MilesWeb Review 2024: Is It Really the King of Indian Web Hosts?

With businesses rapidly shifting online, reliable hosting solutions have a significant role to play in your digital journey. One popular web hosting you could consider is MilesWeb.

In the last few years, I have reviewed dozens of popular web hosts like Hostinger, ChemiCloud, FastComet, and many more. Today, after 7 months of consistent usage and thorough testing, I’m here with the MilesWeb Review.

In this MilesWeb Review, we are going to delve into the intricacies of MilesWeb hosting. We will start by exploring its user interface. Then we’ll discuss the results of various performance tests conducted on MilesWeb. These include speed tests, uptime tests, load tests, and more.

Moving on, we will discuss the key features of MilesWeb hosting, including data centers, domains, security, support, pricing, staging, website builder, email hosting, etc. Finally, I’ll reveal potential alternatives to it as well.

So, are you curious to know if MilesWeb hosting is as reliable as it claims to be? Let’s dive in to find out. 

MilesWeb Review

Kripesh Adwani

Ease of Use
Customer Support


MilesWeb hosting features fast website speeds and reliable uptime along with UPI Payments and Call Support. It is also budget-friendly and renews at the same price. The only downsides are its poor backup system and lack of US Servers on shared hosting plans. 

If you have an Indian audience and need an affordable hosting solution, you can look at MilesWeb!


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About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a web hosting company founded by Chinmay Dingore, Deepak Kori, and Chetan Mahale back in 2012. Headquartered in Nashik (Maharashtra), MilesWeb is trusted by 50k+ users who have hosted over a million websites on their platform!

MilesWeb homepage

Their primary aim is to provide the best web hosting service to their customers along with unmatched speeds, security, and round-the-clock support.

MilesWeb is famous for its inexpensive pricing plans. You can find a variety of hosting solutions on their platform. These include Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, and more.

MilesWeb Review Overview

Speed3.94 sec (US)
1.61 sec (India)
Uptime99.97% (last 209 days)
PricingStarting from ₹60/month
Free DomainOn Stellar and Alpha Cloud plans (for 1 year)
Data Centers6 Data Centers
But only Indian servers on Shared hosting
ServersLitespeed servers
BackupsWeekly files and folders backups (1 day retention) 
Daily database backups (7 days retention)
User can’t access automated backups.
Manual backup creation is possible.
No Selective Restoration.
MigrationsUnlimited free migrations (up to 10 GB)
Email HostingAvailable on all plans
SupportLive chat, call, email tickets, knowledgebase, video tutorials
Payment OptionsCredit and debit cards, PayPal, UPI
Refund Policy30-day money-back guarantee
FeaturesLiteSpeed Cache, DirectAdmin Panel, Let’sEncrypt SSL, 2FA, ModSecurity, Network Firewall, Monarx Server Security, Malware Scanner, Website Staging, and SitePad Website Builder.
Hosting PlansShared hosting, cPanel hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated servers

MilesWeb User Interface

The user interface of MilesWeb is pretty average. The dashboard features a list of your active products, services, tickets, etc. On the left column, you can check out the different features, like billing, support, services, etc. You can click on any of your active products to manage them.

MilesWeb Review User Interface

Talking about the control panel, MilesWeb doesn’t offer cPanel like ChemiCloud, A2 Hosting, or FastComet. It offers the DirectAdmin web control panel. Its interface is easy to navigate, but it lacks the advanced features that are available in cPanel.

MilesWeb DirectAdmin Panel

They display pop-ups on their dashboard, upselling their hosting services every time you log in or revisit their dashboard. Intrusive pop-ups spoil the entire user experience. Thus, I found the user interface of MilesWeb quite annoying.

Testing Parameters

For testing MilesWeb, I have purchased their Stellar Shared Hosting plan, priced at ₹198/month. Along with that, I have used the following settings on my website.

Test website
  • Indian servers
  • Ocean WP Theme (Elementor based)
  • Gym Template (Elementor Based)
  • Litespeed Cache plugin (at default settings)

MilesWeb Speeds

Swift speeds are a major factor contributing to a reliable hosting provider. MilesWeb employs Litespeed servers on its hosting plans to ensure faster loading speeds.

So, to evaluate the speeds of MilesWeb hosting, I’ve used the KeyCDN tool. Let’s look at the results below.

MilesWeb Speeds - US

When I performed a speed test from the US location, I noticed that my webpage took 3.94 seconds to load. Whereas, when I checked the speeds from India, it merely took 1.61 seconds.

MilesWeb Speeds - India

A major reason for these results is the fact that their company is headquartered in India. This is why you only get the Indian data centers with their shared hosting plans. Therefore, it’s obvious to notice better performance in Indian regions.

For better speeds in US regions, you can check out Hostinger, InMotion, YouStable, etc.

MilesWeb Uptime Status

Í have been monitoring the uptime of my website hosted on MilesWeb for the last 209 days. For this, I have used the Better Uptime tool. It checks the uptime of my site every 30 seconds.

MilesWeb Uptime Status Report (Last 209 Days)

Below is the uptime report for MilesWeb’s Stellar Shared Hosting plan (Indian servers) for the last 209 days.

February 202499.99%
January 2024100%
December 202399.97%
November 2023100%
October 202399.98%
September 202399.94%
August 202399.89%

In the last 30 days, my website has been up 99.99% of the time, which is pretty good. Whereas, in the last 209 days, my website has been up for 99.97% of the time.

In the entire test duration, the total downtime has been 1 hour and 8 minutes, with the longest incident stretching to 13 mins.

Note : I have an active plan of MilesWeb Stellar Shared Hosting. Every month, the uptime will be updated on this page.

MilesWeb also offers a 99.95% uptime SLA on all hosting plans. However, they have no regulations or policies for the situation when the uptime falls below 99.95%. I hope they introduce proper guidelines for it soon.

Overall, the uptime offered by MilesWeb has been appreciable so far. But if you want an unmatched uptime, you can check out A2 Hosting,, or Cloudways.

MilesWeb Load Testing

For evaluating the load testing of my website hosted on MilesWeb, I sent 100 virtual users over to it. They made a total of 17.5k requests, out of which none of the requests failed.

MilesWeb Load test

The peak requests reached 98 req/sec, which is excellent! The P95 response time (which is the time taken by 95% of the requests to be executed) was surprisingly low at 12 ms. There were no major spikes in the response time either.

Overall, I was highly impressed with the load management capabilities of MilesWeb. You can certainly rely on it if you have a medium to high-traffic website.

MilesWeb Cache

MilesWeb employs the Litespeed Web Server on its hosting plans. It comes with built-in caching capabilities to enhance your site’s performance. If you have a WordPress site, they recommend using the Litespeed Cache plugin, which is highly compatible with their servers.

MilesWeb Data Centers

MilesWeb features 6 data centers spanning the following locations:


  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Australia

However, if you opt for any of their shared hosting plans, you only get the Indian data center. No other server locations are featured for shared hosting plans.

If you opt for its cloud hosting plans, you get the Indian, US, and UK data centers. On VPS hosting, all 6 data center options are available. So, make sure to only go with the shared hosting plans if your target audience is Indian.

MilesWeb Domains

MilesWeb offers a free domain for the first year when you purchase their Stellar or Alpha Cloud plans for 1 or 3 years. They offer the following seven domain extensions for free domains: .com, .in, .uk, .us, .eu,,, You can get a domain with any one of these TLDs.

The Ignite and Elite shared hosting plans don’t come equipped with a free domain. But, if you want to purchase a new domain name, MilesWeb offers domain registration services. Following are the domain registration prices for popular TLDs.

TLDAnnual Pricing

If you’re still in the process of finalizing a domain name for your website, these AI Domain Name Generators can offer some fresh ideas!

Talking about temporary domains or preview URLs, MilesWeb doesn’t offer any such service. So, if you want to preview your website, you need to connect a custom domain to it. You can also check out their tutorial on configuring WordPress to use a temporary URL.

MilesWeb Backup and Restoration

Backups are important security features for any hosting solution. MilesWeb offers scheduled weekly backups of files and folders, with a retention period of 1 day. Whereas, daily backups are performed for databases, and the retention period is 7 days.

MilesWeb Backups

All the automated backups are generated on their backup server. Thus, users cannot access them from their end. If you want to restore an automated daily backup, you need to get in touch with their support staff.

MilesWeb Backup restoration

On-demand or manual backups are supported on MilesWeb. So you can generate backups, access them, and restore them any time you want. However, selective restoration is not available at the moment.

Overall, I’m quite disappointed with the backup and restoration services of MilesWeb. For an established web host, it’s a big disaster to not have a proper automated backup system in place. I hope they work on implementing it in the future.

MilesWeb Security

MilesWeb offers a variety of features to secure your WordPress website from any online threats. The most important ones are mentioned below.

MilesWeb Security
  • SSL Certificate: All your domains and subdomains on MilesWeb are protected with free SSL certificates from Let’sEncrypt.
  • Hotlink Protection: With Hotlink protection, unauthorized users cannot link the files and images on your website to theirs. Thus, it prevents users from stealing your bandwidth.
  • 2FA: You can enable two-factor authentication through 2FA apps like Google Authenticator or Authy to prevent unauthorized access to your hosting account.
  • ModSecurity: This is a powerful web application firewall service that detects malicious scripts and programs and prevents them from damaging your website.
  • Network Firewall: It prevents unauthorized users from getting access to your private network, thus reducing the chances of cyber attacks.
  • Monarx Server Security: It secures your hosting environment by detecting and blocking any malicious activity on your server.
  • Malware Scanner: This tool monitors your website for malware and offers malware scan reports as well.

MilesWeb Customer Support

MilesWeb offers customer support via email tickets, live chat, calls, and a knowledge-base.

MilesWeb Live chat support

I found their live chat support to be pretty good. They offered swift replies, and the support staff seemed to be quite polite. I received quick replies to general queries. However, technical assistance took a lot of time. 

One of my queries almost took an hour to resolve. Overall, I experienced that they were not well-versed in the technical aspects.

They also have an extensive knowledge base with 1000+ articles covering all the popular topics around hosting. I liked how the articles were annotated and well-structured to help beginners follow them with ease. The replies to email tickets arrive in under a few hours too.

MilesWeb YouTube channel

You can also check out their Video Tutorials on their YouTube channel. They have 500+ videos spanning tutorials on WordPress, WHM, DirectAdmin, FTP, Webmail, cPanel, and more.

Overall, I liked the customer service offered by MilesWeb. I had a pleasant experience with their live chat. However, they can work on training their technical team for advanced user queries.

MilesWeb Pricing

MilesWeb offers 4 different shared hosting plans – Ignite, Elite, Stellar, and Alpha Cloud. I have the Stellar plan of MilesWeb. The following table compares the key features of all the shared hosting plans. Let’s check it out.

IgniteEliteStellarAlpha Cloud
Pricing (3 years)₹60/mo₹110/mo₹198/mo₹596/mo
Renewal Pricing₹60/mo₹110/mo₹198/mo₹596/mo
Email Accounts220100150
Free DomainNoNoYesYes
cPanelNoNoNo Yes

The pricing plans of MilesWeb shared hosting start from insanely cheap pricing of ₹60/month when purchased for 3 years.

I have purchased the Stellar plan of MilesWeb for this review. It offers 100 websites, 200 GB SSD NVMe storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Along with that, you also get 100 email accounts, a free domain, and unlimited free migrations.

Best Hosting Plan

I would recommend you go with their Stellar Shared hosting plan for 1 year. If you need to build a WordPress site, this is the perfect option. However, if you need NodeJS support, you can check out their cPanel hosting plans.

Payment Methods

It supports the following payment methods: Credit and debit cards, PayPal, and UPI Payments. So, you can use Paytm, GPay, or any other UPI apps to quickly purchase a hosting plan.

Refund Policy

You get a standard 30-day money-back guarantee with MilesWeb. Thus, you can purchase your plan and test out its features. If you don’t find it satisfactory, you can cancel your subscription within a month and get your money back.

MilesWeb Coupon Code

If you’re looking for additional discounts on MilesWeb hosting, I have a surprise for you! With my exclusive coupon code, you can avail your favorite hosting plan at super steep prices.

MilesWeb coupon code

To avail of this discount, all you’ve to do is visit the official website of MilesWeb using my link and opt for your favorite plan. Then, you can enter the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout to get 10% off on your purchase.

MilesWeb Staging

MilesWeb offers a staging functionality through its DirectAdmin panel. You can quickly create a staging website from the WordPress App in the Softaculous App Installer.

MilesWeb Staging

Then you can test out different themes, plugins, or custom scripts in your staging environment. Once you’re done with all your changes, you can hit the ‘Push to Live’ button beside the website name under WordPress Installations. 

Pushing Staging site to live on MilesWeb

Your staging environment will be live with a single click. Overall, staging looks fairly easy to use, even for beginners!

MilesWeb Email Hosting

Similar to other shared hosting services, MilesWeb also offers free email hosting on all its shared hosting plans. The Ignite plan offers 2 email accounts. Whereas, if you go with the Steller plan (the one that I’m using), you get 100 email accounts.

MilesWeb Email accounts

Small and mid-sized teams with a few dozen people can use this feature to assign a separate professional email to their teammates. It’s especially valuable for small businesses and marketing agencies.

Are you a small business owner struggling to find the perfect hosting? You can check out our list of the 7 Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses to decide the perfect fit for you! 

MilesWeb Other Features


You get unlimited free website migrations with all MilesWeb plans. Whether you have 1 website or a hundred, you can get them all transferred to MilesWeb from any other host with ease. You simply need to contact their support and they’ll help you migrate your website.

However, this service is only available to new customers, and the website migration is limited to 10 GB. If all the websites you wish to migrate exceed 10 GB in size overall, there would be additional charges for migration.

Inode Count

Inode count refers to the total number of files you can store on your hosting account. This includes emails, databases, media, and everything else. For shared hosting, the inode count limits of MilesWeb are:

  • Ignite Plan – 50k inodes
  • Elite Plan – 100k inodes
  • Stellar Plan – 200k inodes
  • Alpha Cloud Plan – Unlimited inodes


The official website of MilesWeb states they employ a premium CDN on all of their plans. However, upon talking to their support, I found out they use CDN on plans with the DirectAdmin panel and CDN is only offered on WordPress websites. CDN

The CDN is not activated by default on MilesWeb. You have to raise a ticket and request their support to activate CDN in your domain. This is a time-consuming process. I think it could’ve been simplified by offering a simple button to enable CDN on the dashboard.

MilesWeb Website Builder

If you want to create attractive websites, MilesWeb offers SitePad Website Builder to all its customers. To get started, you simply need to select a theme for your website from its extensive collection of 850+ themes spanning various categories.

SitePad Website Builder

Then, you can enter your site details and begin customizing your site according to your requirements. It offers a convenient drag-and-drop interface, a library of interactive widgets, lots of customizations, basic SEO tools, and powerful integrations to quickly design a functional site.

If you’re interested in website builders, you can also look at these 9 Best AI Website Builders that will simplify your web design experience!

MilesWeb Pros

1) Swift Speeds

With MilesWeb, you can experience swift speeds, especially in the Indian regions. Indian data centers along with Litespeed servers ensure an excellent performance.

2) Reliable Uptime

In the last few months of my testing, the overall uptime of MilesWeb has been 99.99%. Whereas in the last 30 days, the uptime has been 99.97%, which is really appreciable.

3) Excellent Load Handling

In my experience, MilesWeb was able to handle load exceptionally well with no request failures and a stable response time. So, if you have a high-traffic site, MilesWeb will be able to handle the load efficiently. 

4) UPI Payments

Because MilesWeb is an Indian company, you can find support for UPI Payments on this platform. This makes it a convenient option for Indian users.

5) Hindi Call Support

Besides speedy live chat support, MilesWeb also offers Hindi call support for its Indian audiences. Thus, beginners who are more comfortable talking to the support for resolving their queries will find this beneficial.

6) Renewal at Same Price

The best thing about MilesWeb is, that unlike other hosts, it doesn’t offer elevated renewal rates on its hosting plans. The renewal amount is the same as the purchase amount, which is great!

7) Affordable Pricing

The pricing plans of MilesWeb Shared hosting start from a pocket-friendly price of ₹60/month. This makes it an affordable hosting solution, even for newbies.

MilesWeb Cons

1) Poor Backup Management

Unlike other hosts that offer daily automated site backups, MilesWeb offers weekly backups, with a retention period of just 1 day. Users can’t access or restore these backups either. I hope they improve their backup management and introduce automated backups soon.

2) Can’t Active CDN from Dashboard

MilesWeb offers the CDN on its hosting plans. However, the users cannot activate it from the dashboard. You need to raise an email ticket to get CDN activated on your plan.

3) Limited Data Centers

On its website, MilesWeb features 6 data centers. However, if you opt for shared hosting plans, you only get the Indian data centers. With Cloud hosting, you get to choose from India, the US, and the UK. Whereas, all 6 data centers are accessible on VPS hosting.

4) Support Inconsistencies

Even though MilesWeb offers quick live chat support that’s available 24/7, it didn’t perform exceptionally well for technical queries. They were fairly quick with general queries but took a lot of time to resolve technical queries. I think they can work on improving their tech support.

MilesWeb Popups

5) Distracting User Interface

I didn’t like the user interface of MilesWeb. Every time you log in, and visit the dashboard or the knowledge base, there’s a pop-up upselling their hosting services. This is quite annoying and spoils the hosting experience of the users.

6) Misrepresented Information

MilesWeb has misrepresented certain information about its shared hosting features on its website. Premium CDN, 6 data centers, unlimited free migrations, and free website backups are some examples. They should mention the limitations and conditions along with these features. 

MilesWeb Alternatives

1) Hostinger

Hostinger is a popular web hosting provider with one of the most affordable pricing structures. Like MilesWeb, it features swift speeds, Indian payment options, Litespeed servers, advanced security options, and a responsive website builder.

However, unlike MilesWeb, you’ll find a modern UI and hPanel, multiple servers, and reliable backups on Hostinger. Beginners who need budget hosting will find Hostinger as the most affordable option.

The pricing plans of Hostinger start at an affordable rate of $1.99/month. But if you wish to enjoy an extra 10% discount, you can use my link to purchase your favorite plan and enter the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout!

2) Chemicloud

ChemiCloud is a feature-packed web host that offers blazing-fast speeds and good performance. It offers Litespeed servers, reliable uptime, Sitepad Site Builder, lots of security tools, and lacks a temporary domain, similar to MilesWeb.

But ChemiCloud marks itself differently by offering exceptional support, up to 200 free cPanel migrations, good backups, many developer tools, and a 45-day refund policy. Overall, it is an ideal web host for high-traffic and eCommerce sites.

The pricing plans for ChemiCloud start from $2.95/month. But if you use my link to purchase a 3-year plan, you can get massive discounts on your purchase. Enter the coupon code CCKRIPESHYT at checkout to avail of the offer.

3) A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the most established web hosting providers. Just like MilesWeb, A2 Hosting features lots of impressive features like fast speeds, NVMe SSD storage, Litespeed servers, good load handling, and excellent security tools.

But unlike MilesWeb, it also features a wide range of developer-friendly tools, unmatched uptime, reliable backups, and a pro-rata-based refund policy. It also doesn’t offer a free domain name and is a bit on the expensive side.

The pricing plans of A2 Hosting begin from $2.99/month. You can use my link to avail the best discounts on this hosting.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In these years, I’ve used and tested all the popular hosting on my personal and client websites. Cloudways, ChemiCloud, FastComet, etc, are some notable examples. Detailed reviews are on my blog and YouTube.

For this review, I have been testing the Stellar plan of MilesWeb for the last 5 months. I even have an active subscription to it. Testing dozens of hosts in the past few years has given me the knowledge and expertise to compare them and recommend the best one for your requirements.


MilesWeb is a good hosting provider with good speeds, uptime, excellent load handling, and Hindi call support. It is a budget-friendly host that renews at the same price. So, beginners can look at it too.

If you need hosting with UPI Payments and call support in India, MilesWeb is a pretty good option.

The downside is that you don’t get US servers on shared hosting plans. They are limited to Indian servers only. So, make sure to get a shared hosting plan only if your target audience is Indian.

Besides, they don’t have a proper backup management system right now, which is disappointing. I feel good backup options are essential for a web host. In my opinion, if you can hike up your budget a little, Hostinger and Chemicloud are better alternatives to consider.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this MilesWeb Review. I hope this information will help you decide if MilesWeb is the right hosting for your digital journey. If you don’t want to get lost in the technical aspects of hosting, check out these Best Managed WordPress Hosting for 2024!

Which hosting are you currently using? How does it compare to MilesWeb and would you prefer switching to MilesWeb? Let me know your views in the comments below. This is Kripesh, taking your leave. Cheers, and keep learning. 🙂


1) What are the payment methods supported by MilesWeb?

MilesWeb supports the following payment methods: Credit and debit cards, PayPal, and UPI. The UPI Payments option will be very convenient for Indian audiences.

2) Does MilesWeb have a refund policy?

Yes, you get a 30-day refund policy with MilesWeb. So, if you don’t find it valuable, you can cancel your subscription within 1 month and get your money back.

3) Do you have a discount coupon code for MilesWeb?

Yes, you can use my link and enter the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout to get a 10% off on your favorite hosting plan.

4) How good is MilesWeb’s customer support?

MilesWeb offers support via email tickets, live chat, calls, and a knowledge base. The live chat support is quick at resolving general queries. However, they’re not well-versed in the technical aspects. The call support is a useful option for Indian customers.

5) Which is the best MilesWeb plan?

In my experience, their Stellar Shared hosting plan for 1 year is a value-for-money option if you are working on a WordPress website. If you need NodeJS support, you can look at the cPanel hosting plans of MilesWeb.

6) Does MilesWeb offer free website migrations?

Yes, you can enjoy unlimited free website migrations on MilesWeb. However, the migrations are limited to a maximum of 10 GB. If your website files exceed 10 GB in size, you’ll be charged an extra amount.

7) Does MilesWeb offer an uptime guarantee?

Yes, MilesWeb offers an uptime SLA of 99.95% on its shared hosting plans. However, they don’t have any guidelines in place in case the uptime guarantee is not fulfilled. 


MilesWeb Pros (+)

  • Speeds
  • Uptime
  • Load Handling
  • UPI Payments
  • Call Support
  • Renewal at Same Price
  • Affordable Pricing

 MilesWeb Cons (-)

  • Poor Backup Management
  • CDN Issues
  • Limited Data Centers
  • Support Inconsistencies
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