Top 9 AI Music Generators to Try in 2024 – The Future of Music is Here

AI technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. From AI writers and image generators to AI-powered website builders and voice generators, they have completely revolutionized the digital landscape.

Now, with the advent of AI Music Generators, this cutting-edge technology is making its way into the music industry. And today, we are going to have a closer look at the potential of these tools!

In this article on the Best AI Music Generators, we will begin by understanding what AI Music Generators are. Then we will reveal our curated list of the 9 Best AI Music Generators we found after thorough testing and research.

So are you ready to discover some cool and trendy AI music-generation tools? Let’s dive right into it! 

What are AI Music Generators?

AI music generators are revolutionary tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create new music and melodies from existing music.

What are AI Music Generators

They are trained on extensive amounts of soundtracks and musical data to learn the intricacies of music. These include details like patterns, beats, melodies, harmonies, instruments, etc. Then, they are provided with lyrics or AI prompts to generate a completely new music or song.

9 Best AI Music Generators for 2024 (Tabular Data)

Tool NameTypeFree DownloadsPricing
Suno AISong GeneratorYesFree (50 credits/day), Paid plans start from $8/mo (2.5k credits).
SongRSong GeneratorYesFree
Soundraw.ioMusic GeneratorNoFree plan, Paid plans start from $16.99/mo.
Splash ProMusic GeneratorYesFree plan, Paid plans start from $8/mo.
RiffusionSong GeneratorYesFree
MusicGenMusic GeneratorYesN.A. 
BeatovenMusic GeneratorNoFree trial, Paid plans start from ₹299/mo.
MubertMusic GeneratorYesFree plan, Paid plans start from $11.69/mo.
LoudlyMusic GeneratorYes (1 on free)Free plan, Paid plans start from $5.99/month

9 Best AI Music Generators for 2024

1) Suno AIBest AI Song Generator

Suno AI is a unique music-creation tool that was previously known as Bark. Back then, it was only able to produce speech. But now, with the latest innovations, it can generate full-fledged songs within seconds!

Suno AI - song generation prompt

To get started with it, you need to log in with your Google, Microsoft, or Discord account. Next, you can input your song description by providing it with the style and topic you want to create a song on. In seconds, it generates 2 songs with vocals, background music, and instruments!

For example, here’s a song it generated on the prompt – “A sad song about a broken toy”.

I totally loved the lyrics and the vocals that it generated. It sounded like an actual song sung by a professional artist! The user interface of Suno AI is pretty modern and friendly too!

The free plan of Suno AI gives you 50 credits/day. Each song consumes 5 credits, which means you can generate 10 songs on the free plan. However, you cannot specify the number of outputs you wish to generate. It produces 2 outputs by default.

Finally, your songs can be easily shared with others via links or downloaded as audio or video files. Overall, Suno AI is a really impressive tool for song generation. It can be used for everything, from entertainment to social media, content creation, and professional songs.

Pricing: The free plan of Suno AI offers 50 credits/day. Its paid plans start from $8/month (2.5k credits).

2) SongRFor Creative AI Lyrics and Songs

SongR is an innovative text-to-song transformation platform powered by AI. It helps you generate fully customized songs with no prior music experience. SongR works in 3 steps.

First, it requests you to choose a music genre from Pop, Hip-Hop, Piano Rock, Children, etc. Then, you can enter a few keywords for your song. Next, it requests you to choose your preferred AI voice from 3 voices in their library.

SongR categories

Within seconds, it generates complete AI song lyrics that you can edit if you want. You can also paste your lyrics if you have them. Finally, it converts the lyrics into a full-fledged 1-minute song in your chosen AI voice.

Along with that, it also includes background music, instruments, etc, to add finishing touches to your song. For example, here’s a beautiful song generated in the Children’s genre with the keyword “Tooth fairy”.

I loved the lyrics, the melodious song, and the audio quality offered by SongR. You can also download or share your generated track for free. However, there are no options for previewing the voice before song generation.

SongR also lets you generate music from images. But it’s not very polished. Overall, if you’re a music producer, lyricist, content creator, or just a music enthusiast, it’s an absolutely killer platform to try out!

Pricing: Currently, SongR is in its Beta testing stage. So, it’s completely free to use with no usage restrictions. It also doesn’t require you to register with a free account.

3) – For High Quality Background Music

Soundraw is a renowned AI music generation platform that’s been talked about a lot lately. It doesn’t generate music via prompts but lets you choose your preferred settings to generate relevant tracks.

Soundraw genres

It lets you choose any length between 10 seconds to 5 minutes. Next, you can set a tempo between slow, normal, and fast for your soundtrack. It features 25 genres of music, like Pop, Tropical House, R&B, Trap, Latin, Electronica, Christmas, etc to choose from.

Finally, you can select different instruments to pair with your music, like piano, electrical guitar, synth, keyboard, strings, etc. Once you’ve made all your choices, it generates up to 15 soundtracks.

Besides each track, you can check out the BPM, themes included, and the length of the music. If you want, you can also generate more tracks.

Soundraw mixer settings

What’s interesting is that you also get an audio mixer with the generated tracks. So, you can decrease or increase the intensity of melody, backing, bass, and drums in your music. Once you like a track, you can share it via links. It doesn’t let you download the tracks for free.

For instance, I generated this sample track in the ‘Techno and Trance’ genre, with a ‘Suspense’ mood and the ‘Drama’ theme. I set the tempo to Fast and included instruments like Electric Guitar and Piano.

I loved the quality and versatile collection of music tracks for different genres in Soundraw. The speed of AI music generation is pretty excellent too!

Pricing: You get a free plan to generate as many music tracks as you like. However, downloads are not available on the free plan. Its paid plans start from $16.99/month. 

4) Splash Pro

Splash Pro is an AI Music Maker where you can create unique royalty-free music. To get started, all you have to do is enter a prompt to describe the music you need. Then, you can select the BPM, key, and mode. 

Splash Pro - AI music generation

It generates one 40-second track along with a few 10-second samples. You can choose which one you want to convert into a full AI-generated song. For example, here’s a song I generated with the prompt “a fast-paced workout song for gym enthusiasts”.

Overall, I was highly impressed with the melodies generated by Splash Pro. They were super relevant and aligned with the text prompt. You can share your generated song via links, Twitter, or download it as an MP3, MP4, WAV, or ZIP file.

It also has an AI voice training feature. Here. you can upload audio between 5 seconds to 5 minutes and choose a male, female, or rap AI voice. It implements the voice on top of your music track, but I didn’t find it relevant. It needs a lot of improvement right now.

The free plan allows you to create unlimited songs up to 60 seconds. You get to train 1 custom AI voice along with standard-quality music downloads. Overall, if you need background music for your videos, presentations, vlogs, game development, etc, you can try Splash Pro.

Pricing: The free plan of Splash Pro lets you generate unlimited songs up to 60 seconds. Its paid plans start from $8/month, where you get to generate unlimited songs up to 120 seconds.

5) Riffusion

Riffusion is an innovative neural network that generates music using images of sounds. To get started with this tool, you need to enter your song lyrics. It allows you to enter your lyrics, generate them with AI, and even record them. It recommends using 5-20 words in your lyrics.

Riffusion song generation

Next, you can also describe the sound by providing a genre, vocal style, vibe, etc. If you’re stuck, you can also get help from its prompt genius tool. Riffusion analyzes your lyrics and generates vocals and background music for your lyrics.

For example, here are the results when I generated a song for the lyrics: “Cause you’re a sky full of stars. I’m gonna give you my heart.” I also described the sound as a “romantic, ballad, peaceful vibe”.

It generated 3 different versions of the song, along with appropriate AI images and song names. I loved all the three versions. However, you have little control over the AI voice. If you like the AI-generated song, you can download it as an audio or video file or share it via links.

Overall, if you’re a lyricist or a writer who always dreamed of composing songs, Riffusion could be your golden ticket! It could convert any piece of lyric into a pleasant and catchy song!

Pricing: Riffusion is an open-source tool available free of cost to everyone.

6) MusicGen

MusicGen is an audio generation model developed by Meta specifically aimed at creating AI music. It is trained on an enormous amount of stock music catalogs to generate a large variety of musical content.

MusicGen music generation prompt

To get started, you can simply enter a prompt for the music you wish to generate. Ensure to include details like the instrument, tempo, and use case. For instance, here’s the music generated by MusicGen for: “A fast-paced party song for a YouTube vlog using drums, strings, and electric guitar.”

You can also provide it with a sample audio with your prompt. It’ll follow both of them to generate more refined results!

For instance, I uploaded the Harry Potter theme song and supplied the prompt “Harry Potter theme song with Indian instruments like harmonium, flute, and sitar”. Let’s check out the results.

The best part about MusicGen is that you don’t need to sign up on this platform to create music. It allows unlimited music generation up to 15 seconds. If you like a generated track, you can download it as a WAV file.

Pricing: MusicGen is released as an open-source tool by Meta. Thus, it’s completely free to use as of now.

7) Beatoven

Beatoven is a royalty-free music generation platform that helps you create music for your videos and podcasts. To get started, you need to provide a prompt describing the duration, vibe, era, and occasion for your music track. You can also generate AI prompts and customize them.

Beatoven AI prompt

It generates a main track and 4 alternate tracks for you to choose from. The audio editing dashboard lets you edit the genre, tempo, and instruments used on the track. It also lets you assign an emotion like sad, scary, dreamy, motivational, etc to a specific part of your track.

Beatoven AI music editing

I loved the results generated by Beatoven AI. The soundtracks were quite aligned with the AI prompts. I liked how it introduced Indian instruments in the music when I entered the keyword “Bollywood music” in the prompt.

The free plan of Beatoven AI lets you generate unlimited tracks. But you’re not allowed to download or share them for free. Overall, if you need high-quality background music tracks for your projects, Beethoven is the ideal choice!

Pricing: On the free plan of Beatoven AI, you can generate unlimited tracks. Its paid plans start from ₹299/month for 15 mins of monthly downloads. 

8) Mubert

Mubert is an AI-powered tool that helps you create royalty-free music instantly. You can either generate new music from scratch or search for music by referencing a YouTube video. It lets you generate tracks, loops, mixes, and jingles.

Mubert AI music generation

For generating a fresh song on Mubert, you can enter a prompt or an image with a song duration. You can also select your preferred genres, moods, and activities to get relevant AI music tracks. Based on the selected parameters, it creates a new soundtrack for you.

The Text-to-music tool was pretty decent. It generated somewhat relevant music. Check out this soundtrack generated for the prompt “Fast-paced workout song for gym”.

I liked the Search by Reference tool. It aptly recognized the vibe, instruments, and style of the music to suggest similar tracks. But the Image to Music feature needs improvement in my experience.

The free plan of Mubert AI lets you generate 25 soundtracks every month. However, it also includes the audio branding on Mubert on free tracks, which is quite distracting. To download your generated tracks, you need to connect your YouTube channel with it.

Overall, if you need background music for your presentations, projects, social media content, etc, Mubert could be an interesting tool for you.

Pricing: The free plan lets you generate 25 soundtracks per month. The paid plans of Mubert start from $11.69/month. It lets you generate 500 tracks/month.

9) Loudly

Loudly is an AI music platform specifically focused on creators. With this unique platform, you can create and customize music tracks as per your needs. It features both text-to-music generator and AI music generator tools. 

Loudly AI music generation

To begin, you can use the Text to Music generator to enter your prompt. It produces 3 different tracks of 30 seconds each for you. You can check out this sample audio for the soundtrack generated for “AI robots capturing the Earth”.

Next, you can make further customizations in the editor. It features multiple genres like Techno, House, Hip Hop, EDM, Synthwave, and more. You can also select the instruments, energy, structure, tempo, and key according to your preferences.

It generates a few 30-second tracks with your selected choices. If you want to customize it, you can visit the Music Studio and remix it with a different genre or tweak other settings like radio, destroy, master punch, space, etc.

Loudly AI music generation

The free plan of Loudly lets you generate 25 AI songs per month with a 30-second limit. Along with that, you get 1 download per month. Overall, if you need fresh and unique background music for your projects, you can check out Loudly! It’s a great platform for exploring new music ideas.

Pricing: With the free plan of Loudly, you can generate 25 AI songs every month with a 30-second limit and 1 download. The paid plans of Loudly start from $5.99/month. Here, you get 300 AI song generations with a 210-second limit and 300 downloads.

Advantages of AI Music Generators

Wondering why you should opt for AI music generators instead of hiring human composers? Well, there are several advantages. Let’s discuss them below. 

Advantages of AI Music Generators

Advantages of AI Music Generators

1) Saves Time

Human composers may take days or even weeks to generate a piece of music. However, with AI music generators, the whole process of creating a song or soundtrack is reduced to merely a few minutes. This helps you save a chunk of time and move on to the next steps.

2) Improves Efficiency

When it comes to human composers, there’s a lot of back and forth involved when generating music. You need to get the person to redo the entire track if a specific part of the track sounds off. Additionally, a human voice may not be perfect all the time.

With AI music generators, you get the same crisp and clear voice every single time. If there are any revisions, you can get them done within minutes!

3) More Versatility

Where human composers are quite limited in their styles, AI music generators can be trained to generate music in a range of styles. Whether it’s jazz, pop, hip-hop, or blues, all kinds of music are right at your fingertips!

4) Enhances Creativity

If you’re a composer looking for fresh and unique ideas for your next song, AI music generators can be extremely helpful.

You can experiment with different prompts and styles to generate tonnes of creative tunes for inspiration. You can also experiment with AI lyrics to get some interesting ideas.

Testing Parameters

For this review, I surfed the web to find dozens of AI music generators trending in the market. Then, I signed up for all of them and tested their key features.

I tested different categories of tools, including AI background music generators, AI song generators, and AI text-to-music generators. After thoroughly testing all of these tools, I finally picked the 9 Best AI Music Generators!

Why Should You Trust Me?

I have been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In all these years, I’ve used and tested hundreds of paid and free AI tools, including AI website builders, AI video generators, AI writers, AI logo generators, AI domain name generators, and more.

I’ve also spent weeks researching and thoroughly testing all the above AI voice generators on a lot of factors before including them in this post. Experimenting with all these tools has given me immense experience and expertise to recommend the best ones for your requirements.


In this article, we discussed the Best AI Music Generators along with their diverse benefits. I loved using Suno AI, Beatoven, and SongR the most. I hope the AI music generators covered in this article will help you create some unique and fresh music for your projects. 

If you’re a creator or a freelancer, you can also check out our curated lists of AI Voice Generators, AI Voice Changers, AI Video Generators, etc. Which was your favorite tool from our list? Do you have any other tools to add to it? Do share in the comments section below. 

Anyway, this is Kripesh taking your leave. I’ll be back with more interesting articles soon. Cheers, and keep learning. 🙂


1) Who is AI Music For?

AI music is for anyone whose work revolves around music. This includes music composers, singers, lyricists, game developers, content creators, music enthusiasts, etc. 

2) Can AI Really Create Music?

Yes, AI music generators are trained on large amounts of musical data. Based on those soundtracks, they can generate completely new and original music.

3) Can AI music generators compose music in specific genres or styles?

Yes, some AI music generators allow you to specify a genre, theme, or mood for your desired AI music track.

4) What are the challenges of using AI music generators in the music industry?

The biggest challenge of using AI music generators is that AI can use anyone’s voice and create a song that’s indistinguishable from the original voice. This is a big threat to human artists.  

5) What are the user-friendly AI music generators for non-technical users?

Suno AI and Beatoven AI are two of the best AI music generator with a modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. It is friendly for beginners and non-technical users as well.  

6) Can AI music generators replace human composers?

Unfortunately, AI music generators cannot replace human musician the long run. Humans bring originality to the table, whereas AI only creates something new out of existing music. 
Besides, humans can also add emotions and a personal touch to the music, which is lacking with AI music generators. 

7) Can AI-generated music be copyrighted?

The existing copyright laws only protect music created by humans. Thus, there are no laws implemented for copyrighting AI-generated music. But if a human takes the help of AI in creating music, they may copyright the composition. 

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