KWHero Review (2024) – Surfer SEO Killer?

Are you looking for a revolutionary tool that streamlines your content creation and boosts your SERP ranking? Look no further than KWHero! It’s the latest sensation in the blogging world garnering a lot of attention with its value-for-money lifetime offer!

As a seasoned blogger with 9+ years of experience, I’ve used and tested a range of SEO tools. Some noteworthy names include Frase, MarketMuse, NeuronWriter, and more. After getting my hands on KWHero and testing it for a few weeks, I’m finally here with the KWHero Review.

In this comprehensive KWHero Review, we will explore its user interface along with its striking features for SEO and content creation. We’ll also examine its customer support, collaboration, pricing, roadmap, and more. I was impressed with its AI content generation capabilities!

Finally, I’ll also shed light on its major pros and cons and share suitable alternatives to it. So, are you excited to discover a powerful and cost-effective SEO writing tool for your work? With no more delay, let’s get straight into it.

KWHero Review

Kripesh Adwani

Content Optimisation
Ease of Use


KWHero is a feature-rich platform for performing keyword research, NLP optimization, and AI article writing. It also features a super affordable lifetime deal and a swift rate of development. I loved its AI content generation capabilities.

If you’re a beginner blogger or content writer, you can check out its Tier 1 plan. Professional users can go with their Tier 3 or higher plans. Overall, it’s a budget-friendly but powerful SEO tool.


Disclaimer : I strongly believe in transparency. If you buy using the links on our site, we may earn a small commission without any extra cost to you. This helps me to keep producing honest reviews. Read More >>

What Is KWHero?

KWHero is an AI-powered search engine optimization platform founded by Alex Ivanovski in 2018. With this tool, you can conduct keyword research, optimize your content, and create AI-powered articles within minutes!

KWHero Review - homepage

It makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and GPT-4 to generate new and optimized content for your projects. Using GPT-4 ensures accurate and higher-quality outputs. It is ideal for content writers, bloggers, copywriters, SEO and marketing agencies, etc.

KWHero User Interface

The user interface of KWHero is modern and sleek in design. The dashboard looks clean and organized, with minimal features. On the top panel, you can find the tools for keyword research and content creation.

KWHero user interface

You can also find the notifications, usage stats, profile and account settings, etc on the top right corner. You can also switch between the dark and light themes with a single click. Overall, KWHero has a friendly and easy-to-use dashboard.

KWHero Review Video

Are you not much of a reader? Does scrolling through paragraphs of content make you bored and lose interest? Well, I have a solution. You can instead watch my video review of KWHero.

In this video, I have demonstrated the important features of KWHero and compared them with other popular SEO tools I use. This video is in the Hindi language with English subtitles. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

How are Credits Consumed on KWHero?

KWHero offers a specific number of AI credits on each of its plans. These credits are consumed when generating outlines or articles with AI. The following credit consumption pattern is followed for all plans.

  • 1 AI Outline = 1 AI Credit
  • 1 AI Article = 4 AI Credits

KWHero Pricing

KWHero features three different pricing plans, namely Basic plan, Marketer plan, and Agency plan. The following table compares their key features.

Basic MarketerAgency
Monthly Content Analyses50100300
Monthly AI Credits50100300
Content Plans1050150
Keywords per content plan100500Unlimited
Keyword Lookups  per day50150600
Keywords per Lookup50010002000
SERP Refreshes per day50100200

The pricing plans of KWHero start from an expensive price of $59/month. With this plan, you get 50 monthly content analyses and AI credits. You can create 10 content plans with 100 keywords under each.

KWHero accepts payments made via Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. They don’t have a standard refund policy. They handle refunds on a case-to-case basis. You can contact their support via email to request a refund. You won’t find any free plans or free trials either.

KWHero AppSumo Deal

KWHero AppSumo Deal

If you want to get this tool at an exceptional discount, KWHero is also available as an AppSumo Lifetime Deal right now. The following table shows its pricing and features on different tiers.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Monthly Content Analyses50100175
Monthly AI Credits51025
Content Plans1050150
Keywords per content plan1005001000
Keyword Lookups  per day50150300
Keywords per Lookup50010001500
SERP Refreshes per day102030
CollaborationReadRead, EditRead, Edit, Create

The Tier 1 plan of KWHero can be availed for a one-time pricing of $69. With this plan, you get 50 content analyses per month and 5 AI credits. I liked everything about the Tier 1 plan. However, only 5 monthly AI credits are too low.

As discussed above, generating an outline consumes 1 credit. Whereas article generation costs 4 credits. Thus, with the Tier 1 plan, you will be able to generate only 1 article a month.

If you want KWHero specifically for AI-written articles, you should go with the Tier 3 (25 AI credits) or higher plans. But if you only need it for basic keyword research, search volume checks, content analysis, etc, then the Tier 1 plan would be suitable for you.

KWHero Features

1) Keyword Research

The most important feature of any SEO software is keyword research. KWHero features a nifty keyword research tool where you can enter your keyword and the target country to get started.

KWHero Keyword Research

It will give you a detailed analysis of the keyword and provide you with a list of related keywords with their search volume, cost per click, and keyword difficulty. You can even export the list of your keywords as a CSV file

On the AppSumo Tier 1 plan that I have, you get 50 keyword lookups per day. This is sufficient for beginners and mid-level users to conduct basic keyword research.

Is the Keyword Volume Trustworthy?

Many SEO experts are skeptical about the keyword volume shown by different tools and SEO software. To test if the keyword volume offered by KWHero is trustworthy, I crosschecked a few keywords through Ahrefs.

The following table depicts the search volume for a few keywords on both KWHero and Ahrefs.

KeywordSearch Volume (KWHero)Search Volume (Ahrefs)
Types of Coffee Beans2.8k2.7k
Types of Starbucks Coffee Beans4090
Starbucks Coffee Beans3.3k3.1k

Interestingly, I found a very similar keyword volume as below. In my opinion, you can trust the valuable insights around the keyword volume offered by KWHero.

I won’t recommend you to use it for keyword research as it offers very limited suggestions. But if you specifically want a tool for looking up search volumes for different keywords, then it’s a pretty good tool.

2) SERP Analysis

SERP Analysis is a significant part of SEO research. It is the process of analyzing the top-ranking pages on search engines to analyze if the keyword of your choice could rank on the SERP and how difficult it would be to outrank other search results.

KWHero SERP Analysis

Performing this process manually could be hard. This is where KWHero comes in handy! It uses AI to analyze the top 10 results ranking on Google SERP for the keyword you wish to analyze. For each keyword, It displays their domain power (authority) and URL power scores.

It also displays the search trends, keyword difficulty score, and profitability score in the form of colorful charts. 

With the AppSumo Tier 1 plan, you get 10 SERP analyses per day. This is, again, enough for beginners. If you’re a professional user, you can look at their higher plans for extended limits.

3) SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization is one of the most important steps for ranking content higher on SERP. For this, KWHero analyzes the top 10 SERP results along with the keywords used by them. Then it generates a list of keywords you could use in your content to outrank your SEO competitors. 

On the left, you get the editor window and on the right, you’ll find the SEO guidelines. These guidelines show your current content score and also offer suggestions on content structure, readability, secondary keywords, and NLP terms.

  • Content Structure: It offers recommendations on the word count, headings, paragraphs, and images you should include in your content as per the SERP analysis.
  • Readability Analysis: It shows the recommended and current grade level and Flesch’s Readability Score.
  • NLP Terms: It shows a list of primary and secondary keywords you should use in your headings and content to optimize it for SERP results.

I liked the NLP term suggestions offered by KWHero. However, it doesn’t highlight the keywords already included in the content. I like Marketmuse better for this purpose. You can also look at Frase and SurferSEO if your primary purpose is content optimization.

And if you specifically want to invest in a lifetime deal, KWHero and NeuronWriter both could be powerful options to consider. 

4) AI Outline Builder

A comprehensive outline is the foundation of a great article. On KWHero, you can generate detailed article outlines with AI. It analyses the top 10 SERP results and builds a new outline for you using H2, H3, and H4 headings.

KWHero AI Outline Builder

The outline was neat, insightful, and well-formatted. I didn’t like it as much because it included many irrelevant topics that had no direct relation to my topic. It also included FAQs very early in the outline when they should be placed at the end.

Overall, the AI-optimized outline builder needs a bit of improvement. In my experience, Frase is much better for creating outlines. AI outline on KWHero consumes 1 credit.

5) AI Content Writer

Once you generate your outline, you can head over to the AI Content Writer to convert it into a full-fledged article.

To begin with, it shows you the estimated word count of your article as per the topics in the outline. Before generating the content, you can adjust the content settings as per your requirements. 

KWHero AI Content Writer Settings

You can customize the following settings:

  • Writing Options: It lets you specify a tone of voice, content level, voice and perspective, and purpose.
  • Expert Options: Here, you can enable or disable NLP optimization, scrape fresh content, and pass AI detection. It’s essential to keep the NLP optimization feature on if you want the AI to write your content, including all the recommended NLP keywords.
  • Additional Writing Guidelines: Here, you can mention any additional guidelines or details that you want to include in your content. It will integrate your instructions accordingly in a natural flow.
KWHero Custom Guidelines

I liked how the entire article was generated in under 2-3 minutes. They use GPT-4 for content generation. Thus, there was a great improvement in content quality and accuracy. I was surprised at how well it followed all the custom guidelines and naturally integrated them. 

If you make some minor edits to the final draft, add some personal experiences, and integrate videos and images, you have a comprehensive article ready to dominate the SERP!

6) Competitor Selection

While generating and optimizing your content, you can also pick your competitors from their list. They feature the top 20 ranking URLs for your keyword. 

KWHero Competitor Selection

You can select and remove any competitors according to your preferences. Once you hit the “Save and Update Editor”, your NLP terms and other settings will be updated accordingly. 

7) Sharing and Collaboration

Interestingly, KWHero also lets you share your projects with others and collaborate with your teammates. You can share access to your projects with anyone via links. Users need to register on KWHero to collaborate.

KWHero Sharing

They can add notes, edit progress labels, and bookmark keywords. You can also allow them to create content analyses and assign the AI credit limit for each analysis. The maximum AI credit limit for each content analysis is 50.

8) AI Detection

While generating your AI content, KWHero also lets you enable or disable the ‘Pass AI Detection’ option. By enabling this option, it will generate human-like content that easily evades the AI content detectors and doesn’t get flagged as AI. 

KWHero Roadmap

KWHero is a growing company with a well-organized roadmap of features. It has a lot of exciting features in the pipeline.

KWHero Roadmap

As of now, they are working on developing the functionality to publish content directly to WordPress. They are also working on introducing bulk keyword imports, internal linking, AI image generation with Dall E-3, and much more.

I am impressed with their swift pace of development. I hope they keep on adding new features and updates at the same pace in the future

KWHero Support

KWHero offers customer support via email and chat. Their chat support offers helpful replies in under 20 minutes. They don’t have a knowledge base of articles, though. Overall, the support offered by KWHero is decent. You can easily get your general and technical queries resolved.

KWHero Pros

1) Friendly UI

The user interface of KWHero is well-organized and extremely easy to use. It offers minimal features with a clean dashboard, making it easy to navigate for beginners.

2) High-Quality Content

Because KWHero uses GPT-4, it can generate high-quality, SEO-friendly articles that are accurate and reliable. Overall, it is much better than ChatGPT or other AI writing software.

3) Good for Keyword Volume

KWHero is a really powerful tool if you want to get the search volume for your keywords. Along with the search volume, it also gives you the cost per click, minimum domain power, search trends, keyword difficulty score, and profitability score for your keywords

4) Custom Prompts

If you want the AI to generate content with personalized instructions and guidelines, you can add additional instructions to it as well. I loved how naturally it integrates all the instructions supplied to it.

5) Attractive Lifetime Deal

The AppSumo lifetime deal of KWHero is priced at a super attractive and affordable price of $69. The Tier 1 plan is suitable for all users to test out the capabilities of KWHero. 

6) Swift Development Rate

KWHero has been implementing new features and updates at a swift rate. I like their team and how they are progressing so far.

KWHero Cons

1) Average AI Outlines

The article outlines created by GPT-4 are pretty average. It includes lots of irrelevant headings as well, which you need to manually crosscheck before generating the article.

2) Low AI Credits on Tier 1

The AppSumo Tier 1 plan only offers 5 monthly AI credits. Thus, you can only generate 1 AI article every month. This is too low, even for beginners.

3) Limited Keywords

KWHero offers quite limited keywords when it comes to the keyword research part. So, if you’re looking for a tool specifically for keyword research, this won’t add much value to your research. 

4) Missing Features

As of now, KWHero doesn’t offer image and video suggestions, tables, or internal links in its AI writing dashboard. I hope they add these functions in the future. 

KWHero Alternatives

1) NeuronWriter vs KWHero

NeuronWriter is an AI writing and SEO optimization tool that helps you find fresh ideas for your content and generate SEO articles. It also features powerful tools for content analysis.

Similar to KWHero, it also functions as an AI writer and generates high-quality SEO-optimized content. It also helps with keyword research and SERP analysis to create high-ranking content on search engines. It’s a priceless tool for content creators, SEO agencies, and small businesses.

As of now, NeuronWriter is available on a lifetime deal for $89. With this deal, you get 15k monthly AI credits, 25 monthly content analysis queries, 2 projects, and standard AI templates.

2) Frase vs KWHero

Frase is a feature-rich SEO tool that I use for optimizing my blog posts. It helps you with content research, creating rich content briefs, finding FAQs from popular sources, and optimizing your articles with ease. 

Similar to KWHero, it also supports AI writing, But the AI assistant is not well-refined as of now. Unlike KWHero, Frase is not highly accurate when it comes to optimizing articles. Many of the keywords recommended by it are not relevant to the topic. 

Frase marks itself differently by allowing you to create unlimited documents. Its pricing plans start from $14.99/month. Here, you get 1 user seat along with the ability to Write + Optimize 4 Articles/month.

3) Marketmuse vs KWHero

Marketmuse is a powerful SEO tool that helps you with SEO optimization, question research, competition analysis, and content idea research, similar to KWHero. However, unlike KWHero, it offers limited credits and queries and lacks sharing features. 

It stands out by offering Marketmuse AI for generative content creation, heatmaps, linking recommendations, and multiple export options. I also find the free plan of Marketmuse quite impressive, providing 10 free queries per month.

However, the pricing plans of Marketmuse start from an expensive price of $149/month, where you get 1 user and 100 monthly queries.

Who Can Use KWHero?

KWHero is a functional tool that helps you create SEO-optimized content with AI and ranks better than your competitors on Google SERP. It can be used by SEO agencies, SEO specialists, bloggers, marketers, content creators, copywriters, digital marketing agencies, etc.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In all these years, I’ve used and tested a range of SEO tools. Some notable names are Frase, MarketMuse, NeuronWriter, Keyword Chef, WriterZen, and more. Their reviews are available on my blog and YouTube. 

Testing out so many AI tools regularly has given me the knowledge and experience to suggest to you the right one for your needs. 


KWHero is a value-for-money SEO platform powered by artificial intelligence. It features tools for keyword research, NLP optimization, and AI article writing, all at affordable pricing on their AppSumo lifetime deal.

I loved the fact that they are developing new features and functionalities at a very swift pace. They are making constant improvements, which is highly appreciable.

In my experience, KWHero established itself as a remarkable tool for generating SEO-optimized content. If you’re a blogger or a content writer who hasn’t used any tools before, you can invest in KWHero. You can also take benefit of AppSumo’s 60-day refund policy with it.

If you’re a professional writer or SEO expert, you can check out KWHero’s higher tier plans or opt for its potential alternatives like NeuronWriter, Frase, Marketmuse, or SurferSEO. I mostly use Frase and Marketmuse for optimizing content for my blog post.

Anyway, are you using any SEO tools for your work right now? If yes, which one is it and how does it compare with KWHero? Which features of KWHero appealed the most to you, and where are they currently lagging? Let me know in the comments below.

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more insightful content soon. Cheers, and keep learning. 🙂


1) Do unused AI credits roll over to the next month?

Unfortunately, AI credits on KWHero do not roll over to the next month.

2) Why KWHero uses GPT4 only?

GPT-4 ensures that the outputs produced by KWHero are of high quality and accurate.

3) What languages are supported by KWHero?

KWHero supports 80+ languages that can be selected while creating your content plan.

4) How many people can I collaborate with on KWHero?

You can collaborate with as many people as you want. But every collaborator must have a KWHero account.

5) Can I get a refund on my subscription?

Unfortunately, KWHero doesn’t offer a standard refund policy like other tools. The refunds are processed on a case-to-case basis. So, if you need a refund, you can contact their support with your query.

6) Does KWHero offer any integrations with other software?

Yes, you can integrate with WordPress and directly publish your blogs from the KWHero dashboard to WordPress.

7) Does KWHero offer a free trial?

No, KWHero doesn’t offer any free trials or free plans at the moment.

8) Who Is KWHero For?

KWHero is a valuable tool for bloggers, content writers, marketers, SEO experts, and anyone who needs SEO content writing at affordable rates.

9) Is there a limit to how much content I can generate on KWHero?

It entirely depends on your plan. If you choose the AppSumo Tier 1 plan, you get 5 AI credits. This means you can generate 1 article outline (1 credit) and 1 AI article (4 credits) on this plan.

10) When Is KWHero most valuable?

If you wish to generate high-quality SEO-optimized content or search for keyword volumes, KWHero proves to be the most value-for-money tool. 


KWHero Pros (+)

  • Friendly UI
  • High-Quality Content
  • Keyword Volume
  • Custom Prompts
  • Lifetime Deal
  • Swift Development

 KWHero Cons (-)

  • Average AI Outlines
  • Low AI Credits
  • Limited Keywords
  • Missing Features
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