9 Best SEO Conferences (2024) – Top Must-Attend SEO Conferences for the Best Audience

In this rapidly advancing digital realm, it is paramount to stay ahead of the curve in the SEO field.

Whether you are a solopreneur, a business owner, or new to the digital arena, you must keep up with the latest trends, techniques, and changes regarding SEO from industry experts. Otherwise, you may fall behind in the SEO realm, leading to significant losses in your profit margin.

This is when SEO conferences come into play. Attending these events allows you to learn from the brightest minds in the SEO industry, acquire current data about SEO algorithm updates, network with other SEO professionals, etc.

Therefore, SEO conferences being a lucrative investment, we have crafted a list of the best SEO Conferences in 2023. This article will detail some of the best SEO conferences, their highlighted topics, and the venue and ticket price.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive into our article.

What is an SEO Conference?

An SEO conference refers to the assembly of professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss and share actionable insights about the latest trends, strategies, and best practices regarding SEO.

SEO conferences typically feature several acts. This includes keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and breakout sessions on specific SEO topics and allows networking opportunities among the professionals. 

Why Should You Attend SEO Conferences?

SEO conferences can serve as the primary source for anyone who wants to obtain expertise in SEO. Here are some of the major reasons to attend SEO conferences:

Learn from the Industry Experts

SEO conferences usually feature the best minds and leaders in the SEO field. These professionals share insights on SEO through practical workshops and sessions. These topics include what is working in SEO today, the latest SEO algorithm updates, and best practices to rank your content. 

Thus, attendees get the opportunity to expand their SEO knowledge and build strategies for better optimization.

SEO is an ever-changing field and search engines like Google frequently change algorithm rules. Typically, SEO conferences feature SEO experts addressing emerging algorithm updates and SEO campaigns to cope with the new SEO rules.

Networking Opportunities

Conferences draw together several SEO wizards, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and market influencers. This opens up a huge opportunity for the attendees to connect with other SEO professionals and market leaders to build a strong network.

Best SEO Conferences 2024

Discover the 9 Best SEO Conferences in 2024! Get cutting-edge SEO strategies & insights from the best in the business.

If you are after a list consisting of all the information regarding SEO conferences in 2023, it’s ready for you, as promised. Here you go.

MnSearch Summit To be announcedSEO, PPC, and local searchSt. Paul, MN, USA MnSearch Summit 
Growth Marketing Summit 2024June 19, 2024latest trends and strategies in SEO, growth marketing, marketing, customer growth, stakeholder management, and data-driven copywriting.Old Opera – Frankfurt am Main, GermanyGrowth Marketing Summit
MozCon 2024 June 3 & 4, 2024Latest SEO algorithm updates, ranking factors, ChatGPT, E-E-A-T, Digital marketing Seattle, WA, USA MozCon 
Engage Conference 2024October 17-18, 2024 Technological advances in marketing, social, UX design, SEO, Digital marketing strategyPortland, Oregon, USA semPDX
Digital Summit 2024February 26-27;March 13-14;August 14-15 Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, and social mediaUSA Digital Summit 
DMO Advanced To be announcedSEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Google EEAT, Content Marketing Napa Valley, California, USA DMO
Brighton SEONovember 19-20, 2024Digital marketing, SEO, CRO, and AnalyticsManchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, USA
US BrightonSEO
State of Search Digital Marketing ConferenceTo be announcedSEO, PPC, Analytics, Social media marketing, Agency growth, Enterprise and e-commerce marketingGrapevine, TexasEventbrite 
Chaing Mai SEO Conference To be announcedSEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, Technical SEO, International SEOChiang Mai, Thailand ChiangmaiSEOConference

However, if you are looking for comprehensive details about all the SEO events, please read through the entire article below. This includes in-depth information about the events, including featured speakers, ticket prices, discussed topics, etc.

Best SEO Events in June (2024)

1. MnSearch Summit

Mn Search 2023 Summit
Mn Search 2023 Summit
DateTo be announced
VenueSt. Paul, MN, USA
Keynote PointsSEO, PPC, and local search
Website linkMn Search 

The Mn Search Summit 2023 is a two-day event that brings together several industry-leading digital marketing and SEO professionals covering various topics on SEO, PPC, content, AI, analytics, paid social media, digital marketing, and more.

Some of the keynote speakers include Mike King (iPullRank), Amanda Farley (Aimclear), Ameet Khabra (Hop Skip Media), Greg Gifford (SearchLab), etc.

The conference educates you about the SEO and digital marketing industry and shares current insights and the latest market trends to cope with its changing market. You can access MnSearch Summit Videos for just $197.

2. Growth Marketing Summit 2024

growth marketing SUMMIT 2023
growth marketing SUMMIT 2023

DateJune 19, 2024
VenueOld Opera – Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Keynote PointsLatest trends and strategies in SEO, growth marketing, marketing, data-driven marketing, customer growth, stakeholder management, and data-driven copywriting.
Website linkGrowth Marketing Summit

The Growth Marketing Summit 2023 is Europe’s biggest event dedicated to digital growth, SEO, content marketing, etc. It was a gathering of prominent 700 growth marketers, product managers, CEOs, and optimizers from all around the world. They offered insights and up-to-date information to the attendees to keep moving ahead in the digital world.

The highlighted topics of this conference were Marketing Industry, Marketing Trends, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Data-Driven Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO. Some of the keynote speakers at this conference included Erin Weigel (Booking.com), Sean Ellis (GrowthHackers), and Lukas Vermeer (Booking.com).

Best SEO Events in August (2024)

3. MozCon 2024

MozCon August 7 _ 8 August 2023
MozCon August 7 _ 8 August 2023
DateJune 3 & 4, 2024
VenueSeattle, WA, USA
Keynote PointsLatest SEO algorithm updates, ranking factors, ChatGPT, E-E-A-T, Digital marketing 
Website linkMozCon 

The MozCon 2024 is a prominent two-day SEO conference presented by Moz, a well-known company specializing in SEO tools. This event took place in the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington, USA.

It is a gathering of highly skilled SEO professionals and industry leaders. This includes Lily Ray (Amsive Digital), Jackie Chu (Uber), Melissa Rae Brown (Moz), Tom Anthony (SearchPilot), Crystal Carter (Wix), etc. At the conference, several crucial topics were highlighted regarding the transformation in SEO. This included Google core update, long-term SEO strategies, content marketing, Google Analytics 4, the Rise of AI and SEO, Local SEO, etc.

We strongly recommend this event for SEOs, content marketers, and all digital marketers. The MozCon event comprises 22 talks from the brightest minds in the SEO field. You can order and access all the videos for just $299.

4. Engage Conference 2024

Engage Conference 2023
Engage Conference 2023
DateOctober 17-18, 2024
VenuePortland, Oregon, USA
Keynote PointsTechnological advances in marketing, social, UX design, SEO, Digital marketing strategy
Website linkSEMpdx

The Engage Conference 2023 is a one-day digital marketing event offering current insights into digital marketing presented by professional online marketers. 25 Professional development units were available at the conference and offered real-world insights on several topics related to marketing and SEO.

The event covered a range of topics, including digital marketing, social media, content strategy, UX design, creative, SEO, advertising, paid media, and many more.

Leading industry leaders and professionals were featured at the conference. This included Rand Fishkin (SparkToro), Max Prin (Condé Nast), Dave Rohrer (NorthSide Metrics), Lily Ray, (Amsive Digital), Rachel Heseltine (Trader Interactive), David Roth (Emergent Digital), Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr), Carolyn Shelby, (CSHEL Search Strategies), etc.

If you are keen on learning about the latest trends and strategies in the SEO and digital marketing field, then it is a must-get conference for you.

Best SEO Events in October (2024)

5. Digital Summit 2024

Digital Summit 2023
Digital Summit 2023

DateFebruary 26-27;March 13-14;August 14-15 
VenueChicago, San Diego (USA)
Keynote PointsDigital marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media, e-commerce, branding 
Website linkDigital Summit 

The Digital Summit is one of the most innovative digital marketing conference series that will share game-changing strategies within the dynamic realm of digital marketing. The topics to be covered include SEO performance and strategy, Google Analytics 4, Keyword Research, Content Planning, Influencer Marketing, e-commerce, B2B marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Digital Summit conference series is set to take place on various dates throughout October in multiple locations. Additionally, organizers have scheduled certain Digital Summit events for November and December.

  • Chicago (Oct 4-5),
  • Philadelphia (October 16-17), 
  • San Diego, CA (October 24-25), 
  • Raleigh NC (Nov 13-14), 
  • Kansas City, MO (Nov 29-30), 
  • Dallas, TX (Dec 12-13).

The conference will host some of the most accomplished figures in the industry. This includes Zuri Godfrey (Google), Christine Den Herder (Amazon), Christina Clark (HubSpot), Seth Godin (Best-Selling Author), Jaclyn Wyatt (Samsung), etc.

For the Digital Summit conference, the ticket price for all in-person events is $795, while the online event, “Deep Dive into AI 2023,” costs $99.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in the digital marketing field, I highly recommend you attend this conference.

6. DMO Advanced

DMO Advanced 2023
DMO Advanced 2023
DateTo be announced
VenueNapa Valley, California, USA 
Keynote PointsSEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Google EEAT, Content Marketing
Website linkDMO

The DMO Advanced 2023 is an exclusive knowledge-sharing conference on SEO and digital marketing. The conference is specifically tailored for SEOs, social media marketers, content creators, paid marketers, and growth hackers. In fact, its central objective is to deliver transformative strategies that empower attendees to adeptly navigate the dynamic digital environment.

The conference will cover several topics including, current trends in the SEO and AI industry, optimizing content, SEO, lead generation, digital marketing strategy, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and analytics. This conference will feature a range of prominent keynote speakers. This includes Lily Ray (Amsive Digital), Atiba De Souza (Client Attraction Pros), Casey Markee (Media Wyse), Patrick Stox (Ahrefs), and Bernard Huang (Clearscope).

The ticket price of DMO Advanced 2023 Napa is $1,799.00

Best SEO Events in November (2024)

7. Brighton SEO San Diego 

Brighton SEO San Diego
Brighton SEO San Diego

DateNovember 19-20, 2024
VenueSan Diego, USA 
Keynote PointsDigital marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, CRO, and Google Analytics, UX, and CS.
Website linkUS BrightonSEO

The Brighton SEO San Diego, renowned as one of the world’s biggest in-house SEO conferences, will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, USA on 9-10 Nov, 2023. It is a two-day event, covering several topics including SEO and AI digital marketing, paid search, link building, paid social and online advertising, e-commerce SEO, Google adds QnA with Google search, etc.

This conference will feature some of the best industry professionals in the SEO field to share insights regarding the future of SEO. Those keynote speakers include Danny Sullivan (Google), Greg Gifford (SearchLab Digital), Julia McCoy (Content at Scale), etc.

Brighton SEO San Diego offers four types of tickets. This includes Balot ($0), Friend ($474), BFF ($850) and Training ($1050).

If individuals are inclined to learn about the latest AI trends and core Google algorithm updates, search, and advertisements, they should attend this conference.

8. State of Search Digital Marketing Conference

State of Search Digital Marketing Conference - 2023
State of Search Digital Marketing Conference – 2023

DateTo be announced
VenueGrapevine Convention Center, Texas, USA 
Keynote PointsSEO, PPC, Analytics, Social media marketing, Agency growth, Enterprise and e-commerce marketing
Website linkEventbrite

State of Search Digital Marketing Conference 2023 is a digital marketing conference hosted for the 12th year in a row. The conference will serve as an ultimate source of real-world strategies for your SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing campaigns.

This conference will cover several topics regarding digital marketing, such as agency growth, enterprise and eCommerce, SEO, PPC, Analytics, and Social Media Marketing, etc. Some of the featured world-class speakers and professionals in the event are Wil Reynolds, Greg Gifford, Duane Forrester, Eric Enge, Barry Schwartz, and many others.

The conference has two different prices for tickets: the virtual ticket costs $197.00 and the in-person ticket costs $397.00.

We recommend the State of Search Digital Marketing Conference for every marketer concerned about the ever-changing challenges in the online business domain.

 9. Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Chaing Mai SEO Conference 2023
Chaing Mai SEO Conference 2023

DateTo be announced
VenueChiang Mai, Thailand 
Keynote PointsSEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, Technical SEO, International SEO
Website linkCMSEO

The Chiang Mai SEO Conference is an annual gathering of 800 top SEO entrepreneurs, super-affiliates, and agency owners in Asia. 

This conference will cover various key topics in the make-money-online and SEO industry. This includes SEO techniques, backlinks, content strategy, Latest Google algorithm updates, affiliate marketing, recovering your sites from Google penalty, profitable affiliate marketing niches, Google EEAT, new features in Ahrefs, insights into AI, etc.

Some of the featured keynote speakers at the conference are Jacob Kettner (First Rank & Rep.co), Craig Campbell (affiliate marketer), Dom Wells (Onfolio Holdings, INC), Michal Suski (Surfer), Cyrus Shepard (Zyppy SEO), etc.

The event offers three types of ticket prices. They are Standard ($397), Deluxe ($597), and VIP ($1997).

In a Nutshell:

We hope this list of the best SEO conferences and events will provide you with current insights about the SEO and digital realm. Attending even one event out of these can hugely upgrade your knowledge and expertise.

Have you ever attended any SEO conferences before? Or are you planning to attend one? Which one is it or why? Don’t forget to share your experience and opinions with us in the comment below. We’re eager to hear from you.


How to Leverage SEO Conferences for Your Business?

SEO conferences are a supreme way to enhance your knowledge of the SEO digital marketing industry and discover the new trends of search engine algorithm updates. In fact, the latest insights shared by the keynote speakers always keep digital entrepreneurs updated with the fast-changing SEO industry.

What is the largest SEO Conference?

The biggest SEO conference in the world is SEOday. It is an annual online event that attracts 400,000+ attendees from all around the world. SEOday highlights speakers from top companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, and covers numerous topics such as SEO, content marketing, link building, etc.

How can I stay updated about the upcoming SEO Conferences?

There are many blogs and websites that regularly share articles on SEO and announce recent SEO conferences. Here are some of those blogs: Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and Moz, SemRush.

You can also subscribe to our blog to stay informed and receive the latest insights on conferences and events.

Why should I consider attending an SEO conference?

SEO conferences typically feature industry leaders and the brightest minds. This provides an opportunity for the attendees to gain innovative insights regarding SEO and build strong networking with some of the professional SEOs. Additionally, some conferences offer workshops and certification programs that enhance your knowledge and expertise.

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