Fresh Proposals Review – Must Have New Tool For Freelancers

Tired of pitching ideas to your potential clients but all in vain? Fresh Proposals is here to save the day.

Fresh Proposals is a software that helps you create professional looking proposals within minutes!

After extensively researching and testing this tool for a few days, I’m here with the Fresh Proposals Review.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through its exciting features, its pros and cons, and if you should consider buying it.

I especially liked its e-signature feature that lets your clients sign the deal on spot!

fresh proposals

Impress your clients with a superior design, analyse performance with better analytics, seal the deal on the spot with e-signature, and boost your conversion rates like never before!

Curious to know what’s more? Let’s get into it right away!

Fresh Proposals Review

Kripesh Adwani

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Ease of Use


Fresh Proposals will make you stand out from the crowd and will help you reach out and convince your potential clients in no time!
It’s a great tool to increase your conversion rates.


What is a Proposal?

A proposal is a formal way to pitch your ideas and requirements to your potential clients. Business Proposals, Products and Service Proposals, Freelance project Proposals, etc, are all different proposals.

A proposal comprises some important aspects like the scope of a product/service/project, its timeline, the budget required, experiences, terms of service, contract details, and signature of both the parties.

Creating a proposal from scratch might be a tedious task, which is where Fresh Proposals takes the stage. Let’s go over some of its most impressive features.


1. Pre-made Templates

You get to choose from 40 beautifully designed pre-made templates that look super professional! 

Fresh proposals templates

There are various categories available as well, like Digital Marketing, Finance, Design, Real Estate, Software, etc.

2. Design


Fresh Proposals offers unlimited customization options. You can edit text, fonts, colors, backgrounds, add images, videos, tables and a lot more! 

3. Editor

The Fresh Proposals Editor is very powerful. You can create a new proposal from scratch by adding section pages, section list, cover page, and more.

fresh proposals editor

The Video Player feature lets you embed and display video links in between your proposal content.

Another unique feature is the Fees Table, which lets you add the price you charge for your services. Suppose I am a Social Media Posts Designer, I can add the amount I charge for designing 10 posts like this-

fees table

The best part is that these tables allow the clients to edit the quantity of images/posts/articles they need and get an obvious idea of how much that will cost them.

4. Interface

The interface of Fresh Proposals is very decent. 

  • Dashboard

This section shows you the basic stats like the number of proposals you sent, and how many have been accepted or rejected. 

  • Proposals

This section lets you create new proposals from scratch. But I’ll recommend going with the Templates tab.

  • Templates
Fresh proposals templates

You can select from a variety of 40 beautiful templates, tweak it according to your requirements, preview your proposal, and send it to your client. 

  • Content Library
content library

This section lets you create sections of your own to reuse in your proposals. If I have created a fee schedule section that I need to use in all of my proposals, I can add it to the Content Library. I can do the same for images and videos too!

  • Clients

You can manage your clients in this section. Add new clients by entering their details, import clients from a .csv file, or send proposals to all/some of them together.

  • Settings

Under the Settings tab, you get to add a custom domain, whitelist emails, add your company’s logo, and email integration with Zapier is also available.

Though the interface is fantastic, they can definitely improve it.

5. Mobile Experience

mobile view

Fresh Proposals offers a great user-experience on mobiles, too. Your proposals look unique, neat, and attractive, and the client can even sign the deal using their mobile device! How cool!

6. Analytics 

The Analytics feature is my favourite. You get detailed analytics for Proposal Activity like how many times a client opened your proposal, the average time they spent on it, and when they saw your proposal last!

You also receive email updates every time a client accepts your proposal

email updates

There’s also a beautiful graph representing the Top Viewed Section which features the section your clients spent the most time on. 

All this information is very useful for two reasons.

top viewed graph
  • Follow Up: If you know that client has opened your proposal but hasn’t read it yet, you can ping them back after about 5-6 days as a reminder!
  • Repeated Visits to a Particular Section: If you find that your client viewed a particular section of the proposal multiple times, this might show they have a problem with it.
    So, you can reach out to them explaining and solving their doubts about it.

The analytics feature is very cool, but I found the ‘Bounce feature’ missing. Bounce feature shows the section after which the client quit reading further! This would be even more helpful to analyse the flaws or roadblocks in our proposals. 

Suppose 7 out of 10 clients quit after going through the Budget section of your proposal, you’ll know that you either need to approach a different client base, or lower down the budget, right?

7. E-Signature


This is the most convenient of all features available in Fresh Proposals. A client can accept your proposal by quickly signing on the proposal. This saves up a chunk of time!

8. Custom Domain 

You can add a layer of professionalism to your proposals using your own domain with Fresh Proposals.

Right now, my Proposal is linked to their domain, i.e.,, but I can easily change it to, giving it a more professional feel!

How is it different from a PDF?

The major difference is that PDF doesn’t allow editing, while Fresh Proposals grants control in the client’s hands. It offers some insane functionalities like selecting and editing services and quantity, video playback, navigation, and e-signature features. 


Their roadmap looks good. The most amazing feature I found was the integration of Stripe Payment, after which, this tool will become a lot more powerful!

Clients will accept/deny your proposals and directly make payments with their credit/debit cards. This service would be convenient as you’ll be exempted from the extra charges deducted on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr!


I liked their support features. They have detailed forums and articles to solve all your queries. Though their knowledge base is a bit limited as of now, it’s decent for a start. Hope they will keep adding on to it.


live chat support 1

Live chat support is also available, which is very active. I received a reply in under 5 minutes, which was impressive.


On their official website, Fresh Proposals is available for $18/month for one user with 10 active proposals at any given time. (Active proposal means any proposal that has not been accepted or rejected yet!)

appsumo pricing

But on AppSumo, you’re getting a lifetime deal of Fresh Proposals just for $49, and 1 user can have 30 active proposals! 

Along with that, you get unlimited clients, unlimited templates, and white labelling (meaning you can add your own domain name to the proposal’s link.)

For the higher priced plans, you’ll get more active proposals and more users. So, if you have a team, you can go with the Double or Multiple Plan.

Learning Curve

Fresh Proposals is quite easy to use, but you will need some time to get the hang of it. Even tweaking the pre-made templates can take around 1-2 hours in the beginning.

The advantage is that you can also use it for other purposes like reaching out to sponsors, promoting and selling your online courses, requesting testimonials, sending offer letters to your employees, creating a freelancer contract, and more!


Fresh Proposals is, without doubt, an exceptional tool. But it needs improvements in some areas.

  1. The editor was a bit glitchy and unresponsive while editing some elements.
  2. There’s no Bounce segment available. Hope they’ll integrate that feature soon.
  3. The Email templates are very basic and limited (just 5-10). They can add more variety and also improve the content.
  4. Importing from the Content Library is a bit difficult. They can make it smoother.

So, these are some areas that need some polishing. And now comes the big question. 

Should you Buy it?

I would say a BIG YES! Do you know that you’ll be able to recover the entire cost of this tool from just one proposal! Fresh Proposals will make you stand out from the crowd and will help you reach out and convince your potential clients in no time!

Still not sure if you should invest into it? Well, AppSumo provides a 60-days money-back guarantee on all its software and digital tools. So, there’s no harm in trying it out!

However, if you’re just starting out, or not interested in creating a proposal, skip this for now. You can also use my old but effective tip of creating a video proposal for your clients. Check it out here!


Yes, you read it right! I’m back with another Giveaway! This time I’m giving away 2 Lifetime Accounts of Fresh Proposals. If you’re interested, you can take part through your email id by clicking on this link.  

Results will be out on 3rd January 2021. I’ll be posting them in the Community tab on my YouTube Channel. So stay tuned! 


So, did you find Fresh Proposals interesting? If you own a digital marketing service, an agency, a business company, or sell products, courses, etc, definitely give this software a try! It would be worth your time and money!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you wish to purchase this software from AppSumo, click here. And if you’ve already used it before, let me know your experiences in the comments section below.

If you wish to keep receiving more such informative articles in the future, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. This is Kripesh signing off! Take care, guys! I’ll be back with another article soon. Cheers!

How to Create a Stunning Proposal Using Fresh Proposals (A How-to Guide)

In this how to guide, we will learn how to design a proposal using Fresh Proposals. I will also walk you through its various customization options.

So, let’s get straight into it.

Step 1 

First, we will log in to our Fresh Proposals account. You can either create a proposal from scratch, or you can tweak the pre-designed templates, like we are going to do in a minute. 

We will click on the Templates tab. Variety of templates are available here. We will select one of our choice, and click on Edit.

fresh proposals template selection

Step 2

What you see now on the screen is the main editing space. We are going to edit this template according to our requirements. 

On the left sidebar, you will find the Sections list. 

fresh proposals left sidebar

You can navigate to any section using this sidebar.

Next, we will change the background color, remove the ‘Powered by Fresh Proposals’ credit statement, edit the company’s name, and add our brand logo like this.

fresh proposals add logo

Well, suppose your brand also has a tagline, then it can be added using the Text box feature. 

Different shapes like squares, triangles, ellipses, etc can also be added for a more customized look.

fresh proposals content box and shape

Moving ahead, we will replace the template images with images from our device or use royalty-free images from Unsplash

fresh proposals add image

They have integrated the Unsplash search library into their software, which is cool!

The Replace button perfectly resizes and adjusts the image, which is highly convenient!

fresh proposals resize image

The details at the end of the cover page will be taken from the client’s details. So, you don’t need to enter them repeatedly.

Step 3

Now, you can edit the proposal according to your needs. A very interesting feature to note here is the Fees Table

Fees table lets you specify the charges for the services you are providing.

For example, we have chosen the workplace designing template here, so we can specify the charge for designing 10 desks, or 20 cubicles, or an entire office area like this.

fresh proposals add fees table

But hey, that’s not all. Want to know what’s even cooler about Fresh Proposals? 

Your client can edit the quantity of the services to analyze the total cost. I found this feature very interesting. 

Step 4

Have a video for your client? You can embed it directly into your proposal, as shown below. 

fresh proposals add video

The video doesn’t fit in the space by itself. So, we will make adjustments to our content.

But it looks pretty good, right? 

Step 5

For the concluding page titled Terms of Service, we will need the company’s and the client’s signature. 

For this, we have the signature field. We can drag it on the page and select the client’s name for the Signee field. 

In this way, our client can seal the deal with an e-signature on the spot.

fresh proposals add signature

Finally, we will click on save and hit the Preview button to check out how our proposal looks.

fresh proposals save and preview

On the Preview page, we can also check out how our proposal looks, feels, and behaves on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

Next, we will click on Create Proposal.

fresh proposals device views and create proposal

Step 6: 

In this step, we will choose if our document is a proposal, a contract or something else, and then rename it. 

fresh proposals saving settings

Then, we will be directed to another page for selecting a client and mentioning the due dates and proposal validity. 

If we wish to add a new client, we can do so using the + button. 

fresh proposals choose date and clients

You can also check out these advanced options like adding a proposal category, proposal ID, and uploading attachments.

fresh proposals attach file

Step 7

Finally, we will be redirected to the Email Template page. Here, we can select the email template we want to send along with the proposal.

fresh proposals send email

That’s it! We have created and e-mailed our proposal to the client. On the client’s side, the proposal will look something like this.

fresh proposals final image

Now, we can keep a tab on further activity and analytics from the Dashboard.

I hope this article was informative. I would be glad if this helps you design stunning proposals and win your clients over! Do share your experiences and views about this software in the comment box below.

If you found this article helpful, do subscribing to this blog, and you will keep receiving more such interesting posts! Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. Take care, guys. Keep learning! I’ll be back, soon.

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Great tool to send proposals to clients

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