Frase Review [2024] – After Using For 6 Months

Frase is a tool that helps you create SEO Optimized content by finding the right keywords and questions for your article.

I’m using Frase for over 6 months now and created 100+ documents with it.

After personally using Frase for over 6 months, and creating 100+ documents with it, I’m here with the Frase Review for 2024.

Research-backed questions generated by Frase was one of the standout features for me.

In this Review, I’ll be talking about the powerful features of Frase, as well as some areas where it needs improvement.

By the end of this article you’ll also learn how to use it to create better content and rank your articles.

Frase and MarketMuse are 2 such tools that I’ve used for article optimization. Let’s talk about Frase in this one as it also comes with better affordable pricing.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get started with our Frase Review!

Frase Review

Kripesh Adwani

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Keyword Research
Ease Of Use


Frase is a Great Tool to Optimize Content with relevant topics and keywords in 2024. It can work for bloggers and content writers.


In this article, we will discuss

So, with no further ado, let us dive straight into our review. 

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Frase Video Review

For those who like to watch videos can watch this video. It’s a Frase Review Video of 2020 in Hindi language with English subtitles.

What is Frase?

Frase is a startup that began in 2016 and has its headquarters in Boston, United States

Frase is an advanced SEO tool powered by Artificial Intelligence, that can create SEO focused content in no time!

It can also generate and optimize relevant answers to the questions your target audience is asking! 

frase review


Frase is a powerful content research tool and is expected to see favourable growth in the coming years!

How does it work?

Frase is one of the first SEO tools working on AI. It makes use of Machine Learning Techniques and Natural Language Processing to interpret, understand, and learn the content from the web. 

This enables it to generate relevant content summaries with high efficiency. 

So, when you search for a keyword on Frase, say, ‘Digital Marketing’, it scans the Internet and:

  • Finds topics and questions that are most relevant to your keyword
  • Generates article summaries
  • Creates detailed content briefs
  • Highlights the statistics noted in different articles

This information is very insightful when you need to research and create or curate content for your website.


Frase is packed with some truly exceptional features that not only save your time but also help you create beautiful, detailed, and SEO focussed content. Let us go through its major features in this Frase Review.

1. Questions and Topics Research 

If you are a content creator or a content strategist, you know the struggle of performing keyword and topic research! It’s a very tiring process that sometimes takes hours!

Frase comes as the savior in this situation. With Frase, you can truly automate the research process.

It helps you understand what questions your audience is asking, so you can create better articles answering those questions.

This feature is also helpful if you wish to add an FAQ schema in your article. Let’s see how it works.

As you type in your keyword, Frase generates a list of relevant questions compiled from various sources like People Also Ask column, Quora, Reddit, Search Autocomplete Results, etc. 

frase question research

What’s interesting to note is that alongside the list of questions, it also mentions the sources of the questions and the monthly search volume of that keyword. 

I personally use Frase Question Ideas a lot for my articles.

It’s an effective tool to identify the keywords in demand!

You can select multiple questions you find suitable and create a document. You can also save them to edit later or start editing by using the buttons available beside the questions.

frase export to excel

The Excel button on the top right downloads all the topics’ data in an excel file. I found this very convenient to save all the keywords together. It’s always good to have export options.

2. AI-Generated Content Briefs

If you are a professional company, it is important to follow a brief while drafting your articles. Frase makes it easy to design content briefs in less than 2 minutes! Sounds unbelievable, right?

frase create content brief

Frase makes this possible! It includes lots of factors in your content brief like:

  • Overview
  • People Also Ask section
  • SERP
  • Topic Clusters
  • Top 20 topics
  • Headers
  • Questions
  • Statistics and
  • External Links

Frase gives you the option to create your brief by adding sections as per your preference or by automating the content brief. I just love this feature!

Unlike MarketMuse here you can create unlimited content briefs.

frase automatic content brief

All you need to do is click on the ‘Workflows’ tab and select ‘Automate Content Brief‘.

Next, you can select all the sections and hit the ‘Insert Brief into Editor’ button.

frase export content brief

After all the information is added, you might click on Export and send this brief to your content writers as an editable/read-only link, PDF, or plain text. Easy peasy! Task completed in just 2 minutes!

3. Content Optimization

With Frase, you can create fresh SEO focused content. But what’s more interesting is that you can also optimize your published content for a specific keyword! 

So, if I wish to optimize a published article on my website, then all I need to do is type in a keyword and then enter the URL of the content. This will import it into the Editor. 

frase import from url

Then, it will compare my article with the top 20 ranked results on Google and suggest me edits for improvement like 

  • Average word count
  • Number of times a keyword should be mentioned
  • Extra topics that can be included, etc. 

Your topic score increases as you keep on making the suggested edits. This helps your content to shine out of the rest and increases your odds of ranking #1 on Google Search! 

I run my article in content optimization tool after writing it. It helps me fill the content gap and cover all the topis.

4. Frase Answer Engine

Frase’s Answer Engine is the first AI-based Chatbot. It crawls your website to interpret and learn content. Then, it generates an intelligent knowledge base to answer all users’ queries! 

It is very easy to set up the Frase Answer Assistant on any of your websites. 

frase setup website crawl

After you click on the Answers tab, you can specify a website crawl (URL), and then click on Extract Pages.

Then, you can tweak the appearance and other settings of your assistant from the ‘Assistants’ tab. 

frase AI chatbot settings

The last step is to add a line of code in the header section of your website, HTML. This would connect the site and the chatbot together. The icon would be available on our website page.

frase chatbot working

Now, if any user asks a question to our bot, it would show them the relevant results fetched from our blog posts. 

Customer Support

The Customer Support of Frase is decent. They provide Email and Live chat support to their users. The email replies arrive within 1 business day. (I received a response within 10 hours!)

Their live chat support is available Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. (EST).

frase support

They also have their Help Center, which features short and crisp articles covering all the important topics. But their knowledge base is quite limited as of now. I hope they work on enhancing it soon. 

frase webinar

Another exciting feature is their Weekly Live Product Demo. Anyone can register for their webinar to get a tour of their products – Frase Content and Frase Answers. 

They also share various tips and tricks to use their platform so you can grow your search rankings and increase organic traffic.

Frase Tutorials

Frase wins when it comes to user-friendliness. It provides you educational videos and detailed guides on how to use Frase to the fullest.

frase tutorials

You can find informative videos on some major topics like

  • Learning the basics of Frase
  • Creating content briefs automatically or using templates
  • Optimizing your content, and more!

I found this feature super helpful in understanding the functionality of Frase SEO tool.

Frase Pricing 

Frase offers three plans: Basic, Growth, and Enterprise.

frase pricing

Check Frase Pricing here.

1. Basic Plan

  • Costs $45/month
  • For Single user only
  • Lets you create or curate 30 Documents per month
  • Allows 250 users to engage with Answer Assistant per month
  • Basic Integrations include Google Search Console

2. Growth Plan

  • Costs $120/month
  • For 3 Users
  • Lets you create or curate unlimited documents per month
  • Allows 250 users to engage with Answer Assistant per month
  • Advanced Integrations include HubSpot CRM and Google Docs (coming soon)

3. Enterprise Plan

  • Allows a custom pricing
  • For Users
  • Lets you create or curate unlimited documents per month
  • Allows 250 users to engage with Answer Assistant per month
  • Provides premium support

Frase does not have a free version, but it offers a Free Trial with all its paid plans.

The Free Trial allows you to:

  • Create or optimize 5 documents in total
  • Research unlimited questions
  • Crawl through Google search console once 
  • Test one answer engine for 30 days

I think this is a pretty good deal for a free trial! You can test out all the major features of Frase and then decide if it is worth purchasing.


I found Frase to be an innovative and intelligent SEO tool. It offers some advanced and impressive features at standard rates! 

With Frase, you can: 

1. Research

Create well researched and organized topic briefs within minutes!
You can curate, create, and optimize your content, and boost your search engine rankings.

2. Fill Content Gaps

Identify and fix topic gaps in your content.

3. Save Time

Save a chunk of time spent researching content from multiple sources

4. Easy To Use Interface

Enjoy a super-simple and easy-to-use interface.

5. Tutorials

Get detailed video tutorials on how to use Frase efficiently.

6. Unlimited Documents

With Frase Growth plan you can go with unlimited documents and queries. This thing really makes Frase stand out. As other Frase Alternatives such as MarketMuse limit the queries and are expensive too.


Though Frase is a revolutionary tool, it has some minor flaws. As it is new to the market compared to other SEO tools, it naturally requires some improvements. 

As per my experience, these are the major cons:

1) Poor AI Assistant

AI Assistant is not the best. It just sends the link of your articles. I was expecting a lot more from the AI Assistant

2) No Mobile App

It doesn’t feature any mobile and desktop applications as of now. You can only access it in the web version.

3) Accuracy

Though Frase is a good tool and I also use it but compared to other tools such as MarketMuse it does lack accuracy in keywords suggestions sometimes. It’s a good tool but when you compare then you’ll feel it does lack.

Should you use Frase?

Frase, for sure, is a steal deal! Frase is a fantastic digital tool for anyone whose work revolves around content. 

It works like a magic wand for content writers, copywriters, content strategists, marketing agencies, bloggers, etc, and helps curate relevant SEO based content briefs and FAQ schemas in no time!

YouTubers, Podcasters, etc can also make use of Frase to research relevant content and questions their target audience is asking and then create better content. 


I personally use Frase for Researching my content on blog & YouTube, Optimizing articles with relevant topics and the question suggestion is just awesome. Saves a lot of time for me.

Though it does come with some cons. That’s why I do use other tools alongside Frase like MarketMuse. Since Frase doesn’t restrict on queries so I use Frase for everything I produce content on.

I hope you enjoyed reading this detailed Frase review article. I would be glad if this information helps you decide if Frase is the right tool for you! 

If you have used Frase before, let me know your experiences with it in the comments section below.

To get updates about more such interesting content, do not forget to subscribe to my Newsletter. This is Kripesh signing off! Take care and keep learning, you guys! See you in the next article!

frase io

 Frase Pros (+)

  • Research
  • Fill Content Gaps
  • Save Time
  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Good Tutorials

 Frase Cons (-)

  • Poor AI Assistant
  • No Mobile App
  • Accuracy Issues
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Kripesh Adwani

Kripesh Adwani is a digital tool expert who buys, tests, and reviews SAAS tools for small businesses. Based on 10+ years of experience in tech he provides insightful reviews. His content is widely consumed, serving millions of users each month. Kripesh has also been featured in more than 50 publications, including The Economic Times, The Free Press Journal & Cloudways.

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  1. They do NOT have a “Create or optimize 5 documents in total” … it’s just 2 and the credits don’t recycle. Better off with the many alternatives.


    Read reviews from customers:

    For myself: they ban me after 6 months of use because I paid yearly for the “unlimited plan” …. this plan is now removed and limited to 4000 words …. a scam !! They find escuse and ban everybody with a unlimited old plan …. stop with this scam company ( and support is zero too ….)


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