Dubox Cloud Storage Review – 1 TB Free Cloud Storage Reality

The Cloud Storage market is booming right now!

You must have noticed many popular digital companies venturing into cloud services, and even new players arriving with some really exciting offers!

One such newbie attracting a lot of attention is Dubox Cloud Storage, who is offering a massive 1 TB of cloud space FOR FREE! Can you believe that? Oh, even I couldn’t!

That is exactly why I decided to test it out and today I’m here with the Dubox Cloud Storage Review!

In this review article, we will dive deeper and discover the interesting features of Dubox, its Pros and Cons, and if it is worth using!

Want to know what is the master-plan of Dubox Storage? What are its motives behind offering such a gigantic cloud space for free? Is it genuine? Or is it a scam?

Let’s stop wondering and get started with it already!

dubox free 1 tb cloud storage

Dubox Cloud Storage Review

Kripesh Adwani

User Interface
Free Space

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Dubox Cloud Storage Review 

For those who love video format can watch this Dubox Review Video in Hindi


1) 1 TB Free Space

This is the biggest reason Dubox attracts so many people! They are providing a massive 1 TB space, completely free.

However, there is a catch! Keep reading to know more!

2) Basic Sharing Options

Dubox gives you the facility to share your data with others through links.

dubox sharing options

While sharing any content with others, you can set the link validity of 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days, after which the link will expire.

3) Automatic Backups

You can automatically back up your image files using the Dubox Mobile app. 

dubox automatic backups

Choose the albums you wish to back up and it will automatically keep on updating the backup as new images are added to your selected folders.

4) Decent UI

I found the user interface of Dubox to be very decent, simple, and easy to use! 

5) Good Speed 

I used Dubox for quite some time and did not face any issues with uploading data.


The speed is quite good, to be honest! 


1) Origin

Dubox company comes from PopIn, which is a company owned by Baidu. Well, if you’re not aware, Baidu is a Chinese search engine. 

Hmm, if this is the case, then it wouldn’t be wrong to call Dubox a Chinese company. And we should stay miles away from Chinese companies. 

2) Privacy Policy

If we look over the Privacy Policy of Dubox, we can see that it collects an awful lot of its user’s information. 

dubox privacy policy

Though it also provides proper reasons for collecting all that data! Our primary area of concern is User Material.

User Material is all the data (photos, videos, audios, files, documents, etc) that you upload here. They state that all the uploaded user material will be shared with 3rd party affiliate companies. Now, that’s really really risky!

3) Data Centers

They have mentioned in their Privacy Policy that their data centers are in Hong Kong and China. All of their users’ data is stored on these servers.

dubox server location

Do you know that having data centers in China is a hundred times more dangerous than having them in the USA? Chinese data centers are the worst!

UPDATE – Now their privacy policy states that data center is in Japan.

4) Baidu – History and Strategy

If you dive deeper into the history of Baidu, you will come across Baidu Netdisk, a Cloud Storage launched in 2012 for Chinese users.

Its strategy was to attract many users by offering 1 to 2 TB of free cloud storage with an unlimited upload and download!

Fast forward to a few years later, they launched the paid plans of Netdisk and reduced the download speeds to just 50kbps!

Now, imagine if you had uploaded a few hundred GBs of your valuable data on Dubox, assuming it to be a free service, and suddenly their paid plans drop in! 

How would you download your hundreds of GBs of data at the terribly slow speeds of 50kbps? 

Imagine paying your hard-earned money to get your own data back from a service that was completely free! Wouldn’t you feel cheated? We call this strategy ‘Kidnapping Sales’ in the digital world, and Baidu received a lot of criticism for its sly moves. 

I believe that they are trying to implement the same strategy worldwide through Dubox now!

5) Unprofessional Website and Mobile App

If you belong to the digital world, you know that all professional websites need to follow certain basic guidelines, right? 

Guess what? The homepage of Dubox doesn’t contain an ‘About’ section, ‘Blog’ section, ‘Team’ section, or even a ‘Customer Support’ section! 

dubox website

What kind of professional website doesn’t invest any time and effort in creating these important pages? These are must-haves for a professional website!

But wait, I’m not done yet. What raises their bar of unprofessional behaviour is mentioning a Gmail ID for collecting feedback on their homepage! 

dubox homepage

Even beginner bloggers know how to create a Business email these days. Dubox claims to be such a reputed company, offering 1 TB of free space, and they can’t even get a professional email ID? I don’t believe this!

I also used their Android app for a while and found some grammatical mistakes here and there. 

dubox app

Clearly, their app and website really need polishing as of now! 

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Should You Use Dubox?

If you ask me, Dubox Cloud Storage is a BIG NO! I would never recommend it to anyone. It has some advantages, but the list of its drawbacks is literally endless! 

I suggest you not fall for free storage, and that too provided by a Chinese company! 1 TB of free storage might cost your entire online privacy soon! 

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I agree that the other more trusted companies (like Google) don’t provide that much free space, but at least your important data is in safe hands.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t use Dubox. The rest is up to you.

I really feel like our government should have banned these free Chinese Cloud storage and VPNs before putting restrictions on games like PUBG! These are more dangerous for our privacy compared to any online game! 

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