Top 22 Best AI Tools for Small Business (2024)

The business landscape is evolving rapidly, and AI is at the forefront of technological advancements. Do you know that over 35% of global companies use AI today?

With AI technology growing at a swift pace, AI tools have made their way into various categories of business. These include content creation, social media, design, hiring, upskilling, support, etc.

If you’re a small business owner looking to enhance your online and offline presence, boost content creation, or streamline your workflow, this article is for you! Today, we are going to look at the Best AI Tools for Small Businesses.

In this article, we will begin by understanding the benefits of AI tools for businesses. Then, we will explore the best AI tools for different categories of business. By the end of this article, you will surely be equipped with a handful of AI tools to empower your business.

Can’t wait to discover all the exciting AI tools to propel your business towards success? Let’s dive right into it!

How Can Small Businesses Benefit from AI Tools?

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably wondering how AI tools can help in growing your business? Well, let’s look at the major advantages of AI tools for businesses below.

Benefits of AI Tools for small business
Benefits of AI Tools for small business

1) Improved Efficiency

With AI tools, you can automate all your repetitive tasks and focus on what really matters. This not only speeds up the whole process but also reduces the chances of errors and boosts your productivity.

2) Scalability

Scaling your business through manual efforts can be a slow process. However, with AI tools, small business owners can scale their operations quickly and efficiently. They can adapt to the changing demands of the market and expand their business multifold!

3) Drive Innovation

By integrating AI tools, businesses can easily adapt to the changing trends. They can explore new business models, uncover important insights, and lead their businesses towards growth and innovation.

4) Personalization

With AI tools, businesses can tailor their services as per customers’ preferences. This can help in providing personalized experiences which could enhance customer satisfaction and build strong relationships.

5) Making Data-Driven Decisions

AI tools are capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of data quickly to provide valuable insights. This can help you make more informed decisions and strategies for your business based on trends and patterns.

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22 Best AI Tools for Small Business (2024)

Tool NameCategoryFree PlanPricing
ChatGPTAI AssistantUnlimited words$20/month
WritesonicAI Writer10k free trial words$12.67/month
CopyAIAI Writer2k words/month$49/month
JasperAI WriterN.A.$39/month
DomainsGPTDomains10 free trials/day$19 for 50 credits
LookaLogosN.A. One-time price of $20
MerlinEmails51 queries/day$14.25/month
ChatGPT WriterEmailsUnlimitedN.A. 
VoilaProductivityN.A.$29 for lifetime
MidjourneyAI Art25 images$10/month
BlueWillowAI ArtUnlimited imagesN.A. 
LeonardoAI Art150 images/dayN.A. 
Flair AIDesign30 free images$10/month
Canva AIDesignYes₹3999/year
Vista SocialSocial Media Management15 posts/mo/profile$15/month
VidboardTalking Avatar VideosN.A. $52 for lifetime
SynthesiaTalking Avatar VideosN.A.$22.50/month
Beautiful AIPresentationN.A.$12/month
Tome Presentation500 AI creditsN.A.
Scribe AIDocumentationWeb appWeb, mobile, and desktop apps- $23/month
Bardeen AIAutomation14 day free trial$10/month
Otter AIMeeting Transcription300 mins transcriptions/mo$10/user/month

Best AI Tools for Content Creation

1) ChatGPT – Best for Free

ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI chatbot offered by OpenAI. It can have a range of use cases for businesses. You can use it to create marketing and website copy, training materials, reports, emails, and social media posts, and more. It can even generate creative ideas and concepts for your business!

For example, these are the results when I asked ChatGPT to generate an Instagram content marketing strategy for my minimalistic jewelry brand “Gilded Gems”.

Chatgpt for business
Chatgpt for business

Businesses can also integrate ChatGPT into their website or apps to offer customer support, automate tasks, and use it as a virtual assistant. If you’re a small business owner, ChatGPT would be the most valuable tool for you available free of cost!

ChatGPT Pricing: The free version works on GPT 3.5 and allows unlimited content generation. ChatGPT Plus subscription model offers priority replies and extended word count for $20/month.

2) Writesonic – Best For Short Content

Writesonic is an AI writer featuring 100+ AI content templates and high content quality. You can also find various content tones (like dramatic, sarcastic, professional, witty, etc.) to convey the right emotion to your readers. 

Businesses that need short-form content like social captions, slogans, social media posts, product descriptions, emails, ads, etc, will find WriteSonic to be a great fit! It also comes with a handy ChatSonic extension which offers real-time data and generates engaging content and images!

For example, here’s a Facebook ad I generated for the launch of my latest tech product “KP Password Manager”. 

Writesonic Facebook ad
Writesonic Facebook ad

Writesonic Pricing: 10k free trial words for the first month upon signing up, which later drops to 2.5k words/month. Paid plans start from $12.67/month, where you get 200k words.

3) Copy AI – Best for Long-Form Content

If you require long-form content for your business, CopyAI would be a suitable option for you. This AI-powered writing assistant features 90+ use-cases and 8 content tones. It also has 40+ pre-made templates for popular use cases.  

The highlight of CopyAI is its high quality and relevant content. It is suitable for generating long-form content for your business like case studies, job description, emails, blog posts, sales landing pages, etc. You can even add your brand voice to align all your content accordingly.

CopyAI Job Description
CopyAI Job Description

The above example showcases a job description I generated for the post of “Technical Content Writer” for my website. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a free AI writer, CopyAI could add an insane amount of value to your business!

CopyAI Pricing: Free plan offers 2k words/month. Pro plan offers unlimited words for $49/month.

4) Jasper AI – Best Paid AI Writer

Jasper AI is a powerful and versatile AI writing tool that produces highly refined and engaging copy. From Twitter posts to Instagram captions, Quora Answers, Google Ads, Blog posts, Product features, and more Jasper can help you with all business use cases.

For instance, here are the Twitter threads generated by Jasper’s Tweet machine for the topic “How to scale your online business in 15 days”.

Jasper AI Tweet Machine
Jasper AI Tweet Machine

It also features the Jasper Chat feature, that allows you to ask questions and get insightful answers. It has access to the latest data and comes with memorization capabilities. This makes it a better alternative over ChatGPT. If you’re a medium to large-scale business that can afford a premium AI tool, Jasper is a terrific pick! 

Jasper Pricing: Expensive pricing starting from $39/month.

Best AI Tools for Domain Names

5) DomainsGPT

Tired of looking for domain name ideas for your business? DomainsGPT can help! It’s an AI-powered domain name generator that offers creative one-word domain suggestions.

You begin by selecting a domain name type, like brandable names, two-word combinations, alternate spellings, etc. Then, you offer more details about your website and specify the domain length, keywords, and domain extensions you want to search for. 

For instance, these were the domain names produced when I entered the prompt “handmade jewelry” for my small business.

DomainsGPT names
DomainsGPT names

The best part is that Domains GPT is not limited to .com domains. It also offers suggestions for other popular TLDs. I liked the fact that it checks domain availability on 6 major domain registrars and only displays the available names. The domain’s annual price is displayed beside it.

So, if you’re looking for some catchy and memorable domain names for your small business, DomainsGPT could be a great option for free!

DomainsGPT Pricing: 10 free trials a day. Its subscription begins at $19 for 50 credits.

Best AI Tools for Logos

6) Looka

Do you need a logo for your brand, but hiring a designer feels like too much trouble? Well, you can try Looka. It’s an AI-powered logo design tool that offers dozens of creative logo designs for your business.

Looka logo selection
Looka logo selection

You start by specifying your business industry and choosing the most appealing ones from a list of logos. Then, you’re asked to pick a color combination for your logo. Finally, you enter your company name and choose a few symbol categories. 

Looka AI logo
Looka AI logo

Within seconds, Looka generates a variety of elegant and catchy logos for your personal brand. You can preview and edit your logos as you need. However, in order to download them, you need to pay a subscription fee.

In my opinion, the logos designed by Looka are pretty simple. But they’re good enough to get started! If you’re a new business owner, you can surely try it!

Looka Pricing: The Basic logo package starts from a one-time price of $20. 

Best AI Tools for Emails

7) Merlin

Merlin is a popular AI writing extension that helps you generate content on a variety of websites. All you need to do is select a certain block of text and hit Ctrl/Cmd+M. Then you can provide text-based instructions on the content you wish to generate.

Merlin email replies
Merlin email replies

If you are a business owner, there’s a lot you can do with Merlin. You can generate quick email replies, create insightful Twitter or LinkedIn posts, summarize YouTube videos, blogs, etc. For instance, here is a summary it generated for my blog explaining cloud storage.

Merlin blog summary
Merlin blog summary

I think business owners should definitely try it to enhance their productivity.

Merlin Pricing: The free plan is limited to 51 queries per day. Paid plan costs $14.25/month, where you get 2000 queries.

8) ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is another AI browser extension that is free to use and helps you with all your writing troubles. You can craft emails, messages, summarize content, fix grammatical mistakes and spellings, rephrase text, ask questions, and more with this handy tool!

All you have to do is visit your favorite site and click on the ChatGPT Writer extension to activate it. For instance, here’s how I generated an email reply to politely decline a collaboration request.

ChatGPT Writer - emails
ChatGPT Writer – emails

The results were absolutely mind-blowing! It conveys the right emotion using the right set of words! If you run a small business, you should certainly start using ChatGPT Writer for framing your professional emails. 

ChatGPT Writing Pricing: As of now, it has no paid plan and is available free of cost.

9) Voila

Voila is an AI-powered productivity tool that functions as an AI assistant. It’s available as a browser extension for generating content on the go! Small businesses can get help with writing emails, summarizing, improving, or rephrasing content, creating social posts, blogs, ads, etc.

For instance, Voila AI produced the following output for an ad about an organic face wash called “Pureglow Organics”.

Voila AI ad
Voila AI ad

So, if you’re interested in getting a paid productivity extension to speed up your business tasks, Voila AI would be a great fit!

Voila Pricing: Lifetime plans start from $29, where you get GPT 3.5 access. For unlimited content generation, go with its $119 plan!

Best AI Tools for Images 

10) Midjourney – Best Paid AI Art Generator

Midjourney is one of the most renowned AI art generators in the digital world. If you own a small business, you’ll appreciate the high quality and intricate images created by Midjourney. You can use them on your social media, websites, blogs, YouTube channels, creative banners, etc. 

Midjourney AI Art results
Midjourney AI Art results

Midjourney can be accessed via Discord. In order to generate images, you simply need to join the Midjourney server and use the Newbies room. Here, you need to type in the prompt “/imagine” and describe your image.

Within a minute, a grid of 4 AI generated images will be presented. It also features additional options for up-scaling or generating more image variations.

Midjourney Pricing: 25 images generations for free. After that, you need to upgrade to its paid subscription, starting from $10/month.

11) BlueWillow – Best Free Art Generator

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Midjourney, you can try BlueWillow! This AI art generator also works through Discord in a similar manner. You simply need to join their Discord server and request image generation via their Rookie channels.

Bluewillow images
Bluewillow images

Once an image is generated, you can also upscale or generate similar variants for it from the options below the produced AI image. So, if you are a business person, you can use this tool for all your image requirements on websites, social media, videos, and other creative assets!

BlueWillow Pricing: Can generate unlimited images for free.

12) Leonardo AI – Best for High Quality Images

Leonardo AI is one of the most impressive and high quality AI art generators for free! It comes with multiple fine-tuned models of image generation that create catchy and highly relevant images within seconds.

You simply need to start with an AI prompt and select an AI model and image style to create images. Businesses can generate images for their websites, social media, email newsletters, product descriptions, etc, with this tool. 

For instance, here are the results when I generated an image for a “jewelry showcase in store”.

Leonardo AI image
Leonardo AI image

The Prompt Magic V3 and Alchemy tools make Leonardo AI stand out! However, they can be used only for a limited number of times and consume more image tokens. So, if you need professional quality images for your brand or business, Leonardo is the perfect choice for free!

Leonardo Pricing: Daily free limit of 150 image generations, 30 upscales/unzooms, and 75 background removals.

Best AI Design Tools 

13) Flair AI

Flair is an AI-powered design tool that generates high quality and diverse photoshoots for your products. It lets you upload products like soda cans, perfume bottles, cans, bags, shoes, watches, handbags, etc. 

It features dozens of templates in their library to get inspiration for your product photoshoot. You can either select a template or generate one on your own using text prompts. I simply loved the way it generated appropriate backgrounds from the descriptions provided.

Here’s a demo photoshoot of a soda can on a marble surface. 

Flair AI
Flair AI

So, if you are into the product development and marketing business, Flair AI could be a very valuable tool for you!

Flair Pricing: Free trial gives you 30 free images, image editing tools and photography library. If you need unlimited images, subscribe to their Pro plan for $10/month

14) Canva AI

Canva is one of the most popular online graphic designing platforms. As a business, you can reap tons of benefits with it. Canva offers hundreds of templates to create eye-catching logos, posters, business cards, resumes, presentations, social posts, brochures, etc.


Recently, they have also introduced various AI-based graphic design tools in Canva. For instance, the Magic Eraser lets you wipe out any unwanted elements from your pictures. This works great as a quick-fix for any errors in your pictures!

Canva Magic Edits
Canva Magic Edits

Along with that, the Magic Edit tool helps you insert new elements into your design by simply describing them through text prompts. You can use it for producing creative and fun social posts and designs for your personal brand!

The Magic Eraser is only available on Canva Pro. You can also check out my article on Canva Tips and Tricks to discover more interesting tips on using Canva.

Canva Pricing: Canva Pro can be availed for ₹3999/year.

Best AI Tools for Social Media Management

15) Vista Social

Vista Social is a social media scheduling and management tool. If you run a business, you can save hours spent on creating, posting, and managing content across social networks with Vista Social.

Vista Social - Multiple Profiles
Vista Social – Multiple Profiles

It not only lets you generate and schedule content across social media, including Twitter, but also manages your DMs and comments from a single space. You can brainstorm and plan new post ideas, bulk publish by importing your blog’s RSS feed, view analytics reports, and more.

Vista Social Bulk Publishing
Vista Social Bulk Publishing

Overall, if you regularly create content to promote your brand and services, Vista Social can help you remain productive and save time!

Vista Social Pricing: Forever free plan lets you connect 3 social accounts and schedule 15 posts/month on each profile. For unlimited post scheduling, upgrade to its Pro plan for $15/month.

Best AI Tools for Video Creation

16) Vidboard

Vidboard is an AI-powered tool that converts text content to interactive videos with talking avatars. It supports 125+ languages and dozens of AI avatars. You begin by choosing a presentation template. Then, you can add an avatar, paste a script, and choose a language and voice. 

Vidboard AI script
Vidboard AI script

Apart from that, you also get a range of tools for making your videos more presentable and attractive. For example, you can add images, videos, elements, text, animations, cover video, captions in different languages, and much more.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs would find it helpful for creating intro videos, short social posts, product descriptions, explainer videos, etc.

Vidboard Pricing: Available as a lifetime deal on PitchGround for $52. With this plan, you can create 30 videos/month.

17) Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI video creation platform using avatars. With this unique and powerful software, anyone can create professional videos with no technical skills and equipment. It features over 90 AI avatars and AI voices in over 120+ languages.


Businesses can use these videos for product showcasing, customer service, training videos, explainer videos, sales and marketing, etc. In my experience, the lip syncing on Synthesia iss more refined than other AI tools.

Overall, it could be a useful tool for small to medium-sized businesses, content creators, and sales teams. 

Synthesia Pricing: Expensive pricing of $22.50/month where you get 10 video content credits per month along with an AI script assistant and webcam avatar!

Best AI Tools for PowerPoint Presentations

18) Beautiful AI – Best in Paid

Beautiful AI is an AI-powered presentation creation software with over 1 million users worldwide. It makes the process of creating presentations lightning fast. It features tons of professional templates and even lets you generate slides using text prompts. 

Beautiful AI
Beautiful AI

It automatically arranges content on your slides as you drop them! Along with that, it also ensures your content remains aligned with your brand colors, fonts, and logos. Beautiful AI can help businesses create weekly business reports, pitch a product, discuss team strategies, and more with a few clicks!

Beautiful AI Pricing: Priced at $12/month, where you get unlimited slides and AI content generation. 

19) Tome – Best for Free

Do you frequently create business presentations? Then, you’d definitely enjoy using Tome! It’s a free and innovative way to create quick presentations with the power of AI. All you need to do is enter your presentation topic and let the magic begin!

Tome app

For example, here’s a presentation on the topic “Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age”. It generates all the pages of the presentation one-by-one with relevant content and images. You can also add text, images, videos, and record your voice over the presentation. 

The only drawback is the lack of export feature. You can only share your presentations via links.

So, if you’re a businessman who needs a quick and efficient way to share ideas with your team, then the Tome app would be a suitable choice for you.

Tome Pricing: Available completely free of cost. You get 500 AI credits and can create 50 tomes/workspace.

Best AI Tools for Documentation

20) Scribe AI

Scribe AI is an innovative tool for creating insightful documentation with text content and relevant screenshots. You just need to install its Chrome extension and perform the entire process like you normally do. It’ll automatically capture it and add screenshots on every step.

Later, you can edit and customize the content and images as per your requirements. If you’re a business owner, this tool can help you create how-to documentations, tutorials, step-by-step guides, SOPs, training materials, and much more.

Scribe AI

For example, here’s a documentation I created for “How to Create a Post on Canva” for my graphic design interns.

Scribe Pricing: Free plan lets you use Scribe as a web app and share your documentation via links. Scribe Pro plan for $23/month lets you export your documentation and use it on mobile or desktop apps.

Best AI Tools for Automation

21) Bardeen AI

Bardeen is an AI-powered automation extension that can automate important tasks for you and help you save a tonne of time. As a business, it can help you in sales, recruiting, meetings, marketing, research, product development, and more.

Bardeen AI

You can integrate 30+ of favorite productivity apps with Bardeen with a single click. These include Notion, Slack, Airtable, HubSpot, and Google apps like Sheets, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, etc.

Bardeen features library of automation templates that you can use. Apart from that, you can also build custom automations with its AI chatbot. All you need to do is describe the automation you need to create and it’ll create it for you.

For instance, here’s a simple example of an automation for generating summary of an article and saving it into Google docs. 

Bardeen AI customize flow
Bardeen AI customize flow

Bardeen Pricing: 14-day free trial available. Pro plan is priced at $10/month, which gives you 500 credits/month.

Best AI Tools for Meetings

22) Otter AI

Otter is an AI meeting notes and transcription platform. It integrates with popular AI meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc, and automatically generates meeting notes, summaries, and transcriptions in real time.

It also features an Otter AI Chat feature where you can ask questions regarding your meetings and get answers within seconds. Overall, it’s a really helpful tool for summarizing your meetings and staying in-touch with all your team updates.

Otter AI meeting notes
Otter AI meeting notes

If you conduct a lot of business meetings and handling them has become a hassle, then Otter AI would be a helpful AI solution for you.

Otter AI Pricing: Free plan gives you 300 minutes of monthly transcriptions, where you get 30 mins per conversation. Pro plan is priced at $10/user/month, where you can add up to 5 team members.


In this article, we looked at the Best AI Tools for Small Business. Our list included a list of powerful and innovative AI tools you can leverage for a speedy growth of your business. I loved using Leonardo, Scribe, Flair AI, and Voila AI.

Anyway, what are your favorite AI tools from our list? Would you like to recommend any AI tools to other small business owners? Which tools have helped you drive your business growth? Do share them in the comments section below.

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more interesting content soon. Till then, keep learning. Cheers! 🙂


1) Are AI writing tools worth it?

Yes, AI writing tools are worth it for any kind of business. They not only save you time spent on creating general business emails and reports, but also help you brainstorm creative ideas, write promotional content, and much more.

2) What are the best AI tools for productivity?

Merlin, Voila, and Vista Social may be the best tools for productivity.

3) What is the best AI tool to convert text to video?

Synthesia and Vidboard are the best tools to convert text content to videos through talking avatars.

4) What is the best AI marketing tool?

Jasper AI is one of the best AI marketing tools. It helps you create high-quality ads, social media posts, marketing emails, sales letters, landing page copy, and a lot more to market your products and services.

5) What is the best AI chatbot for business?

If you’re a business, Voila AI would be the best AI chatbot for you. It can not only help you write emails and email replies, but also help with research, idea generation, content creation, and more on the go.

6) What are the best AI tools for writing and content creation?

The best AI tools for writing and content creation are ChatGPT, Writesonic, CopyAI, and Jasper

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