Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021 (40% OFF + Free Paid Plugin)

The biggest shopping season for digital creators is here! Yes, guys, I’m talking about Black Friday! The Black Friday Sale is live and you can observe steep discounts offered on a range of digital tools. 

This also includes hosting services like Cloudways. Recently, Cloudways announced its Black Friday Deal, and this article covers the same. In this article, I’m going to tell you all about the terrific Black Friday Deal offered by Cloudways

P.S. You can also get a premium plugin free of cost with this deal. How, you ask? Keep reading to find that out!

So, with no more delay, let us begin!

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed hosting provider built on top of unmanaged hosting services like AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. 

Cloudways Image

This means that the hosting provider performs all aspects of your website, from server maintenance to security, backups, software updates, etc. You don’t need to worry about any technical stuff!

Cloudways promises an unbeatable uptime along with lightning fast speeds, efficient load handling, good security, and responsive customer support.

These features together make it an ideal hosting for all types of websites!

Cloudways Black Friday Deal 

In the Black Friday Deal of Cloudways, you can get any of their hosting plans at 40% discounted rates for a duration of 4 months! To avail this discount, you need to use the Promo Code: BFCM2021.

Cloudways Black Friday

This deal will remain active till 1st December, 2021. So, hurry and get it before it’s too late!

Free Plugin

Now we come to the most awaited part! Along with the free hosting, you also have the chance to get the Object Cache plugin that costs $79/month for free!

Object cache plugin

First, let us understand what Object Caching is with a simple example.

We all use WordPress, right? Now, whenever a user clicks on a specific element or a button or a link on our website, a query is sent to the database to fetch the required information.

Object cache plugins like Redis cache all the frequently required information so there are no major hits on the database. This offers two major advantages.

It reduces the load on the database.

The time taken for responding to a query is reduced.

Object caching is mainly helpful in platforms like WordPress, or on eCommerce sites. I even performed speed tests on my website to note the difference with and without this cache plugin.

Speed without cache plugin

When I tested my website,, hosted on a server with 1 GB RAM, the speed came out to be 1.04 sec.

Speed test with cache pluign

However, when I installed the Object cache plugin, my website took merely 833.65 ms to load. Though, you might not feel much of a difference as there is very low traffic on this site.

The actual difference is performance is more noticeable on websites with high traffic and on ecommerce sites where there are thousands of enquiries constantly made to the database. 

Thus, the Object Cache Plugin actually works and is useful for websites with a considerable amount of traffic.

Now, let us discuss how you can get this cache plugin for free. Cloudways has laid down the following conditions to get access to this free plugin. The hosting plan you purchase should have:

  1. Minimum 2 GB RAM on your Server
  2. Server must have Redis installed
  3. Minimum PHP 7.3 version or higher

You don’t need to do anything at all! If you fulfill the above requirements, the Redis plugin will be automatically installed on your WordPress website. 


This was the Black Friday Deal of Cloudways. If you want a hosting that offers excellent speeds and uptime, and can handle large traffic, you should check out Cloudways!

I have discussed the features of this hosting in-depth in my Cloudways Review Article. So, you can check it out before purchasing their plans. Also, you can get a free entry into my Cloudways Training Program by purchasing hosting through my link. 

I hope you found something valuable from this article. Are you going to get Cloudways hosting? If so, which plan and server are you planning to get? Let me know in the comment box!

This is Kripesh signing off! You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter for receiving updates on the latest deals and discounts running on various digital tools and services. I’ll see you soon. Cheers and keep learning. 🙂

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