17 Best AI Tools for Students in 2024 (Mostly FREE)

Whether you’re a school student, a college fresher, or a research scholar, AI tools can boost your productivity and transform your academic life.

Wondering how?

From creating PowerPoint presentations to writing informative assignments or code, there’s an AI tool for everything! Today, I’ll introduce you to the Best AI Tools for Students.

In this article, we will begin by understanding what artificial intelligence is and what are its benefits for students. Then we will move on to discuss the 17 Best AI Tools for Students.

So, are you excited to enhance your skills and learning with the power of AI? Let’s dive right into it!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer program to perform operations that require human intelligence. It can solve complex problems, make decisions, have conversations, and perform various operations on its own.

Best AI Tools for Students - What is artificial intelligence
What is artificial intelligence

Today, you can find a whole range of AI tools flooding the digital world. They are designed to accomplish specific tasks, like writing, idea generation, coding, image creation, building websites, and more.

Some popular examples of AI tools are ChatGPT, Copy AI, Google Bard, Midjourney, Synthesia, etc.

17 Best AI Tools for Students At A Glance (2024)

Below, we have handpicked 17 Best AI Tools that would be beneficial for students in their academic life.

AI Tool NameUse ForFree Version
1) ChatGPTAI Writing Unlimited 
2) CopyAIAI Writing2k words/month
3) GrammarlyGrammar and Editing300 docs or 150k words/month
4) QuillbotParaphrasing 125 words at a time
5) Google BardResearchUnlimited
6) ChatPDFResearch3 PDFs and 50 Questions/day
7) UpwordSummarizationUnlimited
8) Natural ReadersText to Speech4k characters per day
9) MubertText to Music25 tracks/month
10) Doctrina AILearningAccess Notes and Quizzes
11) Tutor AILearning3 queries/month
12) TomePresentations50 tomes/workspace, 500 AI credits.
13) AskCodiCoding50 credits/month
14) HocoosWebsite BuildingLimited customization
15) KickresumeResume BuildingNo downloads
16) Bing Image CreatorAI Art100 images/day
17) ReplikaPersonal Assistance Unlimited chat

17 Best AI Tools for Students (2024)

1) ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI tools offered by OpenAI. It has revolutionized the industry and made AI accessible to everyone. With this platform, you can not only generate AI content but also have conversations, brainstorm ideas, solve complex problems, and write code.

It works through text-based prompts. The more detailed your text input is, the more relevant the output will be generated. Students can benefit immensely from ChatGPT. For example, here’s the result when I asked ChatGPT to explain the Theory of Relativity. 

ChatGPT usecase
ChatGPT usecase

You can use it for researching any topic, breaking down complex concepts, getting creative ideas, rephrasing and editing their assignments, etc. They can also write, debug, and get an explanation for code in any language. 

ChatGPT code
ChatGPT code

So, if you’re a student looking for an all-rounder platform to help you in different areas of education, ChatGPT is a must-have tool!

Its free version allows generating unlimited content within seconds.

Use For: AI Writing

2) CopyAI

CopyAI is a renowned AI-writing assistant that is equipped with 90+ use cases and 8 content tones. Its extensive library of use cases has dozens of tools to help students. Students can create precise emails, case studies, short stories, quotes, rephrase or expand content, quiz questions, summaries, etc.

CopyAI Bullet Point to Paragraph Input
CopyAI Bullet Point to Paragraph Input

For instance, following are the results when I tried to expand the bullet points about ‘Steps to write an effective article’ into a paragraph. 

CopyAI Bullet Point to Paragraph Output
CopyAI Bullet Point to Paragraph Output

What makes CopyAI stand out is its long-form content generator. It can help you write high-quality content for your academic papers. Whether it’s a literature review, a leave application, an essay, or an internship report, you can get high quality and to-the-point content.

So, if you want to generate high-quality content for your essays, assignments, and creative projects, you should try CopyAI.

The free version of CopyAI offers 2000 words per month, which would be sufficient for students.

Use Copy AI For: AI Writing

3) Grammarly

Grammarly is another popular grammar checking, proofreading, and editing tool. I’m sure you must’ve used it for editing your documents. 

It uses a powerful AI algorithm to offer real-time suggestions for improving your grammar, spelling, writing style, etc. It also detects your content tone so you can convey your message in the right emotion.

Grammarly Clarity Checking
Grammarly Clarity Checking

It is quite accurate at analyzing language patterns, pointing out errors, and offering useful suggestions for correcting them as well.

If you’re a student who wants to improve their grammar and create error-free documents for school and college submissions, Grammarly is your best friend!

Both free and premium plans let you create 300 docs or 150k words/month.

Use Grammarly For: Editing & grammar correction

4) Quillbot

Does your confidence waver while presenting your ideas in written form? Well, you need Quillbot. It’s a really impressive paraphrasing tool that uses AI to rephrase your content into a professional and refined language.


On the free plan of Quillbot, you get access to 23 languages and 2 paraphrasing modes – Standard mode and Fluency mode. You can also access additional tools like Grammar Checker, CoWriter (writing assistant), Summarizer, and Citation Generator.

However, it’s not limited to just that. To really help you learn, it also highlights the changed and unchanged words in different colors. Analyzing and comparing your writing style with Quillbot’s corrections can improve your writing style over time.

For students who struggle with expressing their ideas in a clear and concise manner, Quillbot can work wonders!

Pricing: Their free plan is limited to 125 words at a time.

Use QuillBot For: Paraphrasing

5) Google Bard

With access to real-time data, it can fetch reliable content around current affairs and, latest news from the web. This makes it ideal for research. It even allows voice input and multiple export options for more convenience.

Bard is a conversational generative AI chatbot designed by Google. Trained on 137 billion parameters, Bard has some incredible abilities. It is similar to ChatGPT and functions as an AI assistant for you.

Google Bard
Google Bard

If you are a student, you can use it for researching the latest data, generating concise content in easy-to-understand language, writing code, getting code explanation, and brainstorming ideas. I especially liked that it can summarize an entire web page from its URL!

Overall, if you need to enhance your research with the latest data, Google Bard is your best bet!

Use Google Bard For: Research

6) ChatPDF

ChatPDF is an Artificial Intelligence tool specifically designed for PDFs. All you need to do is upload a PDF document on ChatPDF. It may be a course book, a novel, a research paper, an academic journal, or anything else.

ChatPDF will analyze the PDF and answer questions using that information in the chat window. Students can quickly resolve their doubts, understand complex concepts, and fetch important information from any books through this tool.


I find its best use case in academic research. Often, researchers need to go through dozens of books to find a simple piece of information. This consumes an unnecessary amount of time. With ChatPDF, they can simply ask relevant questions and get the information they need from any journals and papers!

Overall, if you’re a student or an academic researcher, you would be absolutely hooked on this innovative AI tool!

Its free plan lets you upload 3 PDFs/day and ask 50 questions/day. 

Use For: Research

7) Upword

Upword is an AI-notes and summarization tool that is available as a Chrome extension for free. It basically speeds up your research by summarizing any web page or YouTube video you visit. The summaries generated are short and concise for easy reading.

Upword AI
Upword AI

Students can use it to summarize lengthy educational lectures and documentaries into easy, bite-sized content for saving time and improving productivity. The best part is that students can generate as many AI notes as they want for free.

But for accessing additional features like auto-highlighting, audio player, advanced editing, etc, you can opt for their free trial by entering your card details!

Pricing: Free Trial

Use Upword For: Summarization

8) Natural Readers

Natural Readers is a platform that uses AI to convert text into speech. All you have to do is choose an AI voice and style, and add the content you wish to convert into speech. You can import text, documents, web pages, or images into the editor.

Natural Readers import website
Natural Readers import website

At any point, you can switch to a different AI voice and experiment with different reading speeds. They even have a Chrome extension so you can easily listen to emails, ebooks, blogs, Google Docs, PDFs, and more on the go!

Natural readers text to speech
Natural readers text to speech

Its surprising ability to resemble a human voice, pitch and tone sets it apart. Natural Readers could be a really helpful tool for dyslexic or visually impaired kids, or kids struggling with learning disabilities.

Pricing: On the free account, you can use unlimited free voices and convert 4000 characters per day (around 500 words). They also do not allow downloading the audio files.

Use Natural Readers For: Text to speech

9) Mubert

Mubert is an AI-powered text-to-music music platform that lets you create royalty free music and soundtracks. To begin with, you can either generate new music or search by reference to a YouTube video. It lets you generate tracks, loops, mixes, and jingles.

Mubert text to music
Mubert text to music

Then, you can either enter a prompt and a duration, or select your preferred genres, moods, and activities. However, you can only select one option from every category at a time. Mubert AI generates an AI soundtrack for you based on your inputs.

Mubert categories
Mubert categories

Students would really find it helpful to create background music for presentations, video projects, reports, etc.

Overall, students who are more inclined towards music creation and production will find Mubert as a really interesting tool to experiment with!

Pricing: On the free plan, you can generate 25 soundtracks every month. It also integrates an audio branding of Mubert on the free tracks.

Use Mubert For: Text to music

10) Doctrina AI

Doctrina AI is a tool that revolutionizes students’ education by employing AI algorithms to enhance learning. It can not only summarize notes for you, but also generate essays, quizzes, and exams on any topic. However, you can only access notes and quizzes on its free plan.

Doctrina AI Notes
Doctrina AI Notes

The Free Notes Generator can create notes on any topic of your choice by simply entering the class name and topics discussed. Going one step further, it also recommends books for further reading on the topic.

Doctrina AI Quiz
Doctrina AI Quiz

Whereas, its Quiz Generator requests give you insightful quiz questions on any topic you want. You can also set a difficulty level from easy, medium, and hard for your quiz. With this tool, students can maximize their learning outcomes. 

Pricing: Free/Paid

Used Doctrina AI For: Learning

11) Tutor AI

Tutor AI is a personalized tutoring service that helps every student learn at their own pace and style. Students simply need to enter a topic of their choice and select a subcategory under it. Within a minute, you will have an entire course along with in-depth modules under each.

TutorAI modules
TutorAI modules

As you start with a lesson, relevant and informative content will be generated under it. And under the lesson, you’ll find helpful options like simplify, examples, quiz, and ask a question. All of these options are aimed at improving your understanding of the topic.

TutorAI additional tools
TutorAI additional tools

Pricing: The free plan of Tutor AI features 3 queries, which is pretty limited.

Use Tutor AI For: Learning

12) Tome.app

Presentations are an evergreen part of your academic life. Be it school, college, or even professional workspace, presentations play an important role in every stage. Tome is an intuitive way of creating presentations with the power of AI.

Tome presentation outline
Tome presentation outline

You simply enter a text prompt for your presentation topic. It first generates an outline that you can edit. Then it generates full fledged presentations with relevant content and images within seconds! Once the presentation is generated, you can share it via links. PDF exports are not allowed, though.

Tome presentation
Tome presentation

If you are a student who wants to save time on creating presentations or lack the skills to create beautiful presentations, Tome App could be your best friend on your academic journey!

Pricing: The free plan of Tome is limited to 50 tomes/workspace and 500 AI credits.

Use Tome For: Presentations

13) AskCodi

Coding can be quite difficult at times. And you cannot always approach your teachers for all your doubts. AskCodi comes in handy here! AskCodi is an AI powered coding assistant that simplifies programming and development for you.

AskCodi Code explanation
AskCodi Code explanation

It helps you generate code in 50+ languages, translate it into a different language, and get code explanations as well. You get perform different processes like coding, testing, documentation, etc.

AskCodi Chat
AskCodi Chat

But what I liked most was its coding chatbot. It lets you type in your query in conversational language and get code for it within seconds.

If you’re a beginner in the field of coding, AskCodi could be a game changing tool for your programming career!

Pricing: With the free plan, you get a total of 50 monthly credits, which is sufficient for most students.

Use AskCodi For: Coding

14) Hocoos

Want to build a website for your blog or college project? Hocoos AI Website Builder can help you set it up within minutes! You just have to answer a few questions about your website. This includes things like website category, services, purpose, address, USPs, etc.

Hocoos - AI website creation
Hocoos – AI website creation

Based on the inputs, it generates 3 demo website styles. Once you select your preferred style, font combinations, and color palettes, it generates a beautiful website for you. It is equipped with relevant content, design, and images as per your inputs. You can use the AI writer to edit the content if you need. 

Hocoos AI writing
Hocoos AI writing

I liked its quick website creation along with the blogging and eCommerce features. Overall, for students who want a beautiful and attractive website for their college projects, Hocoos could be an excellent choice!

You get limited customization on the free plan with 15 image uploads and 20 AI content generations. The subdomain URL cannot be edited either.

Use Hocoos For: Website Building

15) Kickresume

Preparing for a job interview? A well-designed resume can help you leave a mark! To get started, you simply have to answer a few questions via chat, like your name, position, etc. Then you can choose a template from their library of 35+ resume templates.


Kickresume features an AI Writer that can help you rewrite your profile section in a professional language and tone.

Apart from that, you can also get questions for job interview preparation and insightful career advice by entering your position.

Kickresume job interview questions
Kickresume job interview questions

I think Kickresume would be a valuable tool for college students who want to build a professional resume! Though it doesn’t allow you to download the AI template for free, you can still screenshot it or edit it on platforms like Canva or MS Word.

Pricing: The AI usage limit is quite low on the free plan. It also doesn’t allow you to download your resume for free if AI features are used.

Use Kickresume For: Resume Building

16) Bing Image Creator

If you need some unique and catchy images for your projects, look no further than Bing AI Image Creator. You just need to describe the image you want in natural language. It’ll generate a grid of 4 images that you can download, share, or edit. It’s the easiest AI art generator ever!

Bing AI Image Creator
Bing AI Image Creator

With Bing, students can help create flawless and realistic images for their assignments, presentations, posters, creative projects, infographics, etc. Its ease of use and unlimited image generation are quite impressive.

Pricing: Free 100 images/day, you can still generate unlimited images at slower speeds.

Use Bing Image Creator For: Creating AI Art

17) Replika

Student life can often be lonely and confusing with nobody to guide you through the difficult times. Here’s when Replika comes in handy! It’s a personal AI chatbot that can carry engaging and realistic conversations. Its ability to remember details from your responses makes it unique.

Replika AI
Replika AI

You start by selecting an avatar and specifying a few of your interests. Based on that, your replika can have interesting conversations with you. Every time you share a new detail, it stores it into the Memory Bank for further reference.

Overall, if you’re feeling isolated, stressed about academics, or struggling with mental health issues, Replika can help you lighten your mood. It can be a good AI-friend and offer an attentive ear to share all your worries.

Pricing: On the free plan, you can have unlimited chats!

Use Replika For: Personal Assistance

Benefits of AI Tools for Students

Incorporating AI tools in the educational journey can have many benefits. Some major benefits are listed below.

benefits of AI tools for students
benefits of AI tools for students

1) Boost Productivity

The biggest benefit of using AI tools is to automate repetitive tasks and boost productivity. For instance, AI note taking tools, paraphrasing tools, and web page summarization tools help you save a ton of time and remain productive.

 2) Enhanced Learning

With AI tools, personalized learning experience can be provided to every student as per their needs and pace of progress. A tailored approach can help in ensuring that each student has an optimal understanding of the educational content. This leads to an effective learning.

3) Improved Research

AI-powered tools can even streamline gathering and analyzing data for your research. With their help, you can save time on exploring large amounts of data and get valuable insights along with relevant sources.

This is great for research projects, academic articles, and dissertations.

4) Writing and Language Assistance

Artificial intelligence tools also offer grammar and spell-checking functionalities. They can provide suggestions for improving sentence structure and word choice.

Additionally, an AI writing tool can help in creating articles, essays, project reports, and creative content. All of this can help students enhance their language learning and develop stronger communication and writing skills.

5) Greater Accessibility

For students struggling with visual impairments or learning disabilities, there are AI driven accessibility tools as well. Tools like AI text-to-speech help convert written content into voice speech for clearer understanding.

Thus, it helps make educational resources like online books, websites, blogs, and research papers more accessible for all students.

6) Skill Development

Extending beyond academic subjects, AI tools also help in skill development across various domains. You can find tools to create AI images, videos, and PowerPoint presentations out of simple text prompts! This helps students enhance their artistic expression and creative skills.


In this article, we looked at the 19 Best AI Tools for Students. If you’re a student, I hope these AI tools will help you learn better and stay more productive. I personally liked ChatPDF, Lumen 5, and AskCodi the most!

Which tools did you like the most? Do you currently use an AI tools as a student? Let me know in the comments section below. This is Kripesh signing off. Cheers and keep learning! 🙂


1) What are the productive AI tools for students?

An impressive AI productivity tool for students is Upword. It helps in speeding up your research by providing summaries of any webpages or YouTube videos you visit.

2) Can I use AI to help me study?

Yes. You can use TutorAI, which is a personalized tutoring service. On entering a topic you wish to learn, it will generate in-depth course lectures for you along with quiz, cross-questioning, simple explanations, etc.

3) Which AI is best for assignment?

If you need help with finding content for your assignments, you can use AI writing tools like ChatGPT or CopyAI.

4) What are the best AI tools for learning and research?

For better learning, you can use AI tools like Doctrina AI and Tutor AI. Whereas, if you want to conduct thorough research, Google Bard and Upword would be great options!

5) What is the fastest growing AI tool?

ChatGPT is one of the fastest growing AI tool that gained 1 million users within 5 days of its launch! It currently has over 100 million users.

6) What are the best AI tools for college students?

If you’re a college student, Kickresume can help you craft a professional resume. AskCodi can help you code well in various languages. Whereas, Tome can create quick presentations and ChatPDF can help with academic research.

7) Which is the best AI tool for article writing in 2024?

For writing long-form content, CopyAI would be the best option.

8) What is the best AI tool for making videos?

If you want to create beautiful and captivating videos from text content, like articles and blogs, Lumen5 could be a great choice.

9) What’s the best ai image generator tool?

If you want to generate AI images, you can use Bing Image Creator, Midjourney, or Leonardo AI. All of them are available free of cost.

10) Can AI tools replace human teachers?

No, AI tools cannot replace the connection and empathy that human teachers possess. However, they can make the work of a teacher easier by making all kinds of information readily available.

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