15 Best Free AI Apps for Android (2024)

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world like wildfire! Hundreds of AI software are being launched every day to make your lives simpler. But what if you could have these AI superpowers right at your fingertips? Well, now you can, with AI Apps for Android!

Tech savvies, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of AI. In this article, we are going to uncover the 15 Best Free AI Apps for Android Phones. These apps span a wide range of categories, from AI art to AI writing, productivity, education, social media, and more.

So, grab your Android mobiles, and let’s discover the Best AI Android Apps together in this article! Let’s jump in!

Best Free AI Apps for Android (Comparison Table)

Tools NameDownloadsRatingsCategoryPricing
ChatGPT1 Cr+4.7/5ChatbotFree / $20/month
Replika AI1 Cr+4.4/5Personal AssistantFree / $19.99/month
Writecream5 L+4.3/5AI WritingFree / $29/month
Hashtags AI10 L+4.1/5Social Media Free / Rs. 690/month / Rs. 2999/year
Microsoft Bing AI1 Cr+4.4/5Search EngineFree
Perplexity AI1 L+4.5/5Answer EngineFree / $20/month / $200/year
ELSA Speak1 Cr+4.3/5Language LearningFree / Rs. 4299/year
Dream1 Cr+3.8/5AI Art GenerationFree
FaceApp10 Cr+4.4/5AI Photo EditingFree / Rs.400/month / Rs. 2000/year
SoloLearn1 Cr+4.5/5CodingFree/ Rs. 619.99/month / Rs. 4099/year
Taskade1 L+4.5/5ProductivityFree / Rs. 325/month
Otter AI10 L+4.4/5Meeting Transcription & SummarizationFree / $10/user/month
Plaito5 L+4.5/5EducationFree / Rs. 99/month
PhotoRoom5 Cr+4.1/5AI Photo EditingFree / Rs. 1999/year
One4Wall1 L+4.6/5AI WallpapersFree / Rs. 2999 for lifetime

1) ChatGPT

Downloads1 Cr+
PricingFree / $20/month

Want to access the magical world of AI on your smartphone? Well, OpenAI has recently launched the ChatGPT AI Assistant app for Android phones. It has a crisp, clean, and minimalistic interface and functions exactly like ChatGPT on the web!

ChatGPT is your perfect companion for creating content, having conversations, brainstorming ideas, translating or summarizing information, or writing code.

Students can simplify complex concepts with it. Adults can get recipes and birthday invitations with it. Professionals can craft emails and reports with it. The use cases of ChatGPT are truly limitless!

The free plan of ChatGPT lets you generate unlimited content. However, the results may be a little slow or incomplete at times. For faster response times and an extended output word limit, you can check out the ChatGPT Plus plan priced at $20/month.

2) Replika AI

Downloads1 Cr+
CategoryPersonal Assistant
PricingFree / $19.99/month
Replika AI
Replika AI

Replika is a personal chatbot powered by AI. But calling it a virtual companion would be an understatement! It doubles up as your buddy, and study mate, and offers an empathetic ear during challenging times.

What sets Replika apart is its ability to listen and remember details from your responses. Thus, conversations with Replika feel remarkably human-like. I loved the sleek user interface and humane responses on its app.

Whether you’re a student trying to navigate your academic life, a woman struggling through a tough breakup, or an old grandpa simply looking for a friend, Replika is here to engage you in interesting conversations and instantly lift your mood. 

The free plan of Replika lets you have unlimited chats. But if you also want voice calls, AR tools, avatar customization, and more activities, Replika Pro is available for $19.99/month.

3) WriteCream

Downloads5 L+
CategoryAI Writing
PricingFree / $29/month

If your everyday life involves a lot of writing and content creation, then WriteCream could be just the app you need! It’s an AI Writer equipped with dozens of pre-designed use cases for various writing categories like blogging, social media, marketing, business, etc.

Whether you wish to create emails, generate entire blog posts, craft informative product descriptions, quirky social media posts, captivating Facebook Ads, or design a custom use case, you can do it all with WriteCream.

The free plan of WriteCream offers 10k words/month. This is pretty good for a beginner to intermediate-level user. But if you want to generate unlimited content, its Unlimited plan can be availed for $29/month.


4) Hashtags AI

CategorySocial Media 
PricingFree / Rs. 690/month / Rs. 2999/year 
Hashtags AI
Hashtags AI

You would agree that hashtags are a game changer when it comes to social media. Hashtags AI is one such innovative tool that can accelerate your growth organically! It features a list of trending, popular, and new hashtags to help you reach a large audience base.

If you wish to search for hashtags around a certain niche, entering a keyword would generate custom hashtags for you. Apart from that, you’ll find additional tools like a creative fonts library, captions, best time planner, top 250 hashtags, special tags hashtags, most used emojis, etc.

Overall, it’s a really valuable tool for artists, social media influencers, and people who wish to grow their reach on social platforms. The free plan lets you access limited hashtags. You can subscribe to their paid plan for Rs. 690/month or Rs. 2999/year to unlock all the premium features.

5) Microsoft Bing AI

Downloads1 Cr+
CategorySearch Engine
Microsoft Bing AI
Microsoft Bing AI

Do you want a search engine that’s not just smart but also powered with AI technology? Well, try Microsoft Bing AI. It’s your power-packed search engine with unlimited possibilities. You can ask questions to it, have delightful conversations, generate AI content and AI images, and more!

Whether you want the answer to a riddle, need a report for your school assignment, or just need a friend to talk to, you can do all of that with Bing AI. To get started, you simply need to sign in with your Microsoft account. It also works on other Microsoft products like Edge Mobile and Skype. 

Talking about pricing, Bing Chat doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of queries you can run. As of now, Bing is completely free to use! So you can run unlimited queries on it for free.

6) Perplexity AI

CategoryAnswer Engine
PricingFree / $20/month / $200/year

Elsa Speak

Are you a curious soul, forever in search of answers? Is your mind always brimming with curiosity on a wide range of subjects? Well, Perplexity AI could be the ideal app for you. This Answer Engine provides precise answers to all your questions within the blink of an eye.

But, it doesn’t stop there! It goes the extra mile by answering follow-up questions and citing the sources of the answers from the web. Thus, you can dive deeper into your topic of research and gain a rich understanding of it. It also offers an AI Copilot that refines search results with GPT-4.

The free plan of Perplexity AI allows you to request unlimited queries. However, you only get 5 Copilot queries per day. For more, you can opt for Perplexity Pro for $20/month. It gives you access to GPT4 and 300 search queries/day.

7) ELSA Speak

Downloads1 Cr+ 
CategoryLanguage Learning
PricingFree / Rs. 4299/year

Elsa Speak
Dream by Wombo

Eager to master the English language? Well, now you can do that from the comfort of your smartphone, with ELSA Speak. This language-learning app helps you improve your English pronunciation for free. 

To begin with, it takes you through a series of sentences that you need to pronounce. Based on your pronunciation, it assigns you an ELSA score. Then, you can enroll in different programs and enhance your pronunciation by repeating the phrases after the AI. You are graded on a percentage basis after every lesson. 

Thus, ELSA Speak is a really useful app for anyone who wants to learn fluent English like a native! Its free plan allows you to access up to 25 lessons on popular topics. If you upgrade to its Pro plan for Rs. 4299/year, you get access to 1600+ lessons!

8) Dream by Wombo

Downloads1 Cr+
CategoryAI Art Generation

Dream by Wombo
Dream by Wombo

AI-generated images are everywhere these days! If you’re looking for some cool and quirky AI art, try Dream. It’s an AI image generator that’ll help you generate images in the mobile format. You simply enter a text prompt about whatever you need and select from their hundreds of art styles.

It will generate a unique and original image for you. I really like the quality of the images created by Dream. The limitation is that it can only generate 1 image at a time. And if you wish to make any variations or edits to your image, you’ll have to watch an ad.

As of now, the Dream AI art generator app is available completely free of cost. You get no limits and restrictions on its free version.


9) FaceApp

Downloads10 Cr+
CategoryPhoto Editing
PricingFree / Rs.400/month / Rs. 2000/year


Ever wondered what you’d look like when you turn 80? Well, you don’t have to wait anymore to find that out! FaceApp is a really cool and amusing app where you can try out different AI features in your photos. 

All you have to do is choose an image. It will present you with various hairstyles, face sizes, makeup, skin colors, hair colors, smiles, ages, genders, glasses, etc. You can experiment with them one by one in your photos. You can also share your photos on social media platforms.

However, you only get to experiment with limited filters on its free plan. And the FaceApp logo is watermarked on your images as well. So, if you want to enjoy all the filters and also download without a watermark, you can upgrade to FaceApp Pro for Rs.400/month or Rs. 2000/year.

10) SoloLearn

Downloads1 Cr+
PricingFree/ Rs. 619.99/month / Rs. 4099/year

SoloLearn, as the name suggests, is an app that aids you with learning coding independently. If you’re a school or college student who’s into programming, you’ll find this app really valuable.

It offers 15+ courses on programming where you can learn HTML, Python, C, C++, Java, JS, and more languages via interactive quizzes. It allows you to set a daily learning frequency. SoloLearn is designed as a game where you clear levels and step up your learning alongside it.

The Create tab also features a Code Playground where you can write, compile, and run your code effortlessly. It supports 13 popular languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Kotline, PHP, Python, Go, R, Node.js, etc. It would be great for beginners to learn the basic concepts of coding!

The free plan of SoloLearn gives you access to the Standard lessons and also features ads. However, if you want personalized practice and goal stats along with an ad-free learning experience, you can upgrade to its Pro plan for Rs. 619.99/month or Rs. 4099/year.

11) Taskade

Downloads1 L+
PricingFree / Rs. 325/month


Are you a productivity freak, just like me? Well, then you’ll love Taskade for sure. Just like Notion, this AI app helps you create tasks, lists, notes, and calendar events. What’s interesting is that it also has AI integration within these tasks!

You can accomplish three types of AI tasks. 

  • Subtasks let you divide a specific task into smaller, achievable steps. 
  • Brainstorming helps you generate unique ideas around a certain topic. 
  • Outline helps you create outlines for blog posts, events, etc.

Not only that, it also features Taskade AI, where you can use its AI chat assistant and get it to perform tasks for you. You can select a persona and tone from dozens of options available, just like other AI writing assistants. This is great for anyone who is laser-focused on productivity.

The free plan of Taskade gives you 250 MB of storage and 1 workspace, along with 1000 monthly AI credits. If you want, you can upgrade to their Starter plan for Rs. 325/month. (for up to 3 users) It’ll give you 2 GB storage, 50k monthly AI credits, and access to Taskade AI that works on GPT-4.

12) Otter AI

Downloads10 L+
CategoryMeeting Transcription and Summarization
PricingFree/ /$10/user/month
Otter AI
Otter AI

Do you also attend meetings and phone calls but never seem to remember everything that was discussed? Otter AI is a meeting transcription and summarization app. This AI app records meetings and phone calls and automatically generates transcripts for them.

Once the recording is complete, you can ask questions through Otter Chat about the content recorded and get accurate answers. So, even if you missed a detail while conversing, you can easily recover it with Otter AI. I think it’s helpful for freelancers dealing with clients, corporate employees, etc.

The free plan of Otter AI allows 300 minutes of monthly transcriptions and 3 imports every month. Whereas, for extended limits, you can upgrade to its paid plan for $10/user/month. This gives you 1200-minute transcriptions/month, along with 10 imports/month.

13) Plaito

Downloads5 L+
PricingFree / Rs. 99/month

Struggling with your homework and assignments? Plaito is an AI app that provides all the academic help to students. It features an Explain tab that students can use to simplify complex terms in simple words.

Apart from that, it also has a Homework Help tab where you can simply upload your homework questions or paste them in the text field. Plaito will analyze the question and provide you with relevant hints and explanations to complete it.

Finally, if you wish to craft an entire essay on a topic, the Essay tab can help. It even quotes citations for your essay, so it looks well-researched. I think Plaito could add immense value to the lives of school and college students. I liked its dark UI. But the ads are quite annoying. 

On the free plan of Plaito, you get 40 coins. But you can earn additional coins by completing different challenges. If you need unlimited coins, you can upgrade to its premium plan for Rs. 99/month.

14) PhotoRoom

Downloads5 Cr+
CategoryAI Photo Editor
PricingFree / Rs. 1999/year

Fed up with unexpected photo-bombers and annoying objects ruining your photos? Well, you can try PhotoRoom. It’s an AI-powered photo editing tool that helps you get rid of all the unnecessary elements from any image.

Its powerful AI background remover clears the background from your image with high precision. The Magic Retouch tool lets you brush away any pesky elements and bring the focus back upon you. Along with that, you can also add text to your images, just like other photo editing tools.

The free plan gives you unlimited access to the Background Remover and Magic Retouch tools. However, the PhotoRoom logo is visible in your pictures. If you want to access templates, Batch Edits, Resize tool, and get rid of the PhotoRoom logo, you can upgrade to its Pro plan for Rs. 1999/year.

 15) One4Wall

Downloads1 L+
PricingFree / Rs. 2999 for lifetime


Are you someone who adores vibrant and breathtaking wallpapers? Well, then you’d surely fall in love with One4Wall. This app brings you a library of super cool and extraordinary wallpapers generated by AI.

You get to choose from various categories, ranging from Animals to Scenery, Abstract, Art, Anime, Space, Nature, Gradients, Illustration, and many more. These unique wallpapers add an aesthetic touch to your mobile screens, instantly lifting up your mood!

The collection of free wallpapers is limited, but the quality is truly impressive! To access premium wallpapers, you can also subscribe to their Plus plan on a weekly, monthly, annual, or lifetime basis. The price starts from Rs. 80 for 1 week and extends to Rs. 2999 for a lifetime.


In this article, we unveiled the 15 Best AI Apps for your Android Smartphones. I hope this article helped you discover some unique and interesting ways to use AI in your everyday life. I enjoyed using Bing AI, ChatGPT, FaceApp, and PhotoRoom.

If you’re obsessed with using the ChatGPT AI Chatbot app specifically for generating content, I’m sure you’ll also love these unique ways to use ChatGPT on your mobile phone. These could be refreshing alternatives to the ChatGPT mobile app.

Anyway, which AI-powered Android app did you find the most impressive? Have you used any artificial intelligence apps apart from the ones mentioned in my list? Do share with me in the comments section below. I’ll try to test them and add them to this list as well.

This is Kripesh, taking your leave. I’ll be back with more insightful blog posts soon. Till then, take care and keep learning. Cheers! 🙂

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