What is AI Writer? Will AI Replace Writers? AI Writers Explained [A-Z]

Artificial Intelligence has brought a tremendous revolution in various industries like technology, healthcare, education, business, etc. The field of content creation is no exception either!

In the past few years, AI Writers have changed the way we create content. These tools can now be trained to produce a variety of content with any human intervention.

Be it engaging blog posts, news articles, product descriptions, or creative writing like stories and poems, AI Writers can generate anything within seconds!

In this blog post, we will explore what AI writing is, and how AI writers work, along with their potential benefits and limitations. We will also discuss some important tips on using AI writers and my recommendations on the Best AI Writers for 2023.

Also, the biggest question will be answered – Will AI replace writers?

We will also answer all the major FAQs around the topic, including Google’s take on AI written content, and if it would get penalized.

So, are you excited to dive deeper into the world of AI Writing? Do you want to know how you can use AI Writers on your blog posts and websites? Let’s jump in to find out!

What is AI Writing?

AI Writing refers to the content produced by Artificial Intelligence. It makes use of various machine-learning techniques to understand, learn, and produce new content without the help of a human.

What is AI Writing

AI Writing is implemented through the use of AI Writers. These are software or tools that generate a variety of content based on the parameters specified by the user.

Along with that, they also provide additional features like multiple languages, tone settings, use cases, long-form document editor, and more.

Some popular examples of AI Writers include Jasper AI, Writesonic, Scalenut, WordHero, etc.

How does an AI Writer Work?

Most AI Writers work on Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (or GPT-3) technology. It is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI Labs in 2020. This model is trained on 175 billion parameters using which it can produce content that sounds natural and human-like.

GPT-3-based AI Writers analyze the user’s queries using deep learning techniques and predict new content based on the previous one. It can basically answer questions, generate content summaries, translate text, write creative content, and more.

In December 2022, the upgraded version of GPT-3 was released, which was known as ChatGPT or GPT-3.5. Along with the training data of 175 billion parameters, it was also trained on vast amounts of coding data and conversational text.

Therefore, you could also generate and debug your code and converse with the AI in natural human language. Recently, OpenAI has released another update to the GPT series, with their latest language model GPT-4.

The highlight of this language prediction model is the inclusion of image-based inputs. Now, users can upload images as prompts and get accurate replies to their queries. I think this addition is pretty cool!

They have also increased their input limit from 3k words to 25k words, which is insanely good! To know more, you can watch my latest video on GPT-4 here.

Why Should You Use AI Writers?

AI Writers have become the talk of the town. From bloggers to businessmen to students, everyone has been trying them out! Wondering if you should try them?

Well, here are some major reasons you should consider AI Writers and how they can benefit your business and online presence.

1. Enhance Writing Quality

AI Writers can help you uplift your writing style and quality. If you’re someone who struggles with getting your message across using the right words and language, AI writers can help you out.

Simply describe what you need and specify the tone of your content. It will automatically generate engaging content in a professional language.

2. Avoid Grammatical Errors

A lot of us are quite under-confident with grammatical errors in our writing. Therefore, we use tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid. However, AI Writers can help too.

Some AI Writers off in-built Grammar checking tools whereas others offer integration with tools like Grammarly. And if you simply generate new content using AI writers, it is usually free from grammatical typos.

3. Save a Tonne of Time

Want to post a blog but don’t have the time to write one? AI Writers will help in this case. It might take you hours to draft a well-researched and good-quality article.

However, AI writers can produce similar results in minutes! With the long-form editors available in AI writing tools, you can easily generate full-length blog posts by following simple steps.

Creating SEO Optimized Content

4. SEO-Optimized Content

If you want your content to rank higher on search engine platforms like Google, you need to optimize your blogs. Guess what? AI Writers can do that as well.

For instance, Scalenut can research keywords, create topic clusters, and generate detailed SEO Reports for you. AI writers can also generate optimized content if you supply relevant keywords in the input itself.

5. Interesting Content Ideas

Struggling with a lack of ideas? AI Writers can help you overcome writer’s block by suggesting tonnes of fresh ideas. Be it the name of your product or your podcast, YouTube video descriptions, video scripts, or fresh blog ideas, AI writers have got something for everyone!

6. Create Content in Different Languages

If you wish to appeal to people from different countries and cultures, AI writers can help you translate your content into hundreds of languages.

This could be helpful in improving your social media presence, building engagement on your blogs, translating your books into multiple languages, etc.

AI Writer Templates

7. Range of AI Templates

AI Writers could be a one-stop solution for all your writing needs. From blog posts to cold emails, from ad copies to product descriptions, from song lyrics to video titles, AI writers can generate anything and everything. 

Where a human writer may possess limited skills, AI writers are limitless for writing skills.

Can AI Content be Detected?

With the rise of AI writing tools and their widespread use around the globe, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify AI-generated content. Is there a sure-shot way to distinguish human content from AI content?

The answer is yes! There are a lot of AI Content Detection tools available online. These tools use complex algorithms to process content and identify patterns in them, suggesting the use of AI.

AI Content Detection

Based on the observations, they categorize your content as AI-generated or Human-generated. Some Content Detection tools even highlight the AI-generated content specifically, so you can analyze and make relevant edits to it.

If you wish to detect AI content, you can check out our article on the Best AI Content Detectors. It comprises a list of our handpicked free and premium content detection tools.

Is AI-generated content unique?

Yes, AI writers use complex algorithms and AI techniques to generate new content based on the provided inputs. However, the uniqueness of content depends on the quality of the AI writer.

Some AI writers, like WriteSonic and Scalenut, produce content with some amount of plagiarism. Whereas, AI writers like CopyAI and Jasper AI produce content that’s mostly unique and free from plagiarism.

Does Google penalize AI-generated content?

Yes, Google used to penalize AI-generated content by ranking it lower than human-generated blog posts and articles.

However, with the latest update, Google no longer penalizes AI content but only spam content. The definition of spam content is not clearly defined yet.

According to the latest Google guidelines, creators are free to use AI-generated content on their blog posts and websites. However, it needs to adhere to the EEAT standards – Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

If a piece of content scores high on the EEAT standards, it will be ranked higher, irrespective of how it was generated. Thus, if you wish to rank your content (whether original content or AI-generated) higher on Google SERP, you can basically follow these tips:

  • Clearly mention your experience in your field and what makes you a good fit to talk about a specific topic.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in the category you’re creating content. Scatter your personal opinions and advice throughout your blog post, so anyone who reads it leaves with something valuable.
  • Develop more authority by consistently creating valuable content around specific categories, along with topical clustering.
  • Build trust by being completely honest and transparent on your blog. For example, clearly talk about the cons of a product, put out an affiliate commission notice, and honestly recommend products and tools to your audience.

Inculcating these points in your blog posts will ensure that your content ranks higher in the Google search.

Tips to Use AI Writers Effectively

If you’re using an AI writer for producing content for your blog, products, ads, emails, etc, then these tips will help you make the most of them. Let’s check them out below.

Provide Clear Inputs

AI writers cannot generate exactly what you have in your mind. AI-generated content is only as good as the inputs supplied to them.

Thus, whenever you use an AI writer, always make sure you provide clear and in-depth inputs. The more detailed your inputs are, the better the chances of generating more relevant content.

Check for Logical Accuracy

The next thing you need to remember while using an AI writer is to not trust everything that it produces. They simply use AI algorithms and techniques to predict the next sentence as per the previous ones.

They may not be logically accurate most of the time. This is why you should always fact-check the generated content before publishing it.

Edit Your Content Thoroughly

Next comes the editing part. The content generated by AI writers might be engaging and catchy. But any content without personalization does not create a lasting impact on the readers. Thus, you should edit and personalize your content by adding your own opinions, ideas, tone of voice, and phrases.

Check Grammar and Plagiarism

Even though content generated by most AI writers is not plagiarised, it is always better to check it through plagiarism detection tools like Quetext. You should also check them for proper grammar and writing style by using tools like Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

Drawbacks of AI Writers

Quality Concerns

One of the major cons of using an AI writer is the quality of generated content. AI Writers produce incoherent and irrelevant results at times. They may also produce plagiarised content or content with outdated or illogical information.

Lack of Emotion 

AI Writers can never replicate the emotions of a human writer. The content that it generates does not have the potential to invoke the reader’s emotions or convince them to take an action. Thus, a lack of personality and emotional impact is a significant drawback of AI Writers.

Human Editing Required

At present, AI cannot work without human intervention. It needs a human to supply inputs for AI content generation. Apart from that, AI has not yet become so refined in quality. Thus, humans are required for editing and fact-check the produced outputs before publishing.

Lack of Imagination

AI Writers are limited by the data they are trained on. This is the reason they can’t think outside the box or have a creative imagination.

Thus, you can never find a completely new and original idea using an AI Writer. It will only provide ideas based on its training data.

Lacks Long-Term Memory

If you’re making use of conversational AI, the major problem you would face is the lack of long-term memory. It only remembers your inputs for a short interval of time and then forgets them.

It learns nothing from interactions with humans, which is a major downside to AI writers.

Is AI Writing Free?

If you’re a complete novice to AI Writing and just want to test how AI Writing works, you might be looking for some free tools to start with.

Well, there is a range of Free AI Writers available on the Internet. They usually have a limited word count and lack advanced features like tones, an extensive database of templates, a long-form editor, etc.

For more information, you can check out our blog post on the Best Free AI Content Generators.

Cost of Using AI Writers

AI Writers come in a wide range of pricing. Some of them are available at super affordable rates. Whereas, others are on the extremely expensive end. And some AI writers even offer their services on a lifetime deal.

For your reference, these are the pricing plans of popular AI Writing tools I have reviewed on my blog in the last year.

AI WriterPricingReview
Copy AI$36/monthCopy AI Review
Scalenut$17/monthScalenut Review
Jasper AI$49/monthJasper Review
Writesonic$12.67/monthWritesonic Review
Rytr$9/monthRytr Review
WordHero$178 (LTD)WordHero Review
Peppertype$99 (LTD)Peppertype Review
Writecream$59 (LTD)Writecream Review
ClosersCopy$297 (LTD)ClosersCopy Review

Can AI Writers Replace Humans?

Well, the AI revolution has definitely begun. With AI writers gaining tremendous popularity recently, we will definitely switch to creating content using AI writers.

However, it is unlikely that AI Writers will replace human writers in the coming years. AI Writers will require human intervention for the time being. Humans would need to provide inputs and edit the AI-generated content for logical and grammatical accuracy.

AI writers can create better content than humans for some use cases. But when it comes to technical and logical content, current affairs, or content that requires emotional connection, AI writers cannot be trusted much.

They may present you with outdated, irrelevant, or bland content that may lack emotion and logic. This is why I believe that AI writers cannot completely replace human editors in the coming years but work in conjunction with them.

And if you want to prevent AI from taking over your writing job, my suggestion would be to diversify your skills. Just don’t stay stuck on a single skill, i.e., content writing. You need to keep learning various skills, like SEO, content marketing, graphic designing, copywriting, etc.

All these skills will give you an upper hand compared to AI writers and make you hard to replace.

What are some of the Best AI Writers for 2023?

Copy AI

CopyAI is a powerful AI writing software that supports a wide range of use cases and a decent free plan. It generates high-quality and engaging long-form content. Along with that, it also generates impressive results for sales copies, ads, and writing tools.

I won’t recommend it for short-form content like emails or social media posts. It also has a slow interface and no options for viewing previously generated content. Its pricing plans start from $36/month when paid annually.


Scalenut AI tool looks like a powerful AI Writing Assistant for generating good quality long-form and SEO-friendly content. It also offers a functional browser extension for Chrome, lots of integrations, and efficient tools for generating SEO Reports.

Though it lacks support for content tones and languages, these features are in development. It would be a valuable addition to a content or copywriter’s workflow once the language and tone features are integrated.

The pricing plans of Scalenut start from $19/month on an annual subscription and $39/month on a monthly subscription. The pricing looks pretty reasonable. Beginner and professional writers can both can try it.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a polished and power-packed AI content writer with a modern interface and a range of AI frameworks. It offers a powerful long-form editor, a library of pre-made recipes, good-quality outputs, and a handy Chrome extension.

I personally liked its blogging, social media, and eCommerce frameworks. However, its pricing plans are on the expensive end, starting from $49/month.

With this plan, you can generate 50k words/month and get access to all their AI tools. This is one of the most expensive AI writing tools I’ve used.


Writesonic is an AI copywriter that offers a range of use cases for creating high-quality content. It offers an elegant interface, a powerful long-form editor, good integrations, and supports 24 languages.

Its pricing plans start from a decent price of $12.67/month. If you’re looking for an AI writer on a budget that can generate a diverse range of content, Writesonic is an excellent choice!

These were the top 4 Best AI Writing Software in my experience. However, if you wish to discover more AI writing tools, you can check out my blog on the Best AI Writers for 2023.

In this post, I have tested and compared dozens of AI writers and shortlisted 9 of the best AI writers for you. This blog also includes real test results of all the AI writing tools. So, make sure you check it out.


With the constant improvements in AI technology, AI Writers are becoming more and more prevalent in the digital world. AI Writers can help you create large chunks of content quickly. However, they have their own limitations.

Where AI writers can create good quality content with ease, they do lack the depth and emotional impact that comes with a human touch.

AI Writers possess the potential to revolutionize the field of content creation. They’re already helping businesses, freelancers, content creators, marketing agencies, and other professionals in producing effective content at affordable prices.

The future of AI Writing looks promising and exciting. We don’t need to be afraid of their potential but embrace it. AI Writers are a valuable tool that can help in enhancing human writing, and not replacing it.

I hope you found this article on AI Writing helpful and informative. Have you used any AI Writing tools before? Which AI writer has been your favorite so far and why? Let me know in the comments section below.

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more such interesting articles soon. Till then, take care and keep learning. 🙂

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