Namehero Review (2024) – Should You Buy NameHero?

Web Hosting is an essential element when starting your online journey. In the past few years, I have used, tested, and reviewed dozens of hosting services. And today, I’m back with yet another one – NameHero Hosting. 

In this NameHero Review, we are going to start by discussing its history, a brief overview, and its user interface. Then we will move on to conduct various tests, including speed test, uptime test, SRT test, load test, etc, and discuss their results. 

Finally, we will also talk about all the Namehero hosting features like customer support, migrations, backups, website builder, pricing, etc, and find out if this hosting is worth it. 

With no more delay, let’s start!

Namehero Review

Kripesh Adwani

Ease of Use
Customer Support


NameHero is a decent option if you’re targeting users in the United States or Europe. It provides fast speeds and excellent uptime, but it is quite pricey. I would like to see increased backup limits and inode counts.


About NameHero

Namehero is a web hosting company founded by Ryan Gray in 2015. It is headquartered in Wyoming, US. Trusted by over 500k+ users, their primary aim is to provide high performance cloud web hosting at affordable costs. 

Namehero image

NameHero offers a variety of hosting, including Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting. I could not find much information about their team on their website. It would’ve been great if they were more transparent about their team. 

NameHero Hosting Overview

SpeedNew York: 733.67 msBangalore: 4.72 sec
Uptime 99.98% (past 79 days)
Data CentersUSA, Europe
Backups and RestorationAutomatic backups through JetBackup1-day backup storage limit for free
Customer SupportEmail Tickets, Live Chat, Knowledge base
FeaturesFree SSL Certificates, cPanel,  SitePad Site builder, Cloudflare CDN, LiteSpeed servers, 15 cPanel migrations 
Security 2FA, BoxTrapper, ModSecurity, Leech Protection, Hotlink Protection, IP Blocker, SSH Access, Imunify360
Hosting PlansWeb Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting
Payment MethodsPaypal, Coinbase, Stripe
Refund Policy30-day Refund PolicyExcluding Setup Fee of $8.95 on Shared Hosting
PricingStarting from $2.69/month

NameHero Review Video

If you are a video person, here is a detailed review video of NameHero hosting in Hindi language. Check it out!

Testing Parameters

I have purchased their Plus Cloud plan and have hosted my website on it. 

Test Website Homepage

Along with this, I have implemented the following settings:

  • Ocean WP Theme (Elementor based)
  • Gym Template (Elementor based)
  • Litespeed Caching Plugin (default settings)

NameHero User Interface

The user interface of Namehero is simple and quite clean. Once you log in to your account, you will find your information, contacts, and shortcuts to access important settings. 

Namehero UI

The middle panel displays your active services and support tickets. The live chat support can be accessed from their website homepage. 

Overall, the interface is friendly for beginners. I felt that the live chat support button should’ve been accessible from the bottom right corner, just like all major web hosting providers. 

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NameHero cPanel

Similar to popular hosting services like ChemiCloud and FastComet, NameHero also comes with the powerful cPanel.

Namehero cPanel

This panel has all the necessary features you would require to manage your hosting. You get to see the cPanel version 100 (Build 9) with NameHero. 

NameHero Server Response Time 

The server response time is quite low in the US regions, including 24 ms in US (East) and 76 ms in US (West). 

Namehero cPanel

However, when moving towards Mumbai (270 ms), we see an increase in SRT. This is because they have three data centers in the US and none in Asia!

NameHero Speed

Namehero Speed Test (New York)

On conducting the speed test from the New York location, I noticed the speeds came out to be 733.67 ms. This is remarkable considering the Litespeed cache plugin has been used in default settings. 

Namehero Speed Test (Bangalore)

When I tested the speeds from the Bangalore location in India, the speeds came out to be 4.72 sec. This is a little disappointing. A major reason for these slow speeds is their data centers being in the US and also because there is no CDN activated by default. 

If your preference is lightning-fast speeds, you can try FastComet or Cloudways.

NameHero Uptime 

I have been monitoring the uptime of my website hosted on NameHero for the last 365 days. For this, I have used the BetterUptime tool that checks the uptime of my website every 30 seconds.

Last 12 months average uptime of Namehero hosting:

November 2022 99.99%
October 2022100%
September 2022100%
August 2022 99.99%
July 202299.90%
June 2022 100%
May 2022 100%
April 2022100%
March 202299.89%
February 202299.98%

Overall, the uptime has been a solid 99.98% in the last 365 days. Talking about the last 30 days, the uptime has been 100%, which is fantastic. Overall, I have no complaints about the uptime, and NameHero performs really well in this case.   

For unbeatable uptime, check out!

NameHero Load Handling

For testing the load handling capacity, I sent 50 virtual users from the US region over to my website hosted on NameHero. Let us look at the results. 

A total of 8411 requests were made on my website, and none of them resulted in failure. The response time was quite low at 220 ms and the peak requests touched 46.67, which is really impressive! 

Though there were some spikes in the response time, there were no major problems. Overall, NameHero handled the load quite efficiently!

NameHero Cache

Because they offer the Litespeed servers, you can use the Litespeed Cache plugin to manage cache on your website. However, it does not come installed by default. You need to install it manually. 

NameHero Data Centers 

NameHero hosting has 3 data centers in the United States and one data center in the Europe region. You get to choose between the US and the Europe data centers. 

Namehero Data Centers

But the US data centers are better in my experience. This is because when you select the Europe data centers, you only get the SSD storage. Whereas, on selecting the US data centers, you also get to see the plans with NVMe drives

NameHero Domains

NameHero functions as a domain registrar as well. So, you can also get a domain from the same platform and get your online journey started in no time! Following are the prices for domain registration of popular TLDs. 

TLDNew Domain Price

These prices are quite expensive as compared to the standard rates of these domain extensions. If you are looking to purchase a domain name, check out our list of best domain registrars. 

Free Domain

A free domain name is only available on purchasing the Turbo and Business Cloud plans of NameHero for 2 years.

Popular web hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostinger, and StableHost offer domains for free. NameHero has so many restrictions which I didn’t really find appreciable. 

NameHero Preview URL

If you want to test how your website appears without connecting your domain, you need a Preview URL. However, NameHero does not provide any such feature on its hosting plans. 

They suggest editing your host files in case you want to preview your website, which is not a convenient option. 

Hosting solutions like Hostinger, A2 Hosting, and FastComet offer preview URLs for your websites. 

NameHero SSL

On all the hosting plans of NameHero, you will find free Domain validated SSL Certificates. They are automatically installed on your websites via AutoSSL.

NameHero CDN

Namehero Cloudflare CDN

With NameHero hosting, you get the Cloudflare CDN, which is a powerful CDN. However, it doesn’t come pre-installed. You need to install it manually on your website. 

NameHero Backups

The Backup service is a little disappointing in NameHero. You get offsite backups created through the JetBackup service, which is good. However, you only get to see one backup that is stored for a single day. 

Namehero Backups

If you need to store your backups for longer durations, you need to pay $1.99 per month. For this additional charge, you get 5 GB of backup space and 30 days of extension to your backups

They also have another set of restrictions for taking the backups. For example, you can only be eligible for a backup if you have less than 100k inodes and under 20 GB disk space. 

This can be enabled through DropMySite service, but it would cost additional charges as well. 

NameHero Support 

NameHero offers 24/7 customer support in the following ways: Live chat, email ticket, and knowledge base. In my experience, their Live chat support was quick and helpful. 

Initially, their chat bot tries to answer your queries but you can also opt to talk to a person. I received replies in under 2 minutes, which was quite impressive. Their email support was also quite good. 

NameHero Knowledgebase

But what I liked the most was their knowledge base. It has lots of articles with detailed explanations for the ease of their users. As a result, I could rectify most of my queries from the knowledge base itself.  

NameHero Inode Count 

Talking about the inode count, you get a soft limit of 100k inodes and hard limit of 250k inodes on the Shared Hosting plans of NameHero. 

So, when you reach the 100k limit, you will receive a warning on your cPanel. And when you reach the 250k limit, your hosting account will be paused.

The inode count limit could’ve been higher. Where other hosting services like A2 Hosting offer inodes from 300k to 600k, I’m getting way lesser inodes on NameHero despite paying higher amounts. 

For unlimited inodes, check out!

NameHero Pricing 

If you need additional discounts, you can use my link to get NameHero hosting plans at the best possible prices. The discount coupon code will be automatically applied on my link. You can check that out!

Following are the current web hosting pricing if you select the US data centers. (On selecting the Europe data centers, you would get the SSD storage instead of NVMe storage.)

Starter CloudPlus CloudTurbo CloudBusiness Cloud
StorageUnlimited SSDUnlimited SSDUnlimited NVMeUnlimited NVMe
CPU Cores1234
Free DomainNoNoOn 24 or 36 monthsOn 24 or 36 months

NameHero Payment Options

The payment methods offered by NameHero include PayPal, Coinbase, and Stripe payments. Thus, all International debit and credit cards would work on Stripe. 

The good thing about this is that you can make more secure payments through Crypto platforms like Coinbase.

If you need Indian payment options, they are available on Bluehost and Hostinger.

NameHero Refund Policy

NameHero offers the standard 30 days refund policy. However, it excludes a setup fee of $8.95 for Shared or Reseller Hosting and $19.95 for VPS Hosting. I personally did not like the additional conditions on all their features.  

You can also check out Cloudways and A2 Hosting for a prorated refund policy!

NameHero Migrations

You get to see 15 cPanel to cPanel migrations on NameHero for free. However, if your previous web host used a different panel, there are no free migrations possible. 

You need to pay $35 for every hour of migration and $75 for additional hours. This is quite expensive! Other hosting solutions like A2 Hosting, StableHost, and Hostinger offer at least 1 free migration and with ChemiCloud, you get an insane 50 cPanel migrations!

NameHero Sitebuilder

You get the SitePad website builder with NameHero. 

SitePad Site Builder

It comes with an easy-to-use interface that supports drag and drop and 800+ professional website templates. Overall, this builder is friendly for beginners. 

NameHero Software

Namehero Software Support

Talking about the software support, NameHero offers some decent software for developers. This includes PHP 8.0, Perl, Python, and NodeJS.  

NameHero Security 

Namehero Security
  • 2FA: You can add an extra layer of security to your hosting by enabling Two Factor Authentication. With this feature, you will receive time-based codes on authenticator apps like Google authenticator or Duo while logging in to your account. 
  • SSL: All your domains and sub-domains are protected with free SSL certificates
  • ModSecurity: It is a web application firewall that blocks unauthorized login attempts on your account. It is optimized for CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, etc. 
  • Hotlink Protection: Users on the Internet might directly link to your websites and files in order to steal your bandwidth. Hotlink protection prevents this from happening.
  • IP Blocker: The IP Blocker lets you restrict certain IP addresses from accessing your website. 
  • SSH Access: With SSH access, you get remote access to your server so that you can modify it according to your preferences. 
  • Imunify360: This is a firewall and malware scanner tool and keeps your hosting servers secure from Brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, etc.

NameHero Pros

Good Speeds

You can experience lightning fast speeds in the US region. Whereas, the speeds decrease in the Indian region. This is because they have their data centers only in the US and Europe regions. 

Impressive Uptime

Over the period of the last 79 days, I received an appreciable uptime of 99.98% on my website hosted on NameHero. 

Efficient Load Handling

It handles load fairly well, with a low and stable response time, zero request failures, and minimum spikes in the response time.

cPanel Support

Similar to reputed web hosts like A2 Hosting, ChemiCloud, and FastComet, you get to see cPanel support on NameHero. This is the most trusted hosting panel out there. 

NameHero Cons

1-Day Backup

The backups created on NameHero are only stored for a day. If you need to increase the storage limit, you need to pay additional charges. 

Limited Servers

NameHero only has its data centers in the US and Europe regions. This results in slower speeds for the Indian audiences. I hope they establish their data centers in Asian regions like India or Singapore soon. 

Low Inode Count Limit

The inode count limit on the starter shared hosting plan of NameHero is merely 250k. This is much lower than other web hosts that offer anywhere between 300k to 600k on their hosting plans.  

Who Should Use NameHero?

NameHero hosting is a decent choice if your audience is from the US. However, it only stores a single day’s backups. So you can either store backups in a different location or pay additional amounts which would elevate its pricing higher. 

Therefore, I don’t find it a value for money option for me. They have limits and restrictions on everything, be it inodes, backups, migrations, etc.

Overall, if you are looking for an established player among the US audiences along with good support, NameHero would be a decent option to consider.  

You would find great discounts on its pricing in the Black Friday Sale. They aren’t offering much discount right now. So you can either prefer FastComet or ChemiCloud at the moment, or wait for the Black Friday sale when its pricing will reduce!

NameHero Alternatives

FastComet is a popular hosting provider that comes with a good uptime, fast and helpful customer support team, and efficient load handling capacities.

The only downside of FastComet hosting is its low storage space allocation. For instance, you only get 25 GB of SSD space on the FastCloud Plus hosting plan.

Its pricing plans start from $2.95/month!

ChemiCloud hosting is an apt alternative to NameHero. It offers swift speeds, excellent customer service, impressive uptime, and efficient load handling along with an attractive UI and easy-to-use site builder.

It also offers 50 free cPanel migrations and 10 non-cPanel migrations for free! However, you can only get their best price by opting for the 3 years plan.

Their pricing plans begin from $3.95/month! 

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting providers in budget. It comes with an intuitive interface, fast speeds, Indian payment options, and good security features.

This hosting is ideal for beginners. However, you might get to experience a slow customer support. The pricing plans of Hostinger start from super affordable rates of ₹79/month

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Overall, NameHero looks like a decent cloud hosting platform to consider for US-based audiences. It offers good speeds, uptime, load handling, and customer support. However, for backups, migrations, inode count, or data centers, it did not impress me as much. 

They charge additional amounts for features that other hosts provide free of cost. Thus, I do not find it totally value for money in my experience. You can definitely give it a try. For additional discounts, you can use my links. 

Anyway, which web hosting are you currently using? Would you consider switching to NameHero? Let me know your views in the comments box below. 

Hope you found this review article helpful. You can sign up to my weekly newsletter to stay updated with my latest YouTube videos, blog posts, and discounts running on digital products. 

This is Kripesh signing off. Take care and keep learning!   


Is NameHero good for beginners?

NameHero comprises all the features for being considered as a beginner friendly hosting. It offers an intuitive and attractive interface that a newbie can easily operate.
However, this hosting is recommended for those users who receive an audience majorly from the US.  

Is NameHero good for beginners?

NameHero comprises all the features for being considered as a beginner friendly hosting. It offers an intuitive and attractive interface that a newbie can easily operate.
However, this hosting is recommended for those users who receive an audience majorly from the US.  

Is NameHero’s customer support any good?

Yes, NameHero offers fast and helpful customer support on the Live chat and email. They have built their knowledge base really well, so you can get most of your troubles resolved from there itself. 

Does NameHero have a free trial?

Unfortunately, NameHero does not have a free trial. It offers a 30-days’ refund policy, though.

Is Namehero hosting good for e-commerce sites?

The Turbo Cloud plan of NameHero looks like the right option for hosting an ecommerce site. It comes with 3 GB RAM, 500k inodes, unlimited monthly bandwidth and NVMe storage, and the ability to handle 500k unique visitors per month, which is good for an online store.

 Namehero Pros (+)

  • Good Speeds
  • Impressive Uptime
  • Efficient Load Handling
  • cPanel Support

 Namehero Cons (-)

  • 1-Day Backup
  • Limited Servers
  • Low Inode Count Limit
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