Wordcamp Europe (2023) – Biggest WordPress Event

Does your world revolve around WordPress? Then, there’s an exciting opportunity to connect with the WordPress community and learn from the best minds out there! 

Introducing – WordCamp Europe! 

I have attended several affiliate conferences in the past years, including AW Dubai, AW Bangkok, AW Europe, ad:tech Delhi, IAS Delhi, and more. Recently, I also attended my first WordCamp Aisa which was a fulfilling experience filled with learning. 

Today, I’m going to introduce you to WordCamp Europe. We will cover everything from what it is, what you will gain from it, how to take part, and who should attend it. 

So, with no further ado, let’s dive deeper and understand all about WordCamp Europe 2023! 

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a global conference of the WordPress community that focuses on everything WordPress. 

WordCamp Europe

It is a 2-day event that’s attended by anyone related to WordPress, including bloggers, developers, designers, experts, and WordPress enthusiasts! 

This event is organized by volunteers from the WordPress community and its aim is to promote networking and collaboration among the community across the world. 

It incorporates a range of insightful activities, including speaker sessions, workshops, panel discussions, games, networking, after-party, etc. 

About WordCamp Europe

The next WordCamp was recently announced to be organized in Europe. Let’s look at the details of the event.  

WordCamp Europe – Date and Venue

WordCamp Europe is going to take place from the 8th to the 10th of June in Athens, Greece. The venue decided for the event is Megaron Athens International Conference Centre.

WordCamp Europe – Organizers 

Evangelia Pappa, José Freitas, and Sjoerd Blom are the Global Team Leads of WordCamp that take care of the event organization.

Apart from that, there are many volunteers from the WordPress community that are in charge of organizing the event. You can check out the WordCamp Organizers page here. 

WordCamp Europe – Sponsors

The official sponsors for WordCamp are popular brands including Hostinger, Jetpack, Siteground, Elementor, Google, Bluehost, and more. 

WordCamp Europe – Schedule

The main conference will be held on the 9th and 10th of June. It will comprise various workshops, presentations, expert panels, and keynote talks delivered by professional speakers and experts in the industry. 

After the event, you can connect with other participants at the after-party. You can enjoy the music, food, and drinks, and have a wonderful time. 

However, the detailed schedule for the event is in preparation. You can keep checking the WordCamp Schedule page for the latest updates. 

WordCamp Europe – Attendees

The registrations for the participants are still open. But as of now, there are more than 1700+ confirmed attendees. For the list of participants, you can check out the WordCamp Attendees page. 

I personally find Europe very fascinating.Last year, I attended the Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona and came back with some really memorable experiences from Europe. 

What will You Get from the WordCamp Europe Event?

The WordCamp conferences are a complete package of learning and entertainment. Be it a beginner or a WordPress professional, everyone gets to learn something here. Let’s look at the significant benefits of WordCamp Europe. 

Learning Experience

Conferences like the WordCamp bring together like-minded people who can learn from each other. You will also find professional speakers and experts from your industry that can teach you a lot about the tips and strategies they used to build a successful business.

WordCamp Speaker sessions

Opportunity to Network

You can also improve your communication and negotiation skills by attending these community events. You can network with popular WordPress themes and plugin brands and even get some exclusive deals and discounts from them.

Freebies and Snacks

Another exciting thing about WordCamps is that, unlike the Affiliate World Conferences, they also provide free snacks. You can enjoy free coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch, along with some cool freebies offered by various brands.

Affordable Tickets

WordCamps are extremely affordable compared to other conferences like the Affiliate World. Therefore, anyone from the WordPress community can take part in them, even if they are a beginner.

How to Take Part in WordCamp Europe?

For taking part in WordCamp Europe, you need to purchase a pass to the event. There are two types of tickets available. 

WordCamp Europe Tickets

The General Admission pass is priced at €50, which is around ₹4485. Whereas, the Micro Sponsor pass is priced at €150, which is around ₹13,457.

Both the tickets give you access to the 2-day event, along with free coffee, snacks, lunch, a yearly event t-shirt, an invitation to the after-party, and a chance to register for Contributor Day (8th June 2023).

Payments can be made via Credit Cards and PayPal. If you’re interested in participating in the WordCamp Europe event, you can check out the WordCamp Tickets page. 

Past WordCamp Events

WordCamps began back in 2006 when Mat Mullenweg organized the first WordCamp in San Francisco. Since then, WordCamps have been regularly organized across 375+ countries and 1100+ cities. 

The previous WordCamp was held in February at Thailand. This was the first WordCamp that I attended and it was an absolutely amazing experience! 

Not only did I learn loads of new things at WordCamp Asia, but I also bonded with many professionals and brands from the WordPress community. 

Should You Attend the WordCamp Europe 2023?

I would suggest anyone related to the WordPress community participate in this conference. It’ll be a great learning experience and you’ll surely come back with lots of new ideas and strategies. 

You’ll also get to meet many inspiring professionals from your field along with your favorite WordPress brands. Attending such community conferences could be a game changer for your blog or business!

WordCamp audience

The best part is that the ticket price for WordCamp events is quite affordable. They’re not as expensive as the Affiliate World events, which is why anyone with any skill level can attend WordCamps. 

Talking about myself, I’m one of the official media partners for WordCamp Europe this time. However, as of now, I am not sure if I would be attending the event. But if I do, you can definitely catch up with me there! 🙂

Connect with WordCamp 

You can connect with the official WordCamp Europe team on the following social media platforms:


In this article, we discussed all about the WordCamp event that’s going to be organized in Europe. I hope you found this article informative. If you belong to the WordPress community or earn your living through WordPress, you should definitely attend this event. 

Anyway, have you attended WordCamp or any similar event before? How was your experience with it and what would you recommend to the first-time participants in such interactive events? Share your views in the comments box below. 

This is Kripesh, taking your leave. Cheers, and keep learning! 🙂


When is the WordCamp in Europe happening?

The WordCamp Europe will be held from 8th to 10th June in Athens, Greece at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre.

What are the charges for participating in WordCamp Europe?

WordCamp Europe offers two types of passes. The General Admission Pass is priced at €50. Whereas, the Micro Sponsor Pass is priced at €150.

What are the payment methods supported?

You can purchase your WordCamp ticket using the following payment methods: PayPal and Credit Cards. 

Do they allow walk-in entries?

No, WordCamp does not allow walk-in entries. You need to purchase a pass for attending this event. 

Is free food provided during the event?

Yes, you can enjoy free coffee, snacks, and lunch during the event. It is all included in your WordCamp ticket.

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