest upgraded version released by OpenAI Labs in March 2024. It is the successor to ChatGPT and is packed with lots of advanced functionalities.


Trained on a massive 100 trillion parameters, it can process large amounts of data and perform complex tasks. It can also generate more accurate answers compared to ChatGPT’s generic responses.

As of now, you can access GPT-4 through a ChatGPT Plus subscription or via Microsoft’s Bing Chat. If you need a handy and powerful tool, Voila AI also offers access to GPT-4 at quite affordable prices!

Voila Pricing

Talking about its pricing, currently, Voila AI is available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo.

Voila AppSumo Deal

You can get its Tier 1 plan for $29. It’ll give you access to 2000 monthly requests and an auto-detect feature that automatically selects GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 while generating content. This plan probably uses GPT 3.5.

If you’re subscribed to the Tier 1 plan, you can also add your OpenAI API Key to your account. This will give you access to unlimited requests along with the ability to manually choose an AI model. 

Tier 1Tier 2
LTD Pricing$29$119
AI ModelAuto Selection (GPT 3.5 / GPT 4)Manual Selection (GPT 3.5 / GPT 4)
Word LimitGPT 3.5 (3k words in one go)GPT 4 (6k words in one go)

Whereas, its Tier 2 plan is priced at $119 and gives you access to unlimited requests. You can also manually select if you wish to use GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 model for your content. 

Both the plans feature functional and handy extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers.

Voila Review Video

If you’re a video person, here’s a video review of Voila AI in the Hindi language with English subtitles. Hope you enjoy watching it! 

How to Use Voila AI?

If you’re new to Voila AI, you can follow the below steps to get started with it and make the most out of this tool.

Step 1: Sign In and Install Extension

Voila AI Extension

The first step is to browse through the official Voila AI website and sign in to your account. Next, you need to install the Chrome extension and pin it to the toolbar for easy access.

Step 2: Use Voila Shortcuts on Websites

Next, you can select any block of text from a website and hit Ctrl + M (for Windows) and Cmd + M (for Mac). 

Voila AI shortcuts

It’ll launch the Voila extension and you can select a query for the selected content.

Step 3: Select a Template and Language

Finally, you can select an AI template, an output language, and a language model from GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 if you’re on the Tier 2 plan. 

Voila AI model selection

Apart from those, you can also manually enter any commands for generating customized content. This is how you can start using the Voila AI extension. 

Voila AI Features

Voila AI is only available as a Chrome extension and cannot be accessed as a web app. Let’s look at the amazing features of Voila AI.

Extensive Library of AI Templates

Voila app comprises a library of 80+ AI writing templates belonging to categories like marketing, advertising, product, website copy, writing, social media platforms, etc. 

Voila AI templates

Along with general use cases for translating, summarizing, simplifying, improving, shortening, or expanding content, etc. You can highlight a block of text and implement these use cases on it.

For instance, I tried to generate a social media post with Voila. 

Voila AI Twitter Tweet

These are the results obtained when I selected the Twitter Tweet template and supplied it with the input query “Air pollution in Noida”. I liked the engaging content generated by this tool!

Custom Requests

If you want to generate some content that’s not in the Voila AI templates list, you can also supply custom requests to it. For instance, here are the results when I supplied it with the custom query “Explain blockchain in easy language.”

Voila AI - Custom query

I liked the insightful response offered by Voila AI. It was quite easy to understand for a beginner.

Email Automation

You can also generate high-quality emails with Voila. It’s visible as a small icon beside the Send button as you type in the Gmail window. Simply clicking on it will launch a pop-up menu.

You need to set a tone and specify an action. It’ll generate the entire email for you. The same can be done while responding to email threads. It intelligently analyzes the previous conversation in the thread and generates a suitable response accordingly.

You can select a tone and specify what your email should convey. There are 5 tones available – General, Casual, Formal, Creative, and Urgent.

Voila - Email response generation

For instance, here’s an articulate response it generated for an email requesting me to review their digital product. I liked the way it understood the conversation and generated an eloquent response.

Custom Actions

If you wish to generate a specific type of content that’s unavailable in Voila AI’s library, it offers Custom Actions. With this tool, you can generate custom templates for any use case and use them from the Voila Library.

Voila actions creation

You simply need to provide a name for your action along with a detailed description of what it should do. For instance, I created an action for generating recipes. These are the recipes it generated for the “Grilled Cheese Veg Sandwich”.

Voila Custom Actions

Overall, this is a very convenient feature if you’re interested in generating customized content.

Advanced GPT-4 Responses

The highlight of Voila Ai’s Tier 2 plan is the integration of the GPT 4 model. Let’s look at the results generated by GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 to understand the difference between them.

I requested both tools to generate a blog post on “Health risks of Coffee, including relevant stats and facts with their authentic sources”. Following are the results generated by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT output

And these are the results produced by Voila AI.

Voila AI GPT4 outputs

The outputs offered by Voila AI had more sources and they had higher credibility. Along with that, the content generated by the Voila AI tool was of better quality and well-formatted for an enhanced reading experience.

Text Integration

If you want to fix some common issues with your pre-written content, you can use the text integration features of Voila AI. All you have to do is select your blocks of text and hit Ctrl / Cmd + Enter. 

Voila AI offers text integration options like Improve, Fix Grammar and Spelling, Simplify, Summarize, Translate, Make Longer/Shorter, etc. For instance, the following are the results when I requested Voila AI to summarize my entire blog post on the topic ‘What is AI Art’.

Voila AI Text Integration

I personally found the text integration features to be very useful for general writing purposes. You can also refine your results further by supplying additional inputs. 

Convenient Shortcuts for Productivity

You can say goodbye to distractions while researching and generating content. With Voila’s Smart Shortcuts, you can jump to your favorite apps with a single click. You just need to type in the keyword “New” in the search bar.

Voila AI shortcuts

It lets you generate a new Calendar event, Google Doc, Google Sheets, PowerPoint presentation, Medium Story, Notion Page, Asana task, etc.

This helps you save a chunk of time spent individually browsing through all these apps.

Voila AI Additional Settings

You can also tweak some additional settings of Voila AI according to your requirements. For instance, it offers a dark theme to reduce strain on your eyes.

Voila AI Settings

Apart from that, you can select an AI model, output language, and keyboard shortcut for launching the Voila AI extension. A convenient Chat History option helps you view previously generated content.

And finally, you also get an Actions tab for creating custom queries in case Voila AI doesn’t already have them in its library.

Voila AI RoadMap

Voila AI has laid out a well-designed roadmap of features. As of now, some major feature requests like Output Languages, Character Limit for Custom Actions, OpenAI API Key Integration, etc are under development.

Voila AI Roadmap

Whereas, they’ve planned to integrate features like Read Website, Continue Conversation from History, YouTube Video Summarizer, etc. I am quite excited about testing the Read Website feature!

Voila AI Pros

GPT 4 Access

GPT-4 can usually be accessed on the ChatGPT Plus subscription, which costs $20/month. With Voila AI, you can enjoy accurate and high-quality GPT-4 outputs on a lifetime subscription of $119.

Affordable Pricing

The lifetime deal of Voila AI is quite affordable for the quality of refined outputs produced by it. In my opinion, the Tier 2 plan for $119 is value for money if your work revolves around creating content.

Email Automation

Voila uses AI to effectively analyze the context of your emails and email threads. Then, it automatically generates relevant email responses for them in high quality.

Easy to Use

The user interface of Voila AI’s Chrome extension is modern and well-designed. It appears quite neat and minimalistic. Overall, Voila AI is easy to use for beginners and professionals.

Voila AI Cons

No Standalone Website

It does not feature a standalone website for generating AI content. You need to install its extension in order to use Voila AI.

Slightly Slow Speeds

Because GPT4 is trained on a massive 100 trillion parameters compared to ChatGPT’s 175 billion parameters, it produces outcomes at comparatively slower speeds.

Voila AI Alternatives


ChatSonic is a conversational chatbot designed by WriteSonic, an AI writing assistant. It is based on ChatGPT but deals with real-time data and images. ChatSonic is available as a Chrome extension. 

With this extension, you can generate and respond to emails, access latest Google data, and generate engaging content for your social media and other purposes. The pricing plans of WriteSonic start from a decent price of $12.67/month. 

Testing Parameters

I purchased the Tier 2 lifetime deal of Voila AI from AppSumo for $119. Then, I installed its Chrome extension and tested its use cases with multiple websites and apps. 

I also tried its custom queries and noted the quality of the results produced. After testing it out for a few weeks, I finally wrote this detailed review.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I have been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In all these years, I have used and tested hundreds of digital tools for productivity, blogging, and small businesses. I have also tested a range of AI writers and Chrome extensions for productivity since the last year.

Using and testing so many AI products has given me the knowledge, experience, and expertise to compare different tools and suggest you the best one for your requirements.


In this Voila AI review, we discussed the striking features of the Voila AI-powered browser assistant and also discovered how to use it. This tool not only boosts productivity but also makes the process of content creation easier. 

The Tier 1 plan at $29 most probably uses GPT 3.5 for generating content. So, if your primary motive is generating emails and email replies, then you can go with the Tier 1 deal.

However, the Tier 2 plan at $119 uses GPT 4, which is only available on ChatGPT Plus at the moment. It is best for those users who want unlimited and high-quality content generation. If you want to try some cheap thrills, Voila AI is perfect for boosting your productivity to the next level!

I hope you enjoyed reading this Voila AI Review. I’ll be glad if this review helps you decide if Voila AI is the right choice for you.

Anyway, have you used any other AI-powered content generators? How has your experience been with them? Are there any AI tools that you’d like to recommend me to review? Leave them in the comments section below.

This is Kripesh signing off! Keep learning and I’ll be back with more insightful articles soon. Cheers! 🙂

voila logo

Voila Pros (+)

  • GPT 4 Access
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Email Automation
  • Easy to Use

 Voila Cons (-)

  • No Standalone Website
  • Slightly Slow Speeds
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